Mountain Bike Gear Review: Can you use the GoPro HERO5 Black with the Zhiyun Rider-M Gimbal?

Mountain Bike Gear Review: Can you use the GoPro HERO5 Black with the Zhiyun Rider-M Gimbal?

Hi, I’m Steve. Today I’m going to answer all of your questions
about using the Zhiyun Rider-M wearable gimbal with the new GoPro 5. I bought this gimbal last year when I had
a GoPro Hero 3 silver and I wasn’t quite satisfied with the video quality I was getting out of
the 3. Now, the gimbal was working great with that
camera. I did my research and I ended up buying the
HERO5 for some of the newer features and I checked in to see if I could use it with the
Rider-M. What I found was that some people complained about the gimbal noise and the
power button was hard to access, so I figured “Hey, $20 for a new adapter, I’ll give it
a try.” Here are my results. So I just bought the adapter for the GoPro
HERO5. You can see it is as easy as swapping out
these 2 bolts. The one that I bought off of Amazon even had
a little tool that you can use, I can include the link in the description. Alright, after I installed it the first thing
that I noticed when I’m trying to get the GoPro in is… Alright, let’s see if you can see that. The record button is actually raised a little
bit. So, it’s kind of hard and you have to have
it pretty loose to be able to get the GoPro into the adapter. Now lets go ahead and tighten this down. Now that the GoPro is secure we can take a
look at the first issue that you are going to notice when you want to use this. Where is the power button? The power button is down here, behind this
block and there’s no way to reach it. So, in order to turn on the GoPro, if you
don’t have the… There’s a remote that you can voice activate
and turn it on with your voice, but for us that don’t have that, it’s like another $80
or something. You’re going to have to loosen it and then
you can squeeze in. Did I get it? No. No. I’m going to have to — Oh! I got it. Now that’s really hard to do with gloves on
or anything on your hands. Ok, so now the Gopro is on. Now, let’s turn on the gimbal. Ok, the gimbal is on. And now that the gimbal is on, let’s give
it a little wiggle. You can see, it seems to be working fairly
well just here on my desk. Well, let’s talk about some real world tests
with it. Alright, I’m going to go ahead and start recording
a video with the GoPro so you can hear it. GoPro start video. Alright, so now it’s recording a video. You get to see into my studio. Move it around. Give it some wiggles. Alright, so now you’ll be able to watch that
video, and we’ll show it side by side of it moving around. Ok. GoPro stop video. That video showed that you can hear the high
pitched whine of this motor right here. Now, why specifically this motor? Let me show you something. The HERO5 Black has 3 microphones. It has one on the top in that little hole. It has one on the side in that hole, and one
on the side right there. Now, if I go ahead and put this back into
the gimbal, you can see I’m pushing that microphone right up against this motor. Now the GoPro has a protune mode where you
can have each microphone record its own audio track. That’s great for eliminating this gimbal noise,
but then you lose a lot of your ability to reduce the wind noise. Now the next big issue that we need to talk
about when using the Zhiyun Rider-M Gimbal with the GoPro HERO5 is ultimately the deal
breaker for me. All the other issues you can deal with. However, this one poses a significant problem
in my use case. Now if I just let this go you can immediately
see what the problem is. The HERO5 Black is a very different size than
its predecessors. And that means that when you mount this to
the Rider-M, it pushes the center of gravity that way. So, it drops. Now, for these brushless motor gimbals to
work, the gimbal has to be fairly well balanced. To demonstrate how this is a problem in the
real world, we’ll go ahead and turn on the gimbal. Now it’s active. Let’s go ahead and start recording. So, you can see the real world test. Now, if I pick this up, you can see it in
both the recorded video from the GoPro and on the studio camera. Let me show you some real world footage of
me going off some jumps and you can see what happens when I hit and land. So what does this mean? I can deal with all these other minor annoyances
like the record button being too high and the power button being hard to get to, and
the wind noise, and the gimbal noise. I can deal with that. But having the image quality suffer, I can’t
deal with that. There is no way to solve that unless if you
were to add weights to the other side to get it to balance. And, it’s not worth it to me to try to do
that, so I’m going to be replacing this gimbal soon. Hopefully this helped you make an informed
decision about using the HERO5 with the Rider-M. If you liked this give me a thumbs up, subscribe
below. And we’ll see you next time!

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Thank you for clarifying the weight issue! You are the only video I have seen so far explaining that problem

  2. I think you could expand your public and views if ,instead of just encouraging us to buy another gimbal, you try to solve that issue, there are a lot of people who likes to see how a problem becomes a project.

  3. I just made a counter weight after watching your video. Take a bottle cap. Put two quarters and a dime and it will balance perfectly. Use super glue not hot glue because it will add extra weight to it and throw balance off. Works perfect for me so far.

  4. Yes, the ability to adjust the side to side balance would be a `must have` feature, and the lack of this ability is a major design flaw, in my opinion. The very similar Feiyutech WG2 DOES have the ability to adjust this balance, and is cheaper and `waterproof` into the bargain too, so I know which one I`m going for!

  5. Jordan Boostmaster had a video where he added weights to the other side of the motor. It was a $2 NZ coin and a US quarter from memory. Worked a treat and only cost like $2 American and took 2 minutes to do. Not worth it to you? I don't thinks anyone's time is that valuable.

  6. I have the same problem with the motor noise of the gimbal . I have the Evo ss and the hero5 Session and Hero5 black and they both pick up that motor noise of the Gimbal. I've hear that the GoPro4 silver or black don't have that problem. So I'm getting a hero4 black soon 😬

  7. I solved the problem by making a counterweight from sheet aluminium that slid in the front and hangs out the motor side. Its an ugly mod with a bolt and wingnut hanging out the side but it did work OK. Power button is a real pain, put the black sponge spacer on so I could at least turn it on and off through the slot in the spacer but its really inconvenient to do. Currently playing with a Firefly 8s 90 degree version that works nicely but is not compatible with the Rider M. It fits and balances OK but there is some interaction between the gimbal and camera where it chatters from time to time and ruins the video. May try another brand some day but not happy with the Rider M with either a Hero 5 black or the Firefly 8s.

  8. There's a very easy way around the weight issue, you attach a coin or a magnet to the right of the motor side and it's all good. I will make a video showing how that's done..

  9. You can get a 14g counterweight that is amazing from EVO gimbals and you can also do something with protune that makes seperate wav files for each mic to remove the one next to the motor

  10. I balanced the gimbal with a couple of coins, glued together, and stuck them on with adhesive Velcro so that it is easily removed for a lighter camera. But the button problem is no problem if you turn on 'quick capture' in the settings preferences. Another way is to get a remote for the Gopro which is approx 30 Euros from a Chinese online store. The only problem with that is, the WiFi uses battery power. Personally, I have found this gimbal, for its price, a super little device.

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