Mercedes Benz CLA (2013 – now) buying advice

Mercedes Benz CLA (2013 – now) buying advice

This car was a success for Mercedes-Benz. The first generation A-Class was a bit boring,
not a hip car you want to have. The handling was fine, but it didn’t look cool. The A-Class became more fun.
The B-Class became a practical car. The GLA, a small SUV, and this CLA,
a 4-door coupe / sedan with frameless windows. It’s nice. It’s a commercial success. A Shooting Brake was introduced later on.
It’s not a typical Mercedes. Let me explain. A number of things are different. It has no rear-wheel drive
like the bigger Mercedeses do. There are complaints about the interior finish,
especially in the United States, but they’re not used to cheaper Mercedeses.
They never got the A-Class. We are used to Mercedeses below 100,000 euros,
but it was a shock for them. Although, the satnav screen of the CLA, A,
GLA, and B-Class is a tiny picture frame. It doesn’t look good. A C, E, or S-Class has
prettier materials, but this is a less expensive car. It’s not cheap, after all. It has a whole range of 4-cylinder engines. If you want something else, they don’t have it. There are many different gasoline
and diesel engines, up to the CLA 45 AMG, but that’s a different car. We won’t discuss it
in this video, so I can drive it someday. ENGINES
gasoline, diesel Many CLAs are for sale on Marktplaats, especially
when you consider this is an expensive car. Prices started high, but there are 300 for sale. Most have a gasoline engine.
Diesel is losing its appeal. The automatic transmission made
a break-through in cars from this price class. 75% has an automatic transmission. The Shooting Brake wagon is much younger,
making up only a third of the cars for sale. Prices start at 23,000 euros. Sturm, where we borrowed this CLA, has
the cheapest CLA of the Netherlands at the moment. It’ll be sold soon, but it’s there now. It’s a base model without xenon,
but that doesn’t matter. PRICES
minimum, maximum There are many complaints about the CLA,
especially on foreign forums. It’s not that bad once you see
what they’re talking about. There are no huge structural problems. There are squeaks and rattles, though. The body of certain model years
isn’t as stiff as it should be. I haven’t heard anything in this car, though. I’m not trying to sell this CLA, but it’s not a bad car. The undercarriage, especially of the AMG versions
with bigger rims, can be hard. Take it for a test drive on a bumpy road
to see if you think it’s OK. If a CLA pulls left or right, something’s wrong
with the wheel alignment, or with the tires or rims. Sometimes it’s a software problem,
which can be fixed with a software update. This is a 4-door coupe, so there’s not much room. It’s not cramped either, but you can’t bring
much luggage and many passengers. You can’t expect that. There is some wear in the interior.
This one has it too. The seat belts rub against it, causing damage. If you already own a CLA,
you didn’t want to know this. What has once been seen can’t be unseen,
but it doesn’t stand out much. A number of things about
the powertrain need to be considered. The base model engines are a let-down.
They’re not feisty. It starts getting fun from the 200 onward.
An engine upgrade makes the car much better. Vibrations on highway speeds, between 110
and 130 kph (68-81 mph) and not over or under, are often caused by the rear differential.
This applies to the 4Matic versions only. It’s worn and needs to be replaced.
This is done under warranty. A CLA seems more susceptible to noise,
vibrations, and wheel alignment. This is something to keep in mind. If the car makes noise or
you feel something, check the tires. There are complaints about electronics
that give problems in certain areas. Nothing stands out, so make sure
to check all buttons and options. You’d do that anyway if you
watched these videos before. Keyless entry may not work sometimes.
This can be solved by changing the key’s battery. It has less range when the voltage drops
and won’t work properly. Change the battery. This ‘bella machina’… It’s German,
but it sounds less cool in German. This pretty CLA is a nice model
on the right rims and with an AMG package. We found it at Sturm Dealer Occasions in Middelburg. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale of which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. damn love the content!! thx for the subtitles!! we need more car reviewers/ content creators like you guys!!

  2. Voor de buitenlandse petjes onder ons! Een goedkope FWD mercedes die er BIJNA net zo uitziet als een S-klasse.

  3. Navigatiescherm is echt armoe zo klein. Van de andere kant het leidt alleen maar af tijdens het rijden.

  4. first you said that's the cheapest cla in the netherlands (23k €) with no xenon, then the price is 32k and it has xenon…

  5. The A class is nice but I prefer it's competition 😀 look better, more tech, better interior… well this screen is just a joke, get the bigger one it's a bit better

  6. Sommige CLA's hebben een groter beeldscherm. Dan kun je namelijk optioneel bestellen als je er eentje koopt dus sommige occasions zullen dit ook hebben

  7. ik heb een cla uit 2013 gevonden met schade ( alleen weet ik niet of t slim is om te doen

  8. Droomauto wil ik hem niet noemen, maar zou over een jaar of 3-5 deze graag als occasion overwegen als opvolger van mijn Volvo S40. Hij lijkt wel een beetje krap, maar 99% van de tijd rijd ik toch alleen zonder bagage

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