MIDSIZE MADNESS! — 2020 Toyota Camry vs. 2020 Honda Accord: Comparison

MIDSIZE MADNESS! — 2020 Toyota Camry vs. 2020 Honda Accord: Comparison

What’s going on YouTube? Few rival vehicles can say they’ve been trading blows since the 1980s But yet even with these 2020 models the fierce Accord Camry struggle continues even today They are both more similar and different from each other than ever before which is why we’re squaring these two off in a face-off comparison So let’s go ahead and find out which midsize er is on top for 2020 All right So kicking things off here with the pricing and equipment we chose the courts for in Camry SE Which are both the best selling trims due to their killer combination of sports styling equipment and the very affordable price tag So starting with the Accord Honda doesn’t really do options so the only extra cost items we have are all-weather floor liners with the 930 our destination charge the total rings in at twenty-seven thousand seven hundred and fifty-seven dollars as far as the camry SE it is equipped identically with only all season floor mats as the extra option with its $955 destination the price ends up at twenty-seven thousand two hundred and fifty four dollars Now heading right into the exterior designs these generations have completely shed the boring designs that they used to be known for Both these versions have the upgraded sport styling So what that means on the Camry is that it has a black mesh spindle grille and unique lower elements The Accord also has a large black grille and on the sport. The top portion is darkened chrome instead of shiny chrome As Far as the headlights both of them nicely come equipped with LEDs But it is worth noting that both the low and high Beams are LED on the Camry while only the low beams are on the Accord That being said though the Accord does come with LED fog lights, which is something the Camry doesn’t offer on any of its trims Moving on to the rest of the styling while they definitely look very different from each other The actual feature content is the same like the rear spoiler partially LED tail lights and dual exhaust tips So overall both are pretty handsome looking and more sporty than you’d expect Now moving beyond the appearances to the features You’ll find 18-inch alloys on the Camry compared to 19-inch alloys on the Accord and Then as far as the mirrors, neither of them will have heating or blind spot monitoring as equipped But outside of those BSM systems both Toyota and Honda throw in their entire advanced safety suites as standard equipment They both include automatic forward emergency braking Lane Keeping Assist adaptive cruise control and auto high beam headlights Once again on all models, even these lower entrance When it comes to warranties They share three year 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty and five years 60,000 mile power train warranties Both also have roadside assistance though. Only the Toyota will give you two years of complimentary maintenance Well, that’s it for the exteriors so now let’s check out the cabins before taking them on a spin Now moving into the interiors the first thing you’ll notice is that neither of these two have smart entry systems on these mainstream trims instead you’ll have to operate the fob and Once inside we have two very different interior designs Obviously both are black and in terms of the seats they are finished in leatherette on the outside edges and cloth in the middle Neither have heating at this price point but the accord seats have more ways of adjustment at 12 versus 8 in the Camry Cabin materials are also another important area So starting with the Toyota we have an all soft touch upper dashboard Followed by a cool-looking faux aluminum trim and a leatherette padded middle area The Accord has very similar materials with a soft touch – and faux carbon fiber trim However the area where it takes the lead is with the door Trent Honda left it virtually unchanged from the higher-end trims meaning it has generous leather use and the faux carbon fiber trim while the camry simply uses padded plastic Accord we’ll take the overall materials point Now to start the vehicles accord, we’ll have push to start while Camry uses a key unless you add the $1300 convenience package After starting the two up you’ll notice that a cord uses a display for the entire left side of the gauge cluster while it is Aesthetically more premium looking there are some Practicality issues like glare and the fact that the tack and other options can’t be visible at the same time Which makes the Camrys the more functional set up And coming back to the steering wheels they both have attractive designs and are leather rats Next up we have the very important aspect of storage where surprisingly the camry has the edge While both of their center bins are roughly the same the front storage has two layers in the Toyota Additionally, we did notice that the Camry has three front USB ports instead of only on the accord Now moving on to the shifters both have regular ones and have the ability to shift manually via paddle shifters One important difference though is that the Accords backup camera has three views and active trajectory which are missing on the Toyota The next stop are the climate controls where the Accord has standard dual zone automatic As opposed to a single zone set up in