Mercedes E-Class coupe 2014 review – Carbuyer

Mercedes E-Class coupe 2014 review – Carbuyer

Mercedes cars ooze class, sophistication and
luxury with the latest aesthetic upgrades, this E Class Coupe is a real head turner. Pre face-lift was a good looking car but now
it sports a rather aggressive but desirable face, with the new headlight design and more
stylish body contouring it makes the previous one seem a bit dated. There were no complaints about boot size before
and because nothing here has changed, you can still fit two golf bags in here. Fold
down the seats and you’ll fit a bike inside. How many coupes can you say that about? How
practical is your car? We’d like to hear from you, so why not tell us by clicking here or
visiting the back of the E Class coupe offers the same
amount of room and comfort as before. Even if you are 6 foot you probably won’t complain
about the space and you can even tuck your feet under the seat in front of you. Just
as in the E-Class saloon, the coupe has a large transmission tunnel. Mat complained
about this in his review, but let’s face it if you have a kid in this seat they can rest
their feet on it! [sit in the seat] no not for me — maybe Mat is right. When Mercedes enhances its designs with a
scalpel, it really gets you thinking. For example it was never a problem having an automatic
gear shifter here. But now it’s not here, it looks great, so streamlined. It’s moved
to the side of the steering wheel as with the rest of the range now and is much neater
and easily accessible. That isn’t the most impressive thing about this car though, another
woo from Mercedes is this faux leather, which looks and feels real! Then there’s the spec
– go for the SE and it has everything you need. Sat Nav, DAB, Bluetooth, USB, automatic
lights and wipers, heated and electric seats plus it is uber comfortable even being able
to move the steering wheel electronically – as standard. The adaptive suspension is brilliant, absorbing
lumps and bumps yet at the same time offering a good level of cornering ability. With its wide stance and low driving position
you know instantly you are in the coupe as opposed to the saloon. Just like its saloon
counterpart though Mercedes has done everything it can to minimise the risk of getting into
an accident by kitting the E Class Coupe out with Cruise Control that steers and brakes
for you, collision prevention assist and drowsiness sensors to detect loss of attention in the
driver so if you’re feeling tired the car knows and tells you to stop for a coffee…[yawn
and pretend to be getting tired, shut left eye] [look directly at camera] see if you
were watching me from the point of view of the passenger and not the tax disc you would
think I was falling asleep then…no really you would. All joking aside, it’s pretty reassuring to
know the standard safety equipment is this good. All cars also come with 9 airbags, Anti
Skid Control and Blind Spot Awareness. Whilst you are cruising around in utter safety there
are plenty of engine choices to keep you happy. The pic of the bunch being the 350CDI getting
the car to 60 in 6.4 seconds and returning 47 miles to the gallon. The new new top of
the range 3.0 turbo V6 petrol is £7,000 cheaper than before, better on fuel and only a tenth
slower to 60 at 5.2 seconds. like with everything though there are downsides.
Mercedes has mastered the traction control so its not too invasive but it is still a
great long-distance cruiser so it the trade off in handling means it’s more comfortable
on the motorway. It’s not as fun to drive as a BMW 4 Series and if you leave the gearbox
in auto mode the paddle shifts are a tad slow compared with the system on the Audi A5. Although
engine choice is plentiful you do notice the diesel clatter on start up and I would like
to see a monster performance version of this car to sit alongside the smaller C63 AMG. Having said that, I’m not put off and neither
should you be. After all, I’m pretty sure the song went something like “Oh Lord won’t
you buy me…”, no it’s not badge snobbery — this E Class coupe looks fantastic, boasts
an up market image, it’s good on fuel, is loaded with equipment and is very relaxing
to drive. If you can afford one, it really does tick a lot of boxes. Before you make your final decision, be sure
to watch the Audi A5 video here and one of its closest rivals the BMW 4 series here,
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About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I own one. Nice cars but not good enough in many ways. They are ok to drive, nothing special. The 2.2 CDi is rough and like other German brands, way over rated.
    For example,  'Faux' leather seats….. remember Morris Marina's? I did as a young child stuck to the vinyl seats. I have them and not nice. I thought i had HID's when i bought the car, only to find out the bulbs were H7's with a projector lens!! I wish i had bought a Renault/Nissan Alliance car, real leather, Xenons and great diesels…

