NASTY Car Carpet Cleaning 4 Easy Ways! Car Interior Cleaning Like A Pro

NASTY Car Carpet Cleaning 4 Easy Ways! Car Interior Cleaning Like A Pro

welcome back to Stauffer garage guys
today’s episode is a requested one from the last video that I did everybody
wanted to know how to clean carpets especially in your car I’m gonna do
floor mats as well but today in particular is around the fact that
people spill coffee your kids spill crap if you see my other videos you know my
kids make a mess I do have this cup of coffee this espresso right here that I’m
gonna be sipping on but I’m also going to just go ahead and pour it right
across the carpet because I want to show you guys four different types of
cleaning methods that you guys can use whether you want to go extreme or if you
want to do is to kind of do it a more simple method method number one it’s
going to be just using Dawn dish soap some hot water some rags and some kind
of like bristle brush that you can get at any store around the world number two
is gonna be using resolve or any sort of carpet cleaner that you can get for
stain removing in your house use it in your car as well it’s the same stuff
it’s carpet right step number three we’ll be using a dedicated type of
shampoo it can be resolved as well I have a few couple all-purpose cleaners
that I use in my detailing we’re gonna use that and then we’re also going to be
using the shop vac as wet extraction and number four number four is going to be
the more extreme method but I did it in a really really cheap budget so the
little mean green machine which is those little tiny portable carpet cleaners you
can even have the larger ones that you can get at the store they’re like
full-size vacuum cleaner type ones I found mine on Craigslist for 25 bucks
it’s used it works it gets a job done and then I picked up a bottle of this
stuff at Target the other day it’s Bozell boost carpet cleaning with oxy
nine bucks so 30 bucks total for step number four which is probably the most
intricate and most extreme but will probably get the best job done if you
guys are new subscribe let me know in the comments below like this video and
share it with your friends if you know that they probably spilled their coffee
in their car or if they have kids that are gremlins like mine
this’ll video help them maybe make them a very happy person when their carpets
are cleaning if you do have stains that kind of creep underneath some of these
plastic panels and components you can see these are just Phillip head screws
in all of these different plastic pieces so once you take those screws out all of
these panels come up so you can get to some of these darker stains I have a few
in here you can kind of see in here this is probably the worst area just because
we have captains on both sides and this area is where all
the kids always walk whether it’s in the wintertime or summer with dirt and mud
or salt and snow this is our worst part so I’ll probably clean some of this too
but we’ll stick to kind of this side over here for our coffee kind of kind of
tests I’m going to go ahead and kind of tape off some areas so we can kind of
test each one individually but this is this is gonna be an interesting one
we’ll see how it kind of kind of spread it around a little bit here so you guys
can see that this is legit so like I mentioned the first step is going to be
using Dawn dish soap these are just a spray bottle I’m gonna get some warm
water in here I highly recommend for all of these different steps use warm water
warm water is going to be able to kind of help everything release better than
cold it’s like washing your hands you always use hot water or warm water
instead of cold so water we’ve got some Dawn dish soap or any sort of degreasing
soap and we’ll go ahead and do that one on the first spot right here as our
first process so right here we’re going to do is the Dawn dish soap this one
will be the resolve this one will be in all-purpose type cleaner with a shopback
and this one will be using the actual carpet cleaner dedicated stuff with a
carpet cleaner machine all right so this is the area right here that we’re gonna
focus on I have my warm water which is just in a spray bottle
we have our dawn just soap and then just a rag is what we’re going to be using
here first what I want to do is just take some water kind of spray it in the
area to get some extra fluid in there even if the coffee is dry this is always
a good thing to do now in this case what I would recommend doing is taking your
scrub brush and just kind of having the dawn to the top of that that way you’re
not putting in one area and saturating discontent will spread it out and what you can do is do front back
sideways motions and then do some circular motions as well and you can see
it’s already starting to turn the actual soak to a brown color from the coffee and after that first pass what I would
recommend is that should be enough soap within there and now what is going to do
is slowly start diluting it down to just water and using your rag to soak it up so it looks like it didn’t do too bad of
a job it is still a little wet it might be a little bit of brown in there from
the coffee but for the most part it didn’t do too bad the longer you kind of
let something sit the obviously the more likely that’ll kind of have a chance to
set and take a little longer to clean but for the most part I mean Don didn’t
do too bad of a job or any kind of degreaser soap that you’d use in your
