My thoughts on 8-stud-wide LEGO Speed Champions for 2020

My thoughts on 8-stud-wide LEGO Speed Champions for 2020

hey everyone thank you for your ongoing
support and encouragement of me doing videos like this going through upcoming
lego sets that have been revealed in pictures but haven’t been actually
revealed to the world haven’t been actually put up for sale as yet the one
that the theme that you all have been asking me to cover most there’s been
lego speed champions so let’s go through the ones that have been announced for
2020 so far starting with this one one of the first if not the first to be
announced for 2020 the lego speed champions watch this formula e Panasonic
Jaguar or the Jaguar racing Gen 2 car and Jaguar Ward Jaguar I pasted a trophy
well that’s not a handful I don’t earn mouthful I don’t know what is a handful
boom I hope I am NOT required to say that hope none of us are required to say
that for legal compliance with Legos naming rules or anything anyway uh so
this is a formula e car for me as a you know electric racing car series that
started out looking pretty wonky and pretty destined to fail but has turned
around quite a bit and has actually grown quite rapidly and is doing pretty
well these days and this is a pretty good representation of a formula e cards
you know it’s a specific one I like what they did for the halo device there and
then this other thing is a crossover SUV which a lot of people like to make fun
of I personally just in general people like to make fun of crossover SUVs I I’m
not entirely against them I feel like not everything needs to be a crossover
SUV but I owned that one now a couple of the second version of what was the first
modern crossover SUV the Nissan Murano and I find it or found it to be quite a
nice vehicle quite a nice shape and style and and design for for
practicality it’s basically just a car only taller it’s like a wagon you know
station wagon anyway this is the all-electric in real life all electric
electric Jaguar crossover SUV called the hi pace and the interesting thing here
is that both of these cars are eight studs wide and you’re gonna see all the
cars in this video are eight studs wide I think it works great over here just
the proportions are looking very nice open wheel cars that they’ve done
previously have been practically eight studs wide if not it studs wide as it
was I think that’s a little bit more now with the extensions out here but just
for the proportions it has worked out so I don’t think there are any issues or
any controversies over this being it studs wide and I personally don’t find
anything wrong with this being eight studs wide either because it’s supposed
to be larger you know larger than the sports cars that they’ve done before so
I think it totally makes sense I like this shape right here I like these I
think this is good overall I’m pretty happy with this now the interesting
thing well another interesting thing here is that with the increase in size
they’ve increased the number of parts and they’ve also increased the prices so
sad to see how that works out it’s just another picture the same thing but the
individual cars are gonna be going for 20 bucks each compared to 15 before
here’s the second twofer which also comes with a fast car and another fast
car that happens to be a crossover SUV probably a little bit more controversial
this one is so here we go here we go let’s do this lego speed champions
Lamborghini is it Eurus or guru’s I’m gonna say URIs sorry if that’s not right
it too bad I’m gonna say you’re as STX and Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo Evo
or is it Abel that’s the official name of the Sabbath let’s first talk about
this thing right here the Huracan I like the Horicon myself very much I like it
better than the Guyardo before it I think that it is a proper
Lamborghini and every well in every way yeah it’s a Volkswagen but for all
intents and purposes I think it’s a good Lamborghini I think this is a good model
of it now here is a car that previously would have been depicted without
question in a 6-ton wide-format it’s now being
depicted in a 8 stud wide format and I think this looks much better than the
six wide format for something that’s supposed to be short in height and wide
super wide yeah picture from the back this is so there’s you know there’s the
real thing there’s the actual car and that this is based off and yeah it’s
it’s a low wide proper sports car almost a supercar
you know just continuing that that beautiful line of of cars continuous
continuously since the Countach and obviously can be traced back to the
Miura but it’s supposed to be you know super wide and and adding the extra two
studs of width plus a little bit you know it’s more than eight studs but it’s
it’s just two studs more than the previous designs I think has worked out
fantastically well here this might not look that great from the side but I
think it’s a pretty good effort and that looks beautiful to me so I’m again happy
so far and then the other car here is an eight stud wide Plus a lot mmm I don’t
know about that this is crossover thing which is all which is actually a monster
