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  1. $1500 to Detail a Supra?? Tell you what!! How about I come over to your place, you give me $1500 and I kick you in the nuts and we will call it a day. 🎉

  2. what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  3. this guy doesn't have any idea what is in the car, he just signes checks. First the car should at least be on a twin disk instead of a single disk. Any car that makes a ton of power is going to be expensive and need tires to put it to the ground

  4. Stock Supra brakes were literally top shelf in 1993 and are specifically designed for multiple 100mph+ stops without significant brake fade. If yours isn’t performing well I’d say you’ve got some components wearing out. Your Master Cylinder may well be in need of replacement yet still providing decent pressure. My 1994 Celica GT4 WRC has the same brakes and it doesn’t get driven very much either. After a track day where I felt it’s brakes were adequate but faded way too fast, I went ahead and bit the bullet and rebuilt my Master Cylinder, Front calipers and lubed all four sets of guides and replaced all four sets of pads with new OEM pads even tho they had most of their material left. Plus all new brake fluid. Now it will snap your neck now – over and over and over with no issues. If you’re not familiar with the ‘94 GT4 WRC it is very similar to your Supra aside from it being a 4cyl AWD car. We have the same specs on pistons, bores, stroke, valves,Yamaha heads, etc etc. hell, even the stock Turbos are the same aside from mine having a twin-entry turbine whereas you simply got two of them. Obviously, I didn’t get the complicated sequential setup but mine DID come with factory anti-lag, water/methanol injection and a huge water to air intercooler with integrated IC sprayer bar (cools the heat exchanger with washer fluid).
    I said all that to setup the similarity of the identical braking system, general similarities of the two cars but most importantly to tell you this is a VERY heavy Celica – it’s hundreds of pounds heavier than the next closest model so my brakes do have quite a job to do.
    I’d spend the money to refresh that braking system if yours is fading. It shouldn’t be suffering from brake fade noticeably on track day hard braking.
    Anyway, yours is a beautiful car! Mine is also black, I wish we could get these two andmy MR2 Turbo together for a family photo!

  5. The guy who made a video about why people who lift their cars are retarded and irresponsible isnt even sure if his tires are street legal. i hate this guy. i tried to like him. but he's unlikable..

  6. This will decimate all, after, you put about fifteen grand in it or more. If we have to, overnight parts from Japan.

    -Jetta driver

  7. I guessed all the ancillary problems that may need addressed. Still worth owning one if you have the money. I'd have a Supra over a veyron all day!

  8. $1500 getting a car cleaned -> tiny garage, doesn't even have a shed to put the leaf rake in. I just don't get this guy.

  9. Any 2JZ engine is capable of producing a 1000 horsepower and of course everybody knows you have to change things from the bottom end up to be able to get a 1000 horsepower but any 2JZ engine like I said it's capable of a 1000 hp.

  10. How do you not wake up to at least 1 flat? I run an E55 (ask Matt) and every morning, I have to inflate a tire. Its why I keep a compressor in the car. Inflate as it warms up…

  11. In my mind the perfect supra would not have "1000 hp". In reality 500-600 hp would be the best set up. I've been saying this for a long time, you could be putting out 1000hp, but putting it down and being able to use that 1000 hp is the thing.

  12. I love supras. However, I still live American muscle and euros more. From what was said in this video, the BMW M50 is a better platform, also way cheaper. The E34s had good chassis and easy brake upgrade bc M5/ 850i brakes. Of course BMW is lacking in today's world. And yes I'm aware BMWs "aren't that cool" or aren't the greatest. But they do make decent power without extensive modifications. Just my opinion. But I will still always love supras. I just love cars 🤷

  13. Honestly cars are made to be driven. If you don’t drive them, are you really a car owner? I understand that you want to hold the value of your car but still man, drive the car get it out and take it to work, maybe get your groceries in it. I understand it takes a lot to drive it and the fuel is expensive and all that, but still when they sit that’s the hardest on them, parts are made to wear, when they don’t, things can break. Just my opinion though, if I had the money I’d probably do the same thing.

