Most Reliable Cars (October 2009) | Consumer Reports

Most Reliable Cars (October 2009) | Consumer Reports

If you’re looking at reliability you would think the more that you pay for a car the better the reliability would be of that car. But that’s not what we’ve seen from our survey. We’ve seen some of the most inexpensive, small cars to be one of the most reliable cars out there. It may be that it has less technology on it to go wrong but they’re also put together extremely well. In general, the most reliable cars come from the Japanese manufacturers. But you can’t just say it’s Japanese, it’s going to be reliable. There’s some good, there are some that are not quite so good. And it’s not really the first 1, 2, or 3 years of reliability that you should be concerned about. It’s the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th year of ownership that is really important to you. That’s when the warranties run out. That’s when the repairs you’re going to be paying out of your own pocket. And also the resale value. Reliable cars tend to have a much higher resale value when you come to sell that car. So you really want to look at cars that are reliable over the long period of time. And when we look at cars over 10 years the most reliable are from Honda and Toyota. If you’re going out to buy a car, don’t buy a car in the first year of manufacture. Buy a car in the last year that that vehicle is going to be around. Because that’s going to be the most reliable. Maybe it doesn’t give you the panache of the new car but it will be the most reliable.

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  1. I have a 2002 Toyota Tacoma that has close to 90,000 miles on it and has run perfect. Zero problems (knock on wood).

    As far as buying a vehicle model in it's last year. Well, that makes sense because they've worked out all the kinks. They only put out new models to stay competitive in the industry. Not necessarily because the old model was a bad car. The new models are going to have new features that are more likely to malfunction and it will take time to fix those problems. Makes sense.

  2. Year 2000 Buick Park Avenue, 217,000 miles. Uses little to no oil, original water pump. Starts instantly. Have done the shocks once. Five star safety ratings. Fuel economy great at 24.5mpg at 75-80mph, 31mpg at 60mph. Leather seats are shiny, but no tears or rips and still supportive.

    Probably the best big pass. car GM ever made. Try to find one used. Lucerne's are used everywhere.

  3. every car is reliable, its just that most Americans don't know how to general maintenance that make them unreliable. Its not the car company's fault that your car overheated and broke down because you were too stupid to change a simple belt or pull over because your gage said your engine was hot but you didn't because you were texting or talking on the phone. Me and my old man check my vehicle all the time on my 1994 explorer. that things had its replacement parts, but it never broke down.

  4. *This is why I'm patiently waiting & saving more money for the Chevy' Camaro 2010 V-6. I want to see if it is as relaible as say…Honda Accord V-6, Toyota Corolla Xrs. In that case I want it. Yeah hondas, & Toyotas are good cars, but they are too boring for my taste. I want the new Camaro ONLY if it's reliable. The Gas money on that Beast is already probably Expensive. -_-

  5. I Find Consumer Reports not generally reliable when it comes to its reliability ratings. Traditionally, CR has always rated Chrysler's as below to way below average in terms of reliability. This is so far from the truth. Let me explain….
    I have owned several Chrysler vehicles which CR rated average to poor in terms of reliabilty and I have also worked as a Service Advisor for many Chrysler dealerships.
    The bottom line,if you maintain your Chrysler's, they'll last forever!

  6. I just bought my first foreign car, a Toyota because of the reputation Toyota has for reliability. Also, the Camry is a great car for the money which is probably why it has been a top seller year after year.

  7. @MNRick041 define "foreign" considering most of the "foreign" brands are made here in the US, and GM and Chrysler use a large majority of parts from Mexico.

  8. Honda and Toyota have been the darlings of the automotive reviewers for a long time but I think they're over-rated. I owned a Toyota Camry and it gave me a lot of problems—tranny trouble, front end problems, electrical problems, a leaky trunk, faulty sensors, bad relay in fuel injector, you name it. I've not owned a Honda but known people who did who weren't happy. But my Nissan Maxima is running great at 202k. Personally, I think Nissan makes a much better car than Toyota or Honda.

  9. Toyota cars are now junk cause they're made by Toyota of America

    buy a Japan made toyota and you won't have as much problems

  10. @G8GTman wow are u so arrogant u will only drive an american car just for ur own stupidity patriotism? lol wow bro…grow up and face the facts that japanese are the most reliable cars out there…especially honda and toyota…=D

  11. In my opinion a car reliability depends on overall brand product reliability, how well you take care of your car and where you live environment can affect your car. Personally I like German and Japanese cars . My family owns a Honda S2000 Lexus IS300 Infiniti G37 a. A BMW 335i and Audi A5 and and an Acura MDX these are cars of my mom uncle aunt cousins etc and they've been very reliable My uncle told me I could have his s2000 when cuz he's gettin a new carI get my drivers permit BTW I'm 17 .

