Mystery Wheel of Smoothie Challenge – Merrell Twins

Mystery Wheel of Smoothie Challenge – Merrell Twins

[Roni] That is the most disgusting smoothie i’ve seen on youtube! [Nessa laughing] [Nessa] Oh, smells so gross, Roni! [Both] Hey guys! [Roni] I’m Veronica. [Nessa] I’m Vanessa. [Roni] And today, we are doing [Both] The Mystery Wheel Smoothie Challenge. [Nessa] Before we describe what that is, make sure to subscribe. [Roni] And turn on the bell button to get notified when we post new videos or just come back every single Tuesday. [Both] Because that’s when we post every Tuesday. [Roni]Yes. [Okay] What the Mystery Wheel Smoothie Challenge is, is we have a wheel And items. [Nessa] Items and we’ll take turns spinning the wheel and whenever we land on we have to take that item and put it into our smoothie. [Roni] We got a lot of good items, we got some bad items as you can see right here. We haven’t done a smoothie challenge in like two years? [Nessa] A long time ago. If you all know, if you guys are OG fans of the Merrell Twins, you guys would know that smoothie challenge do not sit well with me. [Roni] Or me. [Gagging & Choking] [More Gagging] [Roni] So, this is how it’s going to work, we’re gonna spin the wheel, whatever we land on we have to put it in here. We got good items. Bad items. We get six items each to put into our smoothie and then we are going to draw out of a bowl or something to figure out our base for our smoothie. Okay, so Because I’m the older sister, you should go first. XD [Nessa] What? [Both] Rock-paper-scissors. [Roni] You go first. Okay, what is she going to spin? [Nessa] Dear Lord- Give it a good spin. [Nessa]Please! I do not want pickles! [Spinning] [Nessa] I just don’t want pickles. Ah! It’s on strawberry! It’s technically on strawberry! [Nessa] It’s on strawberries. Hold on, yeah, it’s on strawberries. [Nessa] Yaaaaay! Yum! Here we go! [Spinning] I don’t want pickles either. Watch me! Just my luck, I’m gonna get something bad. Honey, I got honey! I got honey! I wish this wasn’t the first item though. It’s gonna make everything pretty sticky down there. [Nessa] Please, Lord, no pickles! [Spinning] [Nessa] Oh! Ah, Doritos! Doritos yo! I love Doritos. Eww! Inside a smoothie? [Nessa] You know… Yeah. [Laughs] Here we go! [Spinning] [Clackity clack clack clack!] GAAAAAAAAASSP No! Oh noooo!!! Eww! HOT SAUCE! Just sauces right! [Nessa] Yours is just condiments! Eww! Ooh oh! Mine’s gonna be spicy! I already gonna gag at this. Okay. Okay. Oh no! Mine looks so disgusting! [Nessa] It’s helped me every time, so, Dear God, please, no pickles! [Spinning] Oh, Nessa, you’re like… making it turn. [Nessa] Just wait. Agh! Cho- [Nessa] Yaaaaay! Chocolate cake! Plop. [Laughs] Oh my gosh! Her smoothie is really good so far. [Nessa] Well the Doritos ruin everything to be quite honest. Not really! Okay, here we go. Please- [Gags] Eww!
Roni: What? [Nessa] Yours smells horrible! I gagged from it! And I was over here! [Spinning] Please no pickles. [Laughs] Why am I only getting condiments?! I hate mustard! [Nessa] Ew, Roni, you’re either there going- Ooh, I can’t even think about it. I can’t even watch. [Laughs] [Nessa] Eww! Okay. [Gags violently] [Nessa] Oh, it smells so gross, Roni! Oh, why am I not getting good items? [Nessa] Please Lord, no pickles! [Spinning] Aww! Oh well, at least I don’t get the barbeque condiment anymore. [Nessa] Oh no! At least its KC Masterpiece. This ruins my smoothie. It may not. Eww! Here we go. [Spinning] Please be something good! [Laughs] How is this happening to me! I hate condiments! I don’t like ketchup! [Nessa] How are you getting all these condiments? I got nothing good in my smoothie! [Laughs] [Gag] What are you doing? Do you not like ketchup? [Nessa] I do, I just don’t like condiments either! How can you not like ketchup?[Gag] You eat ketchup all the time. [Nessa] Oh, it’s just gross! Okay, ready? Hold your breath! [Inhales] [Laughs] [Nessa] Aaaah! Keep that lid on! Why is this happening to me? [Nessa] I’m gonna throw up actually. [Sniffs, gags] Actually, it doesn’t smell that bad. Just smells like barbeque. It’s just an instinct to gag. [Laughs] Ahem! [Nessa] Dear Lord, please no pickles. [Spinning] Oh my gosh! Blueberries! Okay. Why not me!! [Spinning] Please, not a condiment! [Nessa] Ice cream. Ewwww! I am not happy about ice cream. Okay, shield, shield your nose. Oh! Whoa! Okay, why is this ice cream like really frozen? Oh, that is disgusting! Oh gosh! Aw! All right, I’ve got one more item. [Spinning] No! [Screams] NOOOO! [Laughs] I didn’t pray that time!!! No! It’s cause I didn’t pray! God listens to your prayers, you guys! He actually does. Nooo! God, I’m sorry, please! There you go! It’s legit. I didn’t ask for pickles. Mine’s not any better, but I’m happy I didn’t get the pickles. All right- Oh man, yours is still really disgusting. How many more do I have? You have one more, but you might have to add another one because that’s not much of a smoothie. It’s not. Please me something good. Please! [Spinning] Banana. You already used bananas. No, bananas are right there. I’m not even a big fan of bananas! Okay, well…
