Mercedes-Benz A-Class buying advice (W176)

Mercedes-Benz A-Class buying advice (W176)

This is the third generation A-Class.
I just realized this. There were other A-Classes before this one. They were taller cars. The first generation
is notorious for the moose test; the evasive maneuver test where you swerve
for a virtual moose, a dog, a sheep, or a cow. The car flipped, after some persuasion. That was the first generation,
after which came another taller car, much loved by the older people. Mercedes used a different approach
with this generation A-Class. It had to be funkier, appeal to young people,
and compete with the Audi A3 and BMW 1-Series. The other two German companies
were very successful with these. They did it. This is a cool car. It has a nice presence. The handling is fine. It is not very spacious, so if you want more space
in this class I would look somewhere else. However, it is a pleasant companion to drive. The A-Class only had 4-cylinder engines. Not all were of Mercedes’ manufacturing.
The smaller diesel engines come from Renault. That is the 1.5 diesel engine in
the A 160 and A 180 CDI. The gasoline engines go up to
the A 45 AMG with a 376 hp 2-liter 4-cylinder. Nice, but that is not what this video is about. ENGINES
gasoline ENGINES
diesel There are more cars for sale
on Marktplaats than I expected. Over 500 of this generation A-Class. There is plenty of choice. There are more gasoline
engines and more have a manual transmission, but a diesel car with an automatic
transmission can be found as well. Indeed, we are driving one. Prices start at 15,000 euros for
a nice A-Class from this generation. Of course there are a number
of things to watch out for. An important choice you have to make:
the A 160 and A 180 1.5 diesel engines by Renault are not great for this car. The flashy looks are not realized. It gets worse with the manual transmission.
This car has an automatic transmission. It makes sure everything happens
at the right moment. It is better, but it is important to take it for
a test drive and try a bigger diesel engine to see if it is worth the extra money. A funny thing… I do not know if it is common in
the Netherlands, but I saw it on German forums. Marten bites kill the car. Their bites puncture tubes and such,
so the engine will not start. Speaking of starting, the start-stop system
does not work when the tank has been empty. You have to refuel 20 liters and
drive many miles to make it work again. I do not think it will bother a lot of people,
but it is confusing when it does not work. Another, more serious problem because
it costs money, are cupping rear tires. This means you hear a sawing sound when driving. The rear tires have uneven wear, causing
a sawtooth profile with protruding edges. This is caused by the wrong toe and alignment. The camber changes in corners. This can be annoying.
The only way to solve this is new tires. You can shave the tires,
but that does not help in the end. If you notice it, it is often caused by the tires. There may be some water leaks. A wet spot behind the driver’s seat is
often caused by a leak in the rear bumper. Water can run past gratings and gum,
over the chassis beam, to this seat. The leak is not nearby, but towards the rear. This can be hard to find if
you do not know where to look. At the rear wiper is another leak. A ring may not seal properly. The license plate light or
central locking may fail as well. This can be caused by
the leak at the rear wiper. You have to know that as well. Especially the early A-Classes have
squeaks and rattles in the interior. Seats and panels; something to be aware of
if you are allergic to these things. Not all cars have this problem.
This car does not squeak or rattle. However, the problem is there.
Keep that in mind. If the car has it, you can move on to the next or
push panels to stop the sound and find the problem. The A-Class is a popular car.
People get jealous of your property. Especially the faster A-Classes;
the A 250 gasoline version, for example. Make sure to take anti-theft
measures like a good alarm to prevent your car from getting stolen. We found this car at Auto Wüst in Dordrecht. It has satnav, a diesel engine, automatic
transmission, and park distance control, but it is grey. It has to be your thing. But it is a good car. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale for which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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  1. bijna 30000 euro voor een formaat polo met ruim 35k op de teller…. je moet het maar willen.

  2. Ja een Handbak en Benzine is goedkoper bij een A-classe maar die heb ik toch liever dan dit ding, 500km op de klok en net 1 maandje oud + volledig AMG-pakket voor 26.995

  3. Ik heb zelf geen last van kraakjes in het interieur ik heb zelf een a 200 amg line uit 2016 top auto ik raad hem aan als je van sportieve hatsbacks houd

  4. Reden van cuppende banden is dat de achterwielen scheef onder de auto zijn geplaatst heeft onze B klasse ook. Dat hebben ze al jaren bij BMW. Men zegt als reden als je met 4 personen in de auto zit dan staan de wielen met het complete breedte profiel op het wegdek. Maar de meeste km worden gemaakt zonder volle druk op de achterkant en dus slijten de binnenste blokjes van de band raar af. Vooral banden van Michelin zijn er gevoelig voor.

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