Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2014 review – What Car?

Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2014 review – What Car?

If you are the kind of important person
at a big car company responsible for making executive saloons like this Mercedes C-Class then you officially
have What Car?’s sympathy. And that is for two reasons. First of all, the
kind of person buys this sort of car is, quite rightly, quite discerning and almost, dare we say,
a little bit fussy. The second reason is that if you are one
of those people buying one of these cars you’ve got a whole host of cars to choose from and
in order to tempt people away from things like the BMW 3 Series Audi A3 and A4 Jaguar XF etc etc, this
car has to be quite good. It’s no great secret
that a lot of these C-Classes will be bought as company cars and as diesels are still the
engine of choice for company car buyers it’s also no real surprise that there
are more diesels to choose from in the C-Class range than there are petrols. Now this version, despite having a C200
badge on the boot, is actually a 1.6 litre diesel. You get low emissions – its 102 g/km, averages just over 70 miles per gallon
officially – but it’s not the quickest of cars – it takes
just under 10 seconds to get to 60 and you will be pushing it in order to get that.
The other diesels, if step up just a little bit in the range, there’s the C220
CDI and this, as far as we’re concerned, is the pick of the range. It’s got the most all-round ability It gets to 60mph two seconds quicker than this car does in just under eight seconds and yet it still emits only 1g/km more of CO2. So, we think it’s well worth the extra investment. What isn’t really worth the extra
investment is the C250, which adds a bit more power, it’s little bit quicker especially through the mid range but it’s not really worth the extra thousand
pounds or so. Manual gearboxes haven’t really been Mercedes’ forte in the past but if you go for the basic versions and the smaller engine like this car and
that’s what you’re going to end up with. It’s a six-speed manual box. However, it’s actually not that bad. It’s
pretty slick and precise and it is much better than the
ones they’ve had in the past. More often than not though, Mercedes come with automatic gearboxes and that’s what you get as standard on the C250 and as an option on the C220. It’s a very clever system though. It links up
with the sat nav and it will prepare the right gear
according to the corners or the hills that are coming up. That’s great out on the open roads. It’s not quite as clever around town though and it can get a little bit jerky there.
The new C-Class is much quieter than the previous car, which is great, although there is still a fair amount of noise that makes its way
into the cabin when you’re on the motorway. And the diesel engines are quite gruff and clattery, which doesn’t really fit with a car of this
class. Another area where the C-Class isn’t quite up to scratch with its rivals
is ride and handling. It’s just not quite as
much fun as the likes of the 3 Series or even
the Audi A3 Saloon. As standard, you get steel sprung
suspension and that’s fine out on country roads
etc, but around town and on worse road surfaces it is just quite fidgety and uncomfortable. If you are going for the AMG-line models then that lowers suspension by about 15mm, which naturally makes the ride a little bit firmer, but oddly doesn’t improve body control. Things do
improve if you go for the optional air suspension though – it’s about £900 but it is well worth it. If you put it in sport mode then it is that bit
more entertaining when you’re going down country roads etc, but when you’re
on the motorway it’s wonderfully comfortable – it’s like riding
in a much bigger more expensive limousine. The only thing is it doesn’t quite deal with
potholes perfectly and they still send a bit of a jolt throughout the cabin. Up here is where the C-Class really
excels. Not only does it set the standard for
quality in this class but is also up to the standard of some
much more expensive limos. All the switches, for example, feel really
wonderfully well damped but still have a solid feel to them, and there are some really nice touches
in this cabin especially as you go up to the slightly higher trim levels. You get
bull’s eye air vents and perforated metal speaker grills on those for example, but even these ones feel and look fantastic. The cabin is light
and airy with good visibility in almost all directions. I say almost because there’s the usual
problem of over shoulder visibility – there is quite a big C-pillar there. One thing that goes some way to helping
that is the fact that you get a standard reversing camera on every C-Class, which is brilliant. The driving position in this car is
absolutely fantastic. There is so much adjustment on this seat that you will be
able to get comfy even if you really rather tall. It just
goes really far back. And the sports seats that you get on the
higher-level models are also really supportive and comfortable as
well so they are fantastic. The instruments up here are clear and easy to read, but another thing you get on every C-Class
is this seven-inch colour screen. It’s not a touchscreen –
everything is controlled down here. You’ve got a dial, which will
be familiar if you got a Mercedes already – it works in much the same way, but you’ve also got a little touch pad that allows you to swipe, pinch do
things much in the same way as you do on a
tablet or a smartphone. It’s not quite as easy to use as
something on a smartphone, though, and it’s a little bit clunky sometimes. So, most of the time we’d end up using the dial because it’s easier to use that without taking your eyes off the road. It
is a good system, but it’s not quite as simple as the one in the BMW 3 Series for example. The iDrive
that is still the class leader for now. Because of all that adjustment in the
front there is plenty of room for people much taller than me, six-foot plus, so you’ll have loads of room up there. Things are not quite so generous in the
back though. Headroom is ok when you’re in as you’ll see, but it is getting in and out that’s the problem. You’ve got to make sure you don’t bang your head on this swooping roofline. As I say, once
you’re in headroom is decent for a pair of adults and legroom is pretty good as well. Our measurements show that it is only slightly smaller than the BMW 3 Series. You are okay for two adults in here but
when it comes to getting a third one in it is little bit less generous. The seat itself
is fine it’s just this big tunnel in the middle
means you won’t have quite so much in the way of legroom so you will have drawn the short straw in the middle. If we move around to the boat we see it’s a decent size at 480 litres it is pretty much exactly the same as the one you’ll get in the BMW 3
Series. Crucially, though, you can get a set of these in widthways without too much in the way of trouble. Now this is
another reason not to go for the entry-level version because on that version you don’t get split-folding rear seats like you do on all the other models. So you’re going to just have to take my word for it on that one. If you’re handing over a great big wodge of cash then the C-Class is pretty much the same price as the
equivalent BMW 3 Series but it is a little bit more expensive than the
Audi A3 Saloon, or Volvo S60. However, it is predicted to hold on to
its value pretty well so it’s lease rates, for example, will be very competitive. Another good thing is that CO2 emissions
compare really well to all of those rivals even on the automatic versions so
all the relevant taxes are kept nice and low. Even though you’ve got 70mpg official fuel economy it’s worth bearing in mind that in our real-world test the C220 CDI didn’t do quite as well – it got around 47mpg. To see all of our True MPG tests check out on the dedicated part of the website right here. The latest version of this car is naturally far too new to have appeared in any of our used customer satisfaction surveys so far, but Mercedes has good form in that area. The previous
version of this car, for example, came fourth. It gets a good amount of
safety kit as well. All C-Classes get seven air bags as standard but they also get a system that senses if you’re about to crash and applies the brakes for you. As far as
the rest the equipment is concerned every single car gets a good amount of kit.
The basic model in the range is the SE – this comes with 16-inch alloys,
climate control, cruise control, a reversing camera, rain-sensing wipers,
and a DAB digital radio. However, we would recommend you step up to Sport trim, which costs an extra couple of grand but it gets
17-inch alloy wheels, upgraded interior trims, heated sports
front seats, front and rear parking sensors and those split-folding rear seats. Top of the range
is the AMG-line, which costs a further one and a half grand. It adds 18-inch wheels, an AMG body kit, leather trim on the dashboard, sport
suspension and steering-wheel-mounted paddles on the
automatic versions. As I said at the start some buyers in
this class really do want their car to be a little bit of everything and if you are
after something that is fun to drive then to be honest, this probably isn’t the
one for you. The BMW 3 Series, and Audi A3 do that a bit better than the C-Class. It gets a
little bit better when you look at practicality and running costs but where this car really shines is in
that cabin. It also gets a high level of safety kit
and a great level equipment. It’s not quite at the top of its
class but it is right up there. For more information search
for Mercedes C-Class on and while you’re here keep up to date with all our latest videos by clicking subscribe.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Why is the A3 mentioned repeatedly? Surely the A4 is the nearest rival? Also, that satnav screen looks like an afterthought and why isn't it touch screen in this day and age (who wants to faff about using a wheel and mouse pad)? Surprised they didn't mention the 1.6 diesel is a Renault unit. Nice car otherwise!

