Million Dollar Hot Wheels Collection

Million Dollar Hot Wheels Collection

BRUCE PASCAL: The collection today is worth well in excess of a million dollars. I insure it, I protect it and I enjoy it. COMM: On the East Coast of the United States lives the King of Hot Wheels. BRUCE PASCAL: I was 7 years old when my parents came home with a Hot Wheel. I was hooked.
I collected them as a young kid and it was amazing. BRUCE PASCAL: I currently have about 3,500 Hot Wheels in my collection. Just come into
my room and sit back and look at pieces of history of the most famous toy car. COMM: Included in Bruce’s collection is the most valuable Hot Wheels vehicle in the
world, worth a whooping $150,000. BRUCE PASCAL: Most valuable Hot Wheel in the world is called the Pink Rear-Loader Beach
Bomb and what’s unique about this car is that this was the first the attempt at Mattel
to make a Volkswagen VW bus. And when they made it, they put the surf boards on the back
side, they put a small sun roof on the top of the car and then this Pink Rear-Loader
Beach Bomb was one of the only two made in the colour pink, which was an attempt to sell
toy cars to girls. It didn’t do too well, because boys bought them, smashed them with
their hammers, and today this is the finest example and the most beautiful Pink Rear-Loader
Beach Bomb there is. COMM: And Bruce hasn’t stopped at just collecting the toy cars. BRUCE PASCAL: At my old house, I had a small office that I never really paid much attention
to. But I realised how much time I spent in my office with my Hot Wheels hobby. I decided
when I moved to a new home, I hooked with a great architect and I said, ‘Design me
an office that looks like the residence of Mattel in 1970.’ And this way I can come
in and just enjoy every single evening, looking at 1,100 Redline Hot Wheels on one wall and
cases holding another 2,000 cars made at later days. So, for me, it’s exciting to go into
a Hot Wheels room that looks like a real Hot Wheels room. It’s incredibly important for
me to preserve the history of Hot Wheels. And it’s kind of funny, because I think
I have more items related to the original production in my house than Mattel does in
its entire factory. My dream one day would be to build a museum. To talk about the greatest
boy’s toy of all the time, and I wouldn’t mind splitting it up with other collectors
with the Barbie doll. Why? It’s very simple. Elliot Handler was the founder of Hot Wheels.
His wife, Ruth Handler, worked at the same company and she was his partner. She invented
the Barbie doll in 1958. Imagine that, a married couple where the wife created the number one
girl’s toy in the history of the world and the husband invented the number one boy’s
toy in the history of the world. BRUCE PASCAL: Well, I must say when you tell friends that you collect Hot Wheels, you don’t
get the same reaction as when you tell them you collect art work, or you collect cars
or you collect baseball cards. One of my goals in life is to elevate the hobby so you get
the same level of appreciation. But many people look at me with bewilderment and say, “You
collect those toy cars that I played with when I was a kid myself?” And I proudly
answer, “Yes, I do”.

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  1. I watched this video a year ago and it inspired me to start my collection right now I have almost 230 on the card🙃

  2. i remember buy my first hotwheel that can move by it own but need to charge first with it charger Machine power by battery and now I don't know what this series is in if anyone can tell me that was very helpful

  3. Hot Wheels were introduced by Mattel in 1968 and was introduced to compete with Matchbox in the die-cast toy car market. I love Hot Wheels, but Matchbox came first and who introduced Hot Wheels didn't really invent something new.

  4. According to Joel Magee, America’s Toy Scout, he has come across what he is calling the “holy grail” find, an Enamel White Prototype Custom Camaro Hot Wheels car. As per reports, the seven centimeters long tiny metal toy car is valued at a staggering $150,000 Australian Dollar (AUD).

  5. I used to have one the weirdest looking hot wheel car when I was younger. I got it from the tooth fairy. That car was amazing!!! I loved that car! 🤩 Sadly, I lost it. 😔 I wonder if this guy has it

  6. I can imagine his grandchildren at home: – Said grandpa we can play with your toy cars !? grandpa – THESE ARE NOT TOYS !!! Go rather annoyed granny !!

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