Mobility For All | Episode 1 | Toyota

Mobility For All | Episode 1 | Toyota

– I finally decided I
wanted to try to run again. And I just thought that’s
another stepping stone, something I wanna try,
something I wanna accomplish. So now my new goal is to finish the Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas 5K. It was May 9, 2009, and we decided to go and
anchor out at Pine key Island. And then all of a sudden
the boat just blew up. It felt like I was flying through the air. For a while everything went black. It’s a little surreal to be back here. Really made me realize that we should never take anything for granted. I used to take a lot of things for granted and I don’t anymore. As I was laying in the hospital bed, I didn’t really know what
my future was going to be. I didn’t even know if I was
going to be able to walk again. (cheering) Taking those first few steps, I kept pushing myself
more and more and thought, I can keep going, I can keep going. (uplifting music) Getting my mobility back was huge. I don’t even know how
to describe how I felt. It’s just a huge rush of adrenaline again, getting that sense of humanity back. 3.1 miles is a long ways. I’m definitely very nervous about it. I am making progress but I’m
definitely not there yet. It is a long ways to go. – My dad definitely gets his strength from just being around family. I think the accident has
increased our love for each other. We’re definitely hard on him. We’re very competitive. We’re always trying to push
him to become even better. This race is definitely a lot longer than he’s ever done with his running legs. He’s gonna struggle
but he’ll pull through. (uplifting music)

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