Midsize Car – 2019 KBB.com Best Buys

Midsize Car – 2019 KBB.com Best Buys

Kelley Blue Book recognizes outstanding
vehicles in 14 categories with our annual Best Buys awards, along with one
overall winner for best new value for 2019. Among mid-sized cars the
Honda Accord wins yet again. The Accord checks off a lot of boxes for any owner
bringing above-class styling and interior space to the mid-size segment.
Npw entering its second year on the market, the tenth-generation Accords
still look sleek yet substantive with an elegant roofline that flows into a
sporty fastback. Inside the Accord treats occupants to an abundance of soft touch
materials, supportive seats, and smart phone connectivity via Apple CarPlay and
Android Auto. Passengers don’t lack for comfort in the second row, and the
sophisticated design aesthetic continues throughout the cabin. Streamlined shape
however doesn’t mean cramped quarters. Honda’s designers have thoughtfully
crafted front and rear passenger quarters to maximize space. There’s
plenty of room to be had by all, even cargo. On Sport, EXL and Touring
trims a 2.0-liter turbo engine is available mated to a 10-speed automatic.
They work together seamlessly and help us forget the Accord’s previously offered
V6. The base 1.5-liter turbo hitched to an unobtrusive CVT is perfectly
serviceable, but not quite as satisfying to drive. For the ultimate and fuel
economy a hybrid is available. The Honda Sensing suite of driver assists was made
standard last year imparting all Accord trims with lane keeping assist adaptive
cruise control with stop and go capability in heavy traffic and even a
driver attention feature that suggests taking a break when it senses
fatigue. Tech features abound including Honda Link telematics with roadside
assistance, remote locking, and engine start, stolen vehicle tracking and speed
tracking for your teen drivers. Add to all that Honda’s reliability pedigree,
which helps when it comes to resale and the cost of operation.
In a hotly contested segment the Accord rises above the competition with
excellent styling, abundant tech and safety features, and great value thusly
once again earning Kelley Blue Book’s midsize sedan Best Buy trophy. Well
done Accord! That’s a very quick look at the midsize sedan category but there’s
much more to Kelley Blue Book’s Best Buys of 2019. Which performance car took
top honors? Which SUVs won? The answers to all these questions and more can be
found in our Best Buy coverage KBB.com.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. The interior is nice, but the exterior is awkward, with a stupid looking front grill. I like the Sonata much better, which is thousands of dollars cheaper and has a better warranty.

  2. They sure love honda, they make great car but tone down the bias, please. The Camry is outselling the accord left and right.

  3. Fake. The Camry is the way to go. Says every honest car mechanic out there. There's no telling how much money Honda paid KBB for this BS review.

  4. I'm sure KBB has checklists, criteria, and scoring that factor into their decision in why they determine which vehicles get their "Best Buys" Award. I'm sure they don't randomly just give it away. It would hurt he perception on KBB, if they did. And I'm sure their well aware of that.

    Its comical when people don't agree with their picks, don't just slander them for being pro Honda and biased.

    But in the end, you can't make everyone happy. Oh well

  5. 😂 This pile of junk is a best buy? Someone must have paid the editors over at KBB because the Camry is the current leader. And when the all new Mazda 6 shows up, it's over for the Accord. 😂👌

  6. Honda certainly grabbed KBB by the claws… crab claws that is w that horrible crab claws taillights in most of its lineup. Honda is just crabby cuz they have lower than expected sales

  7. I have a 14 Accord sport bought it for my girlfriend. The transmission shifts funky as hell, anyone else have these problems with older models? I did reading on the CVT transmissions and they are supposedly crap.

  8. Most Honda Accord reviews prefers this over the Camry so well done Honda.. still think the rear of the new accord needs some work but overall it’s a cool car!

  9. The best car I ever owned was a 1986 Honda Accord 5-speed manual with pop-up headlights. I just took delivery of a 2019 Honda Accord Sport. I love it! Nobody in my family can drive a stick, but me, so I got the automatic. But with its 1.5 turbo, high-pressure fuel injectors, CVT, and all the electronic gadgets, I just don't see how it can be as reliable as my old Honda. Only time will tell…

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