Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series – Full Race Replay – Daytona 500

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series – Full Race Replay – Daytona 500

As Ronnie Barton, retired pastor of First
Baptist Church of South Daytona, offers our invocation. Father, we thank you so much for
this beautiful weather for the sixty first running of the Daytona five hundred. Thank
you. Far military are veterans. Lord, we pray that you’ll be with the driver’s their families,
their Pit Crew. Lord, may we commit to you to always be one nation under God, for we
are the United States of America. It’s in Jesus name. We pray. Amen. Here to perform
the national anthem, please welcome from Fort Bride, North Carolina Theeighty second Airborne
Division All American Chorus. Who say you see, by the way, booze by size and wait. Stream
me. Wait. No way! It’s great American race for a reason, and you’re a part of it. Live
on Fox from Daytona International Speedway. We’re racing moments away. Are you gonna lead
or you’re gonna be lead going to be ruled by routine, take a different route. You gotta
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finance with GM Financial keep filming, but you’re gonna do it your way. Wait. Yeah, that’s
just you come out of your frame When you win that race, I’ll have enough words, really.
So to help someone understand what that feels like, you explode really? Period size just
exploded. All this comes out. You’re screaming and shouting and talking, you know, driving
down the front straightaway After the race with a checkered flag, fans pressed up against
the fence, the energy, no electricity coming off of that crowd. Imagine winning the lottery.
No, three hundred million dollars just lands in your lap. What would you feel? I can’t
believe it. This’s pure joy. Just pure joy. No relief, just joy, happiness face and a
name that is NASCAR inappropriately. For the first time ever, a pickup is pacing the great
American race. This is the all new Chevy Silverado in the two time Daytona five hundred champion.
Dale Earnhardt Jr is enjoying this. An honor this like that ceremonial first pitch, but
especially for the great American race to be in the pace car, in this case, a paste
Truck. This isn’t your granddaddy’s NASCAR a total of five hundred first career win.
It was for seven drivers. Imagine the first time that you win a race. You win this one.
This track opened in nineteen fifty nine. They renovated in two thousand sixteen. Birthplace
of speeds repaid to comfort time. Drivers always talk about that. Later. Boy was formed
when they were digging in. Building this. Three drivers actually ended up in the lake,
but food Cartman. They actually had college football games here. Four different games.
Bird’s eye view of Daytona International Speedway. Kevin Harder. There’s the focus of a past
champion of the sports head and the Daytona five hundred winner three years ago. We have
the closest finish in history. Four different leaders in the Final Four last two years ago.
Martin Truex Jr. One of those with his new race team, Joe Gibbs. Toyota, one of those
past the champions of the sport, has yet to win the Daytona five hundred. Joey Logano
has done it, won the five hundred. He’s won the championship Coming off championship year
in his Penske Ford. Austin Dillon, trying to repeat, showed that you can only lead a
late lap and still win for that was special seeing that three car last year in Victory
Lane at the Great American Race. And it’s not just a race. It’s a happening. It’s a
scene. It’s a party. We’re glad you’re with us. For the sixty first running of the Daytona
five hundred here to deliver the most famous words and motor sports for the sixty first
annual Daytona five hundred, please welcome our grand marshal. Three time N F L. Defensive
Player of the Year Houston Texans defensive end J. J. What. Start your engine. J. J. Watt
said he would deliver, and he did, for the drivers to crank it up and roll another season
here. NASCAR on Fox, another Daytona five hundred to take you through it. Darrell Waltrip,
Jeff Gordon and Mike Joy. Gentlemen, start your talking. Thank you, Chris, for all the
fun we’ve had. And for your unique perspective on the scored sixty first running of the Great
American race, a tradition of finishes too close to call. It’s been an interesting speed
week. We’ve had crashes, and we’ve had some follow the leader. But if drivers a reluctant
TTO pass, maybe Darryl, it’s because of what happened last Sunday. Here in the class. You
know what makes restrictor plate racing so interesting and so much fun to watch is how
much we run in the back. But if anything goes wrong, here’s the result. Here’s what happens.
Seventeen car pile up. Big Palla big mess. But there’s a way to do it, right? Yeah, And
then we watched Joy Lugano and his qualifying race. Now Joey had it figured. I’ve been thinking
about this move for several laps, but what you want to do is get a run on the car in
front of you, see her joy jobs inside of ten. Car gets a little side draft right there.
Now he’s going to shoot to the bottom of the racetrack. He’s got twelve, his teammate behind
and giving him a shove. And that’s what propels him out in front of the fourteen car and on
the Victory Lane, the wind that’s doing it right the right way and everybody’s been going
to school on that move way. Have the youngest front roll for any Daytona five hundred sixty
one year history and right behind them. Twenty nine starts and two victories. Two very experienced
veterans. Jeff. Yeah, Mike. I mean, in order to execute the perfect Daytona five hundred.
It takes preparation. It takes skill, some good old fashioned luck and experience goes
a long way. Well, let’s look at that front row. There’s only three starts between these
two young kids in the previous Daytona five hundred, you go to those two rows behind them,
forty seven starts, among them. A lot of experience. I look for these veterans to pounce and take
these young kids to school early on in this Daytona five hundred. Watch out veterans.
Pretty good students. Be careful what you teach him. They might just show you why they
were the best in their class grandstand packed house one hundred one thousand fans in the
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things seem toe unis on, especially formulated to give you a good night’s sleep, so you’re
ready to take on your day with unis on sleep. Expert for three months of anticipation. Everybody’s
in branding fire suits. Everybody’s in brand new paint schemes. The crew’s getting back
into race mode in the race shop. We’re building new cars. We gotta live with each other for
thirty six weekends. People are gonna be pissed off. There’s a lot of tracing the Neuters
guys with you way live for those intense situations. Second place is just first loser. I can teach
you. How will this be the restaurant Gordon can’t see. You need to let go. All new twenty
four hours. Talent back Wednesday on Fox. You and we have waited all winter for this.
It’s the biggest race we have all year long. He, like cons of this sport, have all start
on its biggest day. It’s the great American race, trust me. Sparks. Today. DAYTONA BEACH,
Florida goes from the thirty seventh most populous city in the state of Florida to twelve.
One hundred one thousand fans in the stands are full infield, sweets are packed way and
these race teams ready to go. Wait on three. One, two. Three. Yungas. Front rows in history.
Nineteen ninety nine two thousand two. Average age. Twenty six. Drop it down. Another number.
Twenty one year old firing. Twenty five year old Alex Bowman. We’ll start from the front
row of the youngest front row in history. Each driver looking for their first Daytona
five hundred. Alex Bowman was on full here last year. They’re both in Chevrolets, but
behind them comes the fast Fords. Kevin Harvick two thousand seven winner. Joey Logano, one
in twenty fifteen, and he’s the Siri’s champion. Ricky Stenhouse Jr one here in July twenty
seventeen. And Clint Boyer, looking for his first Daytona triumph that might get Paul
Menard and twenty one. Car could become the six different driver to win five for the wood
Rose and Erica Merola. Remember, he was leading this race. War came to the white flag last
year. Max Benedetto. It’s a new team. I expect great things about him. Denny Hamlin. He has
the closest margin of victory ever. Martin Truex Jr. He’s new to the Gibbs team, but
not you to win it. And then you got Kurt Busch new to the to the NASA team, but he could
be a factor. Dws Carter wrote seven Last year’s impressive runner up finish in the Daytona
five hundred Bubble walls outside of him let the most laughing. Last year’s five hundred
Ryan blaming on the row eight finish in the top five in both the total races last year.
Chris Buscher outside of him in his last Cup starts in two thousand ten. Daytona five hundred
winner Jamie McMurray, Road nine The Hendrick Duo. Two time Daytona five hundred winner
Jimmie Johnson Chase Elliott Looking for his first so close run out of fuel two to go.
Two thousand seventeen State owned five hundred Wrote ten. Ryan Newman. Don’t count this guy
out in two thousand eight Daytona five hundred winner alongside him Defending Daytona five
hundred Winter Austin Dillon forty cars to start the Daytona five hundred as you look
through the second half of the starting field. Well, butterflies. Let’s see if we can hear
them. Well, you Byron, this is Jeff up Fox Sports Boots. You got me? Yeah, I forgot nobody.
You’re leading the Daytona five hundred two green Here. Tell us. I mean, what’s this we’ve
been like, what’s What was it like waking up this morning? No, uh, this morning, knowing
you’re going to lead this field to green the feeling I got a great race team. Obviously
toe make this happen and we’re gonna screw the week. So we got goals accomplished today.
Things we wantto check off, and I got to get to the end of the three so fast Racecar do
it with. Well, you got a lot of veterans there behind you. I’m just wondered what’s a young
guy like you got for these veterans? How you gonna show him that the young guy could get
it done today? Yes, uh, different last year. But this year, I don’t really care what they
think. I’m gonna do what it takes for us to win. And what happened. Well, that’s awesome.
We look forward to have a great one ready to race here in Daytona. But first, let’s
look back at the growing legacy of Toyota. And what’s next with Toyota? Rev up to green
from the first Signature Cup Series win in two thousand, celebrating not one but two
Cup championships with Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr on capturing the great American rights
of twenty sixteen. Toyota has made its more on our school. What’s beyond the next turn?
My biggest moment with nineteen store Toyota. Let’s go. Time for late breaking stories from
Pit Road and our all star cast of reporters beginning. Uh, we’ll take the square in the
lower left corner. Matt Yocum. Captain Roger Pants gets two wins and any total five hundred
two different drivers. Ryan Blaney would love to make it a third. He’s always raised like
an old soul. Led one hundred eighteen laps. Last year, had the best car until the crash,
but he’s learned a lot. He hopes to capitalize on those lessons with his first win in the
five hundred. Regan Smith. Well, man Jimmy Johnson, for the first time in seventeen years,
has a new crew chief on the Pit box and a new sponsor on the racecar. So far, so good.
He won the class last week and send a fast racecar all this week, he told me as he was
getting in the car. They built some extra downforce into this racecar for today’s race.
Anticipating these temperatures, look for him to be strong as he tries to get his third
Daytona five hundred. Victory fits. Two years ago, Kyle Larson had the lead on the final
lap of the Daytona five hundred and ran out of gas. If he’s to win today, he’s gonna have
to overcome another bad break. When his team arrived at the track today, they found oil
under the car. They had to change the transmission. That means Larson will start from the tail.
He says the key is not losing that lead group early in the race. Worst, first and even more
difficult proposition for Kyle Larson today. Jamie Well, Kyle Busch is one about everything
there is to win in racing except the Daytona five hundred. He wants this one so bad, in
fact, to back home at his Kyle Busch Motor Sports has a giant trophy case. Well, right
in the middle. There’s an open gap. It’s waiting for this trophy today. Tone of five hundred.
Kyle’s been involved in a couple of issues already this week. He qualified in the back.
But as always, you can never count the eighteen out. Very Max. Yeah, Jamie Drivers in their
spotters will be formulating strategy all day long, but a lot can fall in that Crew.
Ti slap way know the importance of staying up front. He’s already thinking about that
final trip to Pit road. Teo, get his driver in the front of the drafting that there. Let’s
take a look at our race analysis for today. We’re gonna go two hundred laps, five hundred
miles. The stages will be sixty, sixty and eighty laps of the Checkered Pit. Road speed.
Fifty five miles per hour. And Mike, look at that fuel window. Forty five forty eight
laps Really important. Thanks, Larry. Three drivers will go to the rear. Casey Mears,
Jamie McMurray and the aforementioned Kyle Larson will start out back. The pace Truck
is running highway speed sixty five miles an hour. That’s the slowest. They will be
all day, sixteen hundred feet to the start line as Dale Earnhardt Jr. Two time winner
of the five hundred, is gonna make that hard left turn on Mike. Look one hundred thousand
people on their feet. Anticipating start is race green flags with anybody. Speedy’s building
two hundred miles per hour Pole sitter Byron slipped up in front of his teammate Alex to
Chevrolet’s will lead them to complete lap one. Right after a couple laps. Star pressure
build up a little bit. You know what kind of car you got, what kind of shape they’re
in for this race. I was waiting to see that green flag Sief. How coordinated these teammates
where we saw William Byron do a great job get in front of his teammate Alex Bowman on
that outside Lane, which has been preferred this week as well as those four teammates,
except for Ricky Stenhouse Jr getting left out to form that outside Lane. But I’m impressed
with this inside Lane how it’s holding on. I think this will work today. I think you’ll
be up there. William Byron, let twelve laps here in the July race. Two Chevys in front
of those three Fords with the pointers in and Ricky Stenhouse trying to make it happen
on the inside. Max Bennett, Toya Max, number nineteen right behind him and another Remember
that seventeen car has been bad fast. Talladega. Here. Restrictor plate racing. Ricky Stenhouse,
Jr. Pretty darn good here. You know what he’s saying right now, like always long we’ve seen
with outside. Lane has been the best Lane to get into. And Brad, his last pre race,
told us, I don’t think that’s going to be the case today. So far, he was absolutely
right. I think the weather conditions is hot. Slick. That upper Crew, they’ve been running
a lot, a lot of rubber up there. Try that bottom. Shortest way around. Might his work.
Ten houses looking pretty good. Stenhouse side drafting off Byron and will afford combined
a lead. Last three takes the lead, even if only for right behind the Benedetto. I’m really
impressed with Benedetta was doing in this ninety five car. He’s a sleeper now. There
was a strategic move right there. William Byron had been running up against the wall,
thinking that was going to be what he’s going to separate him from the inside Lane. He saw
Ricky Stenhouse leading that inside lane. On the bottom. He went down a side, draft
him through the corner, which is the faster Lane, Denny Hamlin says, the one with the
most cars in right now. I would say right now it’s going to be the ones that are the
most aggressive, and we just saw a nice push format to Benedetto to try to push Ricky Stenhouse
Jr out to the lead, push hard on his twenty two car joint. Gone. He was really all over
the back of that Alex Bowman getting shuffled out of the draft already. Sucker ho. I got
down from his teammate Jimmy Johnson, cutting some slack. But look at the caf to the front
of the field that will fill in these cars. Break a two hundred mile an hour hole in that
wall of wind. Olive Branch, Mississippi dirt track racer, has become a super speedways,
Ricky Stenhouse when he is so good at these types of tracks on Mike right now, I think
these guys were probably a little bit confused on them thinking about William Barnett. That
outside gland has been the way to go. But I just got passed on What’s going on, Ricky
Stenhouse Jr told me this morning. This is the best Daytona five hundred car he has ever
had, even better than last year’s car. But the biggest difference, he said he knows what
to do with the card this year and where he wants to put it on the racetrack. So far,
that’s pretty evident as he’s not front leading the pack. He was on the inside, Jeff tripped
it up high. Now he’s back. Well, what happened with Alex Bowman was he was following his
teammate, trying to scythe trialled and just a great job by Joey Logano Just getting outside
of his right side. I don’t think Alex Bowman really thought that anybody was going to be
that aggressive to the outside this early in the race. But they caught him. One nice
surprise. Matt Di Benedetto going. He switched teams this year. Moved upto Levine family
racing, he said. We’re going places. He’s going to the lead. Vince. Unbelievable, Mike.
Two weeks ago, this race car didn’t even have all the parts and pieces to run. They couldn’t
even start the car. They didn’t have enough pieces. This team has been a rebuild since
last season. Driver knew Crew chief, different spotter combination and everything has been
done from scratch. And right now it’s paying off. He’s leading the Daytona five hundred.
Mike Wheeler, who won the Daytona five hundred with Denny Hamlin, twenty sixteen, the new
crew chief. First time Benedetto literally led a lap in the five hundred. My surprise
me too much that some of the more experienced drivers like you see Kevin Harvick there,
maybe even Joy Logano, that these young kids have their time in the sun. Lied a little
bit. How about third place Martin Truex in the nineteen Mike? This is the warmest day
of speed weeks right before the car pulled off the grid. True Ex tipped his helmet forward,
and his cooling hose that goes into the helmet pulled out is too short. They quickly fixed
it by a length and that, giving him just enough clearance, so that way he wouldn’t have an
issue. Dodged the bullet early. More clearance. Clarence to buy two. Here they come. Keep
an eye on Julien way. Saw him make that move on Alex Bowman a few laps ago. He almost made
the same move through the child will on William Byron. He is not content with being in the
third row right now. Guys, I am not surprised to see two by two by two, because if you go
back to the door races on Thursday night in the class, we were all concerned they’re single
foul. That was twenty car fields. This is a forty car field. I think we’re going to
see a lot of this throughout the day. I think you’re right twenty only inside twenty, only
outside. So I think the weather has a lot to do with it. And I think these guys have
been studying these races. They ran, and I think weather’s made a big difference in today.
I think that inside is the way to go. Right now may not be your buddy’s right now, driving
along with change salad here pretty far in the back, I really think twenty six place
that tells me after some of the moves, we saw him trying to make it to duel. He’s thinking
five hundred miles. I need to get there. It’s not about getting to the front right now.
Like Danny was the same way. Billy wouldn’t take any chances, wouldn’t put his car in
harm’s way. And then it sort itself out and be there in a Chase Elliott kind of race.
Toyota one, too, on the inside for Chevrolet on the outside. And as we come to lap eleven,
Joe Gibbs, teams will come to the top of the pit wall and salute of J. D. Gibbs. Joking.
Zelda recently passed from a longtime neurological disease. He was the co founder, Joe Gibbs
Racing president of the company, racer himself in a former college and high school football
player who wore number eleven. So on lap eleven, we salute him and his legacy. Coach Gibbs
continues on, but JD gives smile and warmth. I still felt throughout this entire garage
area. He is someone we really miss really, truly is a member of the board of directors.
Sure. One of those Toyotas that has an alliance with Joe Gibbs Racing is out front. Wow. Right.
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able to help a little bit. A little bit of Memphis and National a Motown In my soul,
I don’t love good or bad. Bucks the all new Chevy Silverado. It’s a little bit country,
and it’s a little bit rock and roll. They came through the trial. Joey Logano went high
on that foot hole sooner. William Byron in middle stuck no help on Alex moment. His teammate
will let him in on the line. It’s just a matter of time, those two guys that we talked about
it opening up the show, they’re young and they just have so much experience veterans
and those strong Ford’s behind them that want to shuffle him out. He’s doing everything
he can write on the rear bumper, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Trying to give it a nice push. But as
he got close to his rear bumper, it just allowed Joey Logano to get a nice run and pick today
outside Mike, you know what? We call it the sucker home because it sucks you right to
the rear when you get a little Lane like hit, No friends, no friends. Well, now it’s the
low. Are they intending to Pit, or is that just the current fast route? Well, Mike, I
do believe that we may see some drivers hit Pit road. Remember the fuel window about forty
six to forty eight laps? This this first stage is the exact same length as the door race.
Sixty laps. So you Pit now you could go to the end of stage number one. I would not be
a bit surprised over the next few laps to see some drivers hitting Pit road. Here they
come. A lot of those fast Fords Coming Pit road. Regan
Kevin Harvick spots the fortieth Pit stall first. Stalin. Rodney Childress says he likes
that Stahl is gonna be gas only for Kevin Harvick. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Pit They wanted
to Pit Coming. Let’s go. But he couldn’t get in on the bottom. Joey Logano eases in his
box. They’re going to top him off with fuel. The gas man, Chris Conklin connected. Jordan
says you are gone. Kyle Larson was one driver I saw that took tyres. Host Castle. He was
the only Chevrolet that pitted with all those boards to say. Did you notice anything about
the group? Came in there. Oh, Denny Hamlin. Loose off. Turn four. Just saved it there.
I don’t know if he was trying to come to Pit road. Possibly. You got a little bump. Have
a look at it. Something else. I’m nosing up front here. Another four that did not make
it to Pit road. I don’t know if he was caught me outside and that’s Suarez hears a shot.
Go. I see Denny Hamlin’s three Wide in the middle just so close. Cody. Where was anywhere?
Yes for Bush writhe car in his mirror, the forty one he drove last year. Now he’s a chip
Can Asi races from Jamie McMurray, All three guys. One, two, three Get ready, kind of Pit
robot. All in different cars this year, new teams. Riding with Ryan Priests. Fox Vice
Camp Reagan. Bush is going to hit the pits in the number one car. It’ll be gas only for
Kurt, much much like all the other cars. Be Sean’s apartments, forty one gas on ly the
can stuck in the back, but he got out just in time. Max Benedetto Bubble Wallace, Wash.
Started sixteen. Now up at the front. All right, guys, we’re seeing a lot of drivers
that are not pitting. I think another strategy with the long as we have this big group would
be to split this stage in half, thirty and thirty. That way you get fresh tires for splitting
segment up as faras the thirty laps and thirty. So I think that could be the strategy with
this big group that stayed out there. This big of a group. If you just take the overall
draft of this group and speed versus Knows it just came down here. They’re just going
to keep gaining an actually pulling away. Let’s have a look to Daniel Suarez. Pit stone
little issue here. Well, I didn’t take that equipment out. Irvan South Pit would have
been a penalty well here. Korean joy, man. That would be good for his face. That’s gonna
leave a scar hood of that car off Lovejoy. Caution is how I don’t think those guys made
it to Pit road before Pit Road was closed. Ryan Priest Chris Buscher, his teammate Bubble
Wallace Coming to Pit road get a patch on that read right through a wall. But Ty Dillon,
who stops in the box, See how that’s called First caution. No kilo strategy, Right? When
you think you’ve got it all figured out, we have a caution ways. Kind of muddies the water.
And Larry, as you know this now just played into all those guys hands that came in because
they’ve already done there. Stop there in good shape. They’re going to stay out there.