of vehicle weight it’s easy to to look at this and say Lamborghini you have
sold out you aren’t now terrible you are not a you’re not Lamborghini anymore at
all like this is this bad it was bad enough when you became howdy effectively
you know he became a Volkswagen but now this a crossover no but this is a
monster of a vehicle to see heck oh hey vehicle it is a Lamborghini it really
really really isn’t and don’t forget the the Rambo Lambo never forget that
that was a proper Lamborghini as well and this is a much more capable vehicle
than that at least in terms of performance but just talking about the
LEGO version hmm ah it’s it’s rather boxy isn’t it then you tried to minimize
the number of studs on the sides here with a lot of studs on the side
construction regardless and it just looks all gridded up in boxy and flat
to me know that that sticker right there needs to be shut forward and brought
down that’ll help a lot with making this more continuous along the side but what
I like about this least by far how far out these wheels come why did they do
that I don’t like it at all I’m sure there are reasons for it in
terms of how this was built inside and you know once I get one of these I’m
sure I’ll find that out but I don’t care I am looking at this and I don’t like
how far these wheels to go and the tires they should not stick out that far
period paragraph in a story they should be ducked under the wheel wells so I’m
not happy about that personally but the Horicon is a thing of beauty look at
that yeah that looks really really nice I think I’m going to get two of this set
and build one without the stickers just to keep without the stickers I’ll
probably build this without the stickers and then try to modify this to pull the
wheels in it it’ll probably be harder than I expect no it won’t because I’m
already expecting it to be hard so takes care of that problem but yeah another
thing notice the new windscreen here this is a printed piece and it’s
beautiful I love it this will be useful for so many custom
things I want to make some some custom vehicles now for my Mellanby districts
you know cyberpunk type stuff absolutely and this is also a six step wide speed
champions it kind of looks like the previous four step one wide one but it’s
six tons wide for this windscreen here as well as windshield piece I believe
that is going to be a sticker not a print I believe oh gosh
yeah it looks much better up close I wonder how much what how accurate that
is right there is try to make it look like the exact same texture all around
well we’ll see how that works out yeah it’s another close review of that
this is obviously a computer rendering it’s not a photograph
maybe it’ll actually look better in personal you’ll see that the plastic
texture but I want to like it but I can’t those wheels
the 1985 out eSport Quattro s1 is a legend of
and I never would have expected them to do this but thank you howdy for
investing in this from marketing perspective you know they’re trying to
to keep their their legend alive as their their vehicles kind of start to to
if they’ve been they’ve been melding for quite a long time into just standard
miss you know it hasn’t been all that much that is differentiating them but
they’re trying to keep their their motorsports heritage alive and remind us
that yeah this is Audi this was Audi this is Audi
and I love that they have made this vehicle in in an official Lego form that
is a printed piece right there for the hooter bonnet does look a little bit a
little bit boxy this is a very geometric vehicle it’s just a picture I like what
they did for the rally lights up front big old air dam splitter front spoiler
thing just like a shovel or dozer blade that’s pretty respectable yeah the only
thing that I don’t like here is the roof that’s the only thing that I don’t like
you’re everything else looks like it’s done pretty respectably well did good a
good job with the the wing this I’m this wheel well extension here the flare for
the fenders is perfect yeah that’s very nicely done see that’s that’s tucking
them that’s putting the tires in the proper place and the coloring of the
wheels and everything that’s very nice what they did here for that the
indicators very nice yeah glad they did this that’s great I just don’t like the
roof myself this is a little bit squarish but I don’t think I could do
any better definitely don’t think I could do better so I’m not gonna
complain about it but this yeah just leave a little bit to be desired okay
the Ferrari f8 tributo this is a very cool looking car as a toy as a model I
think as a Lego thing and the more I look at this the more interesting its
construction is to me like notice these five sided
tie all pieces with stickers on top I think those two stickers need to be
brought in together does there need to be a little line there I don’t just
about to see when we look at the picture of the real thing
yes that’s sick Ernie definitely needs to be brought down a bit but I mean this
is a another printed canopy piece same one that was used on the Lamborghini um
yeah just some really interesting building techniques and a really cool
looking thing this is just a different image that’s out there lower resolution
