Mustang Gear Install: Ford Racing 8.8 Ring & Pinion (1986-2009)

Mustang Gear Install: Ford Racing 8.8 Ring & Pinion (1986-2009)

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  1. Great vid…I'm looking to tackle this project soon and feel more confident after watching your informative vid…keep them coming!!!

  2. This may be a dumb question, but how do I know which gear kit to buy? I have a 2012 3.7L V6 in manual transmission.

    Do I get 3.7? or 4.1.0?

    what will fit me the best?

  3. My dear, congratulations on the video! I live in Brazil, I have problem in my Ford Explorer 2004, she gives a jolt, sometimes they constantly put in reverse or "d", the stride is giving this more when I'm moving and shooting off the throttle once , gives the stride, when floor once also gives the stride, like a hit metal, or something working loose, what do you think? May be in the transmission box? Or differential? Underscoring that peaceful machas pass without any stride. I'm grateful for the attention.

  4. Damn… Was considering doing this soon but I think I'll start with the new intake manifold throttle body, heads cam and exhaust first… This is a little complicated for the ammount of experience i have at the moment haha

  5. Outstanding video. Clear visual. Detailed and with a swift pace to hold attention. Good question asked below … what is the range of expected total cost for this modification, by a professional, to install 4:10's with all new bearings, seals, axle bearings/seals, etc.. for a 5.0L Foxbody – to race 1/4 mile drag?

  6. i got my deferential and all the axle replaced and my mechanic fixed it good but the abs light won't go off!? is it normal for a 2005 mustang gt?

  7. Thanks for posting. this is the first video that that i have seen on this topic that has a clear, simple and logical explanation for this procedure. 

  8. I Used this video twice after that I've been doing them on all my buddy's mustangs greatest thing u guys have done that guy needs a raise lol

  9. When doing the bearing races in the axle the new one won't go in because there is a small nick on the one side is there anyway to correct this

  10. @Late Model Restoration whats a good gear to put when i go turbo i have 4.10 rite nownand i know thats no good. 3.08?

  11. Hi, i have a set of used ford racing 3.73 that i want to install.. i have alk the tools needed except for dial indicator..
    they have about 1000 miles on them so pinion is lighty marked by normal use/wear so if i go by those marks lining exactly the same do i still need a dial indicator?

  12. Well you have convinced me NOT to do this. Strut/spring cartridges are one thing – this is too much math. So, what would a reasonable mechanic charge labor wise? I'd provide my own parts since I do not want Japanese in my Moose.

  13. I cant find the instructions on your website , I looked in the Tech , Faq and Download sections and cant seem to find it …… can your provide a link to the instructions for download ?

  14. Isn't it a bad idea to press the bearing onto the carrier using the race? This transfers all the press force through the races and needles. I have seen hub bearings go out because of not supporting the inner race when the hub is pressed in.

  15. Is the gear setup and rear end on this generation mustang the same as the 1999-2004 generation? I'm looking at changing to 3.73's or 4.10's in my 2000 GT.

  16. if I had you as an instructor for college I would have stayed in for another semester as others might concur your narration and information is poignant and has inflection that annotated transitions from point to point keep up the good work ,Sir.

  17. Buy the whole kit guys and not just the 4.10 ring and pinion… I tried to skate by and re-use everything but it didn't work. Now I have to take everything back out and do it all over again. Trust me, spend the extra money for the kit with new seals and bearings.

  18. @latemodelrestoration great video, my GT only has 43,000 kilometeres on the odometer, do i have to replace all bearings? They dont have hard use

  19. I was hoping you would show the install of a modified shim pack. As they can be pretty tricky to get everything to stay in line (shim packs and the diff) as you are installing it in rear end. I remember trying to use grease to try to get the shims to stick together. It didn't work! I ended up flipping my stock shims and it worked out that way. Is there a trick to getting the diff in with the aftermarket shim packs? I think I had like 8 shims on one side and 2 on the other where the stock is easy 1 and 1. Hope that makes sense!

