Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupé (2019) World Premiere at CES | Highlights

Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupé (2019) World Premiere at CES | Highlights

We have brought the CLA to the CES and it’s the very first time that we actually have a world premiere of a car here and it is the ultimate mobile device. The new CLA takes MBUX – our connected car operative system – to the next level. With new features like the ENERGIZING COACH, like an intuitive gesture control and new features inside MBUX. Well, I think we need to start designing the interior around the human, of course, and around user interaction systems, so that’s what we did. With the CLA we added another very successful model to our compact segment in 2013. Since 2013 we sold more than 750,000 of the CLA Coupé and Shooting Brake. We designed the new generation according to our philosophy “sensual purity”, that means reducing all the lines and sculpting this car just with light and shadow. In 2018 Mercedes-Benz was again the best-selling automotive premium brand and we will continue this success story.

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  2. This is a real Triumph ! This is a unique Premiere !
    This is a unique Mercedes !
    I'm sure we are waiting for unique and unforgettable impressions of the new car and the impressive achievements in the work of a huge but united team under the alluring name "Mercedes-Benz " !

  3. Ovo nije nikakav novi model,neznatan redizajn i to u djelu unutarnjeg dijela ,elektronike-sustava što se napominje jer sve to skoro ima i sadašnji model.Nikakve nema sličnosti sa CLS -kako ga predstavljaju ,a koja se odnosi na liniju.Neznatno pojačanje motora sve drugo isto.Novi model ,takozvani nije se još trebao predstaviti sve do 2020. godine kao i sva druga vozila koja imaju zaštićenu liniju 7 god. Promašaj, montaža u Mađarskoj koja uopće nema razvijenu nikakvu autoindustriju , kad znamo kakva su vozila, vozili do jučer.Stvara se nepovjerenje kod kupaca što se tiče kvalitete što će Mercedes izgubiti na povjerenju kupaca…..

  4. I wish the german cars brands never die from this world. because I always want a german cars to be in my garage right now and also in the future. I have been ride many cars from all country but its only german cars that always make me feel safe feel luxury and never make me bored to use one brands

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