My Gf Is Terminally Ill And I Want To Break Up With Her. But I Can’t! || Best True Stories Animated

My Gf Is Terminally Ill And I Want To Break Up With Her. But I Can’t! || Best True Stories Animated

Hey, everybody! My name is Nick. Have you, guys, ever been in a relationship
that you couldn’t end? I am in one of them now. I hope you can give me some advice, because
it really seems like a dead end to me. My whole life I’ve always been involved
in different sports, so injuries and nights at the hospital do not scare me, you know. I am pretty used to fractures, bandages, stitches,
and other stuff. That’s why when my nose appeared to be broken
after another hockey game and I had to visit my doctor, it didn’t surprise me much. But this time at the hospital was totally
different from all the others. I saw a girl. Well, I mean it wasn’t the first time I
saw a girl at the hospital, but when I saw this particular girl who had the same bandage
on her face as I did, which clearly meant that she’d also damaged her nose, I felt
like she was different from the others. I remember how I was just lying there, on
the examination table, trying to come up with a funny joke about our noses to get aquatinted
with her and waiting until nobody could hear us. I don’t know why, but just the idea of talking
to her made me nervous, while before I used to be far from being shy at all. Then I heard her sobbing and that was it – my
perfect chance to say something to her. I asked how she got her injury, and she said
she was going to piano practice but she fell down awkwardly and hit her nose on the chair. I said she should’ve been happy that she
didn’t damage her fingers, since the nose was far from the most necessary part of the
body that you needed when playing the piano. This must have been really funny for her,
or I looked funny or, I don’t know. Because I remember her smiling at me and the
look she gave me, and this is how our romantic relationship began. Everything seemed to be perfect, and when
both of us were discharged from the hospital, we practically spent every single minute together. I would listen to her classical music concerts,
and she would visit my games. Even though we had totally different interests,
I was really happy, and Clarissa – that was her name, also said that she was happy
being with me. But then she got sick. It started like a couple of months after we’d
met. She became sleepy and moody almost all of
the time, and frequently had a fever, so her parents decided to take her to the hospital. I remember I went there one day to visit her,
as usual, when she said that the doctors had diagnosed her with leukemia. At first I refused to believe it. I mean, I knew how serious of an illness it
was and I thought it might have been a mistake or something. But it wasn’t. Clarissa started her treatment and I stayed
next to her the whole time. It was really hard to see someone you love
suffering that much, but I can’t even imagine how hard it was for her, I mean, all that
chemo stuff and other treatments. But I promised that I would be next to her,
so that she’d get better. Embarrassingly, I regretted my promise after
a couple of weeks. Because of her health condition and all the
medication she was on, Clarissa had become a different person. I mean, apart from not looking great because
of her illness, she had become mean, nervous, and jealous of me, like, you know, all the
bad things a girl might have inside her head, she’s just say all of it. Once, I remember, she got hysterical about
my friend’s birthday party. She said that there would be lots of girls,
and I would forget her, and dump her and stuff like that, and that she was going to die alone. You know, I knew she was miserable because
of her condition, so I never ever tried to make her angry on purpose. That’s why I told my friend that I was sorry
I would have to miss his party. I did it just to calm her down, but I didn’t
want to miss out on my life, honestly. Yes, I’d promised to support her. But I gradually began feeling that this was
not my place any longer. I should have felt embarrassed, I know, to
give up supporting someone I loved, but wasn’t I too young to start living my life for somebody
else? I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Once, I saw a young couple at the hospital,
they fought really loudly, and then she dumped him right there. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave Clarissa,
but this scene definitely challenged my mind. Then Clarissa’s father, Mr. Burnham, surprised
me a lot. He called me and said he wanted to show how
grateful he was to me for being there for Clarissa, and he knew how tired I might have
been, so he’d bought me two tickets to a big game that coming Friday. Imagine, Calgary Flames – I’d die to go! I was impressed by Mr. Burnham’s gift, but
I didn’t know how his daughter was going to react. Of course, when I told her everything, she
was not excited at all. However, she said her dad had already had
a talk with her about me going there, and she was OK with it. But she repeated like 20 times that I might
meet another girl there and that she’d have to stay alone with her illness and so forth. But, you know, it was a one in a million chance
for me and I didn’t want to give it up, so I promised to not have too much fun. On the big game day I felt really excited
and happy. Only, when I called Clarissa to say once again
how nice she was to be that understanding, she seemed to be whiny and moody again, so
that I had this feeling that I was doing something wrong and bad. But this feeling went away as soon as the
game started. My friend Jack and I were really having fun. I had sort of forgotten about my terminally
ill girlfriend and her bad temper. And there were two girls sitting in front
of us, you know. They were supporting our team so hard that
one of them had practically lost her voice. Honestly, I’ve never before seen a girl
cheering that hard at a hockey game! She might have loved the sport just as much
as I did, I thought. And then I did something that I was totally
not supposed to. I got acquainted with her. I just really badly wanted to have fun that
evening, and I completely forgot about everything else. My friend, who definitely knew about the situation
with Clarissa and that I was upset and tired of it, might have just wanted to support me. So he didn’t stop me, and after the game we
were already sitting in a café with these two girls, talking and laughing, you know. I haven’t been that free and easy going
for a long time, and I felt like I needed it badly. Even though we had nothing with those girls,
I mean, we literally just swapped numbers and emails and that’s it, later that night
I felt really guilty. The next day I went to visit Clarissa and
found her in a really bad mood. She had somehow found photos from the event
on the internet – she probably used a hashtag or something else and there was a photo of
me and Jack with those girls laughing and cheering for our team. I, sort of, convinced her that we just happened
to sit together and never talked to each other. But you know I lied, right? And then that girl Jackie started texting
me and I really felt like I do want to go out with her. So now I am really confused. I can’t break up with terminally ill Clarissa,
but I can’t lie to her either, or to Jackie. If you have any ideas of what should I do
now, please, share them in the comments to this video, I’m really looking forward to
them. And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel,
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About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. If you have any ideas of what should he do now, please, share them in the comments to this video, we are really looking forward to them. And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel, so that you won't miss any other stories!