All these cars had committee, and we’re going to lose a valuable track position. Yes, and
the reason you Pit that’s the reason you Pit early. Is that you? In the perfect world,
you hope that happens. Carla joins team had a lot of fun putting his face on that Mustang
that’s gonna leave a mark. He just wiped the smile on that face. Wait on Pit road open
with twenty one laps complete here in Daytona. Let’s look at today’s sports performance track
Facts. A tiny London was the first to win the Daytona five hundred one for the Brothers
in nineteen sixty three. The most recent Ford winner is Kurt Busch, twenty seventeen. Ford
has fifteen victories in Daytona five hundred and a new suit of clothes this year. Mustang
Body NASCAR Series, nineteen sixty three. Timing on driving and relief for Marvin Pants.
Martin was in practice accident in a Ferrari. I think it was. The Wood Brothers ran five
miles called Short, but they ran the whole race and never change tires. The world’s greatest
Pit Crew. All they did was gas and go. So one caution for Corey Lovejoy here with twenty
two laps complete contrast to last year Daytona five hundred from the pilots Coming early
and often like, I think this is why there’s a little bit more sporting factor here is
the last lap going into Turn three. Austin dealing back in ten Amarilla. Just Harding
from that team way open this time and garrulous. I recall that story. Marvin Pants ran to the
aid of that burning car along with Ernie Geoghan and four others pulled the driver out to safety.
Eventually received the Carnegie Medal of Freedom and you’re right. From his hospital
bed. He asked Linwood to put Tiny One in the car. What brothers did London one five hundred
race. Somebody issue quickly. Guys change tires. They just put gas in. These guys are
gonna have opportunity. Put four fresh tires with that. Be an advantage here for these
cats. I think it’s many guys that will be up front track position. Still gonna be keen.
It’s a busy place. Car ninety five Max Benedetto led fifteen laps, had hoped to have pitted
earlier, but it wasn’t in position to get down and get on Pit Lane when they wanted
to Pit car’s fine. No issues gas and four times Jamie Kyle Busch in the eighteen. But
he needs more grip so we could get those times. So lasts a little longer. You want to be one
of them adjustment. But it’s four tires. Man Siegel has already made the chassis adjustment
virus with car too tight when he runs the bottom. But it’s also a way to free up top.
The weather’s certainly being a factor early on. Here’s your Sunoco race off pit road.
Casey Mirrors, who has not been in a cup car in two years, remain racing called. Would
you come run the Daytona five hundred for us? We’re gonna have a second car. He did.
He’s in the lead. Victory. I’ve got it. Carry it with you. But way to their names. Make
one thing themselves. Good year, Mordred. Okay, if you’re not the lead dog, the scenery
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We’ve got it. That’s our Fox Sports drone, bringing you some great pictures as the pace
Truck hits Pit road once again, Wait! Get ready to go back to green. Cory look. Joy
tied. Dylan Daniels hemorrhage. Penalized for pitting. Two before was open uncontrolled
tire for B J. MacLeod, a speeding penalty on road for Michael McDowell on that caution.
But now, back under green with South Ryan Blaney in the twelve way up top, you get six
of you get a good shot here. Forty two. Larson, twenty four. Firing ninety five. Benedetto
trying to make that outside Go somewhere. But look, I’m so curious to see the recent.
Now that these drivers have had a chance to feel their cars out, see which Lane is working
best. I think you’re going to see a lot of these guys, especially because there’s a bunch
of Ford’s lined up on the bottom. Just run right around that yellow line for awhile.
Here’s Bubba Wallace, going three wide through the middle has a great way to get to the front
four cars handling it. It’s a good way to get there if you make it. Daniels Suarez,
left alone, weigh on the high side in that red forty one Ernie. I go back to one who
did not pay with his team mates. They’re a bunch of Ford’s came. Hey, didn’t come with
them, and it’s sort of gotten him out of sequence and out of touch with those guys. Denny Hamlin
making a power move on the outside. David Ragan stuck in the middle in thirty eight.
Jamie Alex Bowman in the eighty eight after he came in for a stop and took four tires.
He was having radio issues. Well, the team looked through binoculars. His spotter, Kevin
Hamlin, noticed that the antenna on the roof of the car, so they’ve been switching radio
have been switching from one radio station to the next to see if they can fix it without
pitting. Right now, he can hear, but there’s still a little bit of static squeeze play.
It turned to three wide, four rows deep, especially right now and throughout this Daytona five
hundred. You’re going to want to hear your spotter crystal clear. Come together in front
of you. Get back middle three half Lane between twenty four. Still, military bottom is clear
behind that ninety five. Three one problem. David Ragan, Kyle Larson. One and a half back
of Hill three forty three. Jumping in line. You had help. No help for you. Still, too
one. Let’s check with Larry Mac with today’s driving trust presented by minus. Yeah, my
first job. It’s his Cup career. He’s got a different shots. Chat Canals is now with William
Byron in the twenty Fortin tendering his a rookie as a Cup Crew chief. They started the
season off, right? They got the wind in the Clash last weekend, but rookie Crew CI. But
a veteran spotter, right? Barbara has been with Jimmy Thie entire time of his Cup career
in the Porter’s the spotter we have. The day is priceless, and this is for sure Jimmy Johnson’s
minus driving trust. Mikey, really, You got to trust that spotter. When he tells you it’s
clear up, you’ve got to be willing to take that. I know you look in the mirror, but you’ve
got to move right. You can’t hesitate. And in turns two or three of those cars or three
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strongest, most advanced Silverado ever. Thirty two of sixty laps complete in Stage one. It’s
a three stage race, working lap thirty three, our pole sitter William Byron, back to fourteen
right now. Alex Bowman shared front row with him, still in the top ten. Big movers on and
since the pit stop, Kyle Busch up to six bread is knocking on the door of the top ten in
eleventh. Theo eleven eighteen eighteen on the bottom with pushing eighty eight right
behind them. They got down there trying to make a move her up the inside. Those four
tires were starting to pay off these guys eleven, eighteen first cars of four tires
and they’re moving to take this lead just hot. Is that saying how hard it is that makes
a huge difference and tires and how they feel. Get me for every chance I get from thirty
first. Kyle Busch is looking at first place and might right. There’s all grip. He’s Ronald
went up and quarter. Ricky Stenhouse may have had to lift a just a teeny bit because his
car gets to push it too much. Hey, gas. For the most part, what I’m seeing here is you
look at all the drivers on the inside line, one twenty two, and they all have four fresh
tires. If you look at everybody in the outside line, which is predominately Forge, plus the
Chip Ganassi Chevrolet’s drivers, they’re the ones that did fuel before. Car. Back on
the inside is Eric Jones, one of those Toyota currently seventh. He’s got a really nice
job Coming through the pack, and he has a brand new Pit from this year, some guy’s air
from Joe Gibbs racing to others from Stewart Haas Racing, a jack Man and a fueler. But
on that last stop took four tires, and right afterwards, he said, I have a vibration. I’m
not sure feel like a loser. Well, though, it may be something internal. So we’ll keep
our eye on the twenty five locked up something real when you change tires and twelve seconds
for four tires, getting all those looks tight, that’s an art Max Mike six car lot on the
inside chase. Ellie didn’t have the fastest bowtie on whole day when everybody points
to him, is having the best car in the race, said his car was driving so well. He was watching
everyone else chasing their cars. He thinks he’s in a great position take a look at this
replaying how Bush goes to the lead. He’s got some help from behind his teammate did
him in right there. Look, Kyle Busch, his hands. He had to make it a pretty quick move
on the steering wheel as those rear bumpers touching almost turned the eighteen. But that’s
what you gotta do. You gotta be aggressive. You’ve got to force your hand best doing that.
Also, a lot of guys get upset about that Kyle Busch breaking all brother makes it go faster.
Bring it on. He may have just caught on the radio and say, Hey, just tell Dad to be a
little careful when he pushes me into the child you may accomplish Told us this morning
he watched yesterday’s race, and he was surprised that there were not more drivers willing to
try the bottom willing tto put a line on the inside and makes evolution. Says today would
not be like yesterday. You know, it’s funny how it goes, but I just felt like going to
see this kind of raised today. I felt like going to see two lines of distinct events
out outside line. I’m not saying it’s going to stay with him all day long. They may end
up back top four so well right now we’re good. Thirty seven laps complete. Kyle Busch leading
in a Toyota. Now here’s a look at the all new Toyota super as it drives full till through
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dot com slash tv forty one laps complete in Daytona, the biggest race of the year. And
if anybody is worried about the Chevrolet is looking positions. Three, five, six, seven.
There are four hundred cars. Just say this out loud, but all weekend long all we are
all week long All we’ve been talking about how strongly sports are in numbers together,
how strong they are. I just wondered with Cheryl is fine. You know what? Wei need to
go talk to those Toyotas and get together here a little bit and work together to get
those for you right now that seems to be paying off. I don’t know. Or just working out a coincidence.
I think it’s called good. Here. Feel good? Something good? Something, Right. Well, not
all the Ford drivers are playing well together. We’re gonna hear from Kevin Harvick. Irvan,
Ricky Stenhouse. I told him he’s going to go inside. That way we can help you try to
hold a straight wheel here. Do the whole prod ramp just went up for just a draft. Park it
in the water with the four state data here. You could see right
here. Kevin Harvick Coming right to the rear bumper Ricky Stenhouse Jr. That’s Kevin Harvick,
recognizing that he can push the seventeen a stent house to maintain that outside Lane.
But every time that Stenhouse is moving down to side draft up with somebody like he did,
they’re going into turn with purpose on the bottom. In the one car, it just was not allowing
Harvey to get lined up to get close to Ricky Stenhouse. And he did, and he didn’t want
to turn him. Not now, seven cars in front of the field. Our vic is third in the second,
So here’s our Bush car to candy. Can’t question a chance to win a special edition Bush can
made from Kevin Harvick’s number four car. What’s Nascar’s super speed wife? Tweet your
answer and used Karna Can and Hashtag Bush content. Seeing a lot of side drafting as
drivers try to improve their position passing with the aid of the airflow Far, they are
trying to pass in the other Lane. Larry Max. Well, Mike, let’s use our fourth performance
arrow tracks to show you exactly what side drafting is. You’re gonna see when a car goes
toe, go buy another car and you go see the car, their approach and you see the airflow.
He moves against that car right there and what it does. See how it starts, putting a
lot of pressure on the rear spore and then that will open right there. What that’s doing,
It’s putting, dragging that car he’s trying to pass, and that allows him to go on bomb.
It’s not that the car that did the passing sped up. It’s that he slowed that other car
down. But what DW Jeff put Harvick is complaining about that may help Stenhouse, but it’s hurting
the overall line because he’s moving around so much. Larry, I’ll tell you what else is
certainly if you look at this separation from this lead pack back to this car right here.
Ryan lady, he is the first car that did not take four tires on that last Pit sequence,
he was able to write their break free and catch up to that group. But tires are making
a much bigger difference than I anticipated things they are. Fourteen laps to go in Stage
one. Kyle out in front of the Daytona five hundred from thirty first starting position.
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Bush Carter can that you can win throughout our coverage today. Turn to his calamity corner
in Daytona. Jamie McMurray was a late Pailin as Bubble Wallace got tangled up and put us
under the second caution of the day. Bush. Where is the number one? The black number
one right of your screen for Bush and forty three? You could see went upside, dropped
the seventeen odor. He and seventeen touch a little bit here. Yes, they looked like Kurt
Thought he could get clear. Get down in front of Ricky Stenhouse Jr just wasn’t quite there
yet. Jamie McMurray, in his final five hundred, could not avoid forty three above a Wallace.
He didn’t know which way they were going to go and get strong on Wallace with a bit of
a shove. Their from Tyler Reddick sends him right into the one of Kurt Busch
not seen Kurt Busch making a bunch of moves, and his car was actually working pretty well.
He made one move, trying to go a little bit further forward. Didn’t work out for behind.
You could see from Jonah. Wait. I almost wonder if it wasn’t the air that packs. We see this
so often. These cars are unstable. They are in the rear. Where just puts a little air
impacts it to that left rear as Kurt Busch was turning down. That didn’t start. Get him
sideways. Ricky Stenhouse on his radio said he did not make contact. I think we take a
closer look. See if first contact here. I felt like there might be a little bit, and
I don’t even know from this angle for going to be uptight. Um, it’s so so close now. Right
there. They definitely make contact. I think prior to that, it looked to me like the air.
There’s so much force from that era, two hundred miles per hour coming around the front bumpers
of these cars. It’s almost like taking two hands on right there. Look at that. I don’t
think I saw where that was later. Time stuck that up a little bit. Pretty close. Pit road
is busy as leaders come in. Regan Coming Harvard Pit Pit, wrote his biggest complaint with
this freeze cars. The guys in front of a won’t stay in a straight line so that you could
get a push and push them four tires for Kevin Harvick, Max and Ryan Blaney is in, he said.
The balance not quite as good. On this run, you could see they’re gonna make a chassis
adjustment. They’re going on the left side. His teammate, twenty two. Joey Logano’s in
the Jackman. He’s Is that Jack underneath? Because the clearance is so low with these
restrictor plate cars on, he’s away. Nineteen. You could see work going on there. Most of
the team from furniture row racing made that transition to the nineteen. Joking. Racing
A couple new crewmembers, though. Over the wall, Matt Tiff takes only two tires. The
rookie new two front row motor sports for Team. He’ll be the leader over Ryan Blaney
and Kevin Harvick. Let’s get the definitive look. Ricky Stenhouse said He did not touch
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Free, free free. Three. That’s right. Tax free is free. Free, free, free, free. Did
he or didn’t he? This view is from the Goodyear blimp. Right right here already. Kurt Busch
is getting a little bit loose just because that Eric talked about. But boy, if they touch
it, is just barely Mike. We’ve said many times you go to the corner and texted back on these
cards they’ve spent out. I think he might have just texting. Likely, Kyle Busch has
led more laps in the Daytona five hundred. Went outta Victory you want except Tony Stewart,
and he leaves his teammate Denny Hamlin restart green from the outside and rock slow in front
of Hamlin. A little bit surprised Joe Gibbs Racing teammates didn’t get his coordinated
to try to all get in line. You see Eric Jones leading that outside Lane. He knows how to
get it down here. One here last July, they told him when they come around six laps to
the end of Stage one. Here’s Hamlin’s radio prior to the restart each other. Gee, are
you guys talking about? Let her in. Maybe taking the top for going heavy and, uh, open
twenty four. Discussed up here for sure. Twenty for what? Twenty and then, yeah. Well, J R
Racing and Hendrick Motor Sports. And that’s an uneasy alliance of those Toyota’s Chevrolet.
That’s confirmation that they have definitely been talking, and that, to me speaks volumes
about what they’re up against. They felt like they were not able to get the job done on
their own alliances. Guys, there was a lot of talk in the garage this morning about two
organizations you wouldn’t normally expect working together toe work together. It’s pretty
obvious which two organizations that now they said they had to do this in order to compete
with sports today. I think it’s monkey See, monkey do when you see what these poor guys
have done. A hell of a guy last fall in Over here, the last couple of weeks. Last week
you got you got You got to know what’s going on and you gotta react and I think what we’re
seeing. We’re seeing a huge reaction for here. Back on the outside. Joey Logano in the twenty
two. Ryan Blaney, his Penske teammate in twelve. We’ve seen what this combination could do.
Those two nose to tail. That’s what won the duels here on Thursday. Twenty two cars pretty
bad, even by himself. You seem on the outside here and he’s able to maintain and maybe even
make this pass all by himself. He’s going to get twelve to help. Maybe that’ll help.
Don’t help him out. Pit Matt tipped in the thirty six car, making his first Cup Series
start after a couple of years in the Xfinity Series. Don’t forget. Less than three years
ago, he had surgery to remove a brain tumor, so it’s just a miracle in parts than he’s
racing at all. But it didn’t take you long to months later, he was back in the Car Xfinity
Series today, making his first start in the Daytona five hundred. I got to the front by
taking just two tires on that stop. Good move. Three laps to go to the end of Stage one.
This race is run in three stages. Points are awarded at the end of each stage, and then
we’ll have Pit stops and reset for the next one. Logano has caught the lead line there
in a place and not content with staying in line Rider on the outside of the nine of Chase.
Elliott really fast. He’s working at outside, and a lot of that’s been by himself. Bring
along Dr Bland, too. Looks like he’s going to get to the inside of a cell down the back
straightaway. Another four behind him. Daniel Suarez. Gonna lose a lot of spots and can’t
get down here. Twenty Logano again. Going to the outside of Ricky Stenhouse. Well, look,
Otto on Blaney. That’s the team that won their duel race here Thursday night. Joey Logano
with a big push from Ryan Lady, you’re close with two laps to go at the end of each stage.
I like the way you got twenty two car those. He can’t get out that outside all by himself
and work around the cars in front of it. Seems to have a really, really fast partner handles
really well when they put tires Ricky Stenhouse and Daniels Suarez pulling up behind the sports.
Every point is valuable. Throughout the season. We saw how important it was could get points,
get stage points are playoff points. So these guys are gonna be going forward to try to
get make something happen. I don’t know if they’re gonna be content just to ride in line.
Throw it in there under the seventeen to Ricky Stenhouse and its stock. So good move on his
part for his part. One more lap and they’ll wave a green and white Checkered stage one
Coming points. He knows how hard he had to earn their way to that championship form without
the points that some of the others he went up against eighty eight, drove up in front
of him and broke his moment. Um, I don’t know how that’s going to affect him against the
third turn here. See where he goes. Remember all week? We said, You can’t pass. Yes, you
can. Look at Kyle Larson, forty two. Where’d he come from? Home and on the outside. Gets
to the bush where we come watch his twenty two. I know he wants to drop down. Don’t think
he’s going to be able to, But it’s what he would like to do to end stage one into the
line. Kyle Busch, Alex Bowman, Joey Logano, Daniels Suarez and Ryan Blaney. I read a story
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gotta live with each other for thirty six weeks. The Daytona five hundred on Fox is
sponsored by Coca Cola zero Sugar Great Taste, zero Sugar and Buy Credit one. Bank, the Official
credit Card of NASCAR, perfect for race fans. Stage one in the books. Kyle Busch gets his
twenty first career stage when he had six of them in twenty eighteen. His older brother,
Kurt Busch, will get a free pass. He got went one lap down in that accident on lap fifty.
Mike, did you see the crowd here today? Unbelievable. Sellout crowd. Over one hundred thousand folks
here today to watch this amazing Grace Jamie on Alex Bowman in the eighty eight, doing
a really nice job car coming to him to still a little bit tight. So they’re calling for
four tires. Meanwhile, the eighteenth of Kyle Busch, he’s just asking for a catering. These
drivers are earning it today. It’s so warm, you see the tear apart the front very want
a pack of ice well, and a four tire stop. An interesting race off road fueled by Sunoco
variety of strategies there. Not everybody came to Pit road, but our stage one winner
is Katy Kyle Busch. I’m gonna need clarification on this space invasion. Max Rolls are infiltrating
your planet. They’re shape shifters. I’ve never seen anything like her. She’s just beginning.
You have no idea, Captain Marvel. Okay, prove you’re not a scroll. I was broken. I’ll do
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some fun for the race fans. Here look a beautiful aerial coverage provided by Goodyear when
your battles earn your name. Good year. The official tire of NASCAR. This’s incredible.
All the motor coaches that are parked in the infield, the people here camping out all the
people in the grandstands. This may be the biggest crowd I’ve seen here in quite some
time. Overall. Infield grandstand, the whole thing. And what a show they’re seeing so far,
this is a fantastic Daytona five hundred. Alex Bowman, Corey Lovejoy, Parker, Kligerman,
Matt Tipped in or a late stop before we go onstage to, so is Jamie McMurray and Kurt
Busch. Now the first thirteen driver’s Larry did not stop, Uh, chase. Elliott came in and
made a second Pit stop. What happened? Hey, came in and get a four time stop, Mike. But
what happened? Rear tyre changers. Air hose got hooked on the front tire carrier ofher
Jones twenty Crew, so they did not get all the lug nuts tight. That’s why he had to come
back to Pit road, you’re going to see it right there. He’s gonna come around and see how
his air hose is wrapped around the tire carrier. He’s still pulling on it, and that’s why they
had to come back in because all the lugs we’re not. We’re not tied. So Chase Elliott will
restart thirty four when we go back to green. First thirteen drivers did not stop because
they stop back at the caution on lap fifty going backto it. Larry was pointing out there,
those tire cares of changes says. They come over that wall. They with that hose to keep
it clear. A CZ. They come around the corner. He whipped it and it caught on the car behind
him in the tyre changer behind him of Eric Jones. Four fours at the front of the field.
Logano, Suarez Blaney and Harvey Daniels. Henrik the Lone Chevrolet. It’s all Fords
in the rest of the top ten. Castle, Dylan and Reagan. Those drivers who did not stop
picker guys defector from outer space helmets and socked over their face Stage two about
to get its first green flag. As the drivers approach, the Geico restarts own screenplay
swallowed up by Joey Logano on the inside and the four of Kevin Harvick Victory for
scoring, traveling at forty one car for the first time car Kurt Busch stroke last year
and he’s leading the Daytona five hundred. It’s gonna be a big thrill for him. I think
a potent combination is all these guys on the John Blaney. That’s a bunch of really
good race cars right there. Daniel hammering to step foot in the middle by Paul Menard
He’s the lone Chevrolet and it’s up there among these boards right now. That would be
an NFL. Not for long. Stores had a near miss just prior to that caution. He was behind
or around Michael McDowell. Mcdow got loose and swore, has had to avoid him. Graze the
wall a little bit, a little bit of scuff on those right side tires. Spotter Tony Ray’s
still Crew. They’re not too concerned, but there was definitely a little bit of who’s
coming right up behind him. Michael McDonald, maybe this time. Ryan Newman. Tell you what
the forty one car those for working hard on that outside. I think the fastest car here
has been pretty much always hard to get around. But maybe with help, they could do it. Maybe
spores could do it towards the front to Chevrolet’s first Toyota in the races ninety five. Benedetto.
