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  1. Blue state politics are destroying the lives of so many. Biggest business i know in Seattle is Homelessness which the sick media promotes

    Here King news so proud to get ahead of ICE. Disgusting!

    Thank you first responders military police and yes ICE.

    May the Blacks and Latino Americans save USA in 2020. Vote Trump!

  2. They shouldn't have to have warrants. Don't want to be deported? Don't come here illegally. Its so simple!
    Just follow the laws like everyone else does. Why would non citzens recieve such preferential treatment ? How is that fair to everyone else? To actual citizens?
    How is ignoring the laws setting a good example for anyone who comes here? All it says is…hey, come on in, do whatever tf ya want , we dont care if you break our laws!
    Great example it sets them up for ..along with the rest of us who are in their path! Sigh.

    Person types ANGRY? ?
    NO! The people who are and have the right to be angry are law abiding citizens who are fed up with the bs.

  3. If you don’t like the laws here protecting those who have given up everything to be here then move to a red state. Once you see how much red states don’t care about the population you’ll be running back to a blue state. Most republicans are poor and use social services the same services republicans try to remove. Idiots.

  4. As a taxpayer I DO NOT want one dime of my money supporting illegal alien or anyone else for that matter. There are plenty of jobs out there for everyone no matter who you are or your level of education. You have to start somewhere to get somewhere?? Nothing is nothing “free” it comes at a the expense of the tax payer.

  5. Fuckin idiots it was probably fare enforcement officers checking people's bus passes. And someone was probably like "omg they are checking IDs" ?‍♂️

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