kitchen we’re going to let that drive up let’s go ahead and try resolved and see
how that does honestly resolved for me I’ve never
really been fond a bit or any sort of cleaner like that it’s just it almost
creates is like a foamy mess and you really just never feel like you get it
all up so what I’ll do is I’ll just try to dilute it a little bit get some water
see if that helps so good nope you like it made worse I think what I’ll
have to do here is with the resolve kind of just let it sit and do its thing
because I believe that’s what it says in the bottle and just let it sit for a
little bit it doesn’t seem like you did too bad I mean here it’s still a little
damp from the dawn which did an okay job you can kind of see there’s there’s a
little coffee right here still but the resolve isn’t doing too bad on it I’m
sure it’s pulling it out but any of these two methods that aren’t using some
sort of extraction are really not just kind of taking care of the surface
they’re not really pulling anything out of the carpet itself so this no one is
going to be using the shop vac an all-purpose cleaner which for me I’m
using 303 aerospace cleaner and the one thing that you can do with some of these
all-purpose cleaners too and you can start out with the cleaner agitate it
extract it with your wet vac and then follow up with some hot water and then
if you have to you can go through it the process again it rinse and repeat
sometimes that’s necessary dependent how long the stain has been there and what
the stain is but in this case I’m sure probably one step might be enough to do
it and then if you use hot water at the end of any of these it does help kind of
pull out some of that extra product so even just after one pass you can kind
of see the difference and it’s really really really a fast process when you
have something like this to use as a tool compared to some of these this is
still pretty damp this is really damp we’re here you can kind of see it is
still slightly wet but the actual texture of the fibers of the carpet are
all pretty uniform because a lot of the liquid has been extracted now that we’ve
done one cleaning pass I’ll go and follow up with some water now this is
kind of just a reassurance that you’ve got every last bit of the cleaner out
and any of the spilled substance and dirt that’s in the carpet and one thing
you can notice here too there is a little bit of sudsy that’s coming up
from cleaner that’s deeper down but there’s not as much here whereas within
our first pass of rubbing with the towel it was so much soap and some cleaner
product it was a lot to handle and took a long time whereas here we only don’t
want past wet back and we’re already seeing a lot less of this shampoo and
cleaner and you can kind of see there’s really
not a stain there it’s just a little bit of a damp area that’s still drying but
turned out pretty well so the next one that we’re going to do here is an actual
carpet extractor which well inject and Rick’s track to the same sequence with
warm water and the Bozell boost shampoo which I am not sponsored by but I picked
up for fairly cheap at Target for ten bucks let’s give it a shot let’s see
what happens see if I actually bought something that works that’s a good sign
so the way these things typically work any extractor vacuum carpet cleaner you
have a button here this is essentially the nozzle that will squirt the liquid
onto it it’ll squirt it on first so when you’re actually going across the carpet
what you want to do is you’re going to kind of drag it across slowly which will
inject it and then your scrub brush will agitate it and then this is the actual
extraction portion of soap when you’re going across the surface what you want
to do is be holding it down dragging it across and extracting at the same time
and then usually you follow up again you know you can agitate it as you go but
then you’re going to follow up without depressing the nozzle to spray more
liquid to then just use the actual suction to pull up those liquid itself
so I got my warm water in here to be honest I probably went a little overkill
and how much I put in here but this is a demonstration so that’s how this is
gonna roll so I’m not gonna do any sort of prep on the surface here I’m not
gonna play anything else down I’m gonna strictly just use this machine see how
it does I’m not too mister I think imma do okay highly recommend that you guys
buy one used if you really want to try doing something like this there’s no
need to go spend $300 on a carpet cleaner Facebook marketplace you can
find these for cheap like I said I paid 25 bucks simple here we have the Dawn dish soap with
just water we have the resolve we have here using the shopvac an all-purpose
cleaner and then this is using a carpet cleaner that’s dedicated with a carpet
cleaner and shampoo for the most part I mean obviously these two are the better
options here like I mentioned they’re all pretty inexpensive I would probably
stay away from these that Don didn’t do too bad if you’re in a real hurry
but like carpet shampoo like like resolve or something I would just try to
try to avoid in this situation if you guys liked today’s video give it a big
thumbs up and share with your friends if their van looks like mine or if you know
that their filthy animals like my kids are this is a whole playlist of videos
that you guys should check out it’s got several different things especially
cleaning the outside of your vehicle if you’re interested and I will see you
guys next time bye guys