I don’t know if he had any issue in a pit stop earlier in the race, but he faded to
the back. Now he find his way back to the front on the outside. Three wide. That ninety
five core of it. Oh, my Queen Crew team on that car. That thing is going somewhere. Voice
going to the front on the outside. Scottson. Help from Kyle Busch Fella, Toyota teammate
there behind him. Kind of funny after we run a little sixty, we’re here. What? We’re sixteen
laughs and now start start to move around a little bit, get a little more comfortable.
You start to move one Lane to the other, you start trying things wrong. First, six laps
in your belt, your great experiment a little bit. Let me see what I got here. Six cars
on the bottom trying to break away on the short way around five. Joey Logano, Ryan Lane,
Daniels Rather Kevin Harvick, Eric Al Merola and Paul Menard. Remember all those cars stayed
out on that last caution Did not come in to get tires. The end of the state’s Matt Benedetto
is actually the first car that under that caution, take four tires way saw under caution.
The issue with Chase Elliot’s air hose with tyre changer. Here’s Jamie. And this is Kevin
Harris. This is who had happened to base So by the rope and you still continue to change
tires. What does she see? Yeah, uh, you gotta always finish to stop. No matter what happens,
you’ve got a chasing, Erik fighting for everything and get out here. Typically big boxes here
in Daytona. But when those guys were that close. You messed up there. Stop! Way! Finish
it. Other than some hurt feelings, I’m doing just fine. So we’re good. We’re still out.
Job done by. Thank you. Could you hear Bucks went right around his neck. His drivers at
night. Mike, I think when everything even down everybody’s pretty similar tyres. I think
we’re seeing what we thought we might see way searching for six of them in front of
Pierre right now on their hooked up and looking pretty Daniels. Henrik first Chevy in seventh.
Eric Jones, the first Toyota in night. Stay right here. You won’t miss a minute of we
go double wide live from the Starlite. Too little, too late, Sokka Bam, Booth room. Love
is dangerous, but driving safe means you pay less switch and say yes, man. Excuse me, Miss.
Does this heart belongs to you? What you like way? Forty three months of anticipation. Everybody’s
in branding fire seats. Everybody’s in. Brandon hates games. The crew’s getting back into
race mode in the race shop. We’re building new cars. We gotta live with each other for
thirty six weekend. People are gonna get pissed off. There’s a lot of crazy maneuvers, guys.
With you way live for those intense situations. Second place is just the first loser. Oh,
my God. Becky, look at that crust at pizza for the ultimate cheesy crust with sixteen
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Motor Trend’s twenty nineteen Truck Coming now during Graham Truck month get an average
ten thousand seven sixty seven in total values on select All new twenty nineteen ran fifteen
hundred models in Dealer Stop our world famous entertainment Destination Motors. It’s the
fastest weekend America Tracy I’m on your side. No matter what, we’re not. The monsters
were the lucky ones. The passage all new. Tomorrow at nine on Fox, seventy four laps
complete as we were double line fuel window open to make it to the end of stage two. On
there were twelve takers, but two speeding penalties. Paul Menard and David Ragan. We’re
speeding on pit road under green Mike. I’m always surprised it got down to fifty five,
doing two hundred dollar down to fifty five down pit road. I’m surprised we don’t have
more speeders that Hamlet has his Pit box. They didn’t wantto Pit by themselves like
they are right now, but they didn’t get the car full of fuel on the last pit stop, so
they had no choice. Eulogy for him. He’s gonna have to hope to find a drafting partner when
he gets back out there. Leading the field, met Di Benedetto from California, jokingly
said. As a child, he came to the conclusion that he must be adopted because nobody in
his family had a racing background and all he wanted to do was race. He drove for a smaller
team last year, had the chance to move up to Levine family racing. Bob Levine made a
big investment in an alliance with you racing to Toyota car fast enough to lead the five
hundred. Like we always said, that that was an overachiever, that he got more out of his
equipment. Then he should weigh, always felt that he had a first place say they had a car
that could run up front, that he was a driver to get the job done today. I think there’s
a lot of smiles on folks faces seeing this guy get this chance, get this opportunity
that he’s worked so hard for. Can’t wait to see how the two thousand nineteen season unfolds
from Benedetto and Crew chief Mike Wheeler. I think that’s the key. Jeff got incredible
cure, achieved a lot of experience. Mike Wheeler wheels a calling. I think that’s gonna be
a good combination. Well, and as you noted earlier in the broadcast, like Wheeler, twenty
sixteen, Daytona five hundred winning Crew chief with Denny Hamlin and I asked him about
winning that five hundred, he said, I don’t hardly remember much about it because we were
so busy trying to get ready for the next race. He said, I’ll make sure I enjoy it a lot more.
This would happen to win, but they know that they have a steep mountain to climb, beginning
this team, rebuilding it from last year. And he is challenged. But, he said, We’ve got
good people and we’ve got him in the right place, and we’re seeing some of that today.
Wheeler came to the Cup series from the NASCAR Modifieds out on Long Island
seventy seven laps complete. How about a quick word from Duracell, this one trusted brand
that was quick. Matthew Benedetto, Kyle Busch shoot, Toyota’s leading the Chevrolets that
started on the front row. Alex Bowman from Tucson, Arizona. William Byron from Charlotte,
Michigan’s Eric Jones, in a Toyota, rounds out the top five thirty three cars on the
lead lap. Chase Elliott back upto six position on the previous running water temperature
and climbed up over two hundred seventy degrees. He was poking his nose out, trying to keep
a cool down. On that last stop, you saw the issue with the air host twenty. He came back
around Pit Pit because, you know, all that time, they didn’t have a chance to pull the
piece of tape off the left side of the grill to get more air to keep it cool. Bush on Pit
road. They have to clean up the back end of that car from crash damaged before NASCAR
Lane back out on the racetrack. Seventy nine laps complete. What should we do? I know you
got a good idea. Pit. They’re a little bit there a couple times faster. They’re there
behind that thing. Pit stop splashing goal for Martin Truex, trying to win his first
five hundred. He came closer than anyone has without winning a tenth of a second. Mike.
A number of teams hitting Pit road like Doc manages for a top off. A few of Martin Truex
Jr was one of those. They talked him up on field earlier. You twenty two when he did
his fuel, only he eased into his box. That’s why. Let her take a million extra second or
two trying not to slide those tires that they would have to change him. Regan. Jimmy Johnson’s
his boxes. Well, his race cars. Men just a little bit too loose in three and four because
of the sun fuel only for him as well. Johnson was screaming off. Turn for to get to Pit
road really had to jump on the brakes to get down to fifty five mile an hour mandated Pit
road speed. We saw in the duels. How crucial was to get on and all Pit road and execute
on Pit. If you were gonna come out and be in that like, those are all things you work
out in the previous races, Clementi or races. So you can hit that Pit road hot handy today
and be on the money. We saw guys practicing, Coming Pit practice yesterday. A lot of guys
that just, uh, verify their life, be sure they were spot on six cars in three Toyota
Re Chevrolet. Grass Valley, California’s Max Benedetto. What a great story. Changing his
fortunes. He left. He announced he was going to leave the thirty two last season before
he had a ride lined up. Convinced that way. Call these predictions. Who’s gonna win? Who’s
going to be the guy to beat today? I don’t think Benedetto is a guy that might be a dark
horse. It could witness, right? That’s true, But he did impress us do, and he did start.
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Dew is proud to support the efforts. Team will become Let’s do it. I wrecked my grandmother
and still win the Daytona five hundred. You kidding me? I’d like to think I wouldn’t Rex
somebody, but, um, I do about anything else. I’d shave my head for a year and one five
hundred every day was totally bald. Rocket. I want five hundred. I’ve looked weird, weird
looking, loving, sporting in a Sunoco suite. A fan? Ask Kyle Busch. What’s your strategy?
With five laps to go, he goes, Rick of all everybody laughed including, Well, Eric Jones.
He might look weird if he does that. But, man, you’ll have that trophy areas in fifth
place in his number twenty Chase. Elliott was it first thing this morning? I talked
him in the elevator is on the way to an appearance. He talked about his car about maybe hoping
he had more friends to draft with. He needed. He did get really animated. About one topic.
You got to take his dog It’s over to the beach this week, has a chance
to do that much. He hasn’t had the best of weak, so that might have been one of the better
parts of this week. But he’s having a dark. Gets a five hundred right now. When all else
fails, you get your best friend, which is your dog? Time for our next Bush Carter can.
Trivia question for your chance to win a special edition Bush can made from Kevin Harvick’s
number four car. What’s the on ly track that’s been on the NASCAR Cup Series schedule since
nineteen forty nine? Tweet your answer. Using the Hashtag Carter can push contest. Do I
get to use the stat guys to help me answer that? Go ahead, read it. We’re not a lie.
If you cut that out, take that board away from you. Every time there’s a question I
look over and you got the answer. We’re doing trivia and final practice. Yesterday on FX,
one on Jeff knew the answer to every question because they were provided to him over our
shoulder for the last one, which he couldn’t read. First I thought it was Paul Goldfish.
And now D. W. Thinks that I cheated everything back into the trophy that he got from Chase
Silly, that’s all last trace. The only good year building Charlotte Motor Speedway. Now
look at Denny Hamlin, who is back in twenty first Now. Regan. Guys, we got a little bit
of a developing story on Denny Hamlin’s race car. Take a listen to this. They didn’t start
trying to save a little bit of fuel here. Anyone trying to figure it out? But we don’t
think we got a man with a little wine with chicken broth that will have to goto right
now with Wow five date short. That’s huge. That’s a lot, Larry. Guys when I look at our
top six drivers right now, Matt Benedetto in ninety five car all the way back to chase
Elliott. Tonight. They’re the on ly six drivers. That’s not Pit now. I felt like maybe they
were going to split the stake in half, which would put it right now in the next lap or
two. But if I’m one of their Crew cheese, I’m looking at the lap times. Stay in uniform
like they are. They’re cutting laps over two hundred miles per hour. I would run until
I have the Pit, which is gonna be somewhere around one o five. Why break up a good thing
earlier? Right? Larry? This group of Chevy’s and Toyotas are half a second faster than
any group of Ford’s on the track right now, with the lead group is getting off of those
cars in front, but they’re getting a little sniff from group in front of him. Does this
just had some of their ability to come down pit road Coming back out, potentially in the
lead impressive conversation between the driver, the twenty four way and Byron and Chad. Can
I ask you to fix the car throughout the race, but good insight and communication from his
teammate Theeighty. Eight? Bowman asked Byron to give him a little bit of a gap in three
and four because his cars on the blue side he doesn’t want to swing out. Last time Chad
can housework with twenty four. Car five hundred was in nineteen ninety seven. He went to Victory
Lane with Jeff Court almost a year before William Byron was born. Pretty amazing. What
Jack and now this has been up to do, If you think about it in the sport, will be in a
fabricator tyre changer. And now look at him a seventh time. When he was working to Dion,
I was driving the one car. He was changing tires. They always said, I want to be a crew
chief Chan. I just don’t know if you have the personality and demeanor For that you’re
always well over the top. But he learned how to control those emotions apply on, and he’s
the master. I don’t care what you say ninety three laps complete were thirty three laps
into this sixty. Stage two and we’re gonna take your side by side. You realize your vows
or a Whitesnake song? Ideo. If you ride, you get motorcycle. Fifteen minutes could save
you fifteen percent. Morning. Forty drop first three months of anticipation. Everybody’s
in branding fire seats. Everybody’s in brand new paint schemes. The crew’s getting back
into race mode in the race shop. We’re building new cars. We gotta live with each other for
thirty six weekend. People are gonna get pissed off. There’s a lot of tracing the New Jersey
guys with you way live for those intense situations. Second place is just the first loser. Not
much here, except the usual. What if we spice things up a bit? Alexa, What if we turn it
up on that? What if we go off the main, The all new rap for Toyota? Let’s go places Wei
have finally reached our thrilling Finney. Finally, Fox Wednesday. Get ready for an emotional
roller coaster. Oh, my God, He’s amazing on America’s full blown pop culture obsession,
you very dashing for someone in a straight jacket way down to the Final five to unmask.
Mask Singer all New Wednesday on Fox. With a talk all week long in Daytona about how
fast the Fords are. Matt Benedetto’s Toyota has led the most laps so far. He’s been out
front twice now for a total of thirty eight of the ninety six last. That’s a head scratcher
way. He’s had a great week, no question about it. But we didn’t see this coming. And what’s
even more surprising is how few cars are in that draft that met Benedetto’s leading. Yet
they’re catching this huge back here in front of him often turn to. So let’s open the Forum
for our great Debate, sponsored by McDonald’s, about drivers who have a Daytona drought.
Martin Truex, Kyle Bush, Clinton Warrior. Brad has lost all but double digits, but Brad
trying to win the great American race. Who gets there first? I thought he was gonna have
a great day today, but so far not materialized out of nowhere. You really thought Clint Boyer
did a great job they’re doing, I thought, even though he didn’t win that duel, I thought
he learned a lot from what Joe and Donna did to get that lead, and he would take that into
today’s race. Right now, Kyle Busch is looking pretty good in second place. Jamie Kyle Busch
content right now running behind Matt Benedetto. Now remember Matt Benedetto and Kyle Busch,
for once. Teammates that Joe Gibbs Racing back in two thousand nine two thousand ten,
when they ran in the Xfinity. Siri’s and Matt and Kyle, good friends friendly with each
other. They know they can trust one another and, you know, right now radio into his team,
telling them not only what Max cars doing about what he is doing. He said he’s got a
four wheel drift into three. Important, but it’s interesting. Jamie. During the duels,
Matt cut Kyle Busch a break. I’ll need ID to get in, and Matt gave him the space to
do so. Kyle Busch texted Matt Benedetto afterwards and told him. Thank you for that, Matt told
me today, said Those are the kind of things that come back to help you when it really
counts. Maybe, like in the Daytona five hundred, boys, they just weren’t around Karl Laursen.
He had just had a miserable week down here. Don’t know what’s wrong with that car, but
it has not been up to speed. But Cal Arts is not giving up. Fighting hard on the outside
trying to side Jeff Kyle Busch right now. Matt Benedetto having great Daytona
five hundred, but he’s looking ahead of him and a gaggle of cars going What am I gonna
do when I get there? Half way sixty first Daytona five hundred? You think that little
bit of protein and a lot of carbs to the event told J. J. What about Michael? It is about
kicking in. I think so. Definitely working. Whatever Coming a Jeff to see what Matt does
with all these cars in front of him. I kinda have to be a really, really cautious here
and worked his way to here. Certainly no reason to take any risk in chances right now, knowing
that a Pit stops going be Coming, I think it’s Sandy Crew chief Mike Wheeler dinner.
He’s probably laugh, although many of you can right now. Denny Hamlin, who used to work
for a crew chief, is looking along South going Wait a minute. Is that you know, it’s interesting.
Benedetto and Mike Wheeler and their spotter, Doug Campbell, got together and watched video
because it’s the first time the three of them have all worked together. And they talked
about during different situations in the duel about how they would react. How the spotter
would call it what Matt was expecting to hear from the spotter during those situations.
I don’t know if they expected to be hearing it while leading, but this is a situation
exactly like what they prepared for. This is nerve wracking right here. You’ve got a
car witness race now. You’re in the middle of a bunch of cars here that you’re trying
to put a lap down and you’ve got to be careful, but be aggressive. You’re in rush hour right
there. There’s the ninety five. He is your leader. Look. Att the scrum that he’s involved
with. You know, guys, what I would be doing right now is the six Potter’s, the three for
these Toyota drivers and three for those Shiver shiver Lane Hendrik drivers. They need to
be communicating right now. Now be a good time to get in there and get the Pit road
because really the window there, there. Now they need to get in the pit road. But did
you see right there? How aggressive the forty two Larson was to try to stand the lead? Powell
pushed into the bottom to take the lead away from Matt Benedetto for into larcenies. Did
Benedetta goes on the inside, man, He is getting aggressive. You just you don’t know where
to go. It’s it’s a It’s a It’s a diet Rolling the dice right here, Mike, that’s exactly
what? Attaboy, William. Byron Spotter has told him we’ll be pitching in around six to
seven laps. So we need to get ourselves down here pretty soon. You can’t Pit from the outside
lane. One good thing about this pack of cards can save fuel. No way. You’re gonna be able
to run wide open right now. You have to work the throttle. So you can save a little bit
of fuel out, healthy or not, but you could. And if you’re wondering at home, why would
these guys get up there? Just move. That depended dental make. They want to put as many of these
cars a lap down as possible, because if the caution comes out or if they do the Pit, see
whatever happens more because you have a lock down less cars, you have to race for the lead
in the wind. Later. This radio thing about Larson I want to help, but he is all over.
Benedetto at forty two, right in the middle. Ryan Priest, rookie on the outside, big crowd
in his home town at the train station, Berlin, Conn. Tavern on the Tracks, all watching today.
This’ll situation right here got disaster written all over his dusty you just Well,
then, why not Pit now? Six of them lined up on the bottom. You’re right, Larry. They just
move themselves in the position. They all want Pit together. They said, Let’s get out
of this and go and come to Pit road. Here’s a Kyle Busch’s radio Wait way. Need him to
be a road leading way ahead of the other guys, we could let it go. David Ragan alongside,
eleven fourteen to go this time by still a lot of traffic. Those were good cars. They’re
trying to laugh. You’re great car. Easy head of that pack Coming. I thought for sure they
were Coming that time the way that they checked up from that Crew. Use discretion here. Truck
way in front of this whole earth inside that. Casey Mears. How did all those cars make it
through? Their cars coming up on these guys with Casey Mears have issued lost control
time today. Caution has wait for an incident. Linderman raced his way in with five hundred
kind of rubble been rubbing on his left career. There’s the Goodyear off, obviously split
from Casey mirrors number twenty seven. The second remain racing car. I might stop back.
Track. Car might be broken on that ninety six cars the way that we’re in was waving
around. Have a look in progress. Contact between the two around went Click. It’s so hard to
tell that ankle. On with the leaders on Russia. Well, that’s what. Yeah, right there. Twenty
seven years came up with the ninety six. Kligerman came down, but definitely contact. They’re
going into turn. One might be wrong. Check in, see, but it looks like maybe the rear
and was moving like a track. Barbara Baker is the one that’s not too happy about it.
Come up here and get some. I want to show you. What does this do for the drivers who
have not Pit yet? Well, they got a Pit mike because, remember, they pitted with fifty
eight laps to go in this stage if they had a Pit, and I know you don’t have a crystal
ball, but if they had a pitted, they would be able to be out there and probably keep
the lead of this race. But I think because of all the cars that were in front of them,
they’re gonna be way back in the pack, which is the handful of laps to go in the second
stage. Yeah, but if they put four tires on later, I think they drive up through their
Preeti Quick is a group because those other guys tires are really old. Here is fourteenth
place Clint Boyer’s radio. Right now, we stay out. Here goes our way. We’ll get a couple
of days point. If it doesn’t, we won’t get any. And there was no way to come get her
tires fuel now, right out there on the stage and get ready for the third segment. Wait
aboutthe. I agree. You want to win the Daytona five hundred you want against playoff points,
not worth the gamble Coming. Do what you gotta do. Set up for the end of the race again.
Their tyres. They’re so old they’ve been out there for such a long time. And I’m pretty
sure these others that are leading their going to come down get four tires. And I think those
four tires, because of the difference in in grip level, is going to make a huge difference.
Even with twelve laps ago. Eleven labs they’re going. They’re going to need eight or ten
laps to make it work. So I don’t know, would be interesting to see. When we go back to
green here, Max tipped will get the free pass. He was the first car one lap down at the time
of the caution. Running in twenty third, one hundred seven laps complete in Daytona. Max
Di Benedetto Kyle Busch headed out of Pit, rode along with you. Alex Bowman, William
Byron Chase, Elliott and other Spence, who had Matt Benedetto leading the most laps,
passed the halfway mark here in the Daytona five hundred. But they have been rock solid.
They didn’t want that caution when it fell. Kerr has been good. It’s gonna be a four tire
change. No other adjustments for the Benedetto Max Jamie Alex moment in the eighty eight
had some right rear quarter panel damage. Earlier, they fixed it up in his car. Just
so lose four tires. Stop. Meanwhile, eighteen Kyle Busch’s before you made a champion jumpin
air pressure for tires way environs and you could stand a little tighter side air pressure
change on the twenty four race off pit road. Kyle Busch out first in that caution, a big
benefit for Denny Hamlin. He had just passed Benedetto to get back on the lead lap before
the caution flag occurred so they’ll be battling for the lead. When we come back, you could
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I’d stay close. Good morning. Protected by floating shoots. A protected by Alan and Jamie.
Right. When you bundle home and auto get more than just savings, you get round the clock
protection. The Daytona five hundred on Fox is sponsored by Pizza Hut. No one out pizzas,
huh? And by the all new Chevy Silverado Strongest, most advanced Silverado ever. Field comes
by with ten laps to go in Stage two. Third generation racer Ryan Blaney leading Let’s
go to the studio for a monster energy race break. Hey, thanks so much, Mike Shannon spake
here with Ricky Craven and Bobby Laban E. You know, we talked all week if you thought
that was bottom line was going to come in during this race. And I think that came in
and it came in very soon. So it’s the fourth consecutive day of racing, and that always
has an effect on the racetrack. The Toyotas were relatively silent during the week. They’re
racing with authority today. They have a really good handle, maybe a little extra downforce.
Larry referred to that earlier, and it’s paying dividends right now. The heat of the racetrack,
the ambient temperature people haven’t lift. It makes for side beside race. And that’s
what we’ve seen. So that’s so good to see. And I’m glad that we’re doing that right now.
Also interesting to see those Chevy and Toyotas work together against the Ford. Let’s show
you how things have gone down. Of course. We started the race early on lap eleven. There
was a tribute lap for J. D. Gibbs, who lost his life last month, and Daniels, four, is
one of the former Joe Gibbs Racing. Team, forty one, has an issue on Pit road course.
