Mitsubishi Colt MY-2004-2013- buying advice

Mitsubishi Colt MY-2004-2013- buying advice

A Japanese product made in the Netherlands. This only has pros, right? Reliable and Dutch pride. This car was built at Nedcar in Born. It has the same platform at the Smart Forfour. So, what are we driving? Correct, the Mitsubishi Colt. The seventh generation, to be exact. That was the last generation Colt.
Production in Born stopped in 2013. Nowadays, only Minis are built there. If you want to drive a Colt, you will have
to settle for one at least three years old. However, that does not have to be a bad thing. We will discuss the Japanese reliability later. The Colt was available in three varieties. The CZ3 and CZ5 were the 3-door and 5-door cars. The CZC was a convertible with a steel folding roof. That car had room for two people
plus two very tiny back-seat passengers. That was the version with the least space. The CZ3 and CZ5 stand out
because of their interior space. Just like the Smart Forfour. These cars were developed to be as compact
as possible, but offer a lot of passenger space. For engines you got to choose from
gasoline engines with 74-148 hp… The latter was a 1.5 turbo engine. One diesel was available, with 94 hp. An automatic transmission was available
for the gasoline engines as well, but this was a sequential transmission from Smart. It is not the most sophisticated
automatic transmission we know. It is OK, but not fantastic. ENGINES
gasoline, diesel 410 Mitsubishi Colts are for sale
on at the moment. 10 have a diesel engine. There are 10 diesels for sale
at the moment, so it is pretty rare. Not many automatic transmissions
were sold either. About 50 are for sale. Prices for the Mitsubishi Colt start under
2,000 euros and go up until 12,000 euros. Reasons to buy a Mitsubishi Colt:
they have a good finish. They have a neat finish, especially post-facelift. Not premium with leather, but neat. It does not rattle or squeak; Japanese build quality. The car offers a lot of space for the money. Especially in the interior. They were designed to offer as much
space as possible in a small jacket. Another advantage is that all Colts
have a timing chain, not a timing belt. This makes for cheap maintenance. However, there are a number
of things to watch out for. Let’s start with the most awful thing that
can happen when you buy a Mitsubishi Colt. Of the known problems, that is. An uncommon fault can always occur,
but of the known problems… The automatic transmission’s actuator can break. This is a repair of 500 euros. That is hard to swallow on top of the purchase
price of a second-hand Mitsubishi Colt. But that is it for the really awful things. Other things that occur are squeaking brakes… That can easily be solved by cleaning
the brakes and maybe have them adjusted. Speaking of brakes,
some cars still have drum brakes. They can break when they
do not get new pads in time. That is logical, but those of a Colt break
completely and the repairs are expensive. Make sure to replace the brake pads
on time and you won’t have any problems. There is an issue with the finish
in the very first model years. Sometimes the glovebox does
not close properly or falls open. These things happen. There is an easy fix. Visit the workshop when it happens. Another thing for the early model years: the coolant reservoir does not always close properly. You may loose a little coolant sometimes. If you find a car from an early model year,
check the coolant level during your test drive. Keep an eye on it when you own the car. After a few years it was solved
with a different reservoir. There have been no more problems since then. The final thing to watch out
for is the most annoying one. The batteries in the first model years were not great. Replace it with a good one. This costs about 100-120 euros,
but you will no longer have these problems. The car we are driving today is a pretty blue one. It is a CZ5, with five doors. It is a nice edition. It has all of the options;
climate control, radio, the whole shebang. It even has these nice wind deflectors
with “Colt” on them. That is cool. It was an original accessory. The car is for sale at Mitsubishi Polderman in Lisse. It is a little under 10,000 euros. This buys you a car with less than 45,000 km
(28,000 miles) on the clock, dealer maintained. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale for which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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  1. Diesel engines were made by Mercedes. It's reliable but best version is 1.3. It's powerful enough and economical.

  2. Na die waslijst met 206 punten bij de Peugeot 206 zijn deze 4-5 punten bij de Japhol Mitsu Colt CZ toch wel indicatief voor 'de betere kwaliteit'. Prima auto dus.

  3. spot on with the flaws: actuator on my automatic 1.3 had to be replaced, glove box also fell off. I would add that the seats DO squeak. Other annoying thing is the temperature knob gets stuck when set to the coldest setting, and to turn it again, you need herculean force (or a pinch)….apart from that, not a bad car at all.

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