Mustang Coyote Swap: Introduction – What Parts Do You Need?

Mustang Coyote Swap: Introduction – What Parts Do You Need?

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  1. I'm doing this swap into a 1949 pickup. I already have most of the parts. Does anyone know if a factory Mustang X-pipe bolts onto the Crate Motor exhaust? I'm getting a new Mustang in a couple of months and will be putting long tubes on it, so hoping the factory exhaust is the same to save on the truck swap.

  2. i dont mind watching this swap all day if i have to it's gonna be awesome make it a long detailed video guys please. and good luck with it 🙂

  3. LMR, will you use a Tremec 6 speed in this swap? If so, you will need a shorter drive shaft, yes? Also will this be a racing application? If not, how will you handle the A/C? Finally, will you be posting here the complete parts list used in this swap?

  4. For sure hahah… keep it all original stock wheels…quier exhausta blow anythings doors off haha… confuse alot of imports haha

  5. Can you include prices of items so a budget can be made. Grate project. The drive by wire throttle and steering both get changed back to manual controls? Thanks for doing this, it will answer lots of my questions.

  6. I was thinking about doing the same thing to my 97 gt. What is the price for the whole 5.0 coyote swap?

  7. did u talk about what mods you would have to do to the tranny bell housing to get it to bolt up? or if u need to swap trannys and what ones you can use?

  8. would you guys be willing to email me the entire parts list @ [email protected] that i need for my 98 v6 mustang so i can order from you guys i have an account on LMR please and thanks in advance

  9. I def think people would come to you guys if yal had a complete partsl list and manual to follow.. From all modifications needed for fitment use of gauges powersteering ac brakes tranny and fuel system.. I would even pay for the manual to do the swap

  10. any header modifications to make them clear in an 04 gt when using the aftermarket k member like yal did using the stock k member

  11. Ok so really the only mods that will be needed are the fuel system and the gauges. Since yal have a kit that makes it possible to retain ac power steering and brakes

  12. Im thinking about doing this swap in my 04 Mach 1 in the future! but would like to keep my shaker hood setup be it functional or not.

  13. cost will vary depending on what transmission, and other parts you buy. Some of these parts could be found used to save money. Most of these swaps cost over $5k when done on a budget with junk yard – take off – parts

  14. sound good , so I can get a used coyote engine for like 2k ?3k with tranny and wiring I guess ? My question is will it require custom fabrication or will it all bolt on with the stuff you sell ?

  15. @ Brad T – I can't reply back on your post. The installation is nearly identical to this project for Fox Body. All the same parts would be used. click the link in the description for more details on this project!!

  16. Wish we could update the interior of the sn 95 to 2014 but cool video can't wait for my v6 to gt to get a twin turbo coyote

  17. I have a 2005 v6 mustang and wanted to do a coyote engine swap. What parts would i need? Would i also need to swap a new transmission ??

  18. I have a 95 V6 mustang. Wanted to know if the swap could work on mine and how much  do u think ima have to spend?!?!….

  19. It seems like everyone always goes with bbk longtubes on this swap. do you have to go with bbk or can you use kooks?

  20. I have a 2005 Mustang GT and I plane on doing this swap and it seems like everyone always goes with bbk longtubes on this swap. do you have to go with bbk or can you use kooks? Also, will the stock transmission on my car go with this motor?

  21. You can swap all the Coyotes yer want but unless yer swapping in an LSX you ain't gonna keep up pony boy.

  22. I would want a supercharged application and noticed there was a supercharged application motor with low compression. But, I also noticed there was a higher compression motor with forged internals. Obviously the supercharged application would be best for a blower but im assuming the forged internal higher compression motor would still produce very high hp and be safe?

  23. I have a 2001 mustang v6. Can I do a coyote swap using the factory k member and still use long tube headers.

  24. I have a 01 v6 mustang and wanna do the coyote swap. Do i have to change the k member and whay fuel system stuff would i need?

