Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (W204) buying advice

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG (W204) buying advice

What to say? This car is a bit of an icon. After this one there is no and probably
won’t be a C AMG with such a big engine. The 6.3 is actually a 6.2 liter engine. Anyway, it’s still a very potent engine.
Rear-wheel drive… This very closely approaches
the concept of a hotrod. We were a big fan and those who
can drift were fans of the C63 as well. This is a hooligan on wheels. It’s a lot of fun, but is it
sensible to buy it second hand? We’ll get back to that later.
There were different engine versions. The standard C63 has 451 hp.
The Edition 507 has 500 hp. The Black Series is a coupe,
a very special and very expensive edition. They’re very expensive second hand as well.
It has 510 hp. This engine was built even more
powerful in the E, S, and SLS; all Mercedes models except for the A, B,
CLA, and GLA. Not in the small ones. The C63 has less room for the engine,
so the nice SLS intake system won’t fit. This engine has more hp in the SLS and E. But don’t you worry; this is plenty. ENGINES
gasoline About 30 are for sale on Marktplaats.
Most are a sedan and about 1/3 is a wagon. There’s the occasional coupe,
but that one was introduced after the facelift. Not as many have been built. You want me to tell you the prices
of the C63 aren’t that bad. Sit down. I’m looking on my cheat sheet. When I looked, the first C63 started
at 20,000 euros. It was very cheap. Prices go up to 60,000-70,000 euros for
the very fresh cars at a Mercedes-Benz dealer. PRICES
minimum, maximum Of course there are things to watch out for.
You need the right budget for this car. With great power comes great responsibility. Maintenance is more expensive
and it’s a gas guzzler. You have to realize that after buying the
cheapest car on Marktplaats for 22,000 euros, you’ll have to say goodbye to
the rest of your savings. If you don’t have that extra money,
you may want to choose a different car. Other things to watch out for: the undercarriage. The suspension is really stiff. Incredibly stiff. It’s so stiff that Mercedes-Benz put the demo car
on 18 inch wheels, else it won’t be fun sometimes. That’s something to keep in mind.
A version with 18 inch may not be a bad idea. Speaking of tires, it is a rear-wheel drive V8 AMG
with 451 hp and 600 Nm (443 lb ft) torque. People like me and Martijn will drive it. You too. When watching this video,
you know how you can drive sometimes. This means the tires won’t last very long.
10,000 km (6,200 miles) is no exception. They’re not very cheap, so that’s a thing.
It burns rubber, even when you take it slow. When I take it slow and it’s slippery,
the ESP light is on. It really has a lot of power. The tires wear, and fast. The heart of the car, the powertrain, has
a number of things you need to pay attention to. The pre-facelift C63 has a regular
automatic transmission, the 7G-Tronic. It’s fool proof. It needs an oil change
sometimes and flushing is smart as well. You know this if you watched these videos before. After the facelift it got a double-clutch
transmission, the AMG Speedshift MCT multi-clutch transmission. It shifts faster and does 0-100 kph (62 mph) faster,
but the transmission’s cooling is difficult. The post-facelift front bumper has less cooling,
which means that when you hoon it all the time, do a lot of track time, or try to break Nürburgring
lap times, the transmission may overheat. You can solve this with a Black Series front bumper,
but those are very expensive. That is something to consider.
The bolts of the cylinder head corrode. Worst case scenario this will start leaking. It’s rare,
but you should solve this problem when it occurs. If you don’t do anything about it,
the engine will be destroyed. Luckily it’s still relatively rare,
but it’s a nasty problem. Another serious problem with
the M156 V8 engine is camshaft wear. It’s caused by defect tappets, giving
too much pressure on the camshaft. There’ll be uneven wear. In the end,
the top end of the engine will need an overhaul. That is an expensive hobby.
I didn’t look up the price. Symptoms to watch out for are ticking sounds
and other sounds from the head. There will also be a loss of power. That’s hard to determine, but the car not
being fast enough could be an indication. If you remove the valve cover, you can
quickly spot the problem. That’s good. When you hear a rattling sound during starting,
there’s a problem with the camshaft phasing unit. It breaks in other cars too, but it’ll need replacing. If the C63 has an irregular idle, this is often
caused by a leaking intake manifold seal. It sucks in false air. Something we already mentioned:
fuel consumption. It’s a gas guzzler. The engines likes to be fed well, with nice stuff. It doesn’t want fuel from the cheap white pump,
even though the Dutch quality is OK, but it prefers premium fuel
like BP Ultimate. That’s 98 as well. It’s better for the engine. A V8 does burn some oil. Nothing to get worried about,
but you should check the oil level sometimes. Regularly would be even better.
There are some electronic problems. It doesn’t recognize the key sometimes, which
is inconvenient on vacation without a spare key. That’s something to keep in mind.
The electric seat adjustment… Mercedes has beautiful doors. Check it. You’d do that anyway. You always check every
electronic buttons in a second-hand car. I’ve told you numerous times. The electric
seat adjustment is a weak spot of the C-Class. The digital oil temperature gauge
shows strange numbers sometimes. If you see it get warm or cold all of a sudden,
you need to have it checked. Two things about the body:
the door handles can break off. They’re an integral part of the door panels,
which makes it expensive to repair. Also, the sunroof above me. Nice and bright. It can creak, pop, and bang when closing it. We could borrow this car at a real Mercedes-Benz
specialist; Sterren Service Centrum in Elburg. They maintain beautiful cars.
Things like this, but much older cars as well. Pretty stars. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale of which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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  2. Een C63 AMG is hetzelfde als een Gilera Runner 180cc. Heel veel kopzorgen, maar tegelijkertijd ben je super snel en is de kick heerlijk!

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