the Camry Already so now let’s go ahead and compare these audio systems And now that brings us up to the infotainment systems first of all, the Accord has an 8-inch display while the Camry has a seven-inch display in this trend of Course neither of them will have navigation at this price point But for 2020 both the Accord and Camry now have Android auto and apple carplay, which is new to the Camry Otherwise they’re going to operate pretty much the same way Finally the last thing to mention up front is the fact that neither of them has a moonroof at this price point Now moving on to the rear areas of these two both are very spacious But Honda will offer an advantage here in both terms of legroom and Headroom Once in the back though, since these are lower end trims neither offers much in terms of luxury items Vents and heated seats come on, only the more expensive trims, but both do have a padded fold-down armrest Heading around to the trunks like the back seats the Accord will have an advantage in this case a roughly 10% won Already that’s it for the interior. So now let’s compare them under the hood and take them out on the road So as we’ve seen throughout the video Accord and Camry come to similar results via very different methods and that continues under the hoods Starting with the engines Honda goes with a 1.5 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder But Toyota went for a larger naturally aspirated 4-cylinder Power ratings are 192 horsepower in the Honda and 203 horsepower in the Toyota Alright so that was our first take off here in the 2020 Camry As you can tell this is the four-cylinder model Like I said the vast majority of you guys are going to choose this model But here on this four-cylinder power is actually really pretty good 203 and then on this particular model of 206 horsepower is definitely more than most in the class offer And it certainly does feel plenty puppy or a basic engine So that was our first acceleration in this 1.5 liter accord Power is basically as I remember pretty good for a base engine. You’re looking at 192 which is While it is technically less than the Camry. It is also above most of the competition they tend to be 175 180 So you’re still a little bit ahead The other big difference is the transmissions Toyota again went traditional with a regular 8-speed automatic while Honda chose to do a continuously variable one And I have to say that there and good job with this transmission as well The shifting has been very smooth. We do have paddle shifters as well for this xse as well as the SE model I bet they do a good job. Definitely the average person is not going to really notice and that’s really kind of a good thing about the CVT is riding along from the passenger seat I feel like if I was oblivious to cars or whatever that I would really have no idea that this is a CVT I’d probably just think that it’s a nice smooth transmission and that’s that’s what I you want right the traditional Complaints that people have about CVT is not present here at all. There’s no droning or anything like that. It really responds Well, so while Honda CVT is excellent, and some people may not notice I think it’s fair to say that people generally prefer the feel of a traditional automatic and the ability to manually control real shifts instead of simulated ones Now there are still all the rest of the driving dynamics which is where the Accord fights back It has one of the best ride and handling setups of any midsize sedan Feeling legitimately sporty and rewarding to drive That being said the thing that always strikes me when I tried the Accord It this new generation of the Accord is just how agile and well-balanced it is because Mason said like you said it needs to be comfortable family oriented that stuff but Hana kind of goes the extra mile with this ride and handling Dynamic because it doesn’t need to be like that people don’t necessarily expect that in this class And they have done a fantastic job. And this chassis is just fantastic really buttoned down It just does not really feel like a midsize sedan like the way the body shifts around as you go around corners. It just stays Completely flat and planted you don’t have like the body roll. That is pretty common Well, the single biggest improvement of this generation of camry has got to be the whole like dynamics of the vehicle switching to the new TNGA platform And really just they they really button down the driving dynamics previous generations of the camry or we’re not Sporty in any way shape or form, you know, but this feels pretty button-down the steering it is still light But it’s very accurate and precise while this is the sportiest camry ever made. It’s still not quite as good as the Accord Finally finishing this part the fuel economy difference is less than 5% So there you have it these two midsize sedan heavyweights are both great products But it cannot be denied at this price point the Accord comes out on top That’s why it’s the winner today. But honestly, you cannot be faulted for choosing either of these excellent family sedans And of course as always we encourage you to check these out in person to figure out which flavor is your best match Anyways, thanks for joining us for another car confections comparison and be sure to subscribe for more comparisons and our signature For review videos. Take care everyone!

