Mom Finds 3-Week-Old Baby Unconscious After Car Ride – Sounds Urgent Warning To All Parents

Mom Finds 3-Week-Old Baby Unconscious After Car Ride – Sounds Urgent Warning To All Parents

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Car Ride – Sounds Urgent Warning To All Parents There can be few things worse than watching
your baby fighting for his or her life. That was the unfortunate circumstance that
befell Scottish mother Kirsti Clark, 28, and husband Christopher Clark, 29, on April 4
this year. The pair had decided to spend a day out with
their daughters, three-year-old Malena and three-week-old Harper, but the trip would
spiral into a nightmare. They had a long journey home due to rush-hour
traffic, and after laying Harper down on her play mat when they got in, they instantly
realised something was wrong. Harper’s lips had turned blue, her jaw was
clenched shut and white foam was frothing from her mouth and nose. Kirsti now has a warning for every parent
… April 4 should have been an idealistic family
outing for Kirsti and Christopher; the pair set out at 2:30 for an afternoon of shopping
with their two young daughters. At around 6:30 they set off for the drive
home. The journey took 1 hour and 45 minutes, with
Harper strapped into her car seat as usual. When they got in, the three-week-old spent
another 15 minutes in her seat as Kirsti and Christopher put Malena to bed. When the couple took Harper from her car seat,
they spotted the terrifying symptoms and immediately raced her to hospital. “When we got home it was way past Malena’s
bedtime so brought Harper in in her car seat and she stayed in there for 15 minutes as
we got Malena into bed,” Kirsti said, as per the Daily Record. “My husband got Harper out and put her on
his knee but she looked like she couldn’t get comfy so he laid her down on her mat and
she was kicking about. “I told him her lips looked blue and then
he pointed out how red her cheeks were. He picked her up and I could tell straight
away from his face that something was wrong.” Despite Kirsti’s fears that she would lose
her baby, medics at the hospital were able to resuscitate Harper. They warned the parents that babies that spend
more than an hour in a car seat are at risk of suffering from oxygen deprivation. It turned out Harper had suffered a seizure
as a result of her oxygen levels plummeting. When the baby had been laid upon the floor,
the sudden increase of oxygen caused her to fit. Now, Kirsti is doing her best to warn other
parents over what she believes to be a relatively hidden danger: “When the consultant told
us it was the car seat I couldn’t believe it. I thought ‘there’s no way’. I couldn’t understand why nobody had ever
told us. “We had obviously heard about not keeping
babies in car seats overnight because it causes curvature of the spine but not about anything
like this. “When my wee girl was a baby we did four-hour
drives down to visit family in Cornwall and we had never had any problems at all. “The doctors did tell us in hospital that
it is usually a concern with premature babies but Harper is a big girl. She was 8lb 5oz when she was born and she’s
8lb 9oz now. “After we got my head around that being
the reason, Christopher and I felt so angry at ourselves – we felt like we did this
to our baby. It was horrendous. “But we’ve spoken to so many people and
they had never heard about it either and then some people have conflicting opinions on the
time. “That’s why we knew we had to share what
happened to Harper because parents need to know. Just two hours in a car seat and we could
have lost her, it’s terrifying. “I would tell every parent to just really
carefully watch their babies and if they don’t absolutely need to be in the car seat take
them out because it is not worth what we had to go through. “Watch your baby and know your baby. If something doesn’t seem quite right take
them straight to hospital.” Fortunately, Harper was able to make a full
recovery and is perfectly healthy, but the situation could have been so much worse had
things played out differently. Thankfully, Kirsti and Christopher acted quickly
as soon as they realised something was wrong, and the medics at the hospital were able to
save the day. Did you know about the danger to babies from
staying in a car seat for too long? Share this story and spread the word to family
and friends. It could save a young life!

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  1. It's a good thing that you shared this information and I'm glad that the baby is doing alright! This is something that everyone needs to know about.Thank you for sharing!

  2. Glad Baby Harper is OK. I think car seats laws for infants need to be amended ! It shouldn't be a trade off to endanger your baby to keep then safe !!!

  3. Amen, thank u a mother of three all in there 30s, and 9 grandchildren and never once have I nor was told 54 years old and never once was notified by anyone or the newspapers, nor tv..nir ever came with the instructions of a car sest….someone needs to noticed car seat makers to put a notice with each car sest…god bless and be with u and ur children everydsy…thank u again !!

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