Mercedes E-Class saloon 2013 review – CarBuyer

Mercedes E-Class saloon 2013 review – CarBuyer

Usually halfway through a car’s life it will
have a minor refresh. But clearly Mercedes thought its E-Class needed some rather extensive
surgery as this is one of the most extreme facelifts I’ve ever seen. Well, on a car anyway… At the front the two-piece headlamps have
been replaced by single unit lights. In fact the whole front is new and, as with the C-Class,
the E-Class is now offered with two grille designs, though in the UK we only get the
sports version, which has a big brash three pointed star in the middle to leave people
in no doubt you own a Mercedes…. And are therefore a success. On the old version there was a swoop over
the rear wheel arch which always looked a bit rubbish, so I’m glad that’s gone. Also
you can now only get the car in two trim levels so it’s easier to decide which model to buy. There have been some significant changes inside
the cabin too. All cars come with faux leather on the seats that is so realistic you’d never
know. And you can upgrade to have it on the dash too and on top of the door trims too.
The car also has some redesigned heater vents — which are now made out of metal, apparently
because the Chinese didn’t like the old plasticy ones… The Mercedes has class-leading standard equipment,
swivel wheel menu control, sat-nav, Bluetooth and USB, DAB radio, heated and electrically
adjustable front seats, automatic LED lights and wipers. What’s more all but this E220
CDI get an automatic gearbox as standard – and now the selector is on the steering column
which is much better. Speaking of which you can alter the steering electrically. It’s
a Mercedes – you shouldn’t have to do things manually. You don’t even have to open the boot manually
as it operates on the key and then you are greeted with a large practical space. Though
if you need to carry longer items you can get fold down rear seats — though sadly these
cost extra. As for life for rear passengers. Well it’s
great – there’s loads of head and leg room. And the seats are quite reclined which makes
it easier to nod off… and so I can forgive the car for this large transmission tunnel
which gets in the way of the middle passenger. But then two’s company and three’s a crowd. The E-Class comes with a raft of safety equipment
including 9 airbags, anti skid control and Mercedes Attention assist. You can also get
blind spot and lane departure warning on the options lists and a clever cruise control
which will operate the steering as well as the throttle to keep you in lane on the motorway. All that safety kit should leave you feeling
safe and sound. In fact the E-Class is very good at isolating you from the outside world.
It’s a very comfy car to travel in. The adaptable suspension deals brilliantly with bumps, especially
in the softer SE trim and excellent insulation means you don’t get much wind or road noise
entering the cabin Most of you will know the E-Class is rear
wheel drive and that gives you the sensation of being pushed up the road. It handles pretty
well too, though to be honest it’s more set up for comfort than cornering. If you want
more fun get a Jaguar XF, which also has better steering. Another problem with the E Class is the entry-level
2.1-litre diesel. It’s a bit noisy and not as clean nor as economical as the 2.0-litre
in the BMW 5 series. And while this auto box is good, if you like using paddles — the
S-Tronic in the Audi A6 is a much quicker shifter. Finally there are the small side door bins,
the fact E-Class still uses a foot operated parking brake and what’s with the old fashioned
dash-mounted clock? Maybe the Chinese like them. Overall though, if I’m honest, I like the
E-Class and the extensive redesign is sure to make it even more popular than ever. Now you’ve seen our review of the E-Class
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  1. A few years later, do you still love your c class? Should I wait another year to buy a 2015 c class? I'm trying to time the depreciation right! Any opinions on buying a used 2015c300 ?

  2. Chinese. Are. Amazing. !!! Even. Mercedes. Is. Made. In. China. !!! It. Says. A. Lot. About. The. Chinese. !!!

  3. Sound like this guy paid by Mercedes I have one as well ,very heavy car to handle slow as well not enough power when stationary on traffic light very noisy I have change all sort of tyres but still same leather seems cheap one as well but one plus point it's reliable never had funny faults like dpf or grearbox faults like Audi suspension is very hard you have to have some load in it to drive smooth I would not buy another one might be higher spec could be better

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