He’s now with Stewart Haas Racing, and Korea ll enjoy the face. It was not. It wasn’t good,
right? We had a we had an incident. And then, of course, this guy’s exactly you know Tristan
house yet? Um, Kurt Busch going around the outside, A little bit of contact. I mean,
it was just barely, but doesn’t let off a little bit. Sure, I think so, yes, of course.
Kyle Busch goes on to win stage one, and we’re currently under caution as well. We’ll go
back out to Mike. Thanks, Shannon. Ricky Bobby Back in the studio. Ryan Blaney, third generation
racer. His grandfather Louie, Great Sprint car driver. His dad, Dave, world of Outlaws
champion and a Cup regular came real close to a couple in in Atlanta. A bribe for Bill
Davis and Ryan Blaney. Now with Team Penske’s out front. So you call him one of those guys
Ricky, Bobby, Or is it because it’s Ricky and Bobby? Yes, you notice. Thank you. What
a different Daytona five hundred for Ryan Blaney A. From a year ago. He led the most
laps in last year’s Daytona five hundred. See if you can get some of those laps led
here today. Here they come to the Geico restart zone. First four cars did not stop blaming
Kozlowski. Grease on Larson. Can Powell RCR a lot of credit for how far hard he fought
to stay on that lead. Laugh. Now they’re just hoping they can keep it under them for the
remainder of this stayed here. You know what? I’m impressed with that two car because he’s
got his teammate in front of him now on the two car. We have spoken much about Lasky the
whole race. But here he is. He finally worked his way to the front and stay there or not,
But he’s up there now. Will you talk to him in the pre race? One thing. Driver number
two does not lack confidence. Well, that’s for sure, especially on these tracks. Penske
Mustangs up front inside Blaney outside Kieslowski and Blaney cannot come up now. He wasn’t sure
he start to make the move, but then he realized he could pull up in front of his eyes so hard
from the spotters to clear those drivers looking head on. Those cars. You ride with Brian Priest
saying, looking ahead on his Ryan priest with a great job he’s been doing today. Stay out
of trouble. Has our adviser camera onboard give Nissen amazing shots. You want to know
what it’s like to be up front? The Daytona five hundred first Daytona five hundred? This
is it. That team is. Another team has made a huge investment in their team this year.
Better equipment. Better people, more technology, Brian says. Granddad built modified winning
cars. His dad race late models. He grew up in his father’s garage, handing him tools.
Look at that place. You talk about all the different obstacles. You’re going to face
the challenges here in the Daytona five hundred right now. One of those is that Blair and
that son, Coming through the windshield of turn for Mikey displays its momentarily. But
for a second or so, you’re blind. You can’t see anything in front of you back into shape.
Chase Elliott working underneath the number twenty of Eric Jones Chevy in a Toyota there,
David Reagan, just ahead on the outside and the thirty eight talk to again had not Pit
there on older tires doing a great job. William Byron has those tires being aggressive. C
now Erica Merola Coming into the picture right now, it’s not working out great for Larson,
nor is it for Joey Logano in that yellow, twenty to four. He was behind rookie Ryan
priests when they put him in the middle and he goes backwards like this. Just think about
El Merola. I mean, he had this race one last year all the way to the third turn, and here
you got a good shot here, grabbing the lead. I just have a feel. Maybe Ryan priest had
a big moment there when they went to shuffle him. He had to check out because he lost a
lot of spots. They’re in a hurry check with Matt on our leader, Mike Ryan. Blaney told
me he’ll always feel like a member of the Wood Brunner’s family. Ryan had a favorite
picture of patriarch glands from his driving days. Shortly after his passing, he sent that
image to his helmet painter, Jason Beam, who meticulously recreated Glenn’s helmet under
Ryan’s every detail, right down to the stitching and the leather look on the chin strap. Ah,
heartfelt tribute for such a special man. The last hill. But I saw that I didn’t have
my picture on it. Jimmy Johnson member. He had a helmet. He’s goingto got eighty three
wins and Bobby Ellis? How both have eighty for my picture. Once hot bodies on the other.
I saw that helmet. One way to do it. I want to know. Did you ever wear leather? Helps,
you know, messing race on the beach wearing leather helmets. But I did starts my uniform
and fireproof solution down here one year, five laps to go in Stage two. Larry the pits
will close with two to go. Expect anybody to come in under green before them. I don’t
fight because this this next stage is a totally different animal because, remember, it’s gonna
be eighty laps and everybody will have to Pit once. I feel like that that you may see
some guy stay out. But if I was Crew chief of any of these cars, I’d come get four fresh
time because I may have to go forty laps on him once we go back. Grayson in Stage three.
How about the third place car? Eric al Merola, Jamie. So last week, Mike Ertel Merola posted
a picture on Twitter was the moment when he was turned into the wall at the last lap of
the Daytona five hundred. Dollars, said redemption. I talked to him and his team. They brought
the same set of Ran at Talladega last fall, and they won that race, so they were pretty
confident coming in. But this ten part, it’s getting better as well. If he did cause a
hell of a mess right now, it’s all like because this is the way they’re all bunch stuff here.
Talk to him this morning, he said. I just want a chance to be in that front group on
the last lap. You know why, Mike? Because think about Air Camero last finished fifth
in points. Any one race. I think he really helped this confidence in the team. May believe
in him. Thank you guys keeping out overheating. That’s Ricky Stenhouse Jr could be. Or Harvey
one of those cars. Yeah, maybe it’s tricky stuff with these guys. They were really close
in the draft, and we know what happens when you’re that type. Just no air is going to
get to that radio. There is going to start over heat. I don’t see you down the back straightaway.
See Pit, sir Closed. Ryan Blaney led one hundred eighteen laps last year, most of any driver
and one stage to one year ago. Kyle Busch was our stage one winner for Toyota Ford Mustang
out front right now in the top two spots Top three, Chevrolet four slice and dice in trying
to make something happen here coming to the stage. William Byron in the twenty for our
pole sitter looking around on Brad Kozlowski. He’s got a run on the two but holds his team
to get to the line of his last really bottom there. I think those four tires they’re going
to pay off here. If if ten of Eric Alma rolling his bumper, he might get a run on Ryan Blaney
here. I think he’s going to get boxed. Final lap states, too. Everybody jostling for stage
points right here. It’s a Lane. He’s gotta worry about himself, like the help, but he
just can’t do it. It might jeopardize him winning his stage. He’s going what he’s got.
William, Byron Shelley was right there, and he did a great job blocking the bottom Lane.
Topside, Ryan Blaney brings it out of the green and white Checkered Stage two in his
Penske for like you helped you. Can you have your teammates? But when it means it’s gonna
hurt you, you’ve gotto just worry about yourself. Ryan Blaney with the Mustang out front with
eighty laps to go in the Daytona five hundred. He’s our stage two winner. We got to do what
they say he’s found. Whatever party you got going in the back, we get the business of
Wow. Right. He’s cheesy. Bacon fries are tremendous. I know Crispy bacon is the best thing to ever
happen to the fries. What? Mr Fries show Donald’s world famous fries frequent bacon. Or is the
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Let’s slow it down here with a special discount for a special girl. Daniels, this one. Stage
two of the Daytona five hundred complete seventy nine laps to go. Ryan Blaney one. The second
state last year, repeats in that position in his Penske for, and here they come to Pit
fraud. Leave lapped cars Aaron, Jamie and Eric Al Merola in the ten. The call is hot
dogs who want to see what that means. He’s a little bit tight, but definitely better
as he ran in the front car handles better that to a Brad has locked in as well. He said
He’s a little bit loosen, but overall the car is better. So as the sun is starting to
set, cars are better. Max and the twenty four William by when he says This is the best the
car has handled all day. You didn’t didn’t really want many changes, if any at all. Twelve
of Ryan Blaney service already complete. Blame me a little bit on the tight side by side.
On the three side, they made two different changes. Trying to tighten him up way dollop
our states to win a Ryan Blaney. Hey, Ryan, this is Jeff up. Fox Sports Book. You got
me. Well, congrats on that. States to win, men. It’s been a wild race. Has certainly
been a very entertaining from up here. Uh, tell us about how it’s going for you guys
down there. No congrats on that stage, Watery. I’m really happy. You know, you guys are happy
or not training a job. And I was like, the bottom is a really, really bad Lane. You kind
of twitching. You sometimes topple, pulled away by Karl inflicted in the days. And then
the bottom came right back. So it’s been a really exciting right way to go from the back
to the front now in the back of you so think Arman are four months. Wade, wait through
there. We got a hand behind it tryingto team up. What you doing in the next booth? Oh,
we’re definitely enjoying it. I’m sure the fans are at home. Have a good one the rest
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Oh, my God, Becky, look at that crust at pizza for the ultimate cheesy crust with sixteen
pockets overflowing with melted cheese. Seventy six laps to go in the twenty nineteen Daytona
five hundred. Kyle Busch in a Toyota. Ryan Blaney in a Ford for our two stage winners.
Now we run to the checkered flag. And in seven of the last ten Daytona five hundred’s race
winner had not yet lead the Daytona five hundred. Tune in to The Simpsons tonight on Fox at
eight seven Central for a special sneak peek of the new movie Fighting With My Family.
Dwayne the Rock Johnson Paige, who is featured in that movie and the rest of the W W E family
will join us on the Fox Sports Family. This ball WWF Smackdown moves toe box Friday nights
beginning October fourth. We’re about to have a smackdown in these final seventy five laps
of the Daytona five hundred. Way still have thirty cars on the lead lap Now. The nine
cars in front did not Pit under this caution flag for the end of stage two. Getting ready
for the restart. Here’s our aerial coverage provided by Goodyear When your battles earn
your name. Good year. The official tire of NASCAR pole sitter William Byron in a Chevrolet
with Eric Forward out front. Stenhouse, Harvick, Suarez and Ford’s. Jimmy Johnson, Chevy Logano
and Boyer and Mustangs Chase Elliott in a Camaro. Max Benedetto in a Toyota. That your
top ten through the restart zone and green flag. I think you might be getting a gang
up on here. You got that hole inside Lane there. Daryl affords plus four Kevin Harvick
on the outside, but got Jimmy Johnson Chase Elliott back there. They can help Johnson
in the forty eight, just two cars behind Byron. If he could get their help. His Chevrolet
teammate Kevin Harvick, behind the barn. And that’s a pretty good show right out front.
Nice move. Well, don’t forget our poll center. His car has shown the most speed in any of
our practice sessions. Now it’s all about getting help as well as having a good handling
car. Being out front definitely will help all those things. Fresh air. And when you’re
in front, get the most down. Everything is working perfectly in your out front. Our stage
winner, Ryan Blaney, is back in twelve. Remember, he was one of the cars that Pit that bright
yellow and blue car on the outside Lane. His crew just tweeted a picture of a five dollar
bill they found stuck to the grill when the car came in fifth. That’s not lucky. Sure
beats a lucky penny way. Take the five Bucks. Really? Pizza Hot dog wrapper, kid. Hot dog
shoot now. Side by side for the lead. With finishing on look a lot like this when we
get down to it cause these guys running close together, side by side, no Lane seems to have
an advantage. I think we heard Blaney say pretty good. You think the bottom forget it’s
really moving back. Just go back to the beginning of this race and I think, young lawyer fire
and he went to school a little bit. We talked about that, that he might do that. He wasn’t
side drafting that inside Lane the first time they shuffled him out. Now, this time he did.
Side draft Papa Bear camera takes the lead. Instead of going to a commercial break, we’re
going to take you Toyota all out right along here with Eric Jones winner Hear Daytona last
July. Tones in fourteen, but Benedetto is continues to impress. He’s running in the
top ten right now, running eighth, and he is hanging there with veterans and everybody’s
doing a heck of a job. Pit well in their picture has done a phenomenal job. Well, rock solid
again. On the last stop, they took left side tires on Lee on that stop along with gas.
They’re gonna have one more stop to make, and I talked with Mike Wheeler, the Crew chief,
he said. We’re only going to need one can of fuel in that final stop. So only take two
way took left side this time. If it all works according to plan, we take right sides with
one can of fuel in the final stop, and hopefully that will get us where we need to be. Kyle
Busch of the top ten, There’s Denny Hamlin, who rebounded fifteenth right now. Hamlin
had the benefit being just in front of the leader when the caution flag came out. Remember,
they’re having some issues on Pit road, getting that car full of fuel. We’ll try to find out
if they’ve got a full on that last pit stop. Well at twenty one Car crazy Mark Church Jr.
Get shuffled back on the outside Lane. Paul Menard is shot right about him. And we’re
gonna take your side by side. Super cool toe have super back twelve. Super is back and
better than ever. And I was very jealous of any one of my friends at Owned a super road
drove one for finally to be back on that scar circuits is gonna be really, really cool as
well, to get my chance to drive the super. Now I’m gonna get to see one actually, on
the race track is is really awesome, really excited about having super back and can’t
wait to get on the race. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to that, hopefully
being ableto take it to Victory Lane. Watch the new Super next Saturday in Atlanta in
the expended Siri’s and thanks to Toyota for that fallout competition segment. William
Byron has his hands full with Kevin Harvick firings. Teammate that Henrik Cheviot. Jimmy
Johnson is trying to get up there on the outside to help Byron got a little bit of a lead off
to there. Look, I got way out from the pack, but that Chevy right now I think he’s running
pretty fast. He’s working both sides of the street. Kevin Harvick in second final push
CART can trivia question for a chance for you to win a special edition Bush can made
from Kevin Harvick’s number four car. At what racetrack did Kevin Harvick win his first
race with Bush? Has his primary sponsor. Tweet your answer. Using Hashtag car to Cannes and
Hashtag Bush contest? Michael, take something else is happening. It’s five fifteen detracts
cooling down. Some of the tracks start to get a little shade on it. That’s going to
change the way these cars handle. That could be a benefit to selling Truck with Handling
problems might be a benefit to some of these fellas who just got hire. Good day. Good day
to work in your favor, for sure, but Ryan Lane e in that group. I mean, I think now
to me it’s all about what’s going to happen in this final stage. Four tires and most fuel
you could get. It’s only going to help you put less fuel in it. On your next stop, Regan.
Right before the last caution, we saw a number four with the number seventeen car Ricky Stenhouse
Jr lined up with Kevin Harvick. There was some smoke coming out of one of those cars
from steam out of the engine. It was seventeen car Ricky Stenhouse Jr. They are not concerned
about that. Temperatures came down, but the four car Kevin Harvick also had a temperature
spike right there. Something to look out for is this race gets to the end and things get
dicier closer. Well, his attempts cool down. That’ll help that condition. But listen more.
You can put on the grill in these cars and close up faster. That thing will go, and that’s
what we’re trying to do. Biggest mover since the last restart. Ryan Newman. Up to you,
Heretic David Ragan, Palm in our tithe cars among the thirties or on the lead lap. But
think about this. A twenty one year old kid in a twenty for car sat on the pole and he’s
driving like a veteran like he’s done. It’s no life for love in all the fore graph. Really
doing a sweet job. Nice shot. He’s a great student. He really retains a lot of information,
and I think he’s really been learning over the last year. Wait down here for Speed Week
Jr of Liberty University. He’ll be back in class tomorrow morning unless he’s celebrating
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two laps to go in the Daytona five hundred. Here’s how the Coca Cola family of drivers
is faring. Daniels Suarez and Joey Logano, both in the top ten. Logano’s led eleven laps
today. Denny Hamlin right up there in the midst of lead lap. His Kyle Larson, Ryan Newman
and last year’s winner, Austin Dillon, still on the lead lap here six years ago, William
Byron, the race leader, had never sat in a race car. He had spent several years sitting
at home in front of his computer. On I Racing, his dad said, You want to try this for real.
You bet I do. They took him to the little quarter mile at Charlotte Motor Speedway.
Put him in a legend’s car. He started winning right away and then the island hop. NASCAR’s
ladder to the top. One year in the K N N serious rookie of the year in Champion. One year in
the Truck Series. Rookie of the Year. One year in the Expended Series. Rookie of the
year in champion last year. Rookie of the year in the Cup series. And now he’s trying
to win the Daytona five hundred six short years. What a career like that was just that’s
threading a needle for Clint Boy here. Just dropped down in front of twenty two car. I
thought for sure that was going to turn him around, getting a little dicey Rector. But
you know what? There’s two guys that I think have souls wearing one of on the Rhine, Blaney’s
other. So they have so much more experience than their age Their age should allow them
to have. I think it’s growing up in the race and family helps him watch the fourteen here.
Let’s see. Clint Boyer’s on the top gets a big run goes to the outside side, drafts Logano.
He gets a little bit loose. He sees himself Coming upon the forty eight. Get down. I don’t
think he had any idea just how much how little gap there was to shoot down from the twenty
two and Boyar hit two hundred two miles an hour during that move. Well, that’s attempts.
Air cooling down the tracks cooling down. The cars are picking up speed. What that means.
There are harder to drive when you go fast, like the faster you go, the harder they are
to drive and the tempers air going short. Pirates continue to lead this race, he’s going
to have to battle instead house, not a guy that’s content by being back there a few rows
back. He’s making big moves. This’s mentally exhausting year. You’re constantly making
decisions. And your mate you never get a change to risk physically. Maybe your muscles aren’t
giving out, but your brain is constantly working, thinking about my next move. Anticipating
now in William Byron’s Mirror, his boyhood hero, Jimmy Johnson, Jimmy Johnson almost
was clear of Kevin Harvick. There chose not Teo really risk it at that time. Probably
a smart move at this point in the race, but closes up on the rear bumper of the twenty
four William Byron, his teammates. That sounds pretty steamy right now. Harvick, trying to
told Matt to Benedetto up to the front with William Byron leading the Daytona five hundred
with fifty eight laps to go from his teammate Jimmy Johnson. My car has a cup holder to
hold this delicious. Coker’s calling probably drive one handed you’re watching the Daytona
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by Credit one bank, the official credit card of NASCAR, perfect for race fans. Fifty four
laps to go in the Daytona five hundred. Jimmy Johnson, new sponsor. New Crew chief, didn’t
win a race last year, his side by side with his young teammate for the lead. Let’s have
a look at today’s credit one. Bank one’s toe Watch Jeff. While this great battle is going
on up front, somebody’s lurking back there. Seventh position. Kyle Busch. This is his
fourteenth of Tip. He’s never won the Daytona five hundred, but he’s won. Everything else
is today. The day Jeff Jimmy Johnson comes to Daytona. I think motivated more than any
driver in the field. It’s been fifty nine races since he won a point trace. The question
was, Who would win first? Chad canals? Jimmy Johnson, My money’s Ono. Seven time. Let me
put this in perspective for you. Mike Wheeler is Matt Benedetto’s Crew. CI The first time
Denny Hamlin and Mike Wheeler went Victory. Lane was right here in Daytona couple of years
ago, keeping an eye on that underachiever because he’s doing a great job today. Benedetto
Last week, Kevin Harvick’s Crew chief, Rodney Children, had the royal Pit strategy to win
the class. They didn’t take advantage of that and put him out front. He told me today he
keep that car out front all day like he has already. Joey Logano had the winning move
on the last lap here Thursday night. He’s finished in the top six in the last four five
hundred, including his Victory in twenty fifteen Lane extra credit. One bank wants to watch
fifty two laps to go. You know, Mike, I was thinking back to Roger Penske on our pre ratio,
and Roger has a saying you have to exceed expectations to be successful. I believe Max
Benedetto is exceeding expectations, and I believe he’s going to be successful. Clint
Boyer, Audio car Fortin Wait, you’re talking about They came up on a slower car, and when
you’re running side by side like his tires are starting to get worn, fuel level’s going
away. You’re in a heated battle. The last thing you want is to have to go three wide
in the middle of the corner, around with the slower cars. Mike, I’m serious. My tape, it’s
all mammal. It’s not physical. This place is not where you out physically, but it wears
you out mentally. And as the race comes down there in the end, you’ve got to be able to
control your emotions. You get upset about something now, and it’s not gonna do you any
good cost. You win fifty laps to go. Only five in the last twenty years has the leader
with fifty laps to go. One five hundred. We’ll go side by side not much here, except the
usual. But if we spice things up a bit, Alexa, what if we turn it up? What if we go off the
main? The all new rap for Toyota. Let’s go places to the fans who’ve been here from the
beginning and the new ones along the way. Today’s witnessed history on those who made
their own. You made the last fifty years go by fast, and we’re not slowing now. THISS
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race. NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series way. Load up and head to Atlanta Motor Speedway.
Folds of honor. Quick Trip five hundred is next Sunday, February twenty four. Coverage.
Twelve thirty. Eastern on FM one continues at one thirty p. M. On Fox at Clark and his
folks have a fair weather guarantee. So go ahead and buy your tickets and we’ll see you
in Atlanta next weekend. Mike expects in the same kind of racing next week with all the
new aero package everything. Here’s your progressive race. Summer forty seven to go. Seven different
leaders. Still thirty cars on the lead lap, eleven way changes. Five cautions for eighteen
laps. Matt to Benedetto has led forty nine and William Byron is now thirty five laps.
Second most. Larry. Yeah, when I look at nine cars that are out there that pitted on lap
one away, which includes Top six cars, they’re gonna have to come here in the next two to
three laps, which will be somewhere around forty two forty five to go. Now. The drivers
that pitted on lap one twenty two, which would include Matt Benedetto, they can go about
another ten or twelve laps. They’ll have Pit somewhere around thirty five to go. But expect
William, Byron and the top five or six to be in over the next two. Three laps. Wait,
This has been on Team twenty for strategy. We’re gonna have to help me there yet. How
you do, it is exactly perfect. That son may body very. It won’t last long because the
sun will go down and go away. But when it gets in your eyes, you’re literally blinded.
