My Toyota Finally Broke

My Toyota Finally Broke

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna show
you how to fix an air conditioning system that isn’t working, in this case
the 2007 Toyota Matrix now in this case when you turn it on now the recirculate is coming on but you notice the AC button isn’t green it’s pushed in but
it’s not lighting up so let’s first check fuses let’s go under the hood go to the
fuses here now you can pull them out and check them one at a time and see if their burnt
but I like this little tester better it shows whether they have power or
not checks them real fast just start the car up and pull the cover off they got a little clips on them and off it then go to the fuses and test them one at a time one side is red and the other side
red it’s good so check them all now even though there are fuses for just the AC
and many cars the fuses feedback to the whole wiring system so even though it’s
not the AC fuses blown sometimes another one blows it makes the AC not work so
check them all but in this case they’re all good here and don’t just stop at the
main fuse box they have them all over the place in the kick panels but in this case I went
through all the panel’s check them all and there’s an all blown fuses yet the
AC lights won’t light up so I’m guessing the switch is bad now realize that this
is a micro switch it’s only got 5 volts on it not 12 volts it doesn’t have much
power and they do go bad over time but I priced it there like a hundred and sixty
dollars a toyota dealer so what I do I got a whole dash assembly even though it’s a
broken one with all the switches in on eBay for 50 bucks now the switch itself is a press fit it’s got one little clip here and one little clip here, so what you do
is you stick a thin screwdriver and get it so one clip starts to come out then
you go to the other side stick it in that clip and start wiggling it kind of
a pain in the butt but eventually it comes out what’s enough prying and we’re
going ah there it is and as you can see it’s got a lot of computer circuitry and
junk in there let’s face it testing this thing should be really hard so we’re
just gonna try another one I hope this one works we’ll take the dash part which you
might think is a pain in the butt no no this thing no it’s just a clip job you
just pull it oh there it is it’s out then you just
squeeze it on plug the two wiring harnesses on it once a real stinkers
squeeze the heck out of it off it comes so now we can just easily flip it over
and remove this one just like we did the other one and with usual wait I’ll call
in it on it comes let me get our new used one just make sure the AC is on the
top you don’t put it on backwards it just goes in and snaps in it’s much
easier putting them in than taking them out plug the two connectors in one and two
look at that one hand then this simple system since the top have the hooks you
bring it in but the hooks in first snap it in place I got this cool
radio with a card so you can have a memory card and play music it’s really
cool because I find regardless of all the wireless stuff that people claim the
wireless stuff going to be a pain to hook up not work right but when you got
a USB port here and you can just plug in a flash drive you can put a million
songs on this 62 gigabyte flash card now comes the moment of truth will start the
color up turn the AC on push the button oh it’s glowing green and I can stop
swapping for a little while till I get back out and start working again nice
tall they say and it only cost me 50 bucks for the whole dash piece with all the
switches in it instead of 160 bucks or just this one new switch so if either of
these other switches the defrost switch or the hazard switch goes back
I got spares for them now too, what a deal so the next time your AC stops blowing cold
why not try to fix it yourself and save a whole bunch of money and since this is
mechanic Monday I’m giving away one of these eonon android 8.0 you have a
chance to win just place a clean non offensive comment on the youtube
comments below and the winner will be chosen randomly by computer to get one
of these cool android 8.0 to put in their carc so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Damn I really though Scotty's Cellica was dead. I was looking forward to seeing him buying a Dodge Ram / BMW as a replacement

  3. Whatched many of your presentations and found them helpful…thank you Scotty! I will have a question for you soon.

  4. I could do with the android headunit, I've not long bought one but it broke and they won't let me return it £200 down the drain… Good work Mr mechanic

  5. Hello Scotty, so how long a job like this should take if an inexperienced person is doing it? Also how long did it take you? Thanks!

  6. Scotty run that usb cable into the glove box. Its clean looking and easy to do. That's where i installed mine and haven't regretted it at all.

  7. Thank you for the very helpful and encouraging tutorial! Your passion and confidence inspired to make simple repairs on my Camry myself.

  8. Now Scotty, you need to make a video of how to replace the LCD display back light bulbs in my 2000 Toyota Yaris Verso radio. "A very expensive repair" said the Toyota dealer. "Throw it in the bin" said a local electrical repair shop because it's apparently a sealed unit and the bulbs cannot be replaced! HELLLLLLP!

  9. I have a flashing a/c light on my 2012 Toyota Highlander Limited and the air is blowing hot, not cold. Found out there are two levels to the fuse box under the hood, too, and there are long fuse links along with the regular fuses and relays. What a nightmare. I'd love to see a video on replacing fuse links and how to do this repair. What looked simple in your car and other models has proven to be a nightmare in the 2012 Highlander Limited. Thanks.

  10. What do you think of 1992 Toyota Supra as they are becoming more rare , as they only made about a 1000 for north America

  11. Hey Scotty I own a 2005 Matrix XRS, I have to change the Timing Chain Cover and I basically have to overhaul the engine and clutch and my mechanic quoted me around $2500. Should I just get a different car or do the repairs on this car?

  12. Hope this isn't offensive but Scotty skipped an important step troubleshooting the a/c switch problem. First he SHOULD HAVE shot some CRC electronic cleaner on the old switch…MANY TIMES it will fix a dirty switch. You're welcome Scotty. I hope you learned from my expertise.🔞✔😎

  13. Scotty, my 99 Rav4 is running like a champ still. Had a similar problem and fixed it using similar tacticts u used! So awesome and cost effective!

  14. When my dads ac broke it was the two wires that went the compressor clutch. The belt tore off the insulation from the wires.

  15. If you live in the southeast from Texas to Florida (Go Gators) not having AC could be considered a real emergency for those who don't enjoy Saturday afternoon SEC Football live and in person.

  16. Watching you install is like magic.. ive tryed to do those one handed not always so easy ! Your are the best 😉 please put me in for a android radio .. my ol toyota cd / radio is getting old rachety.. 😄

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