N-FAB Podium Step Install on a Toyota Tundra 2014+

N-FAB Podium Step Install on a Toyota Tundra 2014+

The N-FAB Podium Nerf Steps ship with driver
and passenger side bars along with all the hardware needed to attach them to your vehicle. The solid one piece design provides strength
and mounts high and tight for a better fit and cleaner look. Before getting started make sure to read the
included directions, verify all hardware and remove the factory running boards if you have
them installed. The only tool needed is a 13 millimeter wrench. The bars can be installed from the ground. Carefully lift the Podium step into position
making sure to place the bracket with the notch between the mounting holes towards the
front of the truck, while holding the bar in position thread one bolt with washers into
a mounting hole on all four brackets to hold the bar in place. Having someone assist hold the bars in position
is recommended. Leave the hardware hand tight for now. Thread the second bolt into each one of the
brackets hand tight. Look at the steps to ensure bar is correctly
positioned on the vehicle. Use a wrench to tighten the mounting bolts
in an alternating pattern until the lock washers are flattened. Do not over tighten the bolts and do not use
power tools. Repeat the process on the opposite side, the
installation is now complete. If you have any questions or would like more
info, please go to N dash Fab dot com.

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  1. There steps look cool but are Junk they rot out rust,rust total crap and mounting is bullshit for older trucks. And way over priced period.

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