When I tell women by right now, don’t worry about what’s on your windshield. Just pay
attention to your beer. So you’re going to see right here. I’ll be right there. Disporting
instant. Kind of hard to see where you’re going to go away pretty quick. Within the
next three to four minutes, that sun will drop behind the grandstand plan. Brendan Gaughan
gets run into by Austin Dillon. Obviously, printing got back. He was speeding in that
first segment, decided to get on the brakes. Well, that was miscommunication, broths and
Dylan’s camp. They told him. Pit now, Pit now and then. As soon as he tried to get down,
he was blocked. Danny Stockman said. No stands down. He had already committed. So now we
write damage. If you’ll only stop for last year’s Daytona five hundred winner, not my
statements. In front, that car surprised Ty Dillon and Foolish also Pit road. Then they
finished service sixty two. No takers this time. Mike, I’m trying to figure out who’s
got the best car. Who’s, you know, A little something back. We saw joint gonna do that,
his qualifying race. But that twenty four car has been able to drag these guys around
here pretty good without anybody really challenging race today. Who has won the Daytona five hundred
driver? Twenty two Truck, eleven laps. He’s got a fast car, but I don’t know about all
these cats Get leader. No, how this thing’s anything but over. There’s a lot of racing
still left to go here. Forty three laps to go. Here is a quick work from Doris. This
No one trusted brand. Now a single file breakout as they work like traffic. My car’s in single
file before the pack. One sec. William Burn here. He’s leading a Chevrolet, but behind
him, Johnson is fourth in his shirt and arrest that we’re pulling along the boards in front
of people right now. Coming forty one laps to go. Wanna peel off early if you’re Coming
and some of them are punching him Did not goes around. Try sliding out of control. B
J. MacLeod brings out the caution Stenhouse has wrecked on Pit road with Tyler reading.
Another car is sitting littered in the grass on. We’re under caution. That is the two that’s
Cody went red and got the left tire of Jimmy Johnson and Jimmy get in his Pit stall. That’s
one of the most difficult things in the world to do is run in two hundred miles an hour
and try to get on Pit road under green conditions. Wait. See Stan house too close to the Pit?
Well, I don’t know if they’re going to even be able to get the left side up on that car,
Tyler Reddick out of the Xfinity Series involved in that, we’re going to watch the red number
fifty two of Cody Where and BJ McLeod in the fifty one Coming into frame here at the top,
there’s Tyler Reddick on them in their first five hundred start and it’s on. I just wonder
if the club was trying t get load up. And I think Cody where had no idea he was coming
to pit road and you’re right. Jimmy Johnson did get collected in that three drivers. Daytona
five hundred rookies get filed anywhere. Just go. Fifty one of the just just got the back
room and turned him into that group that took the whole left for quarter panel off Jimmy
Johnson’s car and there’s your cars. They’re slow it down trying to get a pair of forty
eight there at the bottom. Yeah, he wants his heretic gets turned sideways. This right
here. Quarter panel, man. What an incredible shot scene. The debris we could see. The rear
bumper of the forty eight is stuck in the deck plate of that Reddick’s car came into
Johnson’s like a cheese grater and just took the whole look what’s left. I mean, this is
big trouble because they’re gonna have a hard time put feeling it. They’ve got to make those
repairs. That’s pretty heavy damage. J. MacLeod picks up a bunch of turf because of the position
of the stopped cars, Pit road is going to remain close here. Toyota. Let’s go places.
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look at that crust at pizza for the ultimate cheesy crust with sixteen pockets overflowing
with melted cheese. The Daytona five hundred on Fox is sponsored by Toyota. Let’s Go places
and by Geico, official partner of NASCAR. Bad Day for Rick Ware Racing Rick Son Cody
in the fifty two and BJ McLeod in the fifty one. There’s the twenty four William Byron
staying out and everything is nice and orderly now Coming Pit road. Until cars further back
square and MacLeod tangle. They collect Reddick in the whitened green car he slams into Jimmy
Johnson and four CarsDirect. Really unfortunate. I’m still trying to figure out where the miscommunication
is between the forty eight of Jimmy Johnson, twenty for our leader, William Byron, you
would have thought they would have pitted together right there. Oh, my gosh has big
hit to the forty eight, But that comes all the way up and gets into the rear bumper of
the seventeen and into the side of Stenhouse. Larry Mac. There is so much missing on the
left rear of Jimmy Johnson’s number forty eight. What can they do? Well, it’s It’s gonna
be a mess, Mike, because we’ve been looking at it on a different camera camera angles.
And their biggest issue is I don’t see how in the world they’re going get fuel in that
car. That’s the biggest thing. They’re gonna have to work home. Remember, they can’t replace
the quarter panel based on the damage vehicle policy, but they’ve got to get that fuel receptacle
up there where they can get fuel in it. See that this fuller is knocked forward on the
left side here, A lot of damage. Larry looks to me like the dry break receptacle for the
fuel is still their yachts hanging at an odd angle. But could they fuel it like that? Yeah,
it’s gonna have to beast supported Mike, because that’s a lot of pressure when you try to engage
that fuel. Can you see him doing here? They’re interesting here. What? What’s going to be?
And you saw it there. I think somebody was actually holding me while he was trying to
engage that can. What’s gonna be interesting with the strategy here? Remember what I said
at the top of the show strategy by the crew chief to get your driver up front, Everybody
has to Pit here. I think you want four times. But don’t be a bit surprised to possibly see
Cem to Tower stops. Thanks, Larry. Now to answer Jeff’s question, let’s we listened
in on William Byron’s team. Keep it on the seventh. He might be pitting Coming too late
to do two fingers on the window Coming Pit road. But he didn’t do it for wave, so I don’t
think Coming. Well, they’re keeping a secret. Not going to get run over from behind. Nobody
knew. So what I wonder about this is I believe the forty eight wanted to come with the seventeen
and Pit together. But I don’t know how William Byron is supposed to see. All that happened
off a term for that is such a difficult call to make. If you don’t care how experienced
you are to make that call and try to see somebody put hand out the window behind you, that needs
to be communicated among spotters and as well on the road. Yeah, was the leader of the race.
They’re going to get this car back out if it’s leaking fuel from that dry break apparatus.
Pit road is open for the leaders, and here they come. Regan. Kevin Harvick only had one
request, he said. All’s I want is track position for my race car and a quick pit stop. It’s
ninety five. A matinee Benedetto. He’s led the most laps. Today, he’s pitting from third.
Everything is fine, he says. It will be just right. Sides and gas to the end. For ninety
five. Jamie Tile first, twenty nine left a little bit loose cynically. Otherwise good
fast stop Matt twenty fours in. They are going to go for four tires. Top him off with feel
eighteen, eleven, twelve. All going. Ah, A little bit of trouble on the left, rear finally
away. Ah, a lot of trouble. Who said Kyle Busch was one way to know he has the best
Pit Crew on Pit road? They’ve proven it time and time again. They’ve just prove it right
here. I told you he was lurking. A lot of damage, but still a lot of cars contending
to win the Daytona five hundred. Only one movie is surprising audiences everywhere.
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go in there. Show. I thought you were already told me. You said you were really good. Curry.
I did not say that. I said I did care. Oh, you did, Carrie. Okay, look good. And you
saw that scowl at Martin Rex’s face too fast. Entering on Pit road. So was Ryan Newman.
And Austin Dillon had too many men over the wall. The defending champion of the Daytona
five hundred on here’s the Little Daytona five hundred Radioactive. Five hundred miles.
Forty drivers over two hundred miles an hour. There only be one guy fulfilling a dream at
the end of it. I love you. A proud I look for these veterans to pounce and take these
young kids to school early on in this Daytona five hundred. I got you there, everybody.
Have a good day after you know how to do. God take care of him. Road looks to laundry.
Any green flag? Green flag. God damn it! Here’s the one they’re cracked up here. Back down,
Back down! I freaking stuff. But I’ll get it. Yeah, it did. Nothing. Did everything.
The job right there. I was worried you’d get on the crab and try to stay out of it. Is
that you were gonna roll that Those under way Radioactive is my favorite feature on
a NASCAR race Up weekdays, six PM on f s Want every Tuesday radioactive. Oh, I love it.
Toc Wow! Did you hear that? Jimmie Johnson getting a penalty on Pit road? Yeah, what
happens is the fueler is only allowed to fuel the car, and I believe what I heard was that
a fueler field the car went back. Grab some tape or something to work on the car. Can’t
do that. So Jimmy Johnson being held on Pit road check with guys. A quick call by Ricky
Stenhouse Jr. Stretchy Brian Patty to back him up. After that car got hit, he was going
to pull back on the racetrack. They backed him up. Service that race car. Very minimal
damage to his car. That’s how he ended up with all this track position just now. Brian
Pattie being really quick. William Byron let forty four laps today, but he comes out eighteenth
after a long stop. Now ready to go. Michael McDowell in a front row. Motor sports for
that team has moved out of Statesville, North Carolina, down closer to the hub of NASCAR
in Charlotte for larger facilities because they’ve expanded to a three car team this
year with Matt Tift. But here’s the Glendale, Arizona, native upfront, with Jamie McMurray
in one ofthe ride for Spire Motor Sports slash chip canasta racing a damaged car as Jamie’s
talked about throughout the telecast and free race next week, he trades aspire suit for
business suit and joins our NASCAR team Fox Sports tradition. Granted, you won’t know
how McDow got this lead. He was the one that survived getting on Pit road. Got on Pit road
before the caution came out. Did his four tire stop and all that carnage that was going
on around him. Now he’s the leader. First time he’s ever led to five hundred good right
out of your plate racer. Been a tough day for Kurt Busch. He’s eleven laps off the pace,
but he’s done a great thing we want to tell you about this season. Curtis partnered with
the Veterans Ticket Foundation to form K B one hundred ticket giveaway Kurt is paying
for and giving away one hundred tickets to every NASCAR race this season to current and
former military members. For more information, visit vet tix dot org’s There were thirty
two hundred requests for the hundred tickets for the Daytona five hundred, and Watkins
Glen International has already stepped up and said they will add one hundred tickets
to Kurt’s one hundred. What a grand gesture. I agree. Well, maybe the thirty four McDowell
did not cross the line before they shut the Pit road way Thought he was the leader. I
know he was on Pit road, but maybe that cost you came out just before he crossed the line.
We had a couple of top ten finishes in the five hundred. I don’t think that’s going to
help many, though. Both Michael McDowell and Ricky Stenhouse, Are you back for that reason?
So make Murray actually came into Pit. I believe that latte before all that carnage happened,
and that’s why he’s the leader. Because that’s exactly what happened. He Pit itl at one fifty
eight and we’re looking right now. Michael McDowell. He did not make the light Intern
Pit road. It was red when he got to the line. Thank you, Larry. Going green this time. Thirty
three to go. This is This is gonna be a penalty to somebody. I don’t know who they’re going
to give you. I saw unexpectedly yesterday. When they came to like this, they were penalized.
You must be too lined up on restarts. You’re supposed to be anyway, way by somebody must
have been the nine away it looks. Look at the damage on the right front of that number.
Forty. Jamie McMurray. Can you believe he’s leading the Daytona five hundred that? No,
I can’t. I don’t know if he’s going to stay that long. I don’t think you’ll lead it long,
Mike. That’s a lot of damage, and he can follow pretty good, but be hard to be out. Wouldn’t
that be something his final race here in the Daytona five hundred? He’s won this race before.
He knows how to draft, but he’s got a lot of damage. That damage doesn’t hold them back
too much. He might stay there. You can’t see the damage from the driver’s seat down Mike,
this race right now with just a few laps to go. Not for a while and crazy three wives.
We have seen three wide all day. What do we got? Three wives. So much for single file.
We better get our Benedetta while on the outside. They’re making a move around Lane in twelve
thirty two laps to go. It’s time to go. That’s I ninety five. That runs alongside the track
in number ninety five’s up there on the highway first number ninety five just thought about
that. The recent past three. Start as no penalty. Good news for somebody. This’s when it gets
nerve wracking right here. You feel the vice tightened man. Danny Hamlin. Nice side draft
off the quarter panel. Jamie Murray shoots out to the lead plane in the middle of twelve.
He’s got help from Menard and Joey Bush. Cop. McMurray sleeping there just a little bit.
A great push from his teammate Jones behind him. But as soon as you say, nobody will go
there, he’s one of your Toyota top performers. Denny Hamlin, the Leader way. Haven’t talk
about Alex. Where’d he come from? There he is, up there a second, right behind me moment.
Way back like fifty sixty for a long, long time. Denny Hamlin did not win a race. Last
year. He won the five hundred sixteen, beating Martin tricks to the line by a few inches.
A change of heart because we talked with Mike, we’re going over to Benedetto. So you know,
they there’s a lot of pressure on Denny Hamlin right now. Wouldn’t that be something if you
get back into Victory Lane and it being the day could be something right now just finishes
a five hundred guys getting well, man getting crazy, moving. Wow. Bowman was a quick move,
and I don’t think I’ve been to a restrictor plate lately. That somewhere some way. Somehow,
Denny Hamlin went Factor is pretty darn good on these restrictor plate tracks. This will
be the final restrictor plate races this NASCAR era. Beginning in Atlanta next week. We moved
with tapered space or engine package. Things will be different, Michael. Just eighty five
hundred attack. That’s probably at least two to three hundred. More are PM and I think
I’ve seen all day. Temp’s cooled down tracks. Cool down. These cards are flying that drivers
are a lot more aggressive. Right now, we’re seeing a lot more three wide for seeds, big
moves, pushing one another. That track tips come down like you said, W and the track has
a lot of grip right now, allowing these drivers to be far more aggressive. I think there is
some urgency now. We’ve got twenty eight point five laps to go. But he’s got his might backfire
on him because Denny Hamlin’s team mate, they’re two teammates, actually, on the side Lane.
Here comes William Byron, back up on the inside of his teammate Alex Bowman, twenty four,
forty eight twenty four. He’s fast, really fast. Could be the flames that Sam job carried.
Jeff Gordon exponents. William Byron’s. It’s a great looking racecar, Mike, but it could
be checking now to get a lot of credit. That driver behind the wheel, the’s car. You’ve
got to be driving pretty dog is on the speedway to Bree on the back straightaway, and probably
just in time. We catch our breath. One seventy four twenty six laps to go. First precaution
of the day. There’s our Fox Sports drone across the back stretch. So much of that run off
area now paved. That’s safe for safety reasons. Those cars slide your breath. Mercy a cool
shot from that drone full moon on Saturday nights at short tracks.
That’s a bad omen. Leads to a lot of crashing into things. I don’t think it has an effect
on super speed. I think it might think it just might. Everybody gets to catch their
breath. And all week long, the story has been for Joey Logano’s Got Everybody whip. He’s
got the fastest cars. Penske cars are the cars to be. Ford’s will get together. They’ll
all run up front. And what’s happening? Hendricks, Chevrolets and Joe Gibbs. Toyotas form a temporary
alliance to run together in the early part of this race. Remember when Joe Gibbs started
his race team? Who did he go for? For advice for how to do that? Rick Hendrick. Well, that’s
all kind of coming back together today. If you had to pick a Toyota Ford or a Chevy to
win this race, I couldn’t pick among the three of you know, I couldn’t do it. But you know
what? No one knows knows what goes on behind closed doors. And I gotta think that the Hendrick
Boys and gives boys might have got together sometime last night or this morning said,
Look, we’ve got to do something. Who’s Ford to gang up on? So let’s work together and
we get a result. Yeah, we were sitting inside of thirty laps to go and I think what you
said my temporary temporary I think that that alliance is temporary, but certainly been
working out great for them so far. All right, we’re gonna open Pit road under this caution
flag for debris. Here it is, on the back straightaway. Well, Larry does this change everything. It
really dead. Mike. We got twenty nine drivers on the lead lap and there’s no way. Remember
what I said at the top of the show? Track position, track position. And that’s exactly
what Cup rookie Crew Chief Chris Gabe Hart did with Denny Hammond. He got fuel on Lee.
Let last trip to Pit road. Maybe if your own back there say fifty or lower, Yeah, come
get four fresh tires. But you know what? For the guys up front, your bed is made. You might
as well pack the Pit equipment off. Well, drivers, you want tires or track position?
Well, right now. Take track position because I think it’s so critical. I think, tired.
That factor went away when the track cool down. I think the tires on the cars are good
enough to win this race with, So you gotta have track position. That’s the key. Joey
Logano’s Coming along with Ryan Priests chase Elliott Reddick six cars onto Pit road at
MacLeod, Kligerman to that list and still thirty cars on the lead lap. We’re gonna take
you a double wide for Pit stops under caution in Daytona are you gonna lead or you’re going
to be led. I’m going to be ruled by routine. We’ll take a different route. You gotta push
yourself, carve your own path all the way to the top. Where you going? The all new RAM
fifteen hundred Motor Trend’s twenty nineteen Truck of the year in an average ten thousand
seven sixty seven and total values on Select all new twenty nineteen RAM fifteen hundred
models in Dealer Stop your waist weekend. Got a major upgrade? NASCAR. You have three
days to see what all the buzz bumping, cheering, confess and winning is about mark your calendar
for the ticket. Guardian five hundred, March eight through ten. Get the best remaining
tickets now. An sm raceway dot com. We’re doing Carioca later and you’re going to sing.
Jamie, this is your house. I know it’s not much, but it’s home, right? Kids, scans Don’t
your friends were Coming? Thiss One is tiny like a child’s uh, seriously, it’s good to
be surrounded by what matters most. Home and auto bungle from progressive Oh, thirty piece.
Oh, no, I couldn’t four years ago, they conquered the world. They’re back. Forty drivers, Three
months of anticipation. We gotta live with each other for thirty six weeks. Three. Toyota’s
leading to Chevys leading four. Ford’s with just twenty four laps to go in the Daytona
five hundred. Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch out front. It has been an eventful day. Not follow
the leader day by any means. First caution. Corey Lovejoy, Tyra Lap twenty, Then at Lamp
fifty. Ricky Stenhouse may or may not have touched the number one of Kirk. Push. Push
went around collecting Bubble Wallace, Jamie McMurray and Austin at the end of stage one
lap sixty. Kyle Busch pick up the stage win in his Toyota from Alex Bowman. Ryan Blaney
for the second year in a row, the winner of stage two and then both the Rick where cars
crash into Tyler Reddick and Jimmy Johnson, causing a huge calamity. A lap one sixty,
tearing the left rear corner off of Johnson’s car. One seventy four. Caution for debris.
And here we are ready to go green for the stretch run, which could be as many as twenty
three laps to the checkered flag. Could be Jeff, and I just don’t know how many more
caution. Thank your way. Think too well. They’re just going to get more and more aggressive
in the biggest race of your career. Biggest race of the year. You see that trophy and
Checkered flag in your grasp. But we all know what happens when the horses start going For
home leaders Hamlin and Toyota. The first Chevy is Byron, and forthe first sport is
David Reagan in sixth place, who picked up a sponsor for this race when he auctioned
Thief looking for lead. But the bottom Lane has prevailed. And look at those full three
Toyota’s hook up on the inside out front. Theo Cortina Boyer Booth. Right rear. He almost
turned David and Reagan almost turned him great driving by David Ragan, both drivers
not cause a big record breaking. He’s really, really, really good on these on these restrictor
plate tracks he’s actually won a couple of so that he knows what he’s doing. Derrick
Jones on the inside. He’s got a woman with I think the poor Tony has a problem. Eric
Jones is fading. Twenty four, we got hung up behind twenty there with a bunch of spots.
Racing surface. No fuel pressure for Eric Tones. Break for the young Michigan driver.
Watch that red and white. Twenty one. That’s the Wood Brothers car. They won the filing
five times. Call. Minard tries to make something happen, but for the moment has no friends
on the inside. Paul, watch out for Jamie McMurray. He’s Coming by outside Pit, staying off Turn
four. And right in the mix in six Looking gold number eight for Richard Childress Racing,
that team celebrating its golden anniversary. Daniels Emmerich one. The Legends Million
at Charlotte Motor Speedway to help propel his career. The Xfinity, Siri’s and now is
called the Cup Series, replacing Brian Newman and Benedetto six McDow self. He’s a minority
twenty twenty one night. I mean, those guys have been in a field at the end of the day.
We talked about how William Byron was behind the twenty. They’re very Jones when he had
his problems in third fourth position. All the way back now. Twenty fifth position. Way
Talking about this all week. I’ve been side by side all day long, but previous races single
found the top Lane. Why choose twenty two go? W Well, now set it up with Wow, It’s been
a bad boy. Good week at all. Coming. That car’s has not been very competitive. This
week Larson was running eighteen. There was no contact with another car like, I think
he had been hanging on that thing all day long. I don’t know if anybody got into it
or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t. They just had had a very good car.
You see what happened here? See Larson believe
right in this area. Yeah, that’s him. I think that they’re either a tire started going that
looks to me like maybe a left rear tyre started going down. I saw tire debris out from behind
the car as he went to the bottom Lane. He was trying to get out of the way. Wear. That
happened. And what happened? He did a pretty good job. I have not tearing that car a lot
worse. Well, he’s had a lot of practice today of almost home who’s spinning it out. So that
helps. Jimmie Johnson gets the free pass for the second time in a row. That left three
Martian looked down. I think that’s what he was doing. And you see the car start to get
loose right here, turn left or turn right. Obviously made contact with maybe somebody’s
right front fender, right side, because that’s why that good years going out. The left rear
ended up. Probably cut in the side wall. Here comes a car we’re all gonna be out. William
Byron among those Pit ing under this caution. Mike. They’re gonna work on the balance of
the twenty four. You can see the adjustment handle on both sides. Significant crank on
the right side. Four tires he dropped outside the top twenty with you documented. So great
opportunity to roll the dice, get fresh tires and try to regroup. Eight. Caution flag of
the day. There are just eighteen laps to go in the Daytona five hundred. Denny Hamlin
is your leader. For die hard NASCAR fans. There’s only one beer brewed for racing. No
one made from Kevin Harvick’s twenty eighteen eight time with Harvick wins in Kansas twenty
three Top five Finishing Kevin Harvick on a historic season car that was turned into
forty collector’s edition. Bush can. That’s right, as the official beer of NASCAR, but
took the number four car. Cut it up, shifted laser, pressed it, cut it up some more and
some more shredded. It recycled and cast it, molded it, sprayed it and had this guy signed.