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  1. for the accord you turn the tachometer on in the settings and you can have the other features on the screen with the tach at the same time.

  2. I like both of them, but I would probably go for a Lexus ES if I were in the market for four door midsize. Thanks for another great review.

  3. Just to point out, the 1.5T sport in canada is based off the EX trim, so there is a sunroof, smart entry system with remote start, rear seat air vents (maybe), heated front seats (maybe), mirror turn signals and Honda LaneWatch instead of BSM (in Canada, BSM is reserved for the touring trim where mid trims get lanewatch, so americans are lucky for that feature)

  4. I personally prefer the Camry due to the V6 instead of the turbo four cylinder, but I have to applaud honda for having an upscale interior for a midsize car in the Accord. Overall, both are excellent cars, but which is better comes down to your personal preference.

  5. Camry hands down. My car has hood struts. It has soft materials in the rear on the doors unlike honda who cheaped out. Plus my car has dual injection. Honda doesnt. Toyota thought of everything when they built these newer Camrys and Avalons.
    Engine longevity was my deciding factor. I feel ive made the right choice for the long haul. Turbos are horrific

  6. So no one’s gonna talk about how they previewed a review of the Mercedes AMG-GT 4 Door (I believe that’s what it was) at the very end of the video?

  7. Howdy, awesome comparison as always, these are both great cars, however they still haven’t beat the Optima, my personal favorite.😸😻😸

  8. Car Confections.. what is it about the Honda Accord 2.0T that you just refuse to review… they have another engine besides the boring CVT 1.5 🙄

  9. I'm a woman and I wouldn't wanna be seen in the honda. it looks goofy and awkward looking. the Camry is gorgeous and like others have said it would have my money!

  10. Honda for sure is the winner but and this is a big but…..the Accord would be even better with a traditional transmission. I know Honda can do it because the Honda Pilot has a traditional transmission.

  11. Congratulations on 100K subscribers brother!!! I remember when you only had 12K subscribers. Keep up the fantastic work!

  12. Compare Lexus Es 350 with the Honda Accord.. Amongst Honda Accord, Lexus Es350 and Toyota Camry ; which is the most reliable?
    And why?

  13. The Honda Accord looks so ugly now than the previous generation. I personally go for the Toyota Camry, it looks more sexy now and due to Toyota's reliability.

  14. You can set the Accord to display the tach while display other settings. Just go to the settings in the infotainment system to set it up.

  15. Less than 1% of the people who buy an Accord or Camry will ever push them around the corner. Seeing another car reviewer talk about this nonsense is truly frustrating.

    The Accord has a CVT and Turbo engine – both would be questionable in terms of longevity. I was hoping to hear something about that.

    It also would have been nice to hear about the ride quality (how smooth they drive on regular roads rather than how they handle in the corner), engine noise, cabin noise, and how comfortable they would be for long distance driving.

  16. Kudos to Toyota using a traditional trans but I’d definitely go with the accord. We have an 06 accord coupe (5 speed) and 16 accord coupe (CVT). Being in the passenger seat of the 2016, it is very planted and corners decent.

  17. Dash cluster on accord can be configured to show both info and tachometer through settings either on steering wheel or infotainment system

  18. I Love Both because they Both from Japan 🇯🇵 🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 but I’ll go for the Camry more 👌🏽

  19. Honda made a great decision to offer the 2.0 turbo engine with the sport model, which is not there top-o-the line trim. I wish that Toyota made the V-6 available with the SE trim calling it the Camry SE-V6!!🙏🏾😀🇺🇸

  20. don't give 2 shits what people say … THE ACCORD IS FUCKING UGLY … but I wouldn't own a Toyota to save my life … so Honda has truly fucked us over

  21. You forgot the fuel capless in Accord, and in my opinion, the tachometer and odermeter in Accord way more functional and sportier. In short, Accord smokes Camry out

  22. Coming from a mechanic that worked on both Toyota’s and Honda I can say Toyota takes the win by a mile, Honda engineers are the devils!!

  23. Wrong on the accord it can show the Tachometer display if you turn it on in the settings I'm a Honda sales guy so yeah and I own a Accord Sport but I have an 18 model

  24. Hello connfections
    Please do used review 2017! Honda accord touring V6 against the 2019 touring in terms. Of engine power, features etc.

  25. Thanks everyone for tuning in! As many have already pointed out, the tachometer can apparently be locked in place by going into the settings on the MAIN display not within the multi-function display. Take that new info as you will and adjust the points accordingly. Apparently, only owners seem to find out about after they have had it for a while. Thanks for your patience 👍

  26. The new Accord is absolutely hideous. Can’t stand it. That and I don’t do four cylinders. I’d go with a V6 Camry XSE. Looks ten times better and has that sweet V6.

