MG3 hatchback 2013 review – CarBuyer

MG3 hatchback 2013 review – CarBuyer

The MG3 supermini should hopefully get the
revived brand back on its feet. It offers incredible value for money and comes complete
with plenty of standard equipment. It scores well in exterior styling as well,
with simple lines and these fetching LED running lights standard on all models. There are also
customisation options including funky designs for the roof, cool graphic packs and bigger
alloy wheels to make it appeal to the younger crowd. As I’ve said before, that’s one of the requirements
for a supermini to be successful. It also has a decent sized boot, perfect for shopping
trips and weekends away. It’s also a good shape, which makes loading a doddle! Tall people and not so tall 5 foot 4 and a
half me will find these seats adequately roomy, yes even if you have long legs, there is plenty
of leg room and head room thanks to a high roof line. The plenty of equipment that I promised you,
well the very affordable top of the range Style comes with Bluetooth connectivity, air
conditioning, DAB radio, 16″ alloys and cruise control, all as standard and all for the same
price as an entry-level Ford Fiesta. A Skoda Fabia with the same equipment would be a lot
more! Is your car good for in-tech spec? Why not tell us at or by clicking
here.. But not yet, make a note and watch this video
first…equipment is great but does the 3 deliver on the road as well? It certainly
looks like it does holding its presence rather well here. It actually feels quite sporty and feels grippy
round these twisty country roads. Sadly though that’s where the good points end. When travelling
at slow speeds, the ride quality is choppy and the steering a bit too heavy, which makes
town driving a drag. Then there’s fuel consumption. It is so far
behind the likes of the Fiesta and the VW Polo, with only one choice of engine – a 1.5-litre
petrol. It’ll return 48.7mpg and emit 136g/km of co2, which compared to the 65.7mpg and
99g/km you’ll get from a Ford Fiesta 1.0-litre EcoBoost and the numbers don’t look good.
Used values aren’t predicted to be particularly good, either – with the MG 3 retaining just
32.5 per cent of its value after three years. It doesn’t make up for it with interior quality
either, that is a bit dated and full of hard scratchy plastics. Having said that, it’s
cheap, looks good and will appeal to a lot of young first time buyers, so it’s a good
contender in the supermini line up. Value for money is a massive concern for buyers
of new superminis, and not many come close to the MG3. However, if an lengthy warranty
is a deal maker, then you’ll want to check out the Kia Rio by clicking here, or if you’re
after the cheapest car on sale in the UK, then check out the Dacia Sandero, here. Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube
channel by clicking here.

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  1. This won't be a very good car…but I kinda like it :-). I think it looks excellent with those alloys. Damn site better looking, and probably more interesting to drive, than the horrifically dull Skoda Fabia (excluding the VRS of course).

  2. That's because the A3 is in a different class compared to the MG3. I would imagine the A3 is a part of the premium hatchback segment, running alongside the BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class. And anyway, the MG3 costs far less than an A3, and would really be competing with an A1. And an A1 would still cost more than an MG3…

  3. Okay lets put the A1 aside for a mo and concentrate on the A3. Buy a two three year old A3 1.9 diesel, keep it for two or three years and you'll probably get more for it that an MG3 as there is a better market for them.

  4. Cheapest Ford fiesta "style" in a 5 door is £11545 and it is NOT the 1.0Lt Ecoboost, Thats£13745.
    Top spec MG3 Style is £9999 and you can but a lot of petrol for £3746.
    For gods sakes give the car a chance people.

  5. not sure, but how do reliability and safety compare? MG wasn't recently shown according to the UK data as having one of the highest levels of engine failure (so prob many others don't fail but stuff up)

  6. Do you really expect a company that's just been reborn from the ashes of poor management to immediately start outselling already well established automakers? Every manufacturer has to start somewhere. MG needs a chance to prove itself. I've been in an MG3, and although the quality isn't brilliant, it's better than nothing. If MG's going to be competitive, at least give it a bloody chance.

  7. She does look pretty good in this one.
    I think it's the fluffy red jumper.
    Looks like Manchurian Garages are playing catch up in this class segment.

  8. No idea, is usually a better option than a good idea with poor execution. Although, it is cheap, and it is new, which makes it worth considering…IF you didn't know what a Dacia Sandero is, you're a massive patriot of the UK, or if you like smiley faces on the roof of your car.