Wow, that’s awesome Police. I didn’t tear that part of forty historic Collector’s Edition
cans for forty amazing years. My car. Your came to NASCAR fans everywhere. Cheers, thie,
official beer of NASA it’s like field in the back straightaway. Daytona Beach Airport in
the background. Aerial coverage dropped you by Goodyear When your battles earn your name.
Good year. Official Tire NASCAR The last nine Daytona five hundreds have had nine different
winners. McMurray, Kensi, Johnson, Burkhardt, Logano, Hamlet course, Dylan. Race record
is ten, set from two thousand to twenty eleven. Race leader of twenty to go has only won once
in the last twenty Daytona five hundreds and only four ten have one Like what? What an
incredible day this would be if the eleven cars you win this race of the tribute we paid
the JD give when the race started, Denny Hamlin City would be one hundred eleven dollars forever.
Happy today. Incredibly emotional day gives back to green with sixteen to go. I am surprised
that forty car Jamie McMurray own outside over there. How can he keep up with the back
with Fender? Wait to stay up? There’s eight of Daniel Hammer, giving him a nice shut down
the back straight away. But you gotta believe they’re hurting that forty car killing thing.
He was one of our fancy cars and practices. Remember Murray, Joey Logano and twenty to
get a little impatient way up on the topside trying to make a three wide? Here it goes
again. Brian Neuman just ahead, Nothing up there. Go to the middle. Nothing there. Not
much rib boy. What a move by Joe Logan, his car stuck to the race charge. So good right
there, Priest, with its almost like E second idol. Newman. Go there. You’re clear your
leaves. McMurray. That was his goal to get past that forty of McMurray with the damage.
A lot going on right now is a place to go. You just found a little opening. He’s going
to stick that thing in there. But right now, you really don’t have a lot of rooms offering
the yellow line. Three four. I agree, Darryl, but he’s got to get further up there and he
knows it. Look at this. He goes to the outside Kevin Harvick. He needs some takers or somebody
go with him. He’s not going to be able to do it by himself. Up there. Double yellow
line. That means no passing, Just like on the highway. You cannot drop your left side
tires below those two yellow stripes to advance your position or you’ll get penalized. We
saw this in the duels as we watch now. Kevin Harvick’s. Caution. Baby make contact on the
left. Nine. Caution of day. Team Penske’s Brad Keselowski with thirteen to go. Jamie,
Brad have left front damage earlier, but they thought they had cleared that. And now he
said, I have no starter. You see him waving his hands So he has stuck there right now.
Cannot turn that car back on to get back to the pits. Another one of our past champions
who’s never won this race before. But favorites going in Larry with the Elektronik engine
management systems in these cars can brand recycle that whole system and then try to
restart it. He can, but it’s a little tougher. Easier said than done. But, yes, you can recycle
it and it will fire back up. But I don’t know that that’s gonna happen here, Mike. And what
I did see also replay here he was sideways when he came on Turn four. Yeah, there. I
believe he had the left rear tyre down. That’s what it looked like. Ah, apparently made contact
with someone. He cut that left rear tire down. See, right here is just banking. Saved him
a little bit least kept him from getting into the outside wall just loops it around. There’s
a good job stand out of the wall, causing any more damage. They’ve got that car started
up now. I think they pushed him off his tenth try to win the five hundred. Brad Kozlowski.
It has been a champion of the sport but has not conquered the five hundred here. See that
lifter tar all the way down to the rim sparks flying. I got every flap on anything up roof
labs who had flaps, all of that designed to counter lift. Make sure these cars stayed
on the ground when they get sideways to the wind at speed. It’s a lot of rib rash, right
there it is. Twelve laps to go. Twenty nine cars on the lead lap, plus Eric Jones, who
will get a free pass. Mike I dug out my two thousand nineteen race trend folder and here’s
what I’ve got. If you look at the last ten days, total five hundred, we’re gonna go back
racing, probably with about nine or ten laps to go. But in the last ten five hundred’s,
the average of the last caution is last one ninety three with seven to go. And in those
ten races, Mike, we’ve had four overtimes, including one year ago. Twelve laps to go
and of one hundred thousand fans were in those stands at the start of the race. I don’t see
any empty ones. Nobody’s leaving because they know what can happen on the last lap of the
Daytona five. I don’t know why they bought a CD standing up ever since Ray Stark it I
tell you right here in front of us, these folks hardly ever sat down to rest right now.
Get ready for an incredible finish next week in Atlanta. New engine package. New aerodynamic
package for the Cup cars What will happen in Atlanta Motor Speedway next Sunday on Fox?
Can’t wait to find out what a great display of what we have to look forward to. Two thousand
nineteen. This has been with best Daytona five hundred’s I’ve seen in quite a while.
It’s not even over yet. And Mike the Aero package due to reduce horsepower and everything
they did to the cars they believe NASCAR believes. I think that teams may even believe that we
could see this kind of racing in Atlanta next week. Pack racing. Let’s check into the studio
with Shannon Spake Ricky and Bobby. You love that. Don’t you weigh? Love it, too. All right.
So earlier in the show, I was talking to Ricky and we were talking about the forms and how
strong they’ve been a plate races. But you said Toyota, and I said, Don’t you mean forward?
And you said, No Toyota. This looks like it’s turning out to be a prediction of yours. Yeah,
the cars have been very, very stable on the bottom. Denny Hamlin has an instinct. A six
sense of being able to lead the draft. Obviously, Kyle Busch has bought into that. And then
a newcomer into the equation would be met. Benedetto. Now he’s gonna line up four. So
he’s gonna be the benefit Denny or Kyle. Based on which line Denny takes. This is sizing
up to be Toyota against arrest. And I thought the Chevrolets, we’re gonna be up there away.
And Byron. Alex Bowman. William got trouble when Erik had fuel pressure problems. So those
guys are out of it. But can they get back? So I don’t know. Can the force get back up
there on the ship? He’s get back up there. Oh, it’s gonna get good. Mike, bring us home.
Way. Here we go. Eleven to go. Right now they’ll take the green. Attend to go. And in the last
twelve Daytona five hundred’s leader attend to go has won two of them. Clint Boyer in
the fourteen running third. We listened in. Obviously broke Lane back there. Got good
cars for it. You’re gonna have to wait, wannabe anybody. Talking a spotter Brett Griffin.
And I think that’s based on the the qualifying race. We saw where he felt like break. Griffin
didn’t give it a Clinton Clint Boyer. Enough heads up When? When Logano dove under like
he did, Denny Hamlin has chosen the outside Lane against Kyle votes for what could be
the final restart. I think God wanted up like this. We’re talking about the Daytona five
hundred great American race. I don’t think she’s over yet, brother. Come on. He’s not
Debbie Downer. Five hundred. Oh, no, no, it’s going to be incredibly crazy. Yes, Denny Hamlin
has to go up and put a block on Matt Benedetto. Keep that Toyota behind him. Here comes Call
Bush with a push from here on the inside. Reminds me of the class same type
of carnage that we saw where these cars were going everywhere, a lot of damages. They all
got to turn three. Will that ruin everything Sometimes. Sometimes speeches. I’m speechless,
You know. There’s just those feel good stories that build in a race. And boy, Benedetto was
doing such an amazing job, man. So let’s go to the Goodyear blimp is driver’s climb out
or try to make their way back to Pit room and look at the outside Lane. Benedetto and
Paul Menard. Paul Menard Given pretty nice push down the back straightaway toe, DiBenedetto
gets to his right rear. Oh, yeah, that just starts to turn in a little bit. Got him in
the right rear, and then he collects Menard. Logano just misses it, but the whole outside
Lane and half the inside pilot and this is exactly what we were just talking about. At
this stage in the race, you can start to taste victory in the Daytona five hundred. You want
to see that checkered flag and you’ll do anything to get it. And you know you’ve got to be more
aggressive with those bump draft that looks exactly like the clash. I mean, all those
cars. Third turn, all those cars wadded up. Slaton up the track was sparked planet. So
much like the clash that is the seventeenth of February looking way too much like the
Fourth of July. A fireworks everywhere. Yeah, and it really and truly. It was a poem, Menard.
He gave the Benedetto a little shell, but it was on the outside on the right side and
that just turned the Benedetto into the in the outside wall. And then it was on a different
situation than we saw in the class between Minard and with Jimmy Johnson. But it was
a similar thing when we heard the spotter on the twenty one Menard say, Well, he zigged
and we’s act. And in this case, Menard told his team on the radio, I just bumped him a
little too hard. I mean, what are you going to do? It’s the end of the race. You’re trying
to help that guy. You’re trying to help the Benedetto. You’re not trying to wrecking.
But this bad, that judgment alma role is Number Town. David Ragan. Beneath the ten of it.
Al Merola, David Ragan see what springs he’s running. Look at that. All those sparks lines.
Amazing shots on all l Merola wanted was a chance to win it on the last life. Yeah, didn’t
like last year. Didn’t quite get there close on. I got to believe our two leaders aren’t
now called. Bush and Denny Hamlin were really wanting and hoping to have another Toyota
there and Di Benedetto to help them pull off this Victory today gonna be a little bit tougher
for them to hold off those sports and some Chevys air moving up. Also amazing camera
work by our Fox sports Crew. You’re riding with Joey Logano. Just one too many pushes
their mike is what I saw Kyle Larson. Another. Down, down. Well, I’m not sure. Okay. Here’s
Austin Dillon. Here. South. Ouch! Martin Truex. Let’s say I’m not sure which list graphics
is putting together the cars involved in the wreck or the cars that missed it. We’ll find
out when we come back. Huge pile up near the end of the Daytona five hundred. I’m a little
bit rock roll A little bit of Memphis in National motel. In my soul, I don’t know. A little
country, the all new Chevy Silverado. It’s a little bit country, and it’s a little bit
rock and roll. Could switching to Geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?
Did the little piggy cried? Wee, wee wee all the way home? Wait, you’re home. Cool. Thanks,
Mr Day. Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. Wow. Right. He’s
too big. And fries are tremendous. I know Crispy bacon is the best thing to ever happen
to the fries. What? Mr Fries show McDonald’s world famous fries freed from bacon. Or is
the crispy bacon given the fry some street cred with a whole new audience? I’m gonna
let Bacon think that was that I couldn’t hear you over the bake innovation Big and bacon
bacon. McDonald’s classics with bacon. Only for a limited time. Is that the best thing
to happen to our classics or two bacon? Try for yourself and decide a dozen or more cars
destroyed in the space of about six seconds with less than ten laps to go in the Daytona
five hundred, a few still moving, but those cars pretty wounded. Now William Byron has
some left three or damage, but you’ll see him snake through in this shot from the Goodyear
blimp way on the left on the inside. That’s our pole sitter. Sometimes it’s an advantage
to be way back like you’re gonna get a second chance. Maybe I see a little bit of a damage
right here. Hits that card. Front of etiquette comes all the twenty of air. Jones comes back
up Ms Eclipse and must have clipped him in the left here to cause that left your damage.
But compared to all the others, all the drivers are out of the cars and are okay. You’ll see
Byron come into frame, dependent down, just spinning around like a top. They’re here comes
Williams to get right. Got a little left for damage there, but always squeals. We’re still
headed in the right direction. Here are in numerical order the cars that are involved
in the crash. This is take one. Just paid twenty. Look. Att David Reagan’s car on the
rollback. What on mess? Look at that just goes on and on. Eighteen
cars piled up like this is a product of this kind of racing. I know we all love it. It’s
exciting is fun to watch. But if there’s one little mistake like Paul Menard made on pushing
the Benedetto, just taking this a little too hard and turn him in front of whole field
and did you get a bunch of cars wanted up like this? Once again, everybody is okay.
Out of the cars and all right, B checked out at the care center. There is David Reagan’s
car on the roll back. Let’s go to the leaders Pit and hear from the crew chief. Here’s Vince
Well, and that’s the Pit of Kyle Busch. And with Adam Stevens, his crew chief. Wow, it’s
been a It’s been a solid day for you guys. Hasn’t been too eventful. That’s good news.
But now, getting ready for this restart with a bunch of Ford’s behind you we expect. Yeah,
you know, you expected the Fords to get up front sooner or later, and we played the track
position game well all day and made good adjustments. I have a pretty fast car. But some respects.
It’s kind of like the back nine of the Masters doesn’t begin really until Sunday. And this
dress doesn’t get til tend to go. What do you think about partnering up with the other
manufacturers when it has when it push comes to shove in the final laps? I think once you
get below ten to go, everybody’s thinking about that Checkered flag and all bets are
off. Thanks, Adam. Clint Boyer. Since in a third position, which have been Mike Bugger
Ravitch, Well, for a while, there looks like you guys with the odd man out. But you’re
sitting there with a bunch of your Ford corporate teammates. Five. And I think the top seven.
Yeah, it’s a pleasant surprise. You know, our mobile on Rush Truck Center Mustang has
been running good old weekend. Really. We’ve been in position. It was looking kind of grim
there for a while. A lot of Toyotas and stuff around. It’s not a lot of friends, but it
seemed to work out for us. Now we got her teammates behind us, so we got a shot at it.
That’s all we can ask for. Well, they got a shot at it. All right, so under the red
flag, the cars are parked as we await cleanup to be completed. Its pretty much a shot right
on. And you can even take out the nine of Chase Alien, the twenty four William Byron.
Other than that, all those cars are the only ones that made it through with no damage or
very little. Anyway, it’s time to turn up the heat as NASCAR’s Cup Series hands toe
Atlantis being way Last year, Kevin Harvick dominated the weekend started an under gettable
street. The race isn’t over Checkered flag ways. Coverage begins at twelve to Eastern
wasted one. Atlanta can’t wait to see that new rules package in action in the Cup. Siri’s
Big tripleheader weekend. Come on out. Join us in Hampton, Georgia. Let’s go to the care
centre and Regan David Ragan, the first driver to emerge from the care center. First off,
glad you’re OK, David. From your viewpoint, you have a fast race. Carl Date. You’re good
plate racer from your viewpoint. Could you do anything there? No. Get to the bottom a
little quicker. I messed around through one and two, and I thought Blaney was going to
push me down the back straightaway and he kind of bailed on me. And when they started
wrecking and three and four, I saw it for a split second. And before I could even do
anything, it looks like I’m underneath the ten car there, looking at his rare and housing
South. See, that’s just a product of these speedway races. It’s the Daytona five hundred.
You’re going for the win. Can’t think are front row motor sports team select blinds
dot com. We had a fast racecar. We were in contention. That’s all you can hope for in
those final ten laps until all hell breaks. Well, is it like, underneath that race car
right there? I mean, you’re completely under Erica. I’m Erol’s car. What could you see?
Yeah, I can’t think NASCAR and the safety teams, you know, you hit a hard impact like
that and you’re moving around. You see, Sparks, you see smoke, but you’re still conscious
and holding on. So going two hundred miles an hour and stopping that fast with the concrete
wall is not very fun. But NASCAR and all their safety team do an incredible job keeping the
safe so we can go to Atlanta Motor Speedway next. We can do it again. Thanks, David. Thanks,
Regan. David Reagan. One of those out of the race. Eighteen cars damaged. Not sure if all
those are out of the race right now with Coach Gibbs. Here’s Vince. But we often talk about
the nerves of the driver or the Crew chief. But how about the car owner is he sits here
in Daytona and the top two cars belonged to him. What are your thoughts, coach? My thoughts
are I thought we were looking pretty good and then wait. Austerity. And then they lost
Di Benedetto and So now we got a lot of Ford’s sitting right there behind us. So this is
always this gun reaching a weight that way. Uh, but, hey, we got two veteran guys, Denny
and Kyle, and I feel good about them and way got Fenix and Mars Corporation up front. But
what a great crowd today. I just I just hope that somehow our two guys and stay together
and we can pull this off, you think they’re gonna tie at the end of it? You’re gonna have
even if one of them wins, Obviously another is going to be disappointed. How do you handle
that balance his team owner. It’s always hard. I think when we leave the race track, when
you have four cars, yeah, there’s three. Three of them are not happy. So, er but that it’s
also part of our sport, which I love. It takes teammates and it takes. Actually, you gotta
have teamwork with four different cars. You Coming racetrack. I love the challenge that,
but it’s hard. Thank you, Coach. Well, his car’s right now are one to Kyle Busch and
Denny Hamlin. He’s a coach. He’ll figure out a way to handle this hell smooth this over.
That’s right. Let’s go back to Regan. Well, in his first race with the Vine family racing
that to Benedetto, you were putting on a show. You led forty nine laps, were having the run
of your career, and then it all went bad on the backstretch. Share what happened in the
car. Just the race and deal, huh? You know, not not any anything intentional. I talked
to Paul there. Just I think he’s trying to get my outside Clinton right Rear. Just, uh,
just racing hard. So I, uh here’s first time that I’ve I’ve seen it there. Yeah, it looks
like he just just barely got to my right rear. Just was trying to push me get outside, but
I was focused on trying to help my Toyota teammates. I hope they cannot pull it off.
But, man, like you said, this is I mean, it was the most fun speedway event I’ve ever
had in my life. Being able to lead do some incredible things. I obviously an amazing
scene. People can see what we’re doing here. They need to be a part of a pro course sponsor.
I mean, all these guys Levine, family racing, Toyota, they all. They all took a heck of
a chance on human and, God, we prove what we’re here to do. And I’m just I’m very, very
heartbroken, but appreciate to be here. Thank you so much to all the fans. For all the support.
Where is just the beginning? Glad you’re okay. And that we’ll see in Atlanta what a great
run he had here today and he ends up crashed. Kyle Busch might join the Fox sports booth.
You got a copy? Well, we talked this morning, and you said you wanted to find some friends
and get to the front and have a chance to win the five hundred. And here you are. It’s
you and Denny Hamlin against the world. How do you play this? I don’t know. Uh, tend to
go with any man. Three. We just got to go out here and, uh, figure out how we could
make it ours. The Eminem camera has been fast here all week long, and Adam and the boys
have done an awesome job fair again, working so hard all off season to get us to this decision.
And that was a matter of myself and nourishment, going to work here and bring it home for everybody.
Top Lane, bottom Lane. They both worked well today at different times. As it gets cooler.
You prefer one over the other? Uh, not really, no. Uh, I think he just kind of got to figure
out what what? You’re just go with it. All right. Good luck. These last nine laps. Thank
you very much. Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin and then five Ford right behind them on the restart.
Let’s go back to recon. Spent strong Speedweeks for Paul Menard. Unfortunately, both races
that you were up front at the end. You end up on the rollback. Tell us what happened
on the back straightaway there with the bump drafting when it went wrong. Yeah, Yeah, it
was go time. And that’s pushing in ninety five. And it looks like he’s trying to get
the middle. I tried to get to the outside and just barely hooked him. Uh, yeah. Wrecked
a lot of cars. That was That was my bad. Um, black cars feel bad about that. Fast forward.
We start governing. Apologize to Matt right away. He he obviously shook your hand. No.
No hard feelings between you guys. How disappointing is that toe Have such fast race cars down
here and nothing to show for when the weekend’s over. Yeah, way. So money, forger. Fastest
weekend, entire weekend self a couple bowls there that can tryto try to pull it off. But
we got separated. Uh, me and the fancy cars and s h R cars. At one point I spent on the
road. We got lap down, had a battle back, but way got separated. Weren’t quite as dominant
as, uh, as water plan was. Obviously, plans always change, but still got a couple bolts
thereto. Try to win it. Thanks, Paul. What are trying to give the Wood Brothers their
sixth Daytona five hundred win? Racing with heavy hearts after losing team and family
Patriarch Glenwood last month at the age of ninety two, WeII saw Joey Logano go by the
crash scene. It looked as if he missed it, but we heard a little brush as if somebody
got into the twenty two. You’ll see him come into frame here from the right way apron.
Right there. There, right? Oh, yeah. The seventeen just gets into his left. Europe. That’s not
too bad a damage. I think he’s okay. He was the last one. Really Through there without
any damage. Let’s ride with them and listen to that right side. Just a couple of kisses
there. I don’t know. I don’t think it hurt much. That might have been the skirts on the
side of the car down against the track apron. You could here, try to get to the apron. I
think actually, that moment took him up the race track a little more than he actually
wanted to back to Regan Daniels. Another driver that was caught up in that wreck. Glad this
year. Okay, Daniel, he couldn’t go anywhere. But is there any positive you can take from
today as you go forward with your new race teams to her house racing to Atlanta like
I was fast? We’re running in the top ten the whole day, shellings for the lead and getting
some states points. Everything was going very well. Um, I mentioned in the radio many times
that one big was gonna happen. I just wanted to make sure we’re going to stay, you know,
to stay out of it. They just political. Because with ten laps to go is not like us can hang
out and wait for it. It’s time to go on. Unfortunately, we just dock talking someone else. Mistake.
Thanks. Danny. Mike, I got to tell you, it looks more like a driver’s meeting over here
than it does. A Kerrison was so many drivers walking out right now, Eighteen cars involved
in that crash and NASCAR protocol is you must go to the car center and be checked over on,
then released to TV and radio. Well, quite conciliatory here after the accident wasn’t
quite that way. Forty years ago in the day. Dona five hundred nineteen seventy nine last
lap, Cale Yarborough on the inside of Donnie Allison Kale made the move to the inside.
Don. He said I would give him the outside. They hang together up into the wall and sliding
back down to the grass. And from a mile and a half back came Richard Petty, Darrell Waltrip
and A. J. Foyt Petty winning the five hundred. Bobby Allison stopped to check on his brother,
jumped out of the car. And then it was on Alison Brothers and Cale Yarborough in one
of the wildest five hundred finishes ever. That is a car Richard used in the seventy
nine season to win the championship. That year, though, he did not driving here in Daytona,
there’s the eighty nine winning car of Darrell Waltrip and the nineteen ninety nine winning
car Jeff Gordon. Like, I think that courtesy goes out the window on the last lap. We’re
going. Dollars. Clint Boyer a Clint, this is Jeff, buddy. Man, you got a lot of action
going on there behind you. You got two Toyotas in front of you. What’s it gonna take to get
this Daytona five hundred Victory? What were they doing? A good job of it. You know how
to get aggressive? Uh, when we lock the position, I was really worried, but support things have
been strong. The whole speed weeks down here, uh, kind of follow behind me kind of changes
things right. Get to the other guys there in front of us. Got made quick work of them.