but shows you the corners of the box but let’s look at the car okay here’s oh
here’s here’s the back yeah so there-there is no little little red gap
in there so those stickers down below would need to be pulled together
um this is nice smooth in good ways I like that shaping there yeah a lot of
this is really nice but I do have I do have problems with this I like it a lot
okay and I’m not gonna change on that I’m gonna not gonna waver from that
position I like the look of this quite a bit I think I have another angle of this
yeah that’s pretty good angle let’s cut off our other corners sorry about that
but it’s pretty good angle my problem with this is that it looks way more like
a vector w8 than a Ferrari f/8 there is a vector w8 this is an image that I
flipped horizontally so that’s why everything looks backwards here it’s
just to have it you have to be able to to do that I guess this looks a little
bit more rounded to me kind of like what is that like a Russian supercar I think
from this angle and especially just here all this stuff here just it’s so much
that so I see this when I look at this but I should be seeing this this is just
much more sculpted and I know we’re dealing with Lego here and how much
sculpting can I ask for in something this small
yeah it’s eight studs wide but still it’s super difficult and you can see
just how much effort went into designing this and how many tricks were used to
bring in strange positions of things that strange angles and stuff so there’s
a ton of work that when it went into this but still it just doesn’t look that
much like the source material to me it doesn’t look enough like it like these
cars in general going back to the what did what did this one start with was it
the 488 I feel like there was one before that four five eight yeah was kind of
where this this started they’ve all had that unique shape the eyes I’ve had that
distinctive shape and what Lego tried to do to capture that is basically just
right here you know trying to frame the front a little bit but you have no
curvature here you have the curvature here and then just that one sticker that
tries to to close it all up and it’s it’s not enough for me this is just two
distinctive right here and I just don’t see it still really like the model
though the last one is the Nissan gt-r Nismo is the r35 obviously modern one
and finally finally a Japanese car is represented in lego speed champions this
is the first Japanese car to be represented in lego speed champions
which is shocking given just how much japan has contributed to automobile eeeh
and especially fast automobile yeah throughout history throughout the
history thereof especially modern history and this is the first one and it
comes down mostly to licensing more than anything I know that Toyota in
particular was not licensing thing anything out for quite some time is kind
of frustrating to makers of models and such or at least they were being very
difficult about it anyway this to me looks pretty proper now there are a lot
of stickers used to your gosh your line stickers because it’s a race car you
know so it kind of needs the the graphic treatment is trying to be something in
particular all this one’s again is a print I’ll be a single printed piece and
this is this is some interesting stuff down in here it and this is interesting
with the P Hangul with the hinge piece behind there
again some really nice sculpting work from the lego designer and this looks
very very much like the source material to me personally I think this is very
nicely done there’s the car just by itself looks
even better now the front end is is really really key for this one it’s it’s
one of the distinguishing factors of its entire design is its nose and I feel
like they pretty darn well nailed it here now getting back to the 8 stub wide
thing this is the first one where I can’t make any excuses for it I can’t
say well you know it’s supposed to be an open-wheel car and it needs the
proportions well it’s supposed to be a super wide you know super car kind of
kind of thing and you know it needs those proportions the GTR is a very
plain design of car overall and a very normal-sized car it’s very large
actually in real life relative to other supercars and in sport cars even it it’s
rather large it’s not it’s not like BMW at lemond you know it’s not it’s not
that big but it’s kind of its kind of egg it’s it’s kind of a relative to
others I’ve sat in a couple of these things I’ve been around them a good deal
seeing them on the road and yeah they’re just they’re very shockingly normal in
size and fit and finish and feel to just sit in it doesn’t feel like you’re
having to become a transformer to get into one so this should be this should
have normal proportions and basically what they’ve done here is established
that these are the new normal proportions for Speed champions and the
proportions are good it’s just a way bigger car than the ones that they’ve
done through 2019 and that means that speed champions really is is a vault it
has evolved now to the point where previous ones won’t look right at all
most of the previous ones simply will not look right maybe if you put a Senna
