MONSTER TRUCKS JUMP WALL OF FIRE! | Monster Trucks | Hot Wheels

MONSTER TRUCKS JUMP WALL OF FIRE! | Monster Trucks | Hot Wheels

(intense music) – New news! Avalanches, fires,
falling tires? We go to sports. – The Hot Wheels monster trucks
are on Monster Truck Island, competing in a downhill event at the canyon of twisted axles. Before they get past each other, they must first get
past the tire drop, The blocking boulders, And the fiery inferno
at the finish line. The winner takes home a trophy. Ready, let’s go! – [Announcer] Round one! Fire Starter versus
Test Subject. Go big, go Hot Wheels! – [Commentator] And
it’s Fire Starter scorching its way down the track and taking home the victory. Let’s have another look. And it looks like
the blocking boulders were a little too tough on
the test for Test Subject. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Round two. Bigfoot versus Hound Hauler. – [Commentator]
Bigfoot is of course the original monster truck,
taking on a new breed. – [Announcer] Go
Big! Go Hot Wheels! – [Commentator] And Hound
Hauler hauls down the track to secure a spot
in the next round. In the replay, we see Hound
Hauler triggers the gate and Bigfoot gets tired. (crowd cheers) – [Announcer] Round three. Abyss-Mal versus Pure Muscle. Go big, go Hot Wheels! – [Commentator] Pure Muscle
flexes its way down the track but misses the landing! Abyss-Mal takes advantage,
and will move on. Perhaps Pure Muscle
was a little too pumped as Abyss-Mal walks the plank. – [Announcer] Round four. HotWeiler Toxic versus Hot
Wheels Racing Number 3. – [Commentator] This is our
first look at Hotweiler Toxic. (dog barks) – [Announcer] Go
big, go Hot Wheels! – [Commentator] Hot Wheels
Racing Number 3 gets hung up, and HotWeiler will
advance. (dog howls) (crowd cheers) And HotWeiler rolls
over the finish line. That’s a good boy. (dog barks) – [Announcer] Semi-finals. Fire Starter versus
Hound Hauler. Go big, go Hot Wheels! – [Commentator] Hound Hauler
pounds through the boulders, and will move on to the finals. (intense music) – [Announcer] Abyss-Mal versus
Hotweiler Toxic. (dog barks) Go big, go Hot Wheels! – [Commentator] This
one’s going to be close, as Abyss-Mal takes a fall
just short of the inferno. In the replay, we see
just how close it was as HotWeiler rips its
way into the finals. – [Announcer] Championship. – [Commentator] Here
we’re at the championship, and we have an age-old rivalry. Dog versus dog-catcher. – [Announcer] Hound Hauler
versus HotWeiler Toxic. Go big, go Hot Wheels! – [Commentator] It’s
dog eat dog in this one. It looks like Hound
Hauler takes it, but we’re going to have
to go to the replay. (intense music) Hound Hauler gets tangled
up in the inferno, as HotWeiler leaps from behind, and it’s Hound
Hauler by a snout, winning the trophy! But wait, there’s more! The other trucks have
taken their position and they will race
for third place. – [Announcer] Go
big, go Hot Wheels! – [Commentator] We’re gonna
have to go to the replay. It was Abyss-Mal all the way before he gets just
a bit off track, as Fire Starter and Bigfoot
slide across the finish line. This one is too close to call. Let’s call it a tie. A big congrats to our
winner Hound Hauler after another
amazing competition on Monster Truck Island. Stay tuned for more Hot
Wheels Monster Truck content in this tournament of titans! (intense music)

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