  14. This dude is kind of a joke. That's a bad detail job for that price. Your facts are largely things you attempted to research but misunderstood. Idiot

  15. I haven’t watched the video whatsoever yet. But I bet I hate it. Will be back with an update. This guy fucking blows balls

  16. every other YouTube channel: another budget 1000whp Supra

    spaghetti: It cOsT mUcH mOniEz 2 mAk 1oOo PoWeRz

  17. Yeah you don't need 1000hp in the first place, and of course the power ends up coming later especially on a stock block, with stock internals, it is a turbo set up after all. You could probably get 600-800whp out of a stock block but yeah like you said it will have serious lag, you will probably get beat in a race by an all motor k20/24 stroker frankenstein engine in a civic hatch, because it makes more hp/torque more quickly. Another good platform thats cheaper and better IMO is the Honda J, could use a stock j35 block from a '98 oddessy with J30a4 cylinderheads TL type s or RLS pistons and cams, and bolt a turbo onto the exhaust manifold of each cylinder head on an engine that probably makes over 300hp and around 220+ ftlbs of tq all motor before the turbo, you could also have one turbo be smaller, or be a kraftwerks belt driven turbo to eliminate some of the lag, so many things you could do to increase the volume of air to make the turbo spool faster, proper intake and exhaust set up, setting the vtec engagement lower on teh tune etc. Or installing a toggle switch so that the vtec is always on at the touch of a switch or button.

  18. Ngl he says it costs a lot of money to get that power of course it does it’s 1000wheel but it’s hella less than all the other cars that’s why they chose the platform you can make 800wheel for basic upgrades like turbo ecu exhaust etc I’m not saying it’s cheap but it’s easier than getting a lambo and twin turbo it🤷‍♂️

  19. Only became popular because of the fast and furious ….. Over rated car….in my days wen these came out yeah they were cool but not a big deal

  20. Your dumb if your paying 20 a gallon for c16 go e86 and you get good power if not better that's what I have on mine and I have 900whp on stock internals with a single. Yes your right they are expensive to start digging into the internals but I drive mine more than a few times through out the week beat the shit out of it and havent had any problems for a year and a half now. drive your shit man it's your car stop looking at it in your garage and beating off to it…. it's a car drive it bro.

  21. Ive heard if you want to drive it fun and hard 450-500whp is what youre looking for in a supra. But imo i would want to drive a manual car with over 550ph, seems more like a chore than a good time..

  22. What people forget about power is the more you make, the more it costs to make more. Once you hit a certain number it gets really expensive.

  23. What a rich prick, 1500 dollar detail, what a rich idiot. I d o the for 250 to 250 deli ending on size. What a waste of cars on this dork

  24. Shit 10 years ago it wasnt anything to find a mid 50k mile supra for 25-35k.

    Prices are RIDICULOUS now. Id shop for a FD rx7 before the supra 😂

  25. $1500 for a detail?! I did detailing….$100 inside an out..showroom clean..another $50 for the underbody….an no waterspots on the rims

  26. This guy is full of shit. He barely takes it out of his garage. U want hp u need $. Everything u said is bs. Show us your engine# he probably has stock engine which is respect but clearly shows us why he talks out of his ass.

  27. I subconsciously tuned out after he said 6500 for a clutch. I should've known the BS was coming when he mentioned 1500 on a detail and he's afraid of rain.

  28. but if we do change then it is possible to have a 1000hp right, if we changes it right, the only issue are money to be spend but its possible

  29. So, If I attempt to translate what your saying … If you have an excessive amount of HP it can be a bit tricky in wet slippery environments with almost slick tires ? Also, that stock parts don't handle nearly 4x's the HP figures well ? And the car goes a lot faster now ?
    Thank you

  30. If You puting forged internals You basicly get base for over 1000hp because all forged rods/pistons are rated at around 200-300hp (per bank) which is 6×200=1200. In reality only reason why people dont get this much hp DAILY is because of capacity…2jz can make over 2000hp if build properly, but not on regular fuel because of lack of displacement. But on e85 it is posible to make 1000hp daily 2jz 😉 but You would change tires every 500 miles and strugle to get traction until 140mph 😀

  31. Why was this video made?
    No one is stupid enough to think stock supras are 1,000hp.
    Good job at your subtle bragging. Lots of people fell for it.
    Maybe I should make a living showing my Supra. All the shit he was talking about in this video isn't even really that much. I make 1,085 and put around 5k in it.
    You're gonna have 10k+ in it if you're just a moron that doesn't know what you're doing under the hood and have a shop do everything for you because you just want to go fast for clout on YT.

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