  2. It is sooo annoying you keep comparing Cclass with A3. A3 is a rival for CLA while A4 is the same class as 3 series and C Class, even if it is due for a new generation.
    You should call this channel 'no idea what car'.

  3. Mercedes' new C-Class needs to be nothing less than brilliant if it's to beat rivals from Audi, BMW and Jaguar. Is it?
    Watch our video review to find out.

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  4. If you like this beautiful Merc and want to know about it a lot more than a short review can get you, see my channel and start a Mercedes C-Class tour 🙂 I'm a happy owner and truly impressed by this masterpiece!

  5. Could you be pleased to tell me why the hell you tested a C200 Bluetec with manual transmission? Mercedes will sell one c class like that.

  6. Audi A3 Sedan,,Is it really that expensive….. that's Cla competition……..well the c-class is selling like hot cakes….its got such an amazing presence… but you need to have the LED headlamps to get the true beauty of this car…interior is top class…art…. Can't wait to see Audi's A4 response!

  7. Look at the size of that Bezel on the screen!! Looks like a tablet from 2009 LOL. Plus its not touch screen. That would totally prevent me from buying this car. Rest of the car looks gorgeous though.

  8. No offence ! U are talking too much with less information , it's a car review (economy , practicality, ect) not some lecture, pardon if I'm rude

  9. Meh, I could care less if the passengers in the rear can get in and out easily. If I'm buying the car then the only position I care about is the driver's seat.

  10. Not a Mercedes fan here, but this C-Class looks very good and the interior design is excellent. Personally I would still take a BMW 3 Series, but I´m sure many company drivers will be more than happy to spend time in this C-Class interior – Though get the upgraded air suspension and choose an automatic and it´s all well and dandy.

  11. Is this guy for real…? Did he really utter the word 'jaguar xf '…? Oh my God this fella is so stupid & he's being paid for being stupid & he's being shown too… I think it's time he goes to school & also learn which car belongs to which segment. ..!

