MP40 Sub-Machine Gun Found at WW2 Battlefield

MP40 Sub-Machine Gun Found at WW2 Battlefield

It truely is an MP40 man! Right, the adrenaline is going. We’re all getting quite excited here. I started digging here, I got a major, major signal. Something very heavy. And we truely believe that we just discovered an MP40 here. This would be this buttstock. This is actually bakelite. And it has exactly this round shape. We’re gonna dig this out. Right, let’s brush it off a little. Ah man. You can see that that’s the bakelite hand grip. Right, let’s do this carefully. Is that the sling? No, I think this is a rock. Oh my god man. This must be one of the craziest things I found. That’s a dream find right there. Where’s my shovel? Right here, right here. Oh, be careful. Man, it must be full in this pit. So many signals. If they dumped everything here after the war… …then I bet this is not the only thing that’s in this pit. How can this still be here? Is there more metal there? Is there gonna be another one? No this is the same. Same one. Okay. Yeah man, this is the buttstock. That’s how we want to find them like that you know with the buttstock out. Exactly. No, you just want to find an MP40. Here, that’s the other part of the buttstock. I want to see a whole gun. Does it feel like it’s all the way, or? I think it feels all the way yeah. Right okay, that’s that part. Look how intact the bakelite is. It’s not even cracked or anything. That’s the trigger, that’s the trigger part! It’s the most iconic machine pistol of the whole war. German one right? Yeah. Oh my god man, this is… It’s not just a half one. Insane. Check the magazine. Nope. Empty. What about this here? Okay, it’s not disassembled, it’s actually a complete gun then. Because you disassemble it by taking those things apart. You think the magazine is gone? Yeah. This is the magazine I think. Oh. Or is this something else? No, you’re right. This is the magazine. That’s the magazine well coming out now. Oh my god. You guys are not going home until eight in the morning. I think we might cancel the Greek restaurant and order in some Chinese. Can you bring it to this location? Look at this, it’s leather, it’s the strap! The sling should go here. The sling attachment point is here. Well, this must be the… It might go under it. This must be the sling. Jezus. It’s getting better and better. It looks like a standard 40. Is that the sight, or what’s that? Yeah that’s the sight. You find a complete MP40 with everything, even the sling and the magazine. What’s up with you man? Well, after today, come on man. Another MP40 under it, probably? I should be careful with the shovel because the belt is there. Try and just get the shovel under there and see how loose it is? Do it there, or maybe just move a little bit more material… No I should remove this, because it’s way to stuck. The barrel is thin. He’s digging holes in a hole. Oh, it’s coming loose! I already saw that movement. Where is the brush? Just brush off the whole thing. I know, I know. I can get under here. There’s even bakelite here I think. You see it? Yeah, they have a bakelite end on it. They made that because they were used to ehm… …support it. On the vehicles. Yeah. They could rest their gun on that one. Jezus Christ, it’s fully complete that one. It’s amazing yeah. The stock is like, yeah… But I wonder, was it like a massive foxhole or? I think some dug out, I think they dumped a lot of stuff here. I want a picture with that. Yeah, me too. Okay guys. I think this is almost the moment. Get under it. Yeah, just give it… It’s in sand, it’s not gonna break on you. Get the shovel under it and give it a… This is loose i think. That’s a sling part. I’m gonna brush it off now fully. Alright. We excavated the whole thing. It’s definitely an MP40. And I think this is the moment to take it out. I think it’s quite intact actually. The bolt is also there. There’s a magazine. You can see there barrel in there. The sight is also still there. That’s the thumbnail right there. This is really amazing guys! Complete MP40. This is the hole where the MP40 just came out. And right here I got more signals. A lot of iron signals. These two MP40 magazines just came out. I should brush them off. Yeah, they are not in a very good condition, but… It’s about finding history. Look at that. Here you can see all of the rounds. Look at this guys. It’s all in there. That’s two filled MP40 magazines.

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  2. First off, why so many dislikes? Secondly, a dead man was probably the last to touch that mp. Never thought of that before.

  3. Do you now need to get a weapons permit? Licence for having automatic sub-machine gun? Be careful where you shoot it.

  4. Amazing.. I wouldn't be surprised if the soldier who was sat with it was carrying that.. died or fled from right there in that spot.. why else would the gun be ready to use with the stock folded out and with extra ammo.. fascinating stuff, great video.. Subscribed.

  5. as a kid, i grew up in germany after ( from 66 to 76) the war. (I'm an Army Brat), we used to find all kinds of shells, rations and ordinance in the woods behind my house. It was always a melancholic feeling when we discovered them… but also fearful. There was a lot of ordinance still in the woods

  6. The MP40 would function with 9mm pistol rounds but there were also 9mm machine gun rounds. These worked at a slightly higher breech pressure. It is a bit of a grey area as 9mm will produce high pressures as the round is designed to operate blow back designs. There are a lot of dumping grounds in lakes and ponds where these weapons were dumped. You can also find uniforms and medals too.

  7. I really wish we could go back in time and see the war pan out. I know it was a really bad war but when he finds this stuff I just imagine how it got there and why it was left. And what happened in this spot. Was there a battle or did a soldier just drop it there. I wish we could go back and learn a lot more about the war.

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