But hopefully you know what, Coming when you do that. Well, I’ll tell you what, You guys
have been putting on a heck of a show. I don’t know if I or any of us could anticipate the
side by side action and all the things going on. You guys have been in the front. You’ve
been in the back. Uh I mean, what do you expect to happen in these final nine laps? Well,
I mean, you know, you’re going to try to work together, but, uh okay, there’s a bunch of
these Mustangs review here. Got some allies. They’re gonna teammate back there with Kevin.
Uh, just happy. This is a good man. Been a hell of a good race. Spent Irvan hop telling
anything signed around business like the old Daytona. And I know you’re all better be pretty
good at it, too. So I’m glad you’re up there. Uh, after, see what just happened. So much.
So my Amen. Thanks for putting on a great show. Good luck to the finish. Thanks. Clint
Boyer will restart third on the inside on. I was wrong. The full moon affect Sunday night
racing to Were you thinking, Mike? For doubting that? Last year, Erik Al Merola won the Daytona
for ninety nine, but a mile from the finish line, he got turned around into the wall.
Bye. Austin Dillon, who went to Victory Lane? Pal Merola crashed out of the Daytona five
hundred from behind. And tonight, on incident, not of his making collects the number ten.
Stewart Haas Sports sends it up in the air, down to rest and out of the race. Regan is
with him. We’ll turn three. Daytona has not been very kind. Eriko Merola. Eric, we say
they saw your car. They’re going up into the air. We talked to David Ragan. He had the
viewpoint from underneath your car. What was it like in your car? Do you think you were
going over there? I did. For a split second. I thought I was gonna go over and seeing the
replay of the recommended has, ah, lot of resemblance of Kansas, But, um, thankfully
walked away from that one. Nothing hurts. Everything’s good. So just, uh, hold disappointed.
You are our Smithfield. Fort Mustang was good. Not as good as what we had in Talladega, but
I thought we were good and just right there in the closing laps and the intensity ratcheted
way up. And there’s a lot of big runs Coming and pushing and shoving and looks like the
ninety five, uh, got a little loose they’re getting turn three, and we all just got collected.
So just kind of the product of restrictor plate racing in this kind of stuff, when you
run that many cars that close together when erect happens, we kind of all pile in there.
So we’ll pick ourselves up and go to Atlanta. Our winner from Talladega year ago, we’ll
have to wait for his next win. That young man’s a championship caliber driver needs
just a little more luck. Someone will get to polish the Harley Earl Trophy about nine
laps from now and then you can get all the wrap up and recap a NASCAR race this week
on NASCAR. Race of the season is officially underway, and we’re talking with the Daytona
five hundred champion. Plus, we have Jamie McMurray fresh off his dates on a five hundred
run along with Brad Kozlowski. David Ragan. Chad can house cold bird and food blackened
server and what they’re gonna let up. You know you have a champion size. You activate.
Well, that’s all this week on NASCAR. Race up weeknights six p. M. Eastern Only on F
s one under the red flag here in Daytona with nine laps to go, Shannon. No shortage of subjects
to talk about on race on this week. Like I said, bring us home. But we’re gonna have
to pause that for a second, right? I mean, my goodness, we’re gonna have some of the
guys, Of course, that were just involved in that wreck on race hub later this week. So
we’ll certainly be able to break down everything with them here with Ricky and Bobby or Bobby
and Ricky, however you guys want to call it. We’ve got Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin right
there out front. How do you guys play this? If you’re them, let Thea to Toyota’s get down
the bottom of racetrack and race. Yeah, racing is what we saw and this is early on, right?
We see the one of Kurt Busch. Get around by Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Did he tap him or did
he not tapping? That was the question. It’s a game of inches and you can feel it. Us a
driver, one when another gets that close to the back of the car lives. It’s a little bit
later when you start to see some muscle from the Toyotas called Bush jumping up front.
You’ve been on that Toyota bandwagon all race long. Ricky. We saw them working with the
Chevy’s early on, and then this try slowing down from two hundred miles an hour to fifty
five. This is sometimes what’s gonna happen, and what was so bad about this is obviously
Jimmy Johnson’s had a great run all day. Hendrik Car’s been fast, gets tour up from behind.
I’ve had this happen before. No, I just had bad luck. Just follows him. That is where
the fuel is supposed to go into the car, so that is not good. Then Kyle Larson, he spends,
and really, it was kind of calm until the end of the race. I mean, calm in the fact
that we saw two wide racing three wide racing, but we didn’t see a whole lot of carnage until,
of course, this one’s gonna go ninety percent of the race. The first ninety percent. You
don’t allow yourself to think about hoisting the Daytona five hundred trophy, but with
twenty laps to go, it sinks into your mind. I’ve got a chance of this, and the mentality
becomes. If I lift, I lose. And that always gets you in trouble. Way saw Paul Menard,
Uh, you know, not lifting. Doing what he should do as a driver trying to win the great American
race. And you saw the repercussions because of it. Like, I think you jinxed us with that
full moon comment. Let’s try this again. How about that? I never would have shown you that
already. Kept their art. Director insisted we see the full. Oh, my God. All right. Two
Toyotas, five fours than a squadron. A Chevrolet. Twenty five minute red flag. Now we’re back
under yellow and two laps were going green. What happens next? Well, here’s what I think
is gonna happen. Our leader, Kyle Busch, is probably going to start that outside Lane,
get the jump on the start, try to get down front of his teammate Denny Hamlin to get
them nose to tail. If I’m Clint Boyer, I’m going to be pushing Denny Hamlin as hard as
I can to try to prevent that from happening. Once that happens, then they’re gonna have
to start to back up and get some kind of a run within those last couple laps, I think
if Joy Mangano doesn’t have much damage to his corner. I don’t think he does. I think
he may be there. The wildcard factor? Yeah. Maybe they expected the other thing I was
thinking about Mike declare. Remember how we talked about earlier that the lights were
on? Now it’s dark. Maybe you don’t have the right shield on. Maybe you had a dark. She’ll
loan for the son, and now you don’t have a clear issue alone for the lights. That could
be a problem. All right, well, let’s find out what might be Kyle Busch’s restart audio
restart strategy. Excuse me. We’re gonna go to audio way on the bottom. Our family could
take the top, and they have weakened eleven to switch room. Let us down. Or what? Uh,
probably be best strength in numbers. Have that happens? But it’s set to go. Lawyer was
pushing and pushing me pretty aggressively to not let the eleven down, so I don’t know
if it’s working. Yeah, I think it’s our best bet. Not, I think the more they’re gonna try
to split it, we shall see in just a lab or so here. After an eighteen car pile up with
ten to go. We’ll be back to finish the Daytona five hundred. Are you gonna lead or you’re
going to be led, going to be ruled by routine, Take a different route. You gotta push yourself.
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I don’t get it risking everything. From the Harley Earl Trophy one year ago to the sledgehammer
tonight. That’s that’s Austin Dillon’s night booth coming off the top row fund of that
hood, or I could relate. I want three of these things, but I have a sledgehammer a whole
lot more than that. Kyle Busch. What does he do to win this race? Well, we see right
here. He chose the outside. They talked about it on the radio, so he’s got his best get
a big chunk on Denny Hamlin, get down in front of them. But Clint Boyer is the last guy that
wants to let that happen. He wants to split these Toyota’s up. I see a little more damage
on the left. Her that twenty two car. Not thought he I don’t know about hurting, but
he’s keeping out. Green green. Perfectly executed. Nice start for the eighteen thirty four car.
Michael McDowell. He’s pretty good. Only picture plate tracks. He’s sitting pretty good spot.
He’s got help. Joey Logano giving him a push for because Denny Hamlin laid back there a
little bit to let his teammate get out. Problem that opened up the door on the outside from
the thirty four. Don’t twenty two jointly got damaged or not. Always turn the gluing
many almost turned thirty four great same way. You believe how Ryan priests shot the
gap on God? I can’t believe it. I can’t believe they can believe that. We’ll have a great
view of that. Like that Visor camera, Ryan. Priests! There’s your leader. Third, fourth,
fifth. This’s question now didn’t doubt get ahead of the eleven already. Don’t you dare.
Give me another shot of the full moon. From the Goodyear blimp way saw this. The last
wreck that happened. Twenty to thirty four bump drafting their. The twenty hooks him
a little bit, but actually, this reckoned up happening because the seventeen of Stenhouse
dove to the middle. There really wasn’t much of a hole there. Collects a forty two Larson,
the four Harvey Teo wall. Here comes the thirteen gets into two spins him around. Holy Smoke,
I thought. Truck writes At night. They had six trucks or seven that we’re running to
finish. I thought I’d never say anything like that until now. Five. Camp Ryan Booth. It’s
a modified Robin Wright. What? Stan House Here he sees a small, tiny gap that really
wasn’t there. Pushes the fourth Kevin Harvick to the infield. Turns around Kyle Larson.
His buddy, by the way. Kyle Larson? I don’t know. I don’t think anybody’s right now. What
a Liberty blue car. Stenhouse Larson. Just get together. Wait. By the way, there’s our
pole sitter, William Byron in twenty four. He just drives right through it. Wow. How
did he say that? Don’t count him out That left rear. They did a nice job fixing the
left, her damaged from the previous wreck. What young William have to say? Underwrite
their good way to look at the back of the car. Days of thunder right there. It’s Tom
Cruise online to Lordy, Lordy. I’m reminded of a day at Talladega when Neal Bonnet was
driving a second car for Richard Childress along when they learn hard got involved in
a crash walk back to the pit on. And I asked him to do in the pits for CBS and I said,
Kneel, You braced against everybody out there. I said, Who do you think? His best position
to win this race? He looks at me. He goes pace cars, got shot. I agree with that way
to go down. You know, this assistant, exciting race going along. It was a lot of different
people leading Benedetto in different ones at different times, firing. And it was a great,
exciting racing, and all of a sudden carnage broke loose cook. It’s a hot dog tick, overcooked.
Here. Some audio from Kyle Busch’s team Okay with the outside lace. But when I’m in the
outside lane and something definite on the bottom or underneath meat, I can’t see how
they left it near that quick. I cannot tell Russert all my lead. You gotta tell me whether
or not what you want. I gotta be in front of you. Typically, that left side Mir is rounded.
Teo, give you more view out the left side and see further to the to the infield to see
what somebody’s making a run, especially hearing that outside Lane. So he’s just saying, I
don’t have a clear view of it, so I’m gonna need your help from spotter, and he’s just
anticipating having to go from the yellow line to the wall to block whoever is going
to come. We’re gonna ride with Kyle Larson. I don’t want to ride with anybody. Two blocks
down Lane, seventeen years replay. I think Ricky Craven said it best. You just don’t
lift inside ten to go. Now we’re getting inside. Five to go. You don’t live. That I understand.
Ricky Stenhouse has a run. He has the moment. He said, I’ve got this run. I’ve got a new
opportunity here to make up some positions and get myself a position to win this state.
Oh, five hundred. Sometimes you do have to live with you, Kevin Hart. What just happened.
Chase. Elliott got through there. He’s currently listed in twelve place. If Chase could win
the race, you get ten free boneless wings by any ten on Monday and years or get free
fried pickles. Case finishes. We’re in a pickle right now. There’s that dark eyes and talk
about that. And the sun was setting, you know? I mean, you probably don’t want to see what’s
in front of just soon not Coming around two to go like surround on the
safety Truck. Borders, always backto Pit. That sequence did not work out well for him.
Lawyer is not happy about it now. Now. This is very interesting now. Call. Bush chose
the inside Lane. He’s like I’m done with that because because eleven before was on the inside
vents and the reason he did that, Jeff. They had conversation between the spotter Tony
Hershman and Crew chief Adam Stevens. And it was all about who was in road to would
be pushing pile. And potentially, who would he have toe hold off tow win the race? He
didn’t prefer tohave Logano behind him. TTO have tto beat Logano at the finish. He felt
like Lagana was cagey enough to do it, So he chose McDowell behind. Always heard. With
five to go. It was every man for himself. I thought that was kind of team. Adam Stevens
told us that during that red flag to go green, here comes, handle it on the outside this
makes me so. He’s coming. He’s gonna He’s gonna definitely make a run at this thing.
The last three total five hundred have been decided. Bannon, until that just happened.
Right there. Now. Three wide, two rows back. Rivers back. Boy gets turned came up just
a little bit too early on the gown. William Byron’s house. Out to what? What memo? Did
we not get this’s crazy? Joe Gibbs. Toyotas lead them across the line. Might be a process
of elimination here. We’re going to NASCAR overtime. William Byron, get set to climb
out Chase. Ellie comes around way. We’ll have a green flag, a white flag and hopefully a
checker. It’ll be a two lap shootout to finish the Daytona five hundred. We’re gonna have
a car’s remaining. We’re gonna have a chequered flag. I just got the wind. Clint Boyer’s radio.
Okay, wait. There’s a great move right here. Side drafts, thirty formic down twenty four
gets them to why they stall out here’s where? Eat. Look, he comes off that yellow line just
a little bit too early. I don’t know if the air on the right side I brought him up. He
just decided to try to get up in front of just a little bit too early in front of me
down thirty for a big hit. Right there. Double zero landed to the side door of William Byron.
Well, let’s ride with Brian free because you won’t believe this chapter to roll in there.
You’re good. You’re good. You’re good. Somebody’s got to look on this side. Are again. William
took too hard hits to the driver’s side door, one from Clint Boyer than the next one later
by Landing Castle. He’s all all the way down a second here. My Lord, I’d like to explain
all this to you, but they’re really an explanation for it. Just respond on that line. I was gonna
put him in such a great position. Jimmie Johnson in the forty eight. You know, Boyer was not
a happy camper about where he had to restart. And, of course, he was trying to get back
to where e wass he was running third. He almost made it. Now to establish that restart order,
NASCAR freezes the field on the caution goes back to last scoring loop where everyone was
running prior to the moment of caution. That’s how they reset the order. Twenty. Eric Jones
Boom shoots. He did just thread the needle there barely made it through what’s right
along. Man gets his partner. Everything over that went right through. How about this? Air
Jones right now showed in twentieth position. I’m not sure what issue they had earlier.
We talked about no fuel pressure, but hey, you’re still in it. Quick. Eriks. Seventh
spot. Is that right? Yes, that’s That’s where they have a score currently. Last three Daytona
five hundred. Let’s review the last left. Twenty sixteen. Martin Truex inside Denny
Hamlin. Trade the lead three times on the way to the finish line, handling the winner
twenty seventeen. Last lap past push. Kyle Larson runs out of fuel. And here is Austin
Dillon putting the bumper to Eric Allen rolled on one year ago. A Zay said in the pre race
Wait, that white flag tossed the rule book out the window. You do what you gotta do.
You know what they all had in common? They had one. The last one. Now as we going toe
is just our second overtime. I got a question for Larry. Larry, you know, they came in for
fuel. One sixty three was the last time there on Pit road. How are these guys on fuel? Yes,
Jeff. I mean, obviously, they pitted with thirty seven to go in regulation labs, but
way have had, and I’ve run out of paper, but we’ve run over twenty caution laps and you
know how much fuel they saved. So I think everybody should be in good shape, considering
the number of caution laps in front. Yeah, probably right there later. And I ask you
one more question. What about the eleven, though they had that fuel in issue earlier.
Do we know resolve that? Is he getting it full of fuel way? Well, we’ve been looking
at different shots, and it appears yet earlier in the race, mid part of the race they definitely
were having some issues is, I think, Regan Smith reported. But the last few times we’ve
looked, we did not see any problem with them getting fuel in that car. Jeff Thursday night,
Joey Logano pulled the move of moves from fourth place. He said he thought about it
for thirty laps to plan exactly where and how he would win that race. It was textbook
gets a little side draft right here, office team off of the ten car. That, and then he
just shoots to the bottom of twelve, gives him a shove. That little show guys in the
momentum he needed to come up in front of Clint Boyer and they couldn’t catch him. Now
I don’t know about a work tonight, but it might with difference. They were single, filed
in, and he had all this time to plan and think about it because, as that race was unfolding,
didn’t look like there was any cautions Coming. Now that we have these side by side restarts,
I just don’t think that he can plan it out quite that. Well, it doesn’t have way. Don’t
have the patience to be a boy to do that. That push is gonna have to come from behind,
though. Yeah, he’s got a little bit of a bumbershoot right there on the left rear. So that’s gonna
hurt him to Jeff. Why did he make that move? Exactly where? On the track he made it. I
love that area to make a move, and I’ll tell you why I might. As you come into the trial,
vel the driver in front of you is he’s looking in front. He’s looking his mirror, looking
it from looking in this mirror. But as you come off of that trial, you have to present
your prevent yourself from getting into the wall So your eyes typically gravitate forward
as you unwind the stair. Well, that’s when you pounce. You make that move because they’re
not looking in the mirror. And it looked like that’s exactly what happened With their camera
roll in front of Joey, it was almost like I didn’t see that coming. It was like a surprise.
I mean, all of a sudden, Lagana was jumping out. Here he comes. And, well, that CIA Coming
that all materialize all the way back and turned for because join the godless teammate
Ryan Blaney got on that rear bumper Game one. Nice pushing shut down the front straightaway
to build that moment. Um, in that extra speed as they entered the travel cars are being
pushed back to the garage area Chase, Elliot’s and Clint Boyer’s There’s Britain and Gon’s
being hauled back to the garage yesterday was the race when no one wanted to pull out
pass. Tonight is the race when no one seems to be ableto find the finish line, and here
are some of the reasons why Kurt Busch, the forty three of Bubble Wallace, the forty of
Jamie McMurray with damage. This’s Coming Pit road for him and say that Kyle Larson
get something goes around Brad Kozlowski with Tyr and that Matthew Benedetto gets turned
by Paul Menard and eighteen cars violence. Mike. I know that look like they’re just kind
of bouncing, but you get the heck jarred out of you and you’re in these kind of risks.
And then, with two to go put, Boyar drops low on Michael McDowell comes up contact into
William Byron and Chase Elliott. And one thing that went out of our screen there when this
was all happening behind them was Denny Hamlin. With the lead. You think Kyle Busch is regretting
that decision to go to the inside on that restart? Here’s Kyle Busch on the inside.
It’s too late in the race for us to be playing those games on the restart to try to get nose
to tail. I’m just going to go for Boyar, sitting in fifth in the fourteen, knows he’s got to
make something happen, and the time is now. There’s a lap and a half to go. Hey, does
a nice job here. Recognizing that twenty to thirty four, they just get a little bit drug
down, stalled out. He just pulls out right. I’m almost like Dal had an issue, just barely
by two feet. Denny Hamlin was in front. Kyle Busch. They checked the scoring from the moment
of caution, and that might be just all Denny Hamlin needed to win this race and think about
what an emotional win that’s going to be for coach Gibbs. Eleven car wins this race. That
would be incredible. Wei are two laps from finishing the Daytona five hundred. Red flag
is out, Cleanup being finished up tonight on Fox. Bob Spurs his next except on the West
Coast. Eight O’Clock The Simpsons, a thirty Bob’s burgers and then a double dose of Family
Guy at nine and nine thirty. Mike, what time do you and I do that? Hit this morning with
Fox in a box and print About seven twenty five thirty one time hours ago, been twelve
Hired But look at the grandstand. Everybody’s still here waiting to settle this one out.
Coach Gibbs, with his two cars out front on a crowd of one hundred thousand waiting to
see who will finally drive in walking, get pushed into Victory Lane toe hoist the Harley
Earl Trophy. Series. I’ve got a name. Carry it with you, But wait to their names. Make
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Xfinity. Siri’s Saturday races at Atlanta on FM one, Las Vegas on Fox and Phoenix on
F S won the next three weeks in a row with the Cup Series to follow on Sunday. Oh, please.
It is full moon Sunday night way all grew up racing short tracks and full moon on Saturday
night meant carnage and crashes and, ah, lot of work during the week preparing those cars
and it is no different tonight. But as I look at the cars that are left, it is going to
be a Noah’s ark. Restart two Toyotas on the front row, two Fords right behind them to
Chevrolet’s right behind them. What happens next? Well, I think the eleven is gonna win
this race. He got hisself in a position. I think that little bit of a lead he had down
the back is just what we need to win this race. But Michael McDowell, who’s having a
heck of a run, could be this polar in this whole thing. But I’ve been all warmed up for
us for a finish and I had to wait. So then I got all warmed up for finished. And then
I had to wait, so maybe we’ll have a finishes It warmed up at this time. I don’t know, Jeff.
I can’t pick a winner out of this. Kyle Busch is very, very strong. So is Denny Hamlin.
They both know howto win here. Ah, Hamlet’s a former champion of the Daytona five hundred,
Joey Logano’s hat. The fastest car all week. I wonder what the odds on Ryan Priests work
sits in fifth place. It’s still anybody’s race. It really is. I mean, I look at Danny
Hamlin right now. He’s going to probably take that that inside position, like his teammate
Ka Bush to before. And he has Joey Logano on his bumper. That’s going to be a good pusher
to try to get out and get that lead. But out of I want join the God on my rear bumper in
the closing laps. We’ve seen what he’s been up. Tio dio, Don’t you think, Joe? You’ll
be pushing a little harder than Michael McDowell. Yes, no. Maybe I think Joey is very confident
on these types of tracks and is more aggressive. Michael McDowell’s in a phenomenal job, getting
himself into this position and I think he’s gonna have a great finish. I just don’t know
if he’s gonna push as aggressively as Logano, but one one of things I know. So Logan’s car
Mikey has got a big bulge, and that left her a quarter panel. I think he could be a good
pusher, but I don’t know what happened. If he tried to pull out in the air, got captured
in that, Well, well, like that, it could really slowing down. Let’s go back. Denny Hamlin’s
Daytona five hundred Victory three years ago. There’s that push we always talked about.