  12. Hi What Car, the review sucks. I'm in the market for small luxury sedan but once the reviewer compares this c class to audi a3, it's very hard to take the review seriously. Another thing, please avoid to use the cheapest tester there is (diesel-manual). None of us potential buyers would be interested in buying the cheapest option, unless you're reviewing small japanese hatchbacks. 

  13. What an idiot! This guy has no clue. Only thing I hear is tons of negatives from the start to the end. This car is on top of it's segment as we speak, did he do his research?

  14. Other c classes I've seen don't have the same interior as this one. This one seems to have a hump like center console, while all other c classes have a swooping, fountain like design. Could someone please explain this bewildering situation?

  15. @What Car? Hey there, how tall are you? So I get a sense of the room space in the back! PLEASE AND THANKS.

  16. Hi What Car, out on the road, which car out of the C Class 2013 model and a 2013 Audi A5 S Line has the quietest cabin? i like low road noise out on the road.. the quieter the better… can anyone help me with their feedback?

  17. I don't like the location of the Satnav it seems like a Afterthought
    it might be perceived like the driver forgot his Satnav , as result thief's might brake your windows attempting to take it out

  18. Old people and Arabic taxi drivers will love this, but my money would be on the trendy new Jaguar XE, much more appealing to people who don't want a coffin on wheels!

  19. They completely and utterly fucked up the C class. This thing looks like a rounded camry now, the tail lights are absolutely horrid. All the sport hard-edged style is GONE and replaced with a rounded cheap look. Same with the circular A/C vents, makes it look like an airplane cockpit not a luxury car.

  20. Im thinking of odering a c220 and I'd like to know if the heat and noise insulating glass is worth it. Im particularly worried about reducing the cabin noise.

  21. The C class competitor is the A4, not the A3 saloon (there is the CLA for that). A deeply flawed review, which as with all What Car? reviews, seems to be pro VAG, anti Mercedes. For a proper in-depth review look at somewhere like Autogefühl.

  22. In all honesty not a bad looking car but the interior just awful. Those silver bits are not long lasting, the display is 100pc amateur hour, everywhere else is full of cheap plastic. Mercedes hasn't engineered a new engine for ages. That's just the c class, don't get me started with that tragic POS they call the E class.

  23. The only other car makes you can compare with Mercedes is BMW, BMW is usually for non calming down persons (and who thinks they are car racers) now because I'm a motorcycle racer and know what actually racing is I found Mercedes of this particular class the best cat to drive and enjoy it, and I feel sorry about all other BMW car drivers, who usually behave themselves as "professional" racers, where in reality they have no clue at all what it is racing on the circuit and how tough it is in real world. Audi – good car, but they have plenty to do – to get to the same level as Mercedes and BMW produce, you cannot compare Jaguar or any other car, purely because they are completely different 🙂

  24. just went on your, true mpg website and typed in 3 completely different driving styles in the same car and got 43.3 mpg on every result. so that makes me lose confidence in it.

  25. Just watched the carbuyer review then yours. Can you explain how caybuyer fella was waxing lyrical about how quiet it was then you say it's really noisy. Where is this discrepancy coming from??

  26. the amount of time i heard complaints about the the transmission tunnel is just too damn high. i just saw you move from the door seat to the middle seat with absolutely no effort, and your leg position was normal…. every review i see makes a big thing about that tunnel… it's starting to be quite pathetic actually.

  27. This reviewer makes you feel depressed. You start feeling very lonely listening to him – like the whole world is made of equally boring, unimaginative, drab, old-stereotype rehashing people as he is. Sad world, indeed.

  28. This guy complains about the space situation in the rear? Hey buddy, it's not much different back there in the Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series. It's adequate for small adults or children, and most buyers will accept this. Some cars are even worse in that regard (Lexus IS comes to mind).

  29. Mercedes has got greedy, and has ventured into models they simply can not compete with. Value for money has simply gone west for this company. The high end standards has lost its appeal. The new venture into the average car sector!! well its over priced for sure. And according to media reports not very good. Mercedes do not even offer a 7 year warranty on a S CLASS.???

  30. Mercedes Benz holding it's value, LMAO. I love that Mercedes Benz value drops like a rock, so I can get one a lot cheaper used with low mileage.

  31. Just purchased a 2015(Sept reg):


    How do I determine if it is a W204 or W205.?

    would be grateful for your advice

  32. IMO this car looks so much better than the equivalent 3 series and A4 inside and out even in 2019.

    I am looking at a 2015 220 AMG Line 2.2 cdi, great prices too at £15,000 50k miles.

  33. These Mercedes are driven by anyone that knows they are quality!! Just look at what make ambulances are ? Mercedes as they are the most reliable engines!!! Its like the trade always slag these off ! As the dont want us common folk buying one…and then not having the massive repair bills of other makes? the 396 badge is loverly 😉👌

  34. Had the C220 as a company car, the worst car I here ever had. Road holding terrible, gears box poor feel ,, uncomfortable on long journeys, MB service terrible auto start stop stopped working after 5 months and despite a number of visits to the dealer who promised that it was fixed it still didn't work . Would never recommend this car

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