  25. Looks like 6 Chevy guys watched this video. . Fords best motor going into anything is worth a thumbs up. . They click on the video just to give it a thumbs down. . Wow

  26. Hey man I got a 98 V6 Mustang that has been in my family since it was new.  I've owned the car for the last 5 years and I've been wanting to do this swap.  Would it be best just to find a wrecked 96-98 Cobra or GT and pull out the sub-frame and use it instead or modify my V6 sub-frame?  I'm also wanting it to produce over 650hp so should I use a different ECM?  Thanks

  27. I have a 2011 v6 manual mustang, and am looking into upgrading the engine to a 5.0 Do I really need all of those parts for the upgrade? I mean like the new alternator package as well. I figure since its the same year model then it should be somewhat cheaper than it would for someone else that dont have the exact same car.

  28. I have a 1997 GT ready for its Coyote/ T-56 Magnum swap. I'm wanting to swap to 1999 Cobra gauges which display info from a microprocessor reading off the ECU, whilst my 97 cluster runs analog readings off some sort of transmission sensor. With the FRPP control pack, will the car be able to run a 99-04 Cluster, or will that function be restricted to having only analog cluster choices without rewiring the whole car like the forums say (they're talking about 99-04 gauges in stock 94-98 cars.) does the gauge cluster plug into the FRPP Control Pack? if you could get back to me at all that would very much appreciated!

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  30. How much is the total of all of that? I have a 97 mustang v6, and im thinking of just getting a 2001 mustang gt

  31. Will I have to have my pcm tuned When a swap my 2012 ford f150 sxt engine into another model car like a maverick

  32. Could you guys do a video for a 99-04 3.8l v6 to a 4.6 v8 2v? I just need a list of all of the parts needed for the conversion.

  33. i noticed the link for the engine… not for sale anymore. will this engine still work?

  34. is there any shops in northern California that knows how to do a 5.0 swap on a 2001 Bullitt mustang?? been looking around but I not sure what shop to go to.

  35. I'm looking to do this type of swap in an 77 F100 is there anything different in what i will need for that swap over what was used in this swap??????

  36. Hola buen dia soy de mexico y yo quiero a serle algo así ami auto pero donde puedo comprAr mas piezas para el swap mi auto es un mustang 2000 y ya tengo el motor

  37. Can the stock transmission for a 98gt handle this? I just put a stage 2 clutch and lightweight aluminum flywheel on my 98 gt but I've always wanted a coyote swap.

  38. can u send me a list of parts i would need in order to do the coyote swap thank you ! hoping to do that on my 95 soon

  39. Might sound stupid but I have just inherited my grandad 71 Mustang fastback project and unfortunately the engine has been through the ringer too many times, could I put the coyote in one? Obviously and a transmission too

  40. How hard would the this swap be in a 97 single cab ranger xlt ? I just purchased one ☝🏼 and thinking about investing some time and money into it !!! It’s fun to drive with the 2.3 but I’m thinking with a 5.0 would be a little funner to drive 😈 !!!!!

  41. Here's the position that I'm in, and hopefully you or somebody else can help. I bought a 2010 Mustang GT a few months back. I was racing against my insurance after an accident to find a car before they stopped reimbursing for the rental car. So, I rushed into the purchase of a 2010 Mustang GT with 109,000 miles on it. Since day 1, I have regretted this decision because it'll never be able to be what I want it to be. So now I'm considering either selling it to fund a new one..but the bank still owns it, or to do an engine swap. It almost seems like you would always be better off buying a car that's already built up to save time and money. I'm not the most mechanically inclined, but I can follow instructions. The stuff that I'm confused about is will it fit? Do I have to switch from manual to auto, will the increase be worth it? I would honeslty be happy at around 550-650 hp, and I just dont think the 4.6L has it in them to get that far up there in power. Any advice?

  42. Could I use these parts to restore a 1970 mustang? I've never built a car but im tryna get a good decent engine in it and make it decently fast but still a everyday car.. money don matter just need the parts lol

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