Mt. Fuji & Lake Kawaguchiko | Hato Bus Tour | JAPAN

Mt. Fuji & Lake Kawaguchiko | Hato Bus Tour | JAPAN

Good morning everyone. It is 6 a.m. in the morning and I am on the way to Shinjuku with my husband. Because I was lucky with the giveaway from Hato Bus and won a free trip. and I am using this today. That means we’re going to Shinjuku today, hop on the Hato Bus and go on a tour and I will take you with me. I wish you a lot of fun! We are in Shinjuku now, have already signed up for our tour and now are waiting for the bus to arrive. It’s a shared tour – in English on the one hand and in Chinese on the other. but the English speakers are in the majority now. Last time I went on a bus tour, I think, it was the other way round. Yes, we are waiting for the bus now.
We already got nice stickers. Cute Hello Kitty stickers, so everyone knows where we belong to. So cute! And I’m curious how it will be! For our trip I have chosen an autumn tour. This took us to the red autumn foliage at Lake Kawaguchiko as well as a waterfall near Kofu. So we went to the Yamanashi prefecture. During the long bus trip our tour guide told us a lot about Japan. Of course not much new for me, but if you are traveling as a tourist in Japan
it is certainly interesting. We even could see Mount Fuji on the way from the highway. We just arrived at Lake Kawaguchiko, as you can see in the background. There is the water! We have wonderful weather, which means you have a great view of Fuji-san. I’m excited how the view from the lake will be. We’re going to the boat now. It starts at 11 o’clock
and I take you with us. We were on the ship for 20 minutes, then had 20 minutes to look around a bit. Of course that’s not too much time. But the main goal was the boat ride. That was it already here at Lake Kawaguchiko. We continue to drive for lunch now.
This will be a Japanese lunch. I’ve already been told that there are crabs and sashimi and I do not like seafood … Let’s see what I’m going to eat. I’ll try it, but I probably will not like it. And yes, then let’s go on. That was our lunch. As you have seen, very seafoody. I ate a bit of the fish. But I gave most of the fish to my husband. From him I got the egg. And yes, we also had the crab together. I ate a bit of it. Crab is actually ok for me. I am quite astonished about this, too. It is not so bad anymore for me. Futhermore I had some delicious fruit.
So I am quite full now. We have some free time now and walk around here a bit. The autumn festival is taking place right now. And here are lots of red trees of course, which we will take a look at now. Actually, the Fuji would be behind us,
but it has become very shy now and is hiding behind the clouds. That means we were lucky on the boat ride, that we could still see the Fuji – now he is gone. Here should actually be Mount Fuji.
But well: clouds … Ice time! ♥ We have now arrived at our next stop. It is called Shosenkyo. Here we are mainly visiting the waterfall and look at the red autumn colors from the trees. And then we have a bit free time to shop and then we are already moving on. So let’s have a look around! We are back in the bus now and with this our journey almost ends. We are going to drive about two hours back to Shinjuku and that’s it. Overall, the trip was a lot of fun, even if Mount Fuji was hiding at the end. However, there are only two spots you visit. So it’s a bit expensive for the original price. But it was still a nice day and we did not have to pay. As always I hope you liked the video. Leave me a thumbs up or comment and I’m of course happy about every new subscriber. Write in the comments if such a bus tour would be something for you? Have you ever participated in a bus tour or would you like to do a bus tour in Japan? I’d be very interested in that. And otherwise: see you next time.
Bye for now! (^w^) / On the way back to Tokyo unfortunately we had bad luck and a huge traffic jam in front of us. So the trip to Shinjuku took almost four hours instead of two hours. A ride on the train has its advantages.

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  1. Ich fand dein Video richtig toll bis auf den Stau es sah alles sehr schön aus und ich bin auch nicht so für seafood 😁

  2. Hm…für mich wären solche Bustouren (oder generell Reisen in einer Gruppe) irgendwie nichts.

    Dafür setze ich mich auf meinen Trips nach Japan (war ja auch schon 4 mal dort) einfach zu gerne auch mal für ne Stunde in den nächstbesten Park, oder versuche mich gewollt zu verlaufen…also mit voller Absicht an einen Punkt zu kommen, an dem ich NICHT weiß, wo ich eigentlich gerade genau bin.

    Letzeres habe ich bis heute leider noch nie so wirklich geschafft. Leider ist mein Orientierungssinn dafür etwas zu gut.

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