Nessa: I kind of think you need to do one more. I think I definitely need… If you need one more, it’s only fair if I’do one more then. [Spinning] Chocolate sauce. Chocolate sauce?! [Whining] It’s gonna taste more like a chocolaty fruity smoothie. Nessa! [Laughs] Oops! My bad. [Gags] I want raspberries or yogurt. Give me yogurt. Yogurt! Yogurt! Yogurt! Yogurt! Yogurt! Oooooh! You get the mystery item! What is it? What’s the freaking mystery item? It’s spam… I’m gotta put that whole thing in there? [Paul] You can cut it. It’s good right? Isn’t spam good? Not in my smoothie! I literally don’t have anything good in here except for bananas. In order to make our smoothies more blendable we have to pick a liquid so we’ve got the ready to choose from. This little tiny bowl. It’s a tiny bowl. Okay, I’m gonna go. 1, 2, 3. Water! Mine is the water! I got juice. I got juice! Apple juice. Oh, Nessa! Nessa! Oh, oh my! I didn’t mean to do that. Oops! Is that too much? You need more. [Paul] You need a lot more. You need more cause it’s gonna be hard to mix up. [Gags] Look at mine! You’re saying “ew” to yours, look at mine! I’m not even smelling mine. Mine’s got pickles. Ready? Blend. [Blending] I don’t know if you saw that- Ew, yours looks like cheese! [Gags] It smelled like, for a second like- [Gags] [Gags violently] You didn’t even smell. I did. I need to use both hands. I think I got it on my sleeve. [Laughs] [Roni gags] Ooh, stop! Oh, it looks like… chocolate milk! Okay, Roni. [Roni gags violently] [Nessa gags] [More gagging] [Laughs] Oh my gosh, it smells- I really, really need to run. I can’t do it! [Paul] You can do it! I can’t. It doesn’t even s- agh! Eww! There’s chunks! [Gags, laughing] [Laughter] Yours look like the freaking cheese had the other night! I need a trash. Give me my trash can! You go first. That is the most disgusting smoothie I’ve ever seen on YouTube! This is disgusting. I feel like I’m just gonna throw up the minute I taste mine. This is not fun. Technically, it kind of is okay, so if you think about it. There’s, ah, dairy and hot sauce. Okay, here we go! There’s a lot of foam at the top. Hold on. Here I go. I’m gonna do it! I’m so nervous for you! [Suspense music] Did you just throw up? [Clears throat] No. Are you okay? [Giggling] I’m not. [Roni] Are you okay? Mystery wheel save me. Oh, that was horrible!
Roni: Why? What’s horrible about it? Everything! The Doritos made it horrible! I’m crying. If you throw up, I’m probably going to throw up. I don’t want to throw up. I almost threw up. I don’t want to throw up! It matches my sweater. Mmm, I cannot finish that or I will throw up. For sure. Okay, I’m gonna go now. My heart, my heart! I’m sweating. Smell it. Wait, what? Hold on. It changed smells. It changed smells. It smells like a banana apple smoothie. [Laughs] It does! It doesn’t smell bad anymore! It smells like a legit smoothie. Like a fruit smoothie. What happened? Just do it, Roni. I’m scared, I’m scared. It touch to my lip. [Laughs] [Suspense music] Stop it. What? This is her. [Laughs] Pretending to drink it. No I’m not! I didn’t know I was doing that. I’m preparing myself. It’s on my lip right now! Okay. I didn’t even taste it yet. It didn’t even go in my mouth. Roni! [Coughs] Okay, I’ll do it. I’ll do it! There’s a bubble. It’s not even in her mouth. Mm hm. It is. [Gags] What happened? What happened? It doesn’t taste good. I can’t do it. What does it taste like? Hot sauce! [Laughs] Is it spicy? No, it just has the flavor of hot- [Gags] Okay, we made the smoothie challenge. Are you happy? I almost threw up. Oh my gosh. I think that was the worst smoothie challenge yet. I almost threw up. Please give this video a thumbs up for us almost… puking. Let us know in the comments below what other challenges you’d like to see us do. Umm, and… That was the smoothie challenge with the mystery wheel. I’m still sweating. Ah. [Both] Thanks for watching! If you liked this video give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to our channel by clicking this button over here. Subscribe to our Live channel. We broadcast every week. Click the circle button right here to subscribe. Check out some of our other smoothie challenge videos we’ve done. And we’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

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