Mercedes Benz CLS buyers review

Mercedes Benz CLS buyers review

This first generation
Mercedes CLS was a sensation. An elegant 4-doors coupe.
Alfa fans say it looks like a 156. Especially the CLS’ roof.
I still think it’s a pretty car. It handles well, but above all
it’s a comfortable car. It has large engines.
6 and 8-cylinders only. ENGINES
gasoline, diesel About 100 are for sale on AutoScout24.
50% has a diesel engine, 30% a V8. An automatic gearbox is standard,
I think leather upholstery as well. I haven’t seen a CLS without it.
It has nice features. A lot of cars have a sunroof and satnav.
Prices start at 15,000 euros. PRICES
minimum, average, maximum As with all cars with a lot of electronic
features, test all the buttons. The CLS isn’t very vulnerable in
that way, but a lot can break. Check the seats, satnav,
A/C and air suspension. The latter was optional for the 6-cylinder
models and standard for the 8-cylinders. The air suspension is really nice. There
are large differences between modes. It sways in comfort mode and in the
2 sport modes the ride gets stiffer. Air suspension may break when getting older. It’s
more expensive to fix than a regular suspension. Although, you’ll have to replace a shock
or spring there every now and then. The windows are a specific checkpoint.
They lower a bit when opening the door. They need to go up when you close the door.
This may be upset, so check all the windows. Open all the doors to see if
the windows go up again. They could go down, but if you close it
by hand, it may come down again. That’s annoying, causing wind noise. The automatic gearbox is reliable,
but a rinse wouldn’t hurt. It’s preventive maintenance that shouldn’t
be needed in a modern automatic. Still, it’s a good idea to rinse out
all the crap and add fresh oil. It prevents shifting problems
or may solve starting issues. About the engines. The CLS 350 (gasoline) may
have worn camshaft gears driving balance shafts. The engine will be restless;
an expensive fix. There may be leniency, but the older
the CLS becomes, the harder it will get. If you hear a rattle on a cold start
with the CDI diesel engines, the timing chain may be stretched. It can be fixed, but you’ll ruin the engine
when you keep on driving like this. Keep an eye out. The CDI’s turbo
may leak oil in the manifold. That means you’ll have to
replace the manifold. Check if a second-hand CLS has 2 keys. They may break, so if you sell the car
it’s easier not to fix this. Check if it has 2 working keys. This car is a CLS 350 AMG
found at Auto Wust. That’s a nice company with a museum
on the top floor with a lot of special stuff. THIS CAR Thanks to
Auto Wust Dordrecht Subs – Maru

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Een 350 en dan durven om de AMG-logo erop te plakken.. Erg Erg Erg triest.. Voor mij gezien een grote schande! 

  2. I'm thinking about buying a 2008 350 with low mileage, what should i worry about and needs to be checked?

  3. I was going to say something about the CLS 63 AMG in the garage, but now I'm more focused on the Dutch language. It's so much fun to listen to, and sounds disturbingly similar to American English, particularly in the inflection and pronunciation of the R's.

  4. Just such a beautiful car from mercedes. One of the 2 most beautiful cars Mercedes has ever built. Second being the AMG GT S; absolutely stunning. I fell in love with one since I was 15. I'm now going to be able to buy one of these. I was going for a 05 X5 4.8is or 07-09 CLS 55, 550 but why not go for the gold with the CLS63 amg?

  5. God, this language is really unpleasant to the ears. Raze this country and change its language to something nice like French.

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