Mingo Marker 24″ variable marking wheel

Hi, I’m Tonya with Chainsaw Shed and today I would like to cover how to setup the 16″, 12″ and 24″ marking wheel for the patented Mingo Marker. When purchasing the Mingo Marker System a 16″ marking wheel is included with the marking system. However, a variable 6′ 12″, and 24″ marking wheel is available. It like have three marking wheels in one. The 24″ marking wheel shipped with a wedge permanently located on the marking wheel, and a pack of three removable wedges, with Phillips head screws. This marking wheel is already set for marking 24″ If require to use a 12′ mark, place a removable plastic wedges on the opposite on the opposite end of the permanent placed wedge. Securing it with a Phillips head screw. Make sure the wedge is facing the same direction as the permanent wedge. If you desire to use a 6″ mark, you guessed it, place the remaining two removable wedges on the marking wheel securing an with a Phillips head screws. It’s that simple. 3 marking lengths in 1 wheel. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions or suggestions please email me tonya @chainsawshed.com Be sure to watch our other Mingo Marker informational videos.

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