He had a huge bump draft from behind by Kevin Harvick. That’s what gave him this run to
get three. Why, with his teammate Matt Kenseth as well as Mark Church Jr to come to the wire,
We thought your ex had won this race. I mean, we were saying tricks, tricks, tricks. And
then look at the last second, then turned out the lead changed hands three times in
that final sixteen hundred feet and the Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota driver from Chesterfield,
Virginia, Denny Hamlin, who grew up in the grandstands in Richmond Fairgrounds Raceway,
hoping for a chance to someday race here. And seven year old Denny Hamlin wrote a letter
to himself saying, I want to win the five hundred at Daytona. He specified the year,
the paint job and who is Crew would be. And his dream came true at least once. So far,
Mike. The landscape certainly has changed for Joey Logano. Now, instead of a whole host
of Ford’s around him now, it’s a mixed bag of manufacturers. So as TJ been able to kind
of get an idea of the damage cars for the severity of the damage around that might help
Joey. Yeah, it’s, uh it’s pretty thin out their quality cars at this point. No damage.
So we got a little bit, but we’re pretty good. Shape. Had pretty good speed Coming, too.
That one would be interesting to see what we can do with this green white checker. Thanks,
Toyotas. Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch, Ford’s Joey. Look. Donna Logan. Oh, the twenty to
thirty four. Michael McDowell. You’re on board with the Chevrolet of Ryan priests. And next
to him, Ty Dillon. There’s that damage. Talked about just below. That depends. All sound
right there. That quarter panel is balls in out pretty far. Uh, I don’t know how to hurt
him or not. I know it hurt him a little bit. I think they’re in such a tight draft and
everybody’s pushing so much. I don’t think it’s going to have any effect on Joey Logano’s
ability, whether he has speed to get by one of these Toyota’s Crew chief for Denny Hamlin
for this five hundred Regan. While Chris Gay part. It’s been an eventful day for you. You
had the fuel problems earlier. You resolve those a couple of Pit stops ago. How are your
nerves right now? And you have enough fuel to get the end here? Honestly, same as I told
you before, my nerves really aren’t that bad. I mean, you got a group of talent that is
these guys around you and Denny Hamlin at a speedway race. Really any race but a speedway
race on the front road at the speedway races multiple times over the last few years, there’s
a reason why it’s either gonna work out or it’s not. But I feel pretty good about FedEx
Toyota Camry right now. Good luck. Thanks, Chris. Calm, cool and collected a cool guy
right there. No little do whatever he whatever happens, happens. Yeah, he’s done his job.
He’s like Denny, I put you in position to win the Daytona five hundred. The rest is
up to you. Denny Hamlin is your race leader. Twenty sixteen winner Kyle Busch in second,
the number eighteen Toyota. Joey Logano third number twenty to four on the outside of the
second. Rose. The number. Thirty four fourteen. Yellow. Michael McDowell as we walk it back,
drone number three rookie Ryan Priests for J. T. G. Doherty Racing in the forty seven
alongside him. Ty Dillon, whose brother won this race last year in the number thirteen
Chevrolet. Eric Jones in his number twenty Toyota. Kyle Larson. Despite bringing out
that caution and the damage, he is eighth in a Chevy. Alex Bowman’s number eighty eight
Chevrolet is the ninth place car. Jimmy Johnson in the number forty eight. We saw all the
problems Johnson’s had this week, including getting the left rear of his car ripped off
on the interest to Pit road by a speeding car. Jimmy is ten, and right behind him is,
I think, the feel good story of the day. Ross Chastain from Florida. Watermelon man, they
call him. He’s in that business. He had a ride lined up in the expended. He Siri’s for
the whole season. It was his dream. He was on top of the world until his sponsor had
problems with the government, filed bankruptcy and team shut down. He lost that ride. He
picked up this ride for the five hundred. There’s Ross Chastain in eleventh place. It’s
in pristine condition. Rusty estate has been one heck of a job today. Keep it going, buddy.
Hey, get this thing. You know, I keep killing. Just make It did make a couple of laps here
now also on the lead lap. Ford’s of Ricky Stenhouse, Ryan Newman and Brad Kozlowski,
all with damage. Two laps down. Parker Kligerman and Austin Dillon, seven laps down, Cory Lovejoy
and B. J. MacLeod. Those air, the car’s running, and as soon as the speedy dry has blown off
the track, we’ll be ready to restart. And that first start with two to go was in regulation
time. So I’m going back to NASCAR over time and the rules air this. They’ll wave the green
flag. If and it’s a big if, tonight. If the leader makes it around and takes the white
flag while the track is under green, next flag ends the race. Caution or Checkered.
If the leader does not make it to the white flag under Green, will try again. I got money.
I got my fingers crossed saying a prayer that’ll do it. I don’t work. Time to pick a winner
in the sixty first Daytona five hundred. Barley is the soul of Budweiser and barley doesn’t
grow just anywhere. It comes from the heartland of America, a place where the land stretches
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Okay, champ, stop the shame of over pain. They start your used car searched today at
the all new carfax dot com. Cars rolling to finish the Daytona five hundred sixty first
running lead. Petty one. The first one took three days to decide the finish between he
and Johnny, both Richard Petty’s won it seven times. Dave Marcus has tried thirty three
times, Bobby Allison the oldest. Trevor Bayne, the youngest to Goto Victory Lane. Two United
States presidents have been grand marshals and eight Pro Football Hall of Fame members
have been honorary starters. Julian Edelman. You want to add him to that list? Probably,
and it was invented a Tiger Stadium in the mid nineteen eighties. The wave makes a reappearance.
And Daytona, everybody getting ready for this restart. What will Denny Hamlin do? Add up,
Jess, that we do the team. Make restart. Choose top. You’ll let us down. Tracking that twenty
two can’t behind both of us in third that don’t have thirty four with first pushing
him up top. I’m good with that. You’re going to be your true love. I agree with the move,
but no last restart. That’s not the way Kyle Busch is feeling about it. I don’t know if
he was trusting that Denny Hamlin was going toe hold true to it. I heard one side of the
story, but I never did hear the other side of that story. I didn’t hear the other guys
say, I’m OK with that big difference. There is Denny Hamlin’s won the Daytona five hundred.
Kyle Busch does not want to be Dale Earnhardt. Oh, for nineteen going for twenty. Still,
tryingto win it. He wants it. Now. One of those guys be happy, still be rolling. If
I’m joke it, I would want to get in the middle of this because I think it’s the best chance
for his organization to win. The state tone of five hundred is to have them nose to tail,
not side by side. The coach is a pretty good listener. He just listens to what’s going
on. Joe Gibbs, Rick Hendrick, Roger Penske. These multi team owners usually do not get
involved when their drivers are racing for the wind. So they leave it up to the Crew
cheese. That’s what they usually do. Jeff. Darryl, you’ve both been part of multi car
teams. You know, there’s no one you’d rather eat than your teammate because, you know,
he has exactly the same opportunity and equipment that you do way had one rule Just don’t wreck
your teammate. Yeah, I mean, they’re they’re great toe have in a race like this where you
could work together and keep yourself out of trouble. Keep yourself up front, give yourself
a chance to win. But when I say yourself so in the end it comes down to yourself we hurry,
Mac, is that notebook of trims all burn up spontaneous combustion tonight? Well, yeah,
I’ve already put it away for the night, but just going back to teammates. I know working
for Richard Childress Racing for four years with two car teams up there, he had to house
rules. Your point. Don’t wreck your teammate, but do not help someone else beat your team,
mate. That was the two House rules. Other than that, he said, racing churches is hard
as you want. I think most of the rules on if there is a rule, if there was a golden
rule five laps to go, it’s every man for himself. Don’t wreck your teammate. But every man for
himself. But fellas, there’s only two cars of each make in the first three rows, and
there are three lanes of racetrack and there’s not enough. There’s not a lot of laps to get.
Wait. We just saw what a great run it could. Boy, Oh God! On two cars that were side by
side when they get stalled out. Thirty for mcdow, uh, alongside of believe Lugano. Boyer
had a great run, so there’s no reason why that couldn’t also happen. If those front
row guys get side by side or the two Toyotas get side by side, install one another out.
That sound of silence is Ryan priests saving. You don’t know how many more of these way
could get into into these screen white checkers. I never saw a guy joke around in a car like
he does except Rusty Wallace. He reminds me so much. A rusty in the car, moving his head,
Stamp it in Paris first fourteen cars down to Ryan Newman are on the lead lap. One of them. We’ll win the Daytona five hundred
two laps to go green next time. Bye. All right, Joey Logano radio and then Ty Dillon Way Go
right to the part where he’s going with four. Joey look in the mirror and said, Oh, I knew
it. Looking for any help, they can possibly find out your friends or where you find them.
That’s right. And sometimes that’s the one you least expect in the closing laps of this
race. Stephen Stills love the one you’re will help me help you have a good room. Unfortunately,
right now for Joey Logano, the thirteen of Thai Dylan is in the outside lane, so I’m
just not so sure he could get there. His best friend. Right now, there’s a guy we’ve been
talking about with Visor camera Brian, twenty two. When he made always good moves, they
were on the outside. I mean, pass a lot of cars on the outside. Joey Logano, racing against
former teammates at Joe Gibbs, racing on the front row to Toyota’s two Fords to Chevrolet’s
on, then eight more lead lap cars to settle this. So what I say is the real motivator
here is for Joey Logano, knowing he got his break it Joe Gibbs Racing. Now is that Pinsky?
He would love to spoil this day for them. Two laps to go, everybody on their feet. It’s
time for overtime, sponsored by Credit Bank. Wait too well Is getting too out front that
outside Lane is not organized as well as the inside Lane, so I think it is going to work.
Here comes Join the gonna with that big push to the rear bumper of the eighteen, watched
the run that Bush is going to get on this team. Gonna need some help. I gotta have somebody
up there pushing a little bit getting these guys get him up to it. Bush stays in line.
Here comes Helen. You know, twenty to get there, he’ll do it. I just don’t think that
I think that accomplishes not quite ready and in position. He had a big enough push
to try to make a move on his teammate. Denny Hamlin is going away to this final lap. I
think Priest wanted to help joy, but he’s just he’s not quite as fast. Joy can’t keep
hooked up one lap to go to Connecticut. Yankees chasing Hamlin. What A move by Greece is coming
to help, and that’s what he’s going to need. Has got a back up. The priest is not gonna
be able to do it on his own. He’s gotta get that push. The priest is gonna have to get
on the brakes here, but he’s got Kyle Busch in outside Lane. Priest grew up together at
the quarter midget tracks in Connecticut. Look, Ana looks low. Kyle Busch the top one.
Look out on the bottom. McDowell second yellow car. Where will he go So interesting that
McDowall decided to go with power boost. But here comes Eric Jones on the inside. Danny
Hamlin Hamlin. Turnover for no side by side. Battle’s finished. This time, Denny Hamlin
wins his second day and wins it for coach Toyota. What a day for J for Joe G for that
hole. That’s storybook stuff right there. That was meant to him again. I’m really proud
of you. It’s right here, right now. My family is to work with these guys. Wait. Kill Gibbs.
Toyotas finished One, two, three. I think it was just meant to be. Jones Boy, where’d
you come from? Well, Coach, we were talking a few moments ago, and you said you said this
is a CZ long as one of them. Once you finish one, two, three can’t get much better than
that. I gotta tell you what happened right here. His name is on that car. That’s his
number eleven with any He found me. I’m just saying, what happened here’s emotional for
all of us. The family’s this’s Jackson racing like you did right there is just unbelievable.
I’m emotionally shot. This is what’s a mean joke here saying what happened here really
unreal, Ana, I’m just thrilled. I think j. J d had the best, best view, Everything. It’s
really unbelievable experience. Put any other words? I just thank the Lord be a part of
it. JD I hope people will go to J. D. Gibbs legacy dot com is see that video? I think
it could be life changing for congratulation. Joe Coach gives talking about his eldest son,
J. D, died last month from a neurological disease team president and co founder with
his dad, he recruited Denny Hamlin. Sunoco fueling victories all season long feeling
Denny Hamlin to this Dakota five hundred might. He didn’t win a race last year. Already won
the first race issue. First time one team has finished one two three since nineteen
ninety seven. When Jeff Gordon won the five hundred. There’s getting pointing to the J
give sticker along with Wood Chopper Glenwood Hall of Famer recently passed. Didn’t you
say I got a job back? Victory Lane? You got the part perfectly. Jamie Little Danny. All
of these fans have stood here for a long time waiting to see this moment, but you just pointed
out that sticker. What does J. D. Gibbs mean to you in this event? The whole family, they
just they have done so much for me over the course of my career. It’s just this one’s
for JD. We, we were desperately going to miss him for the rest of our lives. But his legacy
still lives on with three Joe Gibbs racing in probably this for them once again. A brand
new Crew cheap here in Daytona and Chris gave heart. You guys worked together in the Xfinity
Siri’s back in the day. What was it about him that you knew? And you believe that you
guys could do this and get you back to winning? Uh, he’s a short track racer. I That’s what
I love about him, is he’s just got that short track mentality. Same is wheels and wheels.
Car ran pretty damn. Good day, Teo, too. So it’s just amazing to be in this position.
Thank FedEx, Tokyo. All these partners. Coca Cola, the Jordan brand, uh, monster energy,
everyone who put this car on the racetrack. This is amazing. I don’t want to hear this
one up. Could I want to put it back in my house? Denny, not a lot of people get a chance
to do it a second time. And you always think if I had that chance again, what would you
do differently? What’s going to be different about this celebration? I don’t know. I’m
just going to enjoy it more. I mean, I think I was so dumbfounded about everything that
happened in the first time with the photo finish and everything. This one lets me soak
it in a little bit more. I have a terrible hangover tomorrow, but I’m enjoying the rest
of my life about party with the fans. Love it. Coming Tone A five hundred Note. That
decal for J. D. Gibbs on the aid post Checkered flag and across a very religious man sorely
missed family here. What a legacy he leaves, including Daytona five hundred Victory. Not
exactly a story fit for most of the wheat field, but you couldn’t script this Ernie.
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official tire of NASCAR for the second time in four years, Denny Hamlin isn’t Victory
Lane biggest stock car race in the world, fitting in with like a lava ly microphone
so you can talk us up here in the booth after seconds total. Five hundred trying. Chris
Capehart Coming intothe right, Ernie, last year. What do you have to say right this minute?
Tow all the Denny doubters, but last year said, Well, he didn’t win a race. He’s not
going to win a race. And here you are. Yeah, it’s, uh, it’s amazing, I told him over the
radio. I’ve been in this position so many times. I can’t believe how many times I’ve
been on the front row on the last three start for the Daytona five hundred. I see myself
one for four in those situations, but it gets down to five. So amazing job of this whole
FedEx team. Gotta think Toto, everyone to help up this race car on the racetrack. Coca
Cola, Jordan Brain. Michael Jordan’s birthdays today is pretty amazing. Everyone at the little
big burgers. Well, so just a great day overall for a race team. We got got a rookie team
here for me. A lot of these guys are brand new, and some are still helping this scene.
But have all these FedEx executives here just just the greatest day? Yeah, I didn’t think
the emotion. I mean, I know how emotional I was for Joe Gibbs and for JD and eleven.
And if you’re found, you’re going to donate a hundred eleven dollars Trevor laugh. You
lied and and your and your family’s there. And your new team, your creator, Crew chief,
but an incredible what an incredible way in anyone for you. Yeah, just I mean, the rebranding
of the Kara’s. Well, to bring back the white in the FedEx is just a just one of those days
where I just felt like I was meant to be. Honestly, our car was really good. We got
a little mixed up there in the middle of the race where we had to couldn’t get fuel in
the car. But other than that, I mean, we’re running up for an all day and put ourselves
in great position and just capitalized at the end and hats off to Carla’s. Well, I know
he was eagerly wanting his first Victory here in the Daytona five hundred, but today we
just weren’t gonna be tonight. They didn’t. This is Jeff. I want to go back to this last
couple of restarts. You talk about your teammate called Bush. You guys have a conversation
there with Chris Gay, part your new Crew chief about what to do on that last restart, you
saw where Kyle Busch chose the inside the time before you got the lead. Because of that,
this time you had to make a decision, trying to figure out how to get in front of him.
I was. When he gave me the top. I literally was doing a little cheer in my mind, thinking,
My play book said, Always choose the top no matter what. No matter who’s behind you, it
doesn’t matter. I mean, that’s what I’m saying. I’ve been on the front of the front row of
so many restarts and lost because I’ve been on the bottom and I just felt like way got
the opportunity to jump up there. You know, Obviously, there were circumstances that happened
behind us, the lobbyists to be in front of caution. But I feel pretty good about being
on the top line there and then, obviously we thought it was best idea for us. You know,
he asked about me pulling down in front of him on the final restart on I was good with
that because I thought that between him and the twenty two, we’re going to best pushers
and worked out well for us. Thank you. Don’t go celebrate. Well, I’m gonna hate tomorrow,
but I’m a love joy. Every second Kyle Busch, his teammate, finishes second, he’s been swell.
Kyle Busch has won everything at Daytona except the five hundred. And you were right there.
You made a deal with your teammate Denny Hamlin for that last restart. Was that the difference?
Would you do it a different second time around? Um, I don’t know, strength in numbers. You
know, we’re trying to at least protect one of our cars being able to get to Victory Lane.
And I felt like we were able to do that with being ableto do what we did on that last restart.
But overall, it’s, you know, certainly bittersweet. You know, it’s awesome to see a J a G R car
Victory Lane for Jo and J. D and everything. That’s kind of gone on this off season with
all of that. But it’s very, very bittersweet for everybody at Eminem’s and interstate batteries
and Skittles and Snickers and all those that support us and all my team guys that worked
so hard to try to get to Victory Lane for us and trying them. You know, our Daytona
five hundred Victory, You know, he’s got to I got none. But, uh, it’s a part of it sometimes.
And then we just have to move on to go to next time. You seemed apprehensive to go along
with that plan when it was presented to you. In hindsight, do you wish you’d just raced
it out like you had the time before? Uh, yes and no. I mean, again, trying to make sure
at least one of us got to Victory Lane is first and foremost, and, um, you know, after
that, you try to go race it out and see what you can do for yourself and for your team.
But, you know, there wasn’t enough cars out there. Really. I mean, there were six cars
running at the end. I don’t know that anything would have been any different. Really, If
anything would materialize. I think we all would have been stuck side by side, given
if I would’ve been on the outside or something like that. So it’s it’s so hard to tell. I
don’t know how it would’ve played out, but I’m not gonna worry about it. Thanks, Kam.
Thank you, Vince. Another bit of irony. But Denny Hamlin and eight seven wrote that letter
saying he wanted to win the Daytona five hundred. He wanted to win it on February seventeen,
today, February seventeen for Denny Hamlin. I would open up two beers. You tell me what
sounds more refreshing. Gotcha. This one. For this one. Definitely the one that went
Bush. It appears that are you being serious? Yes. It’s Bush, right? Crew? I don’t know.
We were having dinner tonight. You, Sandra, Karl and I go everywhere together. Keep dander
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I don’t get it risking everything. That’s a winning performance. Congratulations to
Coca Cola racing family driver Denny Hamlin for his second Tony. Joey Logano. One. Thursday
night was the favorite going into today. And Logano is the first board across the line
in fourth. Here’s Matt Yocum. Well, for Joey Logano. I don’t even know where to begin to
describe that final push. I thought at one point, when you don’t know the inside, that
you were in the right position and make that move on. Yeah, I tried. You know, this super
cool and Ryan priest behind me and quicker of racing ornaments and quarter midgets, a
Silver City quarter midget club America, Connecticut and be race against each other in a Daytona
five hundred power to cool this thing that have him pushing me behind their man Ever
been so neat? Think the wind. Hey, gave me the push. I needed to get by eighteen. I just
I needed one more shove their to be ableto get to the eleven. I just didn’t have quite
enough to get Ernie three eleven. But, um, you know, proud of the effort and momentum
that this, uh, Mustangs really showing it with the shell Pennzoil team, so I’m proud
of that way. Scored a lot of points this week while we’re down here, some, um it’s not about
points in Daytona, though. I say it all the time. It’s about doing the puppet show Danny’s
doing behind me right now and and winning this thing. So congratulations of them. They
they kept their cars in one piece on day. Worked together. Well, so, um, yeah, we got
beat, but, uh, still proud of Ah, the speed we have on our racecar. Thanks, Joey. Fourth
place finish tonight in the five hundred. Thanks, Matt. Well, we talked about that.
Noah’s Ark. Restart the finish. Three Toyota, followed by two Fords, followed by five Chevrolets
as Denny Hamlin hoist the Harley Earl Trophy. More after this, I’m tired of lugging around
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and lasts up to twelve hours. Zantac, eat your way. Treat your way. Hope you’ve enjoyed
our new studio there. The Joe Gibbs Toyotas that finished one two three and the first
sweep of the Daytona five hundred in a couple of decades. Denny Hamlin, winner of his second
Daytona five hundred. Big hug, shared with coach Joe Gibbs. He’s an expert of winning.
Wow, what a night! What a race! Tonight on Fox except on the West Coast. The Simpsons
Air Next, Bob’s Burgers on a double hit a family Guy at nine and nine thirty. Next Sunday,
we’ll see you in Atlanta. The Folds of Honor. Quick Trip five hundred one thirty p. M. Eastern
on Fox. Coverage begins with the best one and race day at twelve thirty Eastern time.
And don’t forget NASCAR race. Irvan F s one weeknights at six. Eastern will break it all
down for you. Denny Hamlin, a double winner of the Daytona five hundred. Thanks for joining
us seeyou in Atlanta next Sunday.

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