  12. Any car can last for 10-20 or more years by taking simple care of it.

    -Change your oil
    -Change your transmission fluid
    -Don't drive like youre on a NASCAR track

    That being said, fuck Japanese cars. They're small, cheap feeling, and hard to work on yourself when they do break down.

    Ill keep my '89 Ford F150 and '91 Chevy Camaro, thank you.

  13. dont matter what car you buy after 10 years it will have problems point blank no matter how well you care for it cause parts will begin to wear…

  14. Finally a person admitting japanese reliability…cannot be beaten! 🙂 toyota honda nissan and mazda al reign supreme!

  15. @buggeazy I would reply to your comment but I can't on an iPod.

    My mother's Highlander is at 8 years now and hasn't had a single problem. I'm more than positive that it will last ten years without any problems.

    My brothers Grand Cherokee went thirteen years on all original parts.

    My fathers old 92 Camry needed it first repair at 205,000 miles when it was 17 years old.

    What do you drive cause it's common for us to get over ten years

  16. People are so narrow minded. Notice how no one ever says "*Random car marque* sucks! Studies show their transmissions fail at six times the normal rate of its class of vehicles by other companies!" It's always "*Random car marque* sucks! My car broke down three times!" Whoopee, dumbass. You got the bad apple of the bunch.

  17. @TheNismo400r Yes, I have owned nissans for 23 years, I am driving my 3rd Maxima and just can't find a better and more realiable car.

  18. I think a reliable car can come out of any car brand these days. (except for the brits). My friend's 2000 Ford Focus has over 550,000km on it, and it is only on its 2nd clutch. There's a 98 Dodge Grand Caravan in my family with just under 290,000km, and it has outlasted our neighours' Camry and Accord of the exact same model years. Both cars are still going strong. It's all about whether if you get a lemon in the first place (they can come from ANYWHERE), and how well you take care of the car.

  19. I love this video. Of all the cars iv'e ever driven (bmw, ford, chevy, dodge, honda, toyota, nissan, kia and etc) toyota is the only car that has not left me on the side of the road. I wiolol buy a toyota with my eyes closed.

  20. @ehmangalam
    Man Chrysler makes probably the worst cars on the road today my aunt has a town and country and a 2010 300 both are a piece of shit i buy a ford before i buy a Chrysler
    You want a damn good car go Nissan or Toyota period

  21. will i gess i got a rely good car cuz i have a 84 honda pralude with 250 000 km and it still runs like a drem

  22. @TheDataZoo. thats what some car companies say to make themselves feel better. Not true in my 15 years of owning and cars.

  23. This video is titled "Most reliable cars from consumer reports" WELL,WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY????

  24. BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Toyotas and Hondas break down too and shake your wallet out for repairs.1998 to 2002 Corrolla engines are junk and I know an auto wrecking yard that gets calls for them.The Honda minivans,the transmissions in them are junk.The European and Japanese don't let out diagnostics when a code appears.It makes it much harder to fix a problem without diagnostics.

  25. simple if you are loking for a car buy a mercedes benz 240 diesel thrust me i have one its more reliable than a than it il do for 1000000 miles yeasy

  26. Lol, clean out your ears. He never said that they don't….He merely stated that they "tend" to be more reliable. I have an old 94 Honda accord for almost four years now with about 140k miles on it. Thank God, it has NEVER broken down, and it has never given me any major issues. What I do notice is that the build of the car is shaky; that's expected with age. I've never had engine trouble, and thus far it has been great.

  27. Is a 2003 Infiniti g35 coupe with automatic trans. And 74,000 miles a reliable? I'm thinking of buying. Any thoughts?

  28. Most Cars manufactured today are engineered to start failing after the warranty runs out. However, worse yet, Chinese tools are engineered to fail.

  29. It all depends on experiences, I have three toyotas with over 200k each and it does not show. They're some damn well made vehicles, however I have also seen some that constantly break down because they were badly cared for from previous owners.

  30. I wouldn't go to that extreme of buying a car in their last model year, perhaps right in the middle, maybe the 3rd or 4th year.

  31. I traded in my Saturn Vue(american car) for a toyota rav4 2010. Saturn vue tranny died at 100,000kms

  32. 1993 Honda Civic Si Hatchback… most reliable car I've ever owned.. I'm never getting rid of it, I love it.

  33. I have a Honda civic 1994 with 1mil miles and the only problem I had with it is that it doesn't break down so my parents won't get me a new car

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