  2. Now you just stay with your girlfriend and you have to have a sneaky relationship with the other girl
    That no one knows you just say that you dont like to expose anything about your love life

  3. Talk to her parents about it …because they are more understanding and tell them you wanna break up but dont let her know yet…and pretend like you're still with her and then when it's a good day tell her you're seeing someone else

  4. Leave the girl she’s gonna die anyway and it’s a toxic relationship so forget about her before she forgets bout u

  5. Girls: I don’t want you to go, because your gonna forget about me and hangout with pretty girls.

    Guys: No i won’t your being jealous and unreasonable.

    Literally Guys: I forgot about my girlfriend and went and hung out with another girl.

  6. Well definitely don't go get a new girlfriend yours was there for you when it stated, and if you break up your girlfriend would be broken hearted💔….. My advice wait it out, I know it will seem like forever but if you try to enjoy the time with the one you love you mite like it🙂😉 so good luck.

  7. Messed up situation but it's a fairly straightforward choice to make.  Find out what sort of timeline she's on then make a decision, either end it now or tell girl #2 she'll have to wait until this is over.  You're the only one who can decide if you can stick this out to the end.  But don't judge her until the first time you've had a doctor tell you that you might have something terminal, it's not funny what that will do to you.

  8. Hi, I think you should be friends with the girl that is ill. Be supportive but free, free to live your life as you want. Make this clear to her. Tell her that you feel trapped by her demanding behaviour. Yes she is scared. But just say you will visit once a week or few times per month. Live your life and be happy.

  9. I honestly can’t really believe this situation, but I can say this. “If you love someone set them free, if they come back they are yours, if not they were never the one for you.” In this situation it’s is confusing and what not, but I suggest you talk to her about it because this will get out of hand if you don’t say something to her here and now. If she cares, she understands and will let you go. I mean yeah you are the one who is her (from what I am assuming) first love , but what good is that when right now her situation is that she has to stay in the hospital hours on end and can’t experience life right now. At the end of the day you choose how you live your life not her. I am not sure whether or not you will be willing to stay with her, but right now you gotta do what’s in your heart. She can’t make that decision, only you can. Talk about it with her, does not matter what happens after, but at least keep in touch with her if you do happen to break up with her afterwards. You never know what will happen unless you try talking about it with her.

  10. Some advice, live your life to the fullest man, life is to short to be worrying about something that you can stop, sure she will be mad and angry if you end the relationship, but your happiness comes first, she will be okay and she will move on eventually

  11. Hey dude in the video if u watching this go watch domics he is a youtube animator and a few of his videos are about relationships mainly his old videos tho he hats like 5 break up videos a few about toxic relation ships and 1 I think that’s about rejections but the rejections video is about not just relationships

  12. Stop all communication with the girl you began to chat with. It wouldn’t be right, she had a fear of exactly what you did and it’d hurt her. If things don’t work out between you two then you should give it a shot with the other girl.