up against the next to this the proportions will be kind of kind of
right because the cinema is much smaller vehicle but hmm yeah just
it just changes everything and you compare this you compare eight
stud with and this is a genuine hate stud with you know it barely barely
pinches in on the sides and yeah the the greenhouse areas is only six studs wide
but most of this is eight studs and then it just has a little extra vendor
extensions and uh no no it’s just it’s just bigger we went from four studs wide
to the four studs wide with fender extensions flares to six studs for four
speed champions across the board which is already looking pretty big on Lego
street base plates too now eight and this is just huge pretty cool little car
actually looks almost more like a I just in here how this rounds off it almost
looks more like 370 it to me just right in there and then you got more of a 488
style of the taillights there this is this pretty proper the one thing that I
don’t like about this model is how small the wheels are wheels and tires
especially the wheels particularly the wheels relative to the rest of the thing
because they should be much bigger they need to be much bigger they need to be
like all up in there especially for the racing version really needs to fill up
those those wheel wells which should be cut up much higher so that is off in my
opinion otherwise it looks like a GTR now the flood gates have been opened
they have made their first Japanese car they need to do a lot more Japanese cars
stat immediately cuz come on how can you not fuckin you know they can go back and
do at least a couple other cars from the history of this one you know he can do
like a do the to the 2000 was it 2000 GTR I’m
not getting that getting that wrong I’ll look it up in
another because I’m mixing I think a couple to a couple things together 2000
GTR got that right the skyline 2000 GTR they need to do that in like a art 34 I
feel like the r34 is the quintessential Skyline GTR
but they could do an art r32 as well they need to do some supras and not just
the modern BMW thing and the old wasn’t it a 2000 GT also I think you feel like
there yeah 2000 GT you know the kind of progenitor of the super and they need to
not just do those 2 as kind of a a modern and old dual pack they need to go
through and at least through the mark 2 I personally had to mark twos previously
they are awesome I had a mark 3 that was the smoothest driving car I’ve ever been
in I’ve been in a mark 4 as well they should do a full series of superstition
to classic or facelifted NSX I don’t care if they do the new NSX or not they
need to do the original one then you do an rx-7 FD at the very least
everybody’s gonna say yes you do a Toretto ae86 man hachiroku come on go go
I’m fine with that but I also would like to see some other Corollas personally
like any of the hatchback style ones were the the notchback GTS that that was
available in the US like there there’s just so many Japanese cars are really
they should they should do a Mitsuoka ah so few people are gonna get that but
props to those who do that that’s a joke kind of kind of but yeah they need to do
more and more they need to do some Evo’s they could do an entire line of eve of
Evo’s I could do it like a gallant GTR vr4 excuse me they could do an Evo I
guess like it or instead of that do it an Evo to need to do a 5 at least or 5
and a half was before and after firing ideas a five
and a half five I’m just gonna say five I’m mocking in addition five a seven
don’t have to do an eight I hadn’t hate but I think sevens a little bit more
iconic and a ten so many cars need to be done and Subaru hello so popular these
days they could have a lot of fun with that as long as they do a twenty to be
as well that’s that’s a requirement if they’re gonna touch the Subaru world
doesn’t need to do one of those and I wouldn’t mind if they did a nice old FX
and an SV X for that matter anyway I’m geeking out about car stuff
these were the speech Japanese cars and been out and out so far that looks so
much like a vector telling you hate so much but cool nonetheless I don’t have
any major problems with any of these except for like the wheel extension and
retire extension right here I’ll try to fix that on my second version and the
smallness of the tires and wheels especially for the GTR the new size I
think it looks good it studs wide I wanted to hate it I don’t hate it I just
hate the fact that these cars are gonna take up an entire side of a street like
you won’t be able to park cars you won’t be able to park any cars that have the
new speed champions cars in you know you won’t be able to park any cars on
streets that have the new speed champions cars on them and you won’t be
able to display the new speed champions cars next to the old ones in most cases
without making one of them look really awkward but sometimes change is
important and I think in this case it’s a good change it’s just gonna take some
getting used to and not everybody’s gonna be able to make the adjustment and
I am 100% understanding of that that’s when I look at these thank you for
watching sorry if I want too much of fun on tangents but I enjoy this stuff I’ll
talk to you in soon

