NASA in Silicon Valley Live – Air Taxis and the Future of Flight

NASA in Silicon Valley Live – Air Taxis and the Future of Flight

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  1. I feel like those who are talking here don't know laws about aviation, or, are talking about the POSSIBILITY of making flying taxis physically, which of course is, yes, we can.
    but safe? Nope. Not a safe as today's planes. No way.
    Also there's the issue that anything that lacks wings, has bad efficiency. Yet wings are really unpractical for vertical takeoffs. And runway needs a lot of space. All of those don't go well together.
    So either, taxis will have short ranges, either they'll need runways, which means, it's the current planes we have.
    In any case, they'll not be cheap. by far. And safe? Nothing is safe without wings. (helicopters do have wings, by that I mean they can provide lift without an operating engine)

    So no, we will not be flying soon. Also, flying is inefficient for small distances. And since anything that flies can fall, we certainly won't appreciate having a hole in our home due to a taxi crash.

  2. الله الرحمن شکر که بنده گان خود ره استعداد داده الحمدالله. الله همراه همه ان شاءالله هدایت کند همه بندگان خود ره
    موفق باشید .

  3. New? NASA has had this and a new air traffic system on the drawing board for decades. Hopefully we'll see something practical some day.

  4. Just last night on the news I saw that UPS is using drones to deliver parcels. It's more like beta testing the fields to land on. This is gonna be bigger than the bus systems we have now. Just imagine you want to go from one metropolitan area to another 50 miles away…well you walk to the nearest Dronedromes™ and purchase a ticket through your iPhone and hop on board. Bye bye polluting busses.

  5. Great, is this a children's program? Mmm, yeah. I'm feeling patronised. That's awesome. Can't listen anymore. Sweet.

  6. Next manned moon mission launch 16/july/2024 and first woman say that on moon ( one small step for human ,one giant leap for humankind "again "):-);-)

  7. Imagine minding your own buisness walking on the street when you suddenly get decapitated by one of these rotors falling from a crashed air taxi.

  8. What my Question is: all of you Host's are young. You're introducing a new Frontier. Is this a New Democracy for space?

  9. beautiful, this first craft I'm seeing has that Rotodyne look that I've been hoping would be looked at again in light of tech advances

  10. We'll have short planes and long planes, sorta. Why wait at the airport for an hour for a longplane to NYC when you could hop from shortplane to shortplane, Phoenix to Dallas, Dallas to Oklahoma City, etc.

  11. Great discussion! 😊I really need this clock in my living room in order to feel like a part of Artemis. 😎 I have the highest respect for you guys at NASA. 🚀👍

  12. I think is a really ambitious project, but, really, right now all around the world there are a lot of thing that are really more important than this. Maybe in the future, for now we should care of things just like, corruction…

  13. Is this aimed at under 5's? It's like they are talking to retards. It's a shame as a reasonably intelligent person it makes listening to this very uncomfortable.

  14. This is almost funny, you cannot make this up, again time clock wrong one, Artemus generation?
    1999: A disaster investigation board reports that NASA's Mars Climate Orbiter burned up in the Martian atmosphere because engineers failed to convert units from English to metric.

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