  20. The instructions on your website are completely different than what you have in this video, where did you get the ones in this video because the "correct patterns" are different and I'm not sure which one I should be going by.

  21. I'm looking to get a mustang, and am thinking about doing this job. I know where I can get these tools and I think I can do it, the only problem I can see is time. I work too much :/

  22. I put 373's in my Cobra Ford racing gear kit, at about 6:58–7:08 on you video you got the shims going in does the bevel on shim go toward bearing race or towards axle, I put it towards axle first time and I think it's wrong , does beval on big shims go to the bearing race or axle? please help!

  23. A somewhat simple step my step but damn. I think I will regrettably will need to pay a shop to install these gears.

  24. Does a new shift governor and or shift kit need to be installed after a rear end gear change, or is only the speedometer gear need replaced as the only modification to the transmission?

  25. this isn't even that bad! first time doing gears, and I did it on jack and stands! It's just a commitment

  26. everyone says you need a very expensive inch pound dial torque wrench, but you suggest a beam style inch pound torque wench (which is a lot cheaper). is there any good reason to buy an expensive dial torque wrench or is this cheap beam style just as good for this job ?

  27. Thank God I have family members who have rebuilt more rear ends than I can count cause there's no way I could do this on my own.

  28. This is intense. So there's all this to do and he didn't get to replacing the spider gears or clutches. Nightmare.

  29. it's cheaper to pay someone than to purchase all the tools , fixen to have trac-lok with 3.31 gears installed in my 07 merc gran marq ….were there no pretty girls wearing bikinis you could have filmed doing the install …you would have gotten a lot more views

  30. LMR, if i am just replacing the rear differential pinion flange and seal – can i just remove the driveshaft to replace these parts or do i need to tear the whole differential apart?

  31. Just wanna say, it's really cool of u guy's doing these video's, they help out a lot,please keep'em coming.

  32. 4:07, literally looks like the race driver just nicked the middle section of the outer race lol. I've seen this in other videos too for some reason i believe this but apparently someone told me this is not true.

    6:35 i think thats bad on the tapered bearings because you're loading the bearings pushing them in with the hydraulic press, i believe if you used a driver set with the tapered side facing up and that 2 jaw piece that on the bottom, not to mention take off the outer race and i think it might be better, IMO!

    These are great steps 1-10 instructions, Great work!

  33. I did this once, this time I'm using all new bearings…. We have a hydrolic press at work…. Otherwise I'd use same bearings.

  34. Cool video…let me start calling shops how much they charge cus for damn sure i dont have any of those tools or even plan on taking on a job like that

  35. Man I failed at this once and a shop I used did it last time (howling failure) as well . Can’t figure this dam 8.8 out , think 🤔 I’m upgrading to a 9inch which I know I can set up👍

  36. What gear ratios are recommended? I have a 5 spd. currently with 3.55 rear end. Speedo reads about 5 miles more so if I am doing 65 I am actually doing 60 mph.
    Originally it came with 3.08 rear end but Ford snuck one in off the parts shelf and put in a 3:55 rear end without telling me which is why the speedo is off..

  37. I know this is problem a long shot but anyway you guys could help me? I’ve got an 86 that someone supposedly swapped a 3.08 into.. when I drive down the road, it shakes pretty bad. Wondering if it’s got something to do with the gear not installed correctly?

  38. This is probably the best and easiest video I've seen on doing this. I need to find a hydraulic press at a garage sale or craigslist and I am going for it.

  39. And for all the guys who have original fox bodies if you’re getting this done somewhere else make sure they give you your rear end factory tag that’s on the rear diff cover . Because half the time they throw it out , Because they’re scumbags . Nothing on the fox body is hard to do yourself don’t be scared . Especially with YouTube easy accessibility these days .

  40. so I pulled out the differential without knowing which side the shims go on which side I noticed one is bigger than the other would I notice incorrect backlash and wear pattern and adjust or how do I fix this mistake?

  41. “Drive responsibly” in other words, go to a secluded area burn out all you want and don’t get caught by the cops

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