  13. She is putting you through a lot so what you should do is worry about your self she isn't your responsibility and you should talk to her parents about what's going on too

  14. just follow your heart , what does it say do you love Clarita or the other girl ? if Clarita is holding you back go with the other girl, if you just love them both then wait for a bit to see what happends but with Clarita with that personality I would pick the other girl plus I ship you guys

  15. If the relationship gets to a point where u don’t feel comfortable then u should leave but maybe you should explain ur feelings to ur parents or ur gf first when ur gf is in a better mood

  16. I feel like he should break up with her like cmon he’s not her husband there not gonna get married he’s still young soo just break up with her but in a nice way at the right time

  17. “If you like 2 people go with second one because if you really loved the first one you wouldn’t have fallen for the second”

  18. It's funny when things go the wrong way, and people see themselves in bad situations they just suddenly fall out of love. To me it does not make sense, but yh if he did not feel good with it, he should just tell her but it sounds like
    1 – he does not love her
    2- when bad things started to happen he just decided that it wasnt right.
    3 – he should totally do something and stop being a chicken about it because it will only be worse for them, the worst thing in the world is thinking you are loved and the other person is not on the same level.
    4 – it will also be better for her health because the longer it takes the bigger the disappointment and heartbreak.
    4 – she would also have to understand, as this is a two way road, that she cannot act like she was acting, I think she knew everything was falling apart between them and kept trapping him, which is never the way tbh, you will never get true love out of that.
    She does sound like she was afraid about everything going wrong but trapping someone is not the way and idk what happened for real but it sounds like she was guilt tripping him in some way so she could still feel good about something.
    It was definitely not love it was just passion and there is a big difference between these two. Love has high and lows and you go through it together as bad as it gets, he would probably be smarter about it and understand that either its the effect of medication, or she is just using it as self defence because she's in a bad moment of her life and to protect herself and others she acts like this, because the reality is at any time everything can get worse. Usually when you are in a bad place you usually start acting like this it is basic psychology. . Passion is just a temporary "crush" and you quickly fall out of it.

  19. I would tell her that it is a better idea to separate while she was ill so that she could focus more on herself. You could go visit her but not be dating her. And them date the other girl.

  20. Honestly you should just break up with her she's already going through a lot and you obviously don't love her so at the end of the day that's going to hurt her more than if you just break up with her now

  21. My advice is that you should just, tell her the truth. let out all ur feelings, cus that’s the only way you’ll get out of this relationship without feelings bad

  22. So if you have a girl and then she gets pregnant, she'll be moody and all that… Ur gonna leave her bc Ur not free? Man wtf

  23. Why can’t you break up with her just say it’s over and date the other girl hopefully the dad of your girlfriend at the moment will be understanding

  24. Get to know Jackie before you go out with her. Then ask yourself if you really want to spend the rest of your life with Clarisa ‏ then ask yourself if you want to spend the rest of your life with Jackie. Depending on which answer you will know.

  25. edit I realize this video was posted a while ago. oops

    FOR REAL man Nick you'll prob not see this you need go with what you feel, feels right. I get that you've made a promise and you've been there with her by her side since the very beginning, and i understand where her side is coming from but you can't carry on bringing with her but also feeling towards another girl that could be better…and that sounds rlly bad but is true. But she needs to understand that she can't keep you inna cage like that. it may hurt but I'm not saying you should but you can still keep your promise and be by her side. as a friend and she may not take it well. but take it for sum advice.

  26. if you stay with her, it's pretty much just leading her on. so you should break up with her, but let her know you can still be there for her, just not as her boyfriend, because i didn't hear you day you promised to be her boyfriend forever, just to stand by her, and you can do that as a friend

  27. Dude girls are always moody. Forget her illness okay, if ur miserable on a relationship no matter what's going on, break up with her staying with her for hockey tickets is being a gold digger and medicine or not she has a choice and she choose to be mean. Don't be rude, but don't stay with her Bc you feel like u need to or are obliged to. But don't see this other girl until you break up with ur girl friend. That's wrong no matter the situation. #*opinion*

  28. I'll tell you what you do:
    Next time your GF bites your head off about these things, ask her to put herself in your shoes: have her imagine being healthy while you're going through cancer treatment and accusing her of potential infidelity for wanting to have fun. She'll see.

  29. Don’t leave your girlfriend thinking the grass is greener on the other side. She’s going threw enough so have some loyalty 😱

  30. I would hate to see him get married and have his wife die before him. He'd probably leave. People do go through a lot of changes in dying. It's awful. I think he should leave, because he's not concerned about being there for her.

  31. In my restless dreams, I see that channel.
    You promised me you'd show me true stories, but, you never did.
    Well I'm here there now, in your Comment Section,
    Posting memes about you.

  32. Here’s some advice don’t break up with her she has cancer man she needs u and she probably is acting like this because she is insecure about the way she looks now because of the treatments and whatever is feeling good about this girl u met at the hockey game is just related to how bad things are feeling with u and your girlfriend u should do something nice for her.

  33. Tell her how you feel that you want to break up but you'll be there for her no matter what even tho you arent with her be their for her as a friend because nothing is more important then someone being there for you no matter what

  34. I may have never had a relationship, but I understand everything. I know what you need to do because my mom is a nurse. When her mood starts to shift, just say what your heart tells you to say. And if you want to break up with her, just find a way to get her to fall in love with another guy who loves her. This way she won't be lonely, and you can be with the other girl you love.

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