Mercedes-Benz W202 C280 Lower control arm bushings-Replacing with Aftermarket Polyurethane

Mercedes-Benz W202 C280 Lower control arm bushings-Replacing with Aftermarket Polyurethane

this is a short video that some problems I encountered when replacing my low control arm bushings so this is a Mercedes C 282 1995 so I noticed that my front end was clunking once in a while so I decided how the hell just replace everything rebuild it so now I just want to talk about the polyurethane lower control arm bushings so I went ahead and I purchased two sets left left and right from it was on eBay this set will only be I think I paid about 99 bucks us so you can see this is they were the bushings so polyurethane bushings has has a sleeve inside which which is removable now I’ve installed one set in our in my low control arm and I’ll show you in a minute I can get under the car well before I go there I just want to show so this is the bushing that I pulled out you can see was all trashed I’m surprised that I didn’t feel it even worse because the car wasn’t pulling to the side and the only time I can hear the clunking was if I am if I reverse and I hit the brakes and then I can hear this little clunk clunk otherwise going over the bumps and stuff nothing so I’m real surprised because when I pulled it you can see it’s all inside it’s all trashed so that was the the rear one now the front ones actually the front ones I was surprised they looked really good but since I already purchased the set I’m like what the hell I’ll replace both of them on both arms okay well these are the old bushings so now what the business with the new ones so you can see I’ve installed the bushings here if you can see so the there’s the back one and that’s the front they feel pretty good I had to muscle them a little bit I use them a little ball joint installer puller basically but I’ll showed it in a different video for now and this is the problem that I found when I’m putting start putting the bolts in if you can see here the ball doesn’t go all the way in now if you will see this bulb has like little shoulders where’s my other one oh damn it oh here I’ll show you so let’s see if you look you see the bolt has this kind of a shoulder I don’t know even how to call it now the reason for that is so that shoulder would fit so sorry for that because I have to turn around so you can see over there that’s what the hole is kind of a slotted so the bolt would fit in one way lock and then so when you’re tightening the nut or you’re loosening the knot you don’t have to hold the other side we’re just ok I’d say pretty smart but now so I start looking with these bushings because I realize but my ball doesn’t go all the way in and I’m not sure if it’s a problem or not I feel like it could be a problem so looking at the bushings I realized one thing I’ll hook the bushings if you look at the new bushings and the old ones you can definitely see the difference in inner diameter of the of the I guess metal sleeve and the reason and you can see if you if you look down there you can see the the diameter is a reduced and then other side is back again to a bigger size so and this is where the problem is that putting the bolt in and Jim sorry can we doing everything with one hand is stuff ok so here I’m going to take that off take the washer so you can see when you drop the bolt in the original Bhushan comes down all the way ok now put it here it still fits in but it doesn’t think so now the dilemma I guess I’m facing is that if I try to tighten the knot it’s basically I’m just going to suck this bolt in I’ll try and expand that that inner sleeve now I’m not sure maybe that that was the whole idea behind it that when when you win when you’re taking the nut this this bolt would expand the inner the inner sleeve I’m not sure I can’t find well I couldn’t find any information on that so that’s that’s kind of the problem that I’m facing and I wanted to make a small video and basically hey they warn you guys when you’re buying these bushings be aware of the thing or maybe somebody you already gone through this and found the solution because at this point the only solution I see is either I make a new inner sleeve just bigger the amateurs fall oh the sizes on the original bushing or I just take and I machine the this fastener basically take this shoulder down and leave the thickness of the shoulder just enough to catch on the on the body of the car well if you guys have any solutions please comment but thanks for watching

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  1. So…here's the solution to this problem:
    Original bolts have to be replaced by CAMBER/CASTER ADJUSTMENT BOLT REPAIR KIT MB PN 202-330-01-18.
    Also you can reference MB document AR40.20-P-0322-01B

  2. You can't rely on the force of friction to hold the lower arm axix in place. Any significant side load will slide the bolt and will change wheel alignment. The camber/caster bolt kit has 2 special washers to make sure the bolt is locked in place, it gives 2 different settings conpare to the original bolt that has only one location.

  3. I would add a washer or two. Or get new bolts that fit the bushing. I wouldn't make any changes to the new bushings

  4. Just don't buy polly bush kits off ebay go to a Mercedes garage and buy the original rubber ones will last far longer than cheap polly and better ride. You can't do it with washers BODGER BODGER BODGER ENGINEERING HAS TO BE DONE PROPERLY.
    I can see some garage staff doing this as a quick bodge. How low can standards drop. Phil

  5. well…i had these bushings now for 8 months. they seem to be ok. the bolt kit worked fine, no problems with alignment. the bad thing is that previous owner drove with bad bushings and now the steering box needs replacement, it has some play. ill try and adjust it if i can.

  6. You need to use the revised adjustable bushings Mercedes sells for this.That bolt doesn't stop the thing from spinning it accurately locates the lower arm to the fram ea nd soesn't allow it to move and affect the alignment. The newere bushings come with bolts that are adjustable and adapters to make them work. Cost was less than what you paid for the ones that are not right.

  7. Those are the wrong bushings especially for the front……..The new ones go on the front lower rear & you have to order the ones that fit on the front…….they come in pairs

  8. And polly is far better then rubber if you get the right ones, original rubber is fine if you just want it fixed but going polly greatly improves handling, steering response and overall comfort of the ride. And buying poll if it is meant for your car will fit no matter were you buy it from. Get into about people dissing on ebay all the time and 90% of the time it's people buying something they have no idea about then blame it on the person who sold it to them. I buy and install stereo equipment and work on cars daily and guess what? The 400$ kicker sub I buy on ebay is the same exact thing as what kicker sells but only they charge 600$ instead of 400$… Another way to put it is skip out the middle man and buy direct

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