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Still working on the new sound setup. Found out by process of elimination what was causing the slight buzzing that sounded like peaking, in the last video, and it's not any of the new stuff, it's the oldest (~15 yrs) thing which I use only for these live at-the-computer recordings, which I now need to finally upgrade. It'll take a little more time.

  2. this is fantastic, I already loved the Speed Champions line because of how good they (usually) looked, and the pricing was on point. Only problem was there was only so much you could do with some cars due to their size and ones like the camaro ended up looking horrible because it was entirely reliant on stickers vs actual build silhouette, so glad they're bringing a gtr

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  22. Thanks for the insightful video. However, I (as a Minifig scale builder) don't agree that 8w is a good thing for Speed Champions. Firstly because it contradicts any City or Minifig scale even more than the SC 6 models did (and they already didn't work in City surroundings in my opinion). For me, Lego, especially lego City has always been a system where different kinds of builds can be combined easily with each other. With every deviation from this idea things get more complicated. Secondly because any SC 6 collector will be very disappointed when combining SC 8 models with SC 6 models – they just won't go together. Just by looking at the pics you don't get an idea how large they are in reality. – However, the new 6 to 4 windscreen is rather sensational – to be honest I had no hope they'd to it some day. That will increase our possibilities very much – especially when it can be combined with 7w car bodies which I prefer anyway for sports cars or at least supercars. Also, the new baseplate allowing to fit in 2 figs side by side is something I'm very keen to get my hands upon.

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    I think Nissan is probably the easiest Japanese car company to work with when it comes to toy licensing. Hasbro and Takara Tomy have made officially licenced Nissan Transformers toys for years. Their Alternity sub-line of transforming robot cars featured the Nissan GT-R (Convoy/Optimus Prime) and Fairlady Z (Megatron) heavily.

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  34. Now LEGO have the rights to Nissan they have 90% of the of the car rights to make a Fast And Furious wave of sets.

  35. I actually like the 8 Stud wide design because I was bothered that the drivers for the previous cars were centered in the drivers seats instead of to the left or right depending on the country.

  36. I think for the urus the black wheel cover just needs to be lowered. It looks like they tried to double up on the black trim around the vehicle's underside with both making the brick black and putting a plate gap between the brick and the wheel.

    The wheel looks to be in a good position in my opinion, the urus looks to have a fair bit of clearance under it

  37. The car designs and details are without qurstion benefit from the 8 stud wide build, but what about integrating these wehicles into a Lego city?

    Like how wide is a lane on a lego road base plate. I have a feeling these cars are just too big for those road plates, snd also will look weird next to 4 stud wide Lego city vehicles.

  38. I’m not so keen on these. 8studs does look better, but They’ll look out of place displayed with the older 6stud models. Given the increased cost, I probably won’t buy them.

  39. I like it now that they have 8 studs wide, the more wide cars become, the easier it is to add precise details and be more realistic to the real thing

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