MINECRAFT MOVING STRUCTURES! Bus, Boat, Plane, Movie Theater | Instant Massive Structures 2 Mod

MINECRAFT MOVING STRUCTURES! Bus, Boat, Plane, Movie Theater | Instant Massive Structures 2 Mod

Sometimes when i’m in the movie theater, i definitely don’t throw popcorn at my wife because that would be bad manners. Oh Hello there! I’m Toy Bonnie! Hi Chase toy bonnie look look at me look who I am! I’m duddy fresh bear yeah alrighty so ft
t vers it is f – TV jetty yeah ft t v– chase yeah what mod do we have today we
have oh my god the instant massive structures mod – we’re just gonna go
over a few of the things here let’s just get right into you want to start with
one all right first up chase gonna show you a ferris wheel
boom look at the ferris wheel yeah if you look far away – very good oh
that is sweet now there’s a lot of shade on the ferris wheel what’s up with that
so can we actually ride on this thing yeah but Danielle Jake we can write on
it doesn’t with us no I let’s see what hat oh look there’s
some skeletons up there and blue on top oh no oh no oh yeah I’m on it oh I’m
just going right through it ah alright that doesn’t work too well but that’s a
really cool one that’s affairs well I know how about I show them something
alright alright in the survival structures we have a magic water slide
but I’ll look at the little ferris wheel go are you riding it yeah I was gonna
say I don’t see how you ready and put it down and hit it back up what’s happening
what’s that oh it’s up here Oh chase look at the waterslide
where are you robbing it I’m over here wait Daniel let’s have a race you want
to have a race yeah not done are we gonna get a boat or just just go for it
oh yeah let’s get a boat are you Steven let’s get up here are you ready chase on
your marks get set go go yo alright let’s see oh my goodness chase I want
where are you dude you’re still up top your REO there
our fight in a boat won’t gimmie sticks the bow gave you a stick sweet alright
so how about you show them a mod now what do you want to show them I want to
do this what’s that oh it’s that is that a house no it’s a it’s a fuck
it’s a fiery bus a fiery bus it doesn’t look very fiery to me you can make it
fiery yeah but if you crash into something you will blow up really yeah
would do well wait there’s nothing to crash into how about how about I put
something here wait it’s gonna depart in 10 seconds yeah oh man I gotta find
something for him to crash into how about ah how about a big wooden
house Oh No let’s back up I hope is that too big or
else it won’t and won’t spawn a knife go come on wooden house up here Oh No
what’s gonna happen what’s gonna happen ladies and gentlemen no no no no no no
no no no oh dude you ran your bus into my big wooden house I forgive you
alright what should I show them cuz I have no idea you know what why is it why
is your lucky block here what do you say I hit it really great boom okay ready an
oh wow we got a wishing well you guys have to do a well oh my gosh blazing no
don’t mess up our world only I can control that so there’s tons of things
here look bricks and planks a wooden cabin Oh a roller coaster look a
skyscraper wanna try a roller coaster what ready dude come next to me hey say
something to us wish on saying Shawn’s on the floor yeah not like on the floor Blakey he’s in his
bassinet thing alright chase come over here
and come check out the rollercoaster come with me you’re reading done thus
lemme make you source for me you what are we gonna use the swords for we will
fight Sherman’s oh ok so then we’re gonna be swordsmen ok give me the sword
hey do I have it alright you know what why don’t I use this sword to chop this
rollercoaster and what can I do that I can’t do all I did it Oh back up back up
what’s gonna happen dude where are you I see you you look like a
weird colored zebra who doesn’t know anything about his white and black
heritage whoa we’re glitching ladies and gents yes no
doubt alright so how about this you stay there I’ll go on the other side and
we’ll see we just crash there’s creepers on it yeah we’ll see if
we can crash into each other you’re right not yet let’s go get some cards
you ready buddy knock off the creeper don’t hurt a little creep creep Chase is
gonna get a car and I’m gonna try to run over this creeper on your marks
No get set come on chaser I’ll help you I gotta help spell up for chase boom
there it is we’re right next to each other see you might only see us like
little faces but here we are net creepers like no don’t crush me and
other takes you pushed me oh man where’s the creeper hat I don’t even think I got
that did I run over the creeper I missed it Jay you’re supposed to spawn
somewhere else Charlie that’s it now we’re gonna crash
into each other you know what chase and I are gonna have a sword fight come on
chase you wanna fight me oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah try to catch up try to catch up
huh try to muster huh look at me I just look like a baby
with a diaper that’s not on right you never catch me
