Miele Vacuum Tips | Do’s and Dont’s of Miele bags & filters & Call 303-794-8037 Miele Vacuum Denver

Miele Vacuum Tips | Do’s and Dont’s of Miele bags & filters & Call 303-794-8037 Miele Vacuum Denver

Hi this the Denver Vacuum Store, you can
find us at DenverVacuumStore.com or call us at (303) 794 8037 we’re are here to answer any of your questions about vacuum cleaners we specialize in Simplicity Miele, Dyson and all the other major
brands including Kirby, Hoover and Eureka. I’m here today to talk
about some common mistakes we find when people have the Miele canister systems. The most important thing is if
you’re not the primary user or if you have have help in the house that is using the vacuum frequently educate them on this little tip: when you open up the canister, the back
compartment should look like this, now your bag holster could be red or blue, or it might be on the
older vacuum cleaners black in color. You want to make sure when you remove the bag that you simply pull on the tab removing the bag out at the holster we’ve seen a lot of repairs come in
because people accidentally remove this entire neck piece and throw it away and now you remove the connector that holds the bag in place subsequently what happens is people
think now when putting on the new bag that they have to attach it up here and
if you do that as soon as the vacuum turns on the bag
to just drop and fall and all the dust and debris will fill this
cavity, you want to make sure that you always have this neck piece on there
it’s not expensive to replace but it’s a big headache if it goes missing and people use the vacuum without having the bag properly seated in the vacuum system. Also a quick tip every bag of vacuum cleaners with
Miele the original Miele vacuum bags, whether
you have that GN the F, JM or the U bags will come with six things in the box you should receive four bags of the vacuum bag type that you need whether it’s the GN bag which is usually blue on the
new vacuums the FJM bag which is red on the new vacuum cleaner systems or the U bags which are green and these are specifically for upright vacuums you also have the K bag which fit the stick vac. Every box of bags its’ going to have four bags in it and two filters, the filters will look
just like this one of them is the motor filter that you
may have to cut down to size and that fits right behind the back
compartment usually look like this on your vacuum cleaner so you may need to cut that down to
size be replaced tha once every box of bags which is usually once
every four vacuum bags that’s the motor filter and then you’ll
find a little filter that’s ticker called the air
clean filter now if you are a customer that has the S2 or the S6 Series or if you’re somebody that is
chosen to stop using the HEPA filter which is this filter right here, the
older Miele vacuum systems have a blue version of this filter if you wanna stop using the HEPA
filter and use the free air clean filter it does go in the same spot and you can use it that way. A lot of the vacuums will actually have a holder that holds the filter in place, you can remove that filter remove this filter, that holder, you can
remove the filter and you can always install a HEPA filter in there instead if you’d like these filters do have the soy-based timer on them you’ll see that once you activated the
filter by pushing the button the soy-based oil
will travel until it reaches the end, once this whole bar
this whole white bar is red you know you need to replace these filters. Another common mistake that we see with the Miele filter systems is I’ve seen customers accidentally
install the HEPA filter in combination with the air clean filter there is no need to double up on filters these filters do a very good job
filtering out all the debris and what you end up doing
is if you put both filters together we just reducing air flow causing the
motor to run hot you’re putting unnecessary wear and tear on your motor so one filter versus the other is all that you need stay tuned for more tips from the
Denver Vacuum Store Thank you!

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  1. Hi, What is the blank filter body called that you mentioned when using the lint filter as apposed to the hepa? I've looked on ebay and can't find it anywhere. Many thanks.

  2. Thanks! super helpful video. I was not clear at all on whether the hepa filter should be combined with the other filter.

  3. Amazingly, I learned a lot from your explanation and yes, my wife had done as you mentioned that so many do, and she had thrown the bag holder away when replacing the bag (which i had always done previously)!

    I also learned and realised about not putting the extra filter under the HEPA filter. So goes to show that you can always learn things which you normally think are so simple – I'm so glad I decided to watch tjis! Many, many thanks!

  4. I keep trying to activate the "soy based" timer by pressing it. I've been using this vacuum for 3 months and nothing has changed.

  5. Good video. One thing I am a little surprised, though, is that you didn't warn against using generic Miele vacuum bags or HEPA filters vs sticking with using Genuine Miele bags & filters. Miele is pretty stringent about this, claiming the vacuum's filtration is greatly compromised using generic bags & filters. They even invalidate your motor warranty if generic bags & filters are used! I previously owned a Miele Red Velvet S558, & found their bags are CLEARLY superior, not only in filtration, but you can stuff them right full, most other canister vacuum HEPA Cloth bags you're lucky to get the bag 1/2 full before suction & airflow is severely degraded & the bag needs changing, so while the Genuine Miele bags are pricey they are worth it.

  6. Video was excellent, I still had a question so I called the store and my question was answered to my satisfaction. Thank you

  7. I have accidentally thrown my neck piece away with the last bag change could you please tell me what it is called so I can purchase a new one, thank you

  8. since the HEPA filter is a bit pricy. I would like to use the air clean filter with the filter holder ( black ) .. where can I get the filter holder on line ?

  9. Much better than reading the manual! I now understand what the filters are and where they go. Excellent Vacuum cleaner, but I was a bit dumb about the instructions. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Thank you so much. I had removed the bag holder with the bag and wondered why I couldn't fit a new one. Fortunately I hadn't thrown out the holder.

  11. Fantastic explanation! Just what I needed๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

    My concern is the following… It seems that my husband forgot to push the green button a year or so ago and it still appears white. Does this mean the filter was not working?๐Ÿ˜ณ

  12. Hi there, my miele speed start going up and down for about 5 minutes, after that stop, if I knock the motor try to start again but with same up and down, checked carbon contacts and look OK, any clue about it?
    Thanks for your time.

  13. Hi, Daughter threw out bag retainer on Compact C1. Miele sent out the part with no instruction about how to install the spring. Another video showed very different model's install. Cant figure this one. Any help gratefully appreciated.

  14. Very useful, complete demonstration as there two types of filters. I was able to find only one type of filter on the videos posted, but this one has the two of them, great work! thank you for taking the time to make this video.

  15. I bought a vacuum which came pre-installed with a HEPA filter. Is there an option to buy the original dust bags on their own without the regular air filter? Otherwise I'm just throwing out a brand new filter which I won't use, doesn't seem like a good use of resources.

  16. Hi, I have a problem with a Miele S5980, the cleaner does not work when switched on. The amber on light engages when connected to mains but when the hose is connected the Amber light flashes very quickly. Could this be a problem with the internal electronics in the handle, the hand controls do not work though green light works, nothing else. Sincere thanks, John.

  17. Thanks for making the video! I was curious where I might find a replacement for the 'exhaust charcoal filter' after the internal exhaust filter and located in the case? (for a C1 Classic SBAN0)

  18. Can you tell me how to put my assembly lid back on? It popped off and I have a new lid with new two hinges. I downloaded the
    manual and no luck there. Mine is the Power Plus S5981. I don't live anywhere near a repair store and can't find anything online.

  19. Why didn't the product developers use ANOTHER COLOR or something for that thing holding the bags in place, so people don't accidentally remove it??? Jesus, the global IQ drop.

  20. great video! Yours seems to be the only one that demonstrates what comes in the bag box and what the other filters are for and how to use them! and how to NOT use them and put more strain on the motor, possibly causing it to wear out too soon.

  21. Oh man….I just change the filters because they looked dirty, and not because it was time….thanks for that video!

  22. Thank you so much for doing this info video!!!! It explained everything I was trying to figure out. You guys are the best. I have bought my vacuums and bags from your store for the past 18 years.

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