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  1. i refuse to believe something didnt escalate this..i mean its possible something didnt….but for him 2 go otu his way like that knowing u got passengers ect like nah..either he was having a rough day or ma did something…i mean if she put hands on him then what he supposed to do …sue?? im just saying i need all the facts b4 i can judge

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  3. He just a whole jack ase for loosing his job over something so stupid. All he had to do was let her pop shit and drive away. When I see a man spit on a female he not a man anymore to me he is an ignorant older man without and training and needs to be in jail for that idgf what he did he has got to go.

  4. He could have the coronavirus… Put him in Jail and have him see a Doctor before coming back to work.. Better yet fire him..

  5. She admitted that she did get in his face and was combative. These type of women with the attitudes (you know who you are) always start trouble but then want to claim racism or victimhood.

  6. The womem spit on him first . Man i know this job is not easy … Never fall in they trap.. The video only show his part .. Now u really look bad. He should off call the cop and gotten arrested he should never went far..I understand he just lost it…

  7. He need to go to jail and I hope she gets compensated for spitting bodily fluids intentionally when the virus is going around.

  8. Shame on you Mr Bus Driver. You have mental issues 1. In America women have rights. 2. As a grown man you should of think before running out the bus to spit in my daughter's face. 🕰 MTA your drivers need to see a psychologist once a month in order to handle the frustrations they deal with privately and the public.

  9. One of the most nastiest, disrespectful thing you can do is spit in someone's face. Especially with this damn coronavirus spreading, I would be pissed and scared at the same damn time. I wish a man was there to slap the shit out of him.

  10. drivers should have guns and be resppnsible for the execution of unruley passangers, she spit in her face, her punishment should have been death, how she is allowed to procreate is insane.

  11. Not saying he's innocent, but it seems random to chase after someone and spit on them. Perhaps she spat on him on the bus, and he chased after her for retribution to give it right back? Obviously he made a poor choice… but it's possible she's not innocent in this either. Hard to say without knowing what went on in the bus.

  12. He needs to be behind fires. Maybe jail time and I only say this because if we hit them or spit on them it’s a felony. What makes us lesser than? These bus drivers are disrespectful af and they get away with a lot of bullshit more of us should be reporting them. Now I will say it is not his job to help her close the stroller period. She should have been more prepared than that. Practice opening and closing your stroller. His job is not to spend time helping u close it. If u don’t know how the fuck is he going to know? Then waste time holding up traffic helping u close it. Does it not come with instructions ? Read it and figure it out. Would it be a nice thing to do ? Yes of course but he is not entitled to do so. He’s none is to drive the bus from point a to point b and assist the wheelchair bound and that’s it. She can curse all she wants to he’s getting city $. To chase her with her children and spit on her … he needs to be fired

  13. Ok we need to see a better shot of this because just because the news says he spat on her doesn't mean he did. He might have just been petty and wanted to shout the last insult in her face cos she didn't straight go and start wiping anything from her face she just points at him.

    Not saying he didn't spit on her but you have to look at every angel and not just instantly believe what the videos tell us.

  14. Isn't the MTA a government-run service, or at least allowed to be privatized? I know they are subsidized by public tax dollars. How are they able to keep information like this from people?

  15. Can you imagine how Vile that woman acted for that driver to do that!!
    No rational person wakes up thinking "I'll spit in a womans face today"
    PLEASE that woman was NO angel

  16. Facts are he could have fussed, cussed and spit on her on the bus, but he got off the occupied bus and approached the woman.

  17. I am a bus operator myself and have been for many years and I understand passangers do piss us off going to more than likely lose his job because she could not fold her stroller That was stupid cocky and arrogant and he was wrong

  18. He's BUGGIN'!! He shoulda showed her HOW 2 fold da stroller. So Gross!! Shoulda showed more restraint!

  19. The woman was with her children, and it was uncalled for when a grown ass Giant steps off his assigned bus to spit in a woman's face while with her children. He has no respect for himself, the woman, probably no respect at home. I'm sure he wouldn't want this done to his wife or daughters. The children also was shown disrespect. The woman said he was also saying other disrespectful things to her about her baby's father. What does he have to do with that? He's just a low-life who apparently hates women. He should lose his job and never work in NYC again!! The woman I feel should not be called under-privileged or anything like that because we don't know what she got. Just because she rides the bus doesn't make her less than a person. I ride the bus and I have a car, because I don't want to drive all of the time. But now, I bet she would have more money than a lot of us soon!!! Don't judge a book by its cover! Yep.