  27. The Honda Accord driver's seat space is very tiny. I tried to buy a Honda accord, drive tested several but non was comfortable. It is less than a midsize car, less spacious than other midsize cars like hyundai elantra, and the camry. I will choose Camry over the accord because they come in so many varieties, and have spacious driver's seat. The camry SE feels like a large car, very spacious ans big in size. The only Honda for over 6ft person like myself would be the Honda pilot, and passport. In general Honda cars are for small people.

  28. On paper it’s a near match. But as most things in life the winner just ends up being the one you like more. Aesthetically I don’t like where Toyota is and I always saw Toyota and Honda like Coke and Pepsi. You just like one more than the other it doesn’t mean one is better than the other. That said, I’m a Coke and Honda girl. And I’m on the verge of biting the bullet on a 2.0T MANUAL transmission Accord. You do you.

  29. Accord is the better buy. The 2.0T engine come with better options like heated seats, blind spot monitoring, keyless entry, sunroof, etc. The infotainment is something from 2001 in the Camry. Its horrendous. The Accord is just better all around and looks more unique. Camrys are gonna be everywhere due to Toyota selling to fleet.

    The tachometer can be on at the same time in the Accord. It's an option in the settings.

  30. 2018 1.5t Honda Accord Sport, with 6 speed manual owner here. Just like in your previews of past years, you fail to mention that the Accord Sport can have a 6 speed manual transmission. I have one, absolutely love it. I don’t think there is a better value then the 1.5t Accord Sport.

    If someone is in the market for these, I would suggest you contact your insurance agent. I live in Central Texas, and Accord is $600 a year cheaper than Camry to insure. This should be a consideration.

    Lastly, if someone is in the market for an Accord, let me know. My local dealership offers 6 years 80k miles free maintenance, nationwide. They are an amazing dealership that does good honest no nonsense business.

  31. Accords problem is it looks freakin hideous and its got some engine problems. I got rid of my 2018 accord after only 2 weeks. Im a proud owner of a 2019 Avalon Limited

  32. Subtract 0.5 from Accord and add it to Camry for more reasonable 18" wheels over 19" in a standard car. Subtract another point from the Accord for the CVT instead of 8-10 speed transmission. Add 2 points to the Camry for reliability then you have the real winner. I love the Accord, amazing car, but had to buy the 2019 Camry SE since my 7 other Toyotas since 1983 have been mostly trouble free.

  33. The Accord would be my choice as well, both from a styling and performance perspective. I was actually surprised to learn that the Accord beat the Camry in rear head and leg room, especially considering the Fastback roof design. That said, as you indicate, hard to go wrong with either.

  34. I currently own a 2018 Honda Accord sport and is the best car I have ever purchase so far. No problem with the engine ever since I bought it only need for oil change every couple months and that is it 👍❤️❤️❤️

  35. I love ya'lls side by side comparison videos! Thank you for evaluating the models that were most similar to cost and features. Both are great quality vehicles but I have to agree the Accord Sport 1.5T had a few more special features compared to the SE Camry. To me their body styles truly set them apart. Do you want more agressive styling or a more sleek refined styling. Everytime I see the this generation Camry's driving down the road I notice how aggressive looking the front fascia looks. When I see this generation Accord driving down the street I notice a sleek refined LED headlights and a polished brow. These are just observations and whatever styling appeals to you go for it! Accord Sport 2.0T and Camry XSE would be another great comparison video. ; )

  36. Both cars are my favorite, if honda equip more complexity tech, id rather pick toyota, but when it comes comfort and performance of course honda wins

    No cvt, no push start stop button and no turbo

  37. I know the Camry and Lexus have never been known for good looks, but boy, do they get uglier by the generation. How the hell did that dumbass Exterior Designer ever get hired by Toyota Corp. anyway?

  38. I drove both and the Camry's 8 speed transmission is awful. It can't decide what gear to be in. It's a badass looking car and the interior is very nice. However the transmission is by far a horrible decision for Toyota. The Accord was awesome. All around it was by far better than the Camry. The variable transmission in Accord was really nice. Very smooth and quick. I drove several models. Personally I liked the Sport 2.0

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