My R8 Windshield Was SMASHED! (Spray Paint PRANK Gone Wrong)

My R8 Windshield Was SMASHED! (Spray Paint PRANK Gone Wrong)

oh my god what up everybody we are
currently over at my boy Omi’s place and as you guys know he has a ton of super
cars today we’re going to be spray-painting his super cars I just
talked to him on the phone he should be here pretty soon he’s just at the bank
right now so this gives us just enough time to get this done we’re gonna be
spray-painting two cars today we have the Lamborghini Urus and the
Lamborghini Aventador I’m actually kind of scared to see what his reaction is as
you guys know he goes by oh me and a Hellcat so watch it on my right Oh me in
a Prius Oh me always says this for some reason
he always says baby didn’t so I wrote it on his car you think your dad’s gonna be
mad yeah there’s all times helping me a good job Oh Frankie’s here Oh I think I think he looks best already
without Oh me i spray-painted your lips huh your son helped me out too where are
you going where’s he going oh where are you going
Oh me put the back down put the bat down stop oh me oh my god stop or me stop put
the bat down it’s a joke bro it’s Prince Bradshaw it’s great talk it’s not real
political it rubs off I’ll pay look at your cards come here stop seriously come
on men stop following me holy shit what the frak what how am I gonna get this home I
gotta get this told I guess I deserve that
Oh me is he out here yeah bro look it’s it friend rubs off it’s spray
chalk dude it’s not real you see that it comes off like nothing
just listen up people no you don’t gonna pay for it no no no
stop I’ll pay for it’s fine I deserve it I deserve it no bro you don’t understand
you put it last so I’m thinking you really I’m sorry bro I’m sorry bro I’ll
buy you the window now don’t worry about it oh I’m really feels like I do some
million dollars twenty million dollars in cars that I’m sorry my man I deserve
that to be real I deserve it I’m gonna get it fixed
don’t worry about it I feel like a douche no no no you didn’t know see it
comes right off yeah no don’t worry about trust me
you’re good I’m gonna get him clean yeah that’s pretty strong not gonna lie
you hit that thing like eight times all there’s glass everywhere
oh my god dude how much good as new I hope you guys
enjoyed this video if you did make sure to smash that thumbs up button please
this was a very expensive video to make as you can tell my windshield is not
broken it’s currently in the process of getting fixed but I did want to mention
that we have some brand new merchandise that is being released this Thursday at
2:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Lancer works like a bio as always we got the
2:10 attract outfit as you guys can see I’m super excited for the drop I hope
you guys are as well make sure to get it and other than that see you guys next
time who’s

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  2. What is wrong with you people ?!?! Its just a fucking fake,a joke,this boys are friends ! And he wants very much like from us !👎👎👎

  3. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I mean,yeah you kinda deserved it🤣😂🤣 but be happy it was just the windshield and not your kneecaps

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