MUHAMMAD ALI Collection at NH Used Car Dealership –

MUHAMMAD ALI Collection at NH Used Car Dealership  –

Muhammad Ali never made it to Hookset,
New Hampshire, but if he had he probably would have made a beeline for the
Merchants Auto used car dealership. There he would have found one of the
most extensive collections of his memorabilia in existence. Hey is Steve here? I think he is. Steve I’m thinking? Yes. Do you have a
moment? Yes I do. Steve what an odd place for a Muhammad Ali collection, a used car dealership It’s become an integral part of the
Merchants Automotive group history. The first thing you see in his
office is that big statue of Muhammad Ali That’s right that is a commission
sculpture of Muhammad Ali. Life-sized? Actually one inch bigger than Ali’s
actual height. We say that Ali is bigger than life. And here you’ve got a
big punching bag Ali fighting Superman. This is for the mythical heavyweight championship of the world it’s based on a comic book that i’ll
show you when we walked through the collection. Here’s Ali versus Wilt Chamberlain. I
don’t think this is historical. This is actually historic. Ali wanted
to fight Chamberlain in exhibition boxing match. Unfortunately it didn’t come off but it
was billed as the Greatest versus the Biggest. This is an iconic piece in our
collection, it has the signatures of 49 out of the 50 Ali opponents had as a professional.
Where’s the 50th? We were not able to find Jim Robinson. We think he was a homeless person died in the street probably about 25 years ago
since it’s such a common name we were never able to find any documented
signature. It’s made this piece enticingly
incomplete. My brother loved Ali but I was a left-handed guy and I loved
the South Paw Joe Frazier. Joe Frazier wasn’t a South Paw. Really am I wrong about? You’re wrong
about that. Are you sure? I thought he was a lefty. He might have a great left jab
but he was right – He was known for his left jab let’s put it that way. That’s right. This is a a piece that Ali drew, signed
by himself. Ali had many talents and one of them
was he was artistic. This is an x-ray of Ali’s broken jaw
when he fought against Kenny Norton in 1973. Signed by Norton and Ali.
You let customers for the car dealership come back here and look at the
collection? Absolutely we love sharing this
collection with people. Ali against Cleveland Williams and if you duck, which
Cleveland really didn’t do, you’ll see that Ali is throwing a punch and
Cleveland Williams is trying to get away from the punch. Ali himself know about this place? We
met with Ali about 10 or 12 years ago at a fundraiser in Chicago and we spoke
about the collection, so yeah Ali was familiar with the collection. Oh here’s the cartoon you were talking
about, Ali versus Superman. If you move very close you’ll see some
very notable figures from the 1970s Cher What about these five guys? The Jackson Five. Bingo. What about this guy from one another comic book. Mad magazine. Alfred E. Neuman. So this is signed by Ali, again. Signed by Ali. What about these guys
right here, brother and sister. Donny and Marie. Bingo you’re on a roll. Steve, if somebody wants to enjoy your
Muhammad Ali collection where should they go? The booming metropolis of Hookset, New
Hampshire. There’s a left hookset for ya.

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