Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2009-2016 buying advice

Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2009-2016 buying advice

Today we’re discussing
the Mercedes E-Class W212. It was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009. It was introduced the same year, as model
year 2010, but it was for sale in 2009. It was for sale until early this year.
The new E-Class arrived at the dealers. You can no longer order this one. The E-Class has a lot of new technology,
of which Mercedes is proud. It has lane keep assist, adaptive cruise control,
automatic braking for obstacles in urban areas, etc. This is available on many cars nowadays,
but Mercedes already had it in 2009. It goes that far back. The E-Class was available as a sedan and an estate.
The coupe and convertible are different cars, with a different platform, so we’re
not discussing these in this video. They have their own things to watch out for. Of course, there were gasoline and diesel engines,
but there was also a hybrid. We’re driving one today. A diesel hybrid.
Most hybrids have a gasoline engine. This is a 4-cylinder diesel
combined with an electric motor. There was a facelift in 2013. The headlights were merged into one unit. Mercedes officially stopped with the separate
headlights they had for a long time. The most important changes happened under the
hood. A lot of problems with the 2009 technology were solved over the years with
software and mechanical updates. All this was incorporated into the facelift.
The post-facelift car is much more reliable. More so, in Great Britain it won a consumer
price for most reliable recent car. The post-facelift E-Class was #1. ENGINES
gasoline, diesel 570-580 cars are for sale on,
of which 400 have a diesel engine. 160 have a gasoline engine and 15-20 are a hybrid. Some Mercedes dealers sell the hybrid as
a diesel car because it’ll be easier to find. Automatic transmissions are
standard most of the time. The manual transmission wasn’t an option
in combination with a number of engines, but 10 have a manual transmission. The prices start at 9,000 euros. If you want a pretty powerful one: 70,000-80,000
euros for the most expensive car at the moment. However, E63 AMGs haven’t been traded in for
the new one, because that one is not yet available. It will be available very soon,
so the prices will go up. PRICES
minimum, maximum Reasons to buy an E-Class:
it has a lot of smart technology and it’s a very comfortable car. Of course, we make a lot of jokes
about Mercedeses being taxis. Prices start at 7.50 euros, did you know that? This has a reason. Passengers are very
comfortable in this car. Customers like that. It is logical this car is often used as a taxi. This is a compliment rather than a point of criticism. Finally, the E-Class has a reputation for reliability.
If you’re looking for that, this may be the car. Of course, there are things to watch out for. I’m coming back to the electronic assistants. Especially the pre-facelift cars
have some electronic issues. Check if everything works as it should. Try all the buttons and all functions on the car
during a test drive to make sure everything works. Another problem has to do with
the automatic transmission’s gear selector. Almost all have an automatic transmission
in the Netherlands, so check this. Sometimes, the automatic transmission
won’t leave ‘P’. That’s very annoying. Not much can be done about it.
It can be caused by a low battery voltage. When this happens, the center gauge shows
no ‘P’ or ‘R’, meaning the battery is flat. It can also be a problem in the selector itself.
All you can do is get the car to the repair shop and get it fixed there. There are 2 problems with the injectors. First, a 4-cylinder diesel engine running on
3 cylinders probably has a corroded connector. Don’t panic, because this is
probably a fix of 20 euros. The E52 CDI can have dead injectors, which is
a shame, because that is a more expensive fix. It’s not an easy fix either, because
it’s more than replacing the injector. The car needs to be recalibrated because the engine
has tight margins. That is an expensive problem. If you get warnings on the dashboard, this is often
caused by corroded or unplugged connectors. This doesn’t have to be a big,
expensive problem to solve. Check the connectors before going all technical. However, warnings can also show up
when jumper cables weren’t used correctly. If you don’t follow the procedure to the letter,
the computer will give an error and needs a reset. There can be a problem with the ignition switch. It may not work sometimes. There are tricks to
start the engine so you can drive to the dealer, but you will have to replace
the ignition switch, which isn’t cheap. If the engine won’t start,
the fuel pump is causing trouble. The engine loses power or won’t start.
That problem is hard to miss. Unfortunately, the only way
to solve it is by replacing it. The final thing to watch out for
involves the hybrid E-Class. Especially an early hybrid E-Class
may have errors in the electric system. When there’s an error in
the hybrid system, the car dies. Unfortunately, you can’t continue
driving on the combustion engine. Know this when shopping for a hybrid,
especially when it’s an early hybrid E-Class. The E-Class we’re driving today is a hybrid. It’s an E300, a nice one with
AMG package, sports seats, etc. It’s for sale at Mercedes Wensink in Apeldoorn. It’s from 2014 and costs a little under 35,000 euros. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale for which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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  1. Weer flink wat problemen voor auto's van maximaal 8 jaar oud en een zogenaamd premium merk. Prachtig om te zien van binnen en van buiten, net als Audi en BMW maar dus ook net zo waardeloos. Auto's van dit caliber zouden dit soort problemen nooit mogen hebben.

  2. Ich liebe den Mercedes-Benz W212. Ich bevorzuge das Pre-Facelift, obwohl beide sehr nett aussehen. viel Liebe aus Amerika, gutes Video

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