chase so anyway this is our little roller coaster it’s really cool I need
to get off of it hello aha chase bump into me got knocked back
oh he’s going to attack me ah let’s get out of here we’re so glitching over here
in the roller-coaster land you’re not glitching yeah I’m just
glitchy alright aids come next to me and why
don’t you show them the next thing on the Mod list airship 1 do it do it
airship alright so Chase is showing you an
airship back up Oh what looks more like a ground ship to me wait I died I told
ya we have to set that airship to take off don’t we yeah so what how much here
how many numbers you’re gonna give it um that’s my eight thousand blocks oh no
it’s gonna be part in ten seconds I can’t see it where is it cat-boy okay
quick can I do it before you get out now okay no I’m inside it I’m inside of it I
can’t see you oh yeah you’re inside it’s not even taken off oh it’s going it’s
going I got it if you don’t get out of its way
you’re totally gonna glitch the whole time but look at that guy’s
the moving structures mod chase are you on it yeah try to go on and let me see
if I can go on it because we’re like in like a server thing only one of us can
go on it and stay on it like look see I could stay on it but I glitch sound like
glitching with it but chase can I think when chase goes on it he like gets
kicked off of it alright so there is you know let’s see can like a creeper stay
on it watch this boom and I back up and look see that they can’t stay on it it’s
just good they gotta stay straight and look they fall to their death uh-huh oh
that must hurt and all right so how about I show them the next part I’ll
show them the movies you’re good no we got Rock Paper Scissors shoot then ready
Rock Paper Scissors shoot paper beats scissor I think you’re right so the
cinema mod is basically a giant movie their rocket out of the way you have now
plays more than five live structures which may cause some lag do the command
remove live oh let’s do that remove live alright so chase show them that Sheldon
the cinema here we go and we broke it run back run back through we’re getting
ready to look at a gigantic movie theater did you press it yeah oh you
didn’t do it I think wait which one is it Noah whoa
rooted we’re inside let’s go outside let’s show them what it looks like
outside first all right so look get out of the way swordsman we are standing in
front of look at that FJ TV cinema do we have our own movie theater yeah that’s
pretty cool what do you see sighs movie okay but first look what is
up here’s this where you get like the snacks at I think wait let’s see want to
see a super cool mod I can use my hands for boom
look dude soda machine I see machine popcorn machine see that awesome this
place are let’s see there’s a movie playing all right let’s go check it out
you’re ready and oh I’m going up the steps
oh dude let’s get up to the top row all right oh let’s watch it hmm that’s a
cool movie yeah dude he doesn’t know Davis get on hit by aliens
I don’t know but looks like a little Mario or is that the end the movies over
you ready want to watch another movie let’s see what the next movie is already
oh dude that’s us yeah we’re on TV yeah say hi hi hi you wanna shout out my mom
and my dad and my brother FTT doopy yeah I don’t have a brother named after TV
doofy Oh in the end alright that was a short movie who knew that empty TV
cinemas look at must rotate it plays this movie and then it plays us that
wasn’t even a good movie I’m gonna go get my money back
oh hello sir are you the manager okay because my son and I you see my son hi
year we were just watching a movie and it was good but then we were watching
another movie and it was just us in the theater and that wasn’t good cuz it was
like two seconds and it was just us it wasn’t like you know scripted show us
where we can get our money back yeah don’t you go purple dust at me get
him chase let’s get him he said no we can’t have his money back I’m him I’m
our money back look aha you’ve been shatter Danny he’s been shatter moded
okay daddy yeah now you do your own thing okay I’m
gonna do a mod you ready to my its duties turn wait F to TV duty that
sounds kind of unsanitary alright I’m going out here should we set
the time time set set oh all right so the next stop while we are going to show
you would be the magic boat block Oh actually we need to get it in our lie
structures boom a boat alright chase what I’m gonna need is a bunch of ocean
you know how to do that let’s watch Jace boom oh look at that you even gave me
some squids you’re so no that’s enough that’s enough there son
alright sometimes you just gotta take that mouse away alrighty now let’s get
back to it here’s your mouse back alright chase are
you ready to put a bolt on here you ready one hello tit Riga get away I’m
stuck I’m stuck I’m so stuck boom Oh No do it I buried the bow how are we ever
going to make that boat are you think it’ll still you think it’ll still go
let’s try you ready let’s tell the boat to move four hundred blocks alright it’s
moving in 10 seconds shades you better watch out bro let’s see will the boat