    Also i have suffered ESL failure…. not nice when it happens and 2 weeks without the car! I think i will buy an Alliance car next

  2. Mercedes has a loooooong way to go on build quality! BMW and Audi make mercs look cheap and plasticky

  3. I have one and I love it! Nothing beats Mercedes if it comes to comfort and the great feeling of a typical cruiser! It is true that this car is not a formula 1 car but if you know how to enjoy and appreciate good company then this car is very good!  

  4. Another copy from mersedec as usual,back copy of infinity,side copy of lexus,front copy of toyota/nissan,volvo.Inside mix of infiniti/lexus

  5. I'll admit that I'm a big BMW fan but this Mercedes is absolutely stunning! I've just recently test driven the new e class against the 5 series and I simply do not understand the hate against the merc's interior! Yes it is "less sporty and exciting" but there is just this sense of class that is missing from the BMW's interior. The way in which the e class deploys its leather, chromework and discreet lighting is simply delightful. The BMW lacks polish in comparison and doesn't feel anywhere near as expensive!

  6. After watching some of reviews from her ,i think i am in love with her now. 
    she is pretty much cute and car is also good.

  7. I love bmw's exterior but I hate their interiors, I love Mercedes interiors but I hate most of their exteriors… if only I could have both of them combined in one

  8. I still don't get why car makers are replacing a third back seat with cup holders on coupes. Jokers….

  9. I think she's got one of those bladed hands, like the bad guy Han from Enter the Dragon. That's why she kept her glove on. Other than that, she's perfect!

  10. Looking to replace a 2007 CLK, the E Coupe seems a good solution. BMW 4 and A5 are exactly what i already have in the CLK from 8 yrs ago. If you thinking of getting any of those cheap new copies, get CLK 320 CDI for 10k or so and save 20-30k.

  11. So finally, the genius world class design engineers at MB has adapted the all so old and familiar auto shift on the side of the steering wheel instead of the mid console. Wow. Took them a lifetime to get there. Cheap American cars have had that system for ages. Guess its tuff to admit a fault at MB. They must feel rather stupid now.

  12. guys, im planning to buy this car soon and i was wondering if the sports edition only comes in blue? or can i have other colour options like white. the reason why im asking this is because whenever i search for the sports edition, all i see is the blue colour. thanks.

  13. The E class coupe is soo uncomfortble. There is hardly any cushion and when you hit a bump, it murders your tailbone.

  14. Bunch of stupid comments here. What is this; year of the wallybrains? The E class coupe is a competitor of a BMW 4 series coupe, because there ain't a 5 series coupe. The E class coupe isn't at all like a C class. The ones who wrote that didn't sat or drove a E and/or C class. You will notice the difference. The review of Carbuyer is good, BUT its still subjective. We all don't have the same taste in cars, don't find the same things important in a car and we look more into ourselves what we like on a car. So the comments about, electrical memory seat is not standard… Who cares? This review like ALL OTHER CAR reviews is only to show you how a car looks like from the inside and outside. The driving experience is subjective. So if you drove a E class, BMW 4 series coupe and an Audi A5 coupe (which i doubt) then you can mention your comment about the differences, if not …. Shut the hell up.

  15. I like bmw engines more but when talking about style bimmers are soooo boring, the same theme on all their products. Mercs have more work on the design department, each product line has its own character.

  16. Why does she not mention that mercedes stopped making the v8turbo ! Its pathetic that they did that, the v6 turbo is slower and she even mentioned it as if it was a good thing.

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