    It'll sell(Sh!t, the Rover 75 sold), but it won't burst the market. MG may not be done if they put an economical small diesel, or shoehorn a ballsy turbocharged mountain motor into one.

  9. starting at around £8300 mate for base model and just shy of £10k top model start price not sure about the mid range specs mate

  10. I know the Chinese bought them, but come on. When people see MG, they think Rover. And well, rover, they're fails.

  11. front of the car looks ok the doors not so good and plastics look and sound cheap the car is probably made in china!!!!!

  12. actually most of the cars today that are made in china or somewhere there are better than psa/seat/fiat/dacia/mg/renault cars in terms of plastic quality….

  13. I test driven one of these yesterday and I'm sorry but the steering is not heavy at all, it is actually a bit too light as I could steer it with my fingers. Anyone who says it is heavy should be sacked from journalism, harsh I know but it's a joke when they lie. 

  14. For the price you pay (£9999 for the very top spec with good kit levels) you're actually getting an excellent car, much better than similar priced Dacia models that's for sure with a far better ride that (from what people have said in other reviews) is quite engaging and fun! What the review forgot to mention is that the assisted steering isn't electric, but hydraulic (!), so you will end up with a lot of nice feel through the wheel.

    The plastics are hard and scratchy, yes, but "low quality" they are not (car buyer always confuse "quality" with "plush") and quite hard-wearing from what I've seen, they could stand up to some good abuse.

    Since the engine doesn't have a turbo, it'll actually come much closer to its claim of 48MPG, where turbo charged engines fall alarmingly short of that – I've yet to see any turbo engine manage anything above 70% of their claimed MPG.

    The one they have here in the review is… pretty badly styled, actually. I've spied one in black with a white racing stripe and larger wheels – with those more subdued styling choices it actually looks pretty damn nice.

    Of course, it wont be perfect as they've highlighted in the review – but one thing they didn't mention but was instantly noticeable was the engine noise in the cabin. That was pretty damn loud and would grate on your last nerve on a long journey.

    Just my 2cents.

    Do people who make EXTREMELY critical comments of a car they haven't been anywhere near and hasn't been on the roads yet think they're being clever? Comments about the shit interior when it was hardly shown in the vid? One even said what a shit country this is. He didn't get the irony. How does MG stand a chance with people like this? Maybe they should have launched it with as German name for all the dolts. tbh these commentators sound like idiots

  16. Had a test drive yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. By what I have read in some reviews I was expecting a rough car but no. Good value for money and great to drive..

  17. how on earth can you compare a 1.0 ltr engine and a 1.5 sportier engine on fuel consumption ? obviously the eco tec is going to better but drives like a sack of s#@t as they are only 60ps as the mg3 is 106ps you cant compare them, the interior is not dated and most cars have cheap plastics inside I know fords do, come on I know they are financed by China but designed in the UK at longbridge its a british Badge and britsh design and engineered

  18. She also conveniently left out the shocking fact that the entry level Fiesta EcoBoost 100 Zetec will cost you £15,000 compared to the £10,000 of the top of the range MG3 Style. If you opt for the top of the range Fiesta EcoBoost 100 Titanium X, then you are looking at £18,000! No thanks, I'll take the MG3 in Burnout blue.

  19. she has extremely annoying intonation with every sentence going up and down as if she was brought up watching early 80's episodes of TopGear. Why is she speaking like that? and if you check the many websites that offer "actual owner MPG" figures, you'll find that the ecoboost Fiesta struggles to get over 40mpg in the real world. Equally, there are very few cars in this class that have soft-touch dashboards anymore, saves weight and cost. 

  20. i just bought one but not in the UK but where i live (Peru). i like it because of the spec, looks and price and the fact that there are not that many on the road like the suzuki swift wich for the same money doesnt give you anything. not even AC!!

  21. Reliability? Spares and service support? Qaulity of warranty?….these are Chinese knock down cars designed and built in Longbridge….which closed for a good reason leaving MG to be purchased for a quid by the Chinese….they over paid.

  22. Aimed at first time buyers but ironically a 1.5 will be high to insure! In experience I needed between 1.0-1.2l to even stand a chance with insurance

  23. I wish reviewers wouldn't use the 1 litre ford ecoboost engine as a benchmark as this engine will not return anything like the claimed figures, I had one for a while and if you try very hard you can get in the 40's, but nowhere bear the 68 mpg quoted.

