Mustang Rear Window Louvers – Smooth Aluminum (94-04 All) Review

Mustang Rear Window Louvers – Smooth Aluminum (94-04 All) Review

Hi I’m Dan with and I’m
here taking a look at the smooth aluminium rear window louvers for the 94-04 V6 and GT
Mustangs. This rear window louver is a 2 piece, lift off design constructed from high quality
aluminium, in a matte black finish that can be installed as is or painted to match. There
are ABS plastic louvers out there that will give you a similar look, but this aluminium
louver is going to give you a much more authentic look, and it won’t break the bank. The curve
design on these louvers should follow the curve design of your rear window and you should
have no trouble seeing out of your rear wind shield. And cleaning your rear window will
be no problem with this easy lift off design. Inside the box with the louver you’ll find
6 tie down plates, 1 center splint with foam, and 2 side splints. One of the nice features
with this louver is the inclusion of the side and center splint, which help provide extra
support for the 2 piece louver, so it gives a little more strength than some of the other
louvers available. Install of this lover is a little more involved than other rear window
louvers because of the 2 piece design and the inclusion of the side and center splints,
but it should still only take about an hour for installation, just follow the included
instructions. When installing, make sure to allow 24 hours for the tape on the mounting
hardware to bond to the rear window before you attach the louver. So if you want an affordable,
authentic rear window louver for your 94-04 V6 or GT, these are a great option.

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