    On the other hand, I think the woman should have controlled the cursing while around her children.

  20. This was one of the most appalling and disrespectful action against a women in front of her two small children by a Transit Bus Driver we have ever seen..This Bus Driver gets off his bus and makes everyone else get off only to "Run," after this mother as she is pushing her baby to cross a street .."just to ,"Spit," in her face"!!!..Broke my heart that any man would have stooped so low..and then this Driver ,"Runs," back to the "Safety," of his bus..He thought nothing of what the "Trauma," her oldest daughter may have suffered witnessing her mother being ,"Spit," on..We are taught as children not to "Spit," Nothing his company could ever do will erase the fact their Driver ,"Spit," on a "Paying Customer." Unless it's used as a "Teachable Moment,"..Money just mask the assult..Yes she should be compensated hands down..Salute Truth

  21. She did something really stupid for a bus driver to actually get up, run after her and spit in her face. Guaranteed. But stupid people eat this shit up. So you know, News. Thing is, this happens to bus drivers around the world on a daily. Who gets the media involved and defends them when they get spit on? General Public are scum. Bet you this bitch had it coming.

  22. He would’ve never disrespected a white woman like that. You are fuckin coward I hope you lose your job. The black women is the mother of us all.

  23. Most of the time they’re not in a good mood! Tell me, once I thought a bus driver (he walked towards me) was about to beat me up inside the bus! I’m a senior citizen. It wasn’t his day and, for him, someone had to pay for it.
    But, this guy, deserves to be fired 🔥🔥🔥

  24. I would have snatched his ass off that bus whipped him like it was the 1990s all over again I would have whipped him out of his clothes that nasty ass muthafucka need to be dealt with spitting on someone Especially a female with child in a stroller I wanna knock him out cold rat🐀bastard

  25. If this was a different race woman the dispute wouldn’t even have went there! Black men continue to be the weakest link. And yes ima bring race into it because race is everything. Don’t @ me I said what I said.

  26. How about he get his azz beat.. If that had been me the family would of hunted him down best believe. You a coward spitting on a woman.. I won't say nuttin more because had it been me it would of ended very differently😇

  27. You've got to be kidding me. I don't care what she said to him, why would you spit on anyone especially a woman with her kids..

  28. Working there plenty of the senior drivers aka the old heads were extremely hard on customers old or young. If a grandmother got on the bus and didn't have a full fare they would tell them get off the bus or have a mean attitude towards them. And like this lady they would tell them they cant continue driving unless the stroller is folded. When I started driving I let everyone one on because for 1 in Brooklyn u must play ya card smart them streets can creep up on you unexpectedly but just trying to get through my day with no issues with customer is always the best option while driving these NY streets.

  29. This bus driver had no right to spit on this lady there is a lot that you spit on anyone go to jail because of the aids virus he should be fired I hope she presses charges on Him. shit hole of a country so he can go back to Nigeria they have a band on that country anyway she should call ice on him

  30. Why didn't the black men step up just sitting there with a damn camera these Nigerians some hate for black Americans are deep. I hope he gets fired and deported.

  31. I'm not defending the driver, but I also don't know what transpired or happened on the bus prior to him running off to spit in the passengers face. All I can say, is that knowing a few bus drivers that drive in the Detroit Michigan area. I know that they have a very challenging and tough job at times. If you're running behind, whether it's your fault or not, you did attitude from some of the passengers. You are also dealing with some of these young teenagers that want to act out on the bus, and fight each other, or fight the bus driver, for enforcing the rules. They also have to deal with homeless people, and mentally ill individuals that ride the bus because they have nowhere else to go, and need to stay warm. In Detroit on some routes, the police have to ride the bus, to ensure the safety of the bus driver and the passengers. In relation to this situation I'm not sure what happened, but I think that his management, and union would agree that he should of stayed on the bus and later on filed a complaint on the lady about her conduct.

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