move submerged under water why didn’t it work I how about this what if we try to
build up like a little a little platform and then put the boat on top of there
want to try that ready and let’s try this boom back up boom there it is now
the boat let’s do this you’re ready he blew his type in the distance we’d like
it to sail we’re gonna press her okay do it how many how many blocks Rangi 90 do
what’s happening to our boat it’s getting sunken again alright thank you
please hop aboard quickly okay sure I’ll hop aboard and I’ll definitely I’ll turn
myself to game-mode s coz I believe that it shouldn’t Oh what happened I stopped
them from moving no daddy no you didn’t just did 90 it did 90 yeah I won’t work
now it won’t work now I got a messing up mods over here
ladies and gents you know what then we’ll do chase since I messed it up
we’ll put a bowl on top of a boat whoa how does that happen exactly oh all I
did its own water that’s sweet now let’s do it move 90 blocks oh look at the boat
oh ho the bow it’s going on top of another bull look
what will happen what’s gonna it is just creates its own water we’re such noobs
dude we’re such noobs to a brand new mod that we had no time to figure out that
is kind of like a joke ladies and gentlemen the overseer that’s awesome
I’m actually gonna go on the boat now ready and we does it create waves on no
waves ooh there’s a chest let’s drop down on the chest em and boom what’s in
it no way I didn’t mean to do that oh yeah a compass in a map cool well did
it blow up movie again yeah chase told me we need to go to the movie theater
why is there a surprise I think there’s yeah this nap there’s snacks
yeah like more snacks yeah get snacks in the check let’s get cavities so we could
just say haha to the dentist okay these nuts are in the chests oh let’s
see what kind of snacks we got oh oh no bow in here please thank you let’s get
rid of that one boom Oh raw beef I’m pretty sure we’re gonna shut this movie
theater down a carrot okay so they’re making healthy decisions a potato not
bad a little starchy but it’s not bad and melon now that I could see myself
eating during a movie great job on that I get those do it so we can watch the
movie okay give these alright so I’ll get I’m gonna do you mind if I pass on
the raw beef yeah I’m gonna get one melon I’m sixty-four of one melon and
you know I’ll need a potato that’s not bad but dude I’m sorry I’m gonna pass on
the beef all right man I’m going to watch a movie
thank God survival okay so we’re going up top here and then what are we gonna
do watching movie eat some snacks Wow all right well there’s like there’s a
spider though we got to get the spider don’t you know spiders always steal
snacks in the movie theater cuz they their mom’s didn’t give them any money
to buy snacks oh they just feel let’s watch it alright I’m watching the
movie you ever been annoying and throw things at people in a movie theaters ah
throwing potatoes at light I made him disappear by throwing potatoes haddem my
goodness oh but goodness I’m not supposed to
never throw potatoes at your movie neighbor because you’ll make them
disappear how about watermelons okay you can throw
watermelons though but sometimes I’m in a movie theater
I definitely don’t throw popcorn at my wife because that would be bad manners
what’s this – down here what’s that little block for uh-oh what’s the X
maybe there’s treasure underneath it no there is it how do you know good let’s
see let’s see nope no treasure right break it break it
break it break it in boom I broke it now what it disappear how was it kicked out
of the game okay alright you guys well that’s about it
here’s a little quick look at all of the things in this mod for the live ones the
ones that move and then there’s some holders like soccer stadiums there’s
giant houses they’re streets there’s runways look there’s all this
types just look at this it’s just nuts all these things that you can build
avenues bridges highways trams of railroads houses then they got all this
stuff in here magic house magic everything there’s a prison it’s just
nuts a dungeon block what else should we do it look a lava arena let’s do one
last one we’re gonna go out with how about what else do we have a ferris
wheel watermelon what’s the f16 oh that’s the thing I’m a J that’s like a
thing right a live shark ooh a fair freefall let’s see what that is yeah
ready boom oh what happened oh there it is oh it’s like the ride that you sit on
and you go up oh yeah whoa did it oh I thought I went up and
maybe we’re meant to sit on it to go up ready in we Oh aah Oh left without me do
but if I stay in here will I get crushed if it comes back down game-mode s oh no
let’s watch no get across I’ll get it grasp no no oh my gosh
you’re getting dressed oh alright guys thanks for watching
peace Abuelita blah okay my dad’s corny hahaha not going it I’m green beanie hi Sean hmm the game is over
oh yeah etai your baby face danger mm-hmm yeah chase venom smile huge

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