  24. One of the most contradicting reviews ever . How can you compare equipment level with another car that costs 3 grand more?. The road tax is only £125 a year. This feels like an advert for the Ford. When it comes to depreciation you will always loose money on a new car . That said I get my MG3 IN September ROLL ON BABY .

  25. For those who are complaining about that it's made in china, Your iphone is made in China!!!… It was designed in the UK and built by the Chinese. Besides, I have this car, and I was thinking just the same way.. It's chinese and rubbish.. But, It turned out to be such a great car, The grip is amazing and there's hardly any body roll..It feels very stable at high speeds, and there's alot of room inside.. It's also very reliable.. Had for about a year and nothing went wrong.. Unlike my old Renault Clio, It was crap compared to this. 

  26. i think the MG3 looks so good it is the best looking supermini. i have been in the back of the MG3 and the VW polo and i cannot sit in the back of the vw polo but in the back of the mg3 im fine but it is so much roomer and people say the interior is not nice i think it is very nice. the equipment is so much better such as the VW golf which costs in its S model trim and starts at over £17,000 and doesn't come with electric windows in the rear which the MG3 does in its base model trim the 3TIME znd cost nearly half as much proof the MG3 is a god car! i know were i will spend my money on!

  27. she's already made up her mind before testing it, another ford fanboy, people are living in cloud cuckoo land if they believe manufactures mpg claims,ford 1.0 ecoboost – 68 mpg – lol, love to see one achieve that in the real world

  28. Aucune âme MG…même les rover/MG made by BMW avaient une âme so british mais ici la MG made in china n'est rien qu'un tas de plastique et de pseudo look , C'est exactement la même destin pour les Saab reprise par des chinois.

  29. Yeah, you bet I'll start calling a trunk a boot (?) and a hood a (?) bonnet! It doesn't even make sense! Both are articles of clothing! I'll tell you what, I'll unsubscribe to the channel right now so I won't misuse the His Majesty the King's sacred England. Oh, and the next time you need the United States to save your ass in a World War, please don't beg for another program like the "Lend Lease Act" of 1941! So keep your bonnets and boots. Bahhahaha

  30. Look at the fucking state of it. What a shit box. Another example of the great British car industry. I will take an approved used Polo, drive it for ten years, and sell it for good money five years after this MG3 piece of shit is smelted.

  31. Only reason I watched this review was because of the reviewer. She's totally hot in a girl next door (or across the pond) kinda way. Thumbs up!

  32. I went to buy this car today, its absolutely stunning in rose red, black alloys, black wing mirrors and roof.  The lux edition leather seats are amazing, the leather is premium quality and it feels lovely. The suspension is great, I love the way it corners. However, the engine put me off. It has no torque down low, as a result the clutch is very light and unpredictable at the bite (no I didn't stall it, the sales man did 😉 ), its really hard to tell when its at the bite. There is no power unless you're willing to rev the nuts of it, I mean 4500-5000rpm. Just general driving 2500-3000rpm shifts feels and is slower than 1.2litre car IMO this engine needs a turbo. The steering is too light. It has teething issues, but they got the looks right!

  33. Was given a MG3 yesterday as a courtesy car while my car is in for repair, Nice car funky to drive in the Scottish highlands very light car was airborne on one occasion. Good turning circle and seats good for long drives. Car handles well in the snow with winter tires on car and lights have good range. Boot is a little small half of it was taken up with my winter survival pack. Going over cattle grids every 15 mins is a bone shaker but that might be due to the tyres. for the price it's a winner in my book.

  34. Mpg figures from manufacturers are so far off the mark as to be pointless, Volkswagen in particular are so far off the mark with their emissions etc that criminal action is in progress.

  35. Never driven one, but do like the look of the sportier trim level versions, shame the boot likely too small for a pram properly rather than angled and seats don’t look to support 3 car seats….. but as for the value I don’t buy any car thinking to sell it on in 3 years or at all depending what it is, I’m in the market looking at the 1ltr/1.2 turbos, but not thinking of their warranty or depreciation

  36. anybody has this car with bigger mileage? Have mg3 myself she is at 22k miles great car for the money ,just wondering how she be five years later

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