Motorcycle Gasket Sealer – Which one do I use?

Motorcycle Gasket Sealer – Which one do I use?

One of the first things I’m going to do this morning, is talk about the right stuff. We’ve all heard that term used loosely. But, this is a permatex form a gasket type stuff, and what it is is basically silicone. And the problem with this, is the privise owner, of this engine, took it apart and when they put it back together. They mated the case halves with this silicone gasket maker. And the problem is simply that this is just to soft. And what we found is as it was applied on the different surfaces, when you push the cases together, with just normal torque. It would distort, and I found a lot of this laying on the inside, and a lot on the outside obviously the engine had leaks and so forth. This is just not the right stuff. It’s just to soft. Here is piece of what I’m going to call Threebond 1104, 1184 This is actually the correct gasket maker. This comes in Yamabond, comes in Hondabond it comes in all forms. This is primarily for natural finished cases What we’ll be using is something that I get from Suzuki It’s the same material except that it’s in black. And this is a product that is actually made in Japan. It’s made for case assembly, it will also have this more firm consistency it’s an adhesive it’ll stick to both sides. But it also has a solid to it. It remains flexible so we wont have any leaks, but also we wont be deforming it. Pushing it outside the cases, it will be there. So, it’s very important to use the right product Use the product that is made for the task. Thanks for watching we ask that you share, like and comment.

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  1. Very well presented and informative! Ordered a tube for my chainsaw based on this video. Thanks and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the great vid. I have question. I currently putting together a Honda XR case. Every mating surface has a gasket and I've bought all new ones. Do you recommend using any products such as what you've shown WITH a gasket or do you use the gasket ALONE? This question applies to crank case, crank case covers, cylinder, cylinder head, etc.

  3. I used ultra black permatex and when I put the two halves together and tightened them together, it pinched the crankshaft and it wouldn’t move freely. Is this yamabond better that it wont pinch the crank? thanks

  4. Permatex has one called motoseal. They compare to yamabond. What's your intake. It will be for carburetor and permatex states this is the only one to use where fuel will be permanently expose

  5. watched this video and then used it to seal up my ktms power valve cover after 1 ride it started to leak again , when i pulled it off this sealent was all hard and brittle it had no flex to it at all :/ not sure what has happened but im not impressed to say the least 🙁

  6. Hi, Thanks for the vid. I see that you have shown us two ThreeBond products (1184 and 1207). You seem to prefer the Suzuki branded version (1207), but do you rate the 1184 equally, or are they suitable for different applications?

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