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. The temp of the water no longer matters when washing your hands. What matters is the friction caused by scrubbing your hands with soap.

  2. Hey, would you be interested in lending me the portable carpet cleaner and the carpet cleaning product you used in the 4th way to clean your car carpet? I'm the second of 4 kids in my family, and I have OCD and I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to my parents car. I'd send you when the best time would be to send it to me. Don't worry I'll send it back, it might be a while after I've cleaned the carpets (I'd most likely clean my dad's work car and my grandparents car) because as you probably know having 4 kids is pricey, and add the fact that we all have to take medication (which is mandatory for us if we don't have a death wish for each other) so I'd let you know when I send the cleaner back

  3. Thank you for the comparison. I think you'd get better results from Dawn and Resolve if you would use much less of them on one spot. Dawn is very concentrated, so I would have used only two drops of it at the most on that one small spot with scrubbing. And then rinse and blot/smash with your cloth to soak up as much moisture as possible (repeat until you're certain no more soap remains). I've never used Resolve, but it seemed like only one spray would have been sufficient (and then blot/smash like the Dawn solution). I'm hoping that the shop vac can pull the Dawn and Resolve out as well with ample rinsing and repeating. How about that? Can you show the shop vac and Bissell LGM extract those sections too?

  4. warning 6:30 avoid touching the cleaning mix with your bare hands because that could be harmful and irritating to your skin (some diy from the carpet could be bad for your skin as well). It's preferable to wear protecting gloves

  5. Carpet cleaners and soap leave a residue in carpet that will attract dirt. I would try hot water in an extractor before resorting to cleaners. Just my opinion

  6. ok, don't want to jump on the video, it's a good comparison for people who don't have higher end machines to clean up messes, but please, don't use any dish soap, especially as much as you used in this video.. if you are going to use any home detergent, use a very very small amount of laundry detergent.. if you see that much suds happening it's way too much.. using dawn or any dish soap ( or any detergent not meant for fabrics and textiles) will do what you want, the suds encapsulate the dirt so it's easier to remove BUT when you add water ( either with spray bottle, brush, or extractor) you create more and more suds.. it would take you forever to remove the detergent from the fabric which , when it gets wet again either from another spill, further cleaning down the road or just getting it wet from wet shoes from the rain, etc, it will make more suds which will actually just attract and hold more dirt.. it's always best to use a spot cleaner or some carpet cleaner, it's safer and won't damage the material and is designed for carpet / fabric use.. you can still apply it with a spray bottle with warm water, agitate and remove with a microfibre towel.. I know a lot of sites recommend mixing water, vinegar and dish soap but even the vinegar is a bad idea.. although it may work on some stains, having a vinegar smelling vehicle is horrible and it takes further cleaning and treatment to rid your vehicle of the strong vinegar smell..

  7. No offense but simple water and deep extraction would of work just fine on fresh spills…and that's a spot and not a stain

  8. Any advice on getting paint off of cloth seats? I work for a nonprofit and a volunteer didn't get the lid write on a can of exterior paint. Now I have a black paint Lounge on my passenger seat. 🙄🤷‍♀️

  9. Do yourself a HUGE favor, the first thing you do after taking delivery of your BRAND NEW vehicle, scotch guard all the carpet and/or fabric…the. get floor liners

  10. I had a masonry exterior paint spillage in the trunk of my car and it won't come out of carpet it's very resistant to water being masonry paint. Do you have any advice or tips for me getting this out? It doesn't even come off with a pressure washer, brush or soap etc.

  11. 8:15, a new word is born… Ricstract | rik-' strakt verb. 1. To draw forth forcefully 2. to take out from

  12. How do you get out black mold stains? I took my car to a detailer and they did their best but still have stains. Can I do more myself? Carpet is tan if that matters.

  13. My MIL shared a carpet cleaning tip that works really well. It is equal parts ammonia, 3% hydrogen peroxide, and water. It works far better than any commercial carpet cleaner, even on most set in stains. I have found it doesn't work the best on red stains that have set and dried though. Great video!

  14. You bought an extractor for $25 bucks on Craigslist?? Either someone didn't know what they were throwing out or they sold that to you for crack money!

  15. Just impulse bought the Bissell🤷‍♀️ love your videos!! Ty so much I’ve learned allot from your chanel!

  16. You can get anything out with just water when its freshly poured lol nothing counts until it's set it for months. That's when you truly test it. I did a test in my truck when liquid foundation exploded. I didnt know until about 5 days later. Dawn did great with makeup. Oxiclean, no so much.

  17. Thank you very much. You were a great help. My daughter delivers pizza. Do you have a suggestion. To shop for car from smelling like pizza. When she is not working.

  18. I used warm water, baby shampoo, a toothbrush and a wet dry vac on some spilled Dr Pepper. It worked great and it smelled like watermelon lol

  19. Stationed in Okinawa. Got a broken window at baseball game. Typhoon the next day and nasty stuff plus LOTS of water filled my car.

  20. I never did like resolve solution in any carpet situation. The foam never seems to go away and as it dries, the spot you clean feels rough and doesn't look appealing to the eye.

  21. I use resolve a lot. You basically have to work it until it turns completely white and stops moving, then let it dry. It works fantastically for bright red kool aid stains.

  22. If you spray water around a specific stain first. Then treat the stain, it will help the migration of stains.

  23. Nice video. I have this job looming once the weather breaks and I can work outside again. A few months back, a wonderful McDonald's employee decided that fully securing the lid of the large, scalding hot coffee was optional, so naturally it went all over me, my driver's seat, and the carpet on the driver's side. Lucky for me, I wasn't burned too badly, but I was seriously annoyed. The McDonald's response was awesome though. They didn't care one damn bit. They didn't offer to clean my car or replace my coffee, not that I would let them get near me with one again. I filled out their incident report and never heard from anyone in their management team.
    I cleaned up the spill as best I could, but I think I'm gonna have to pull the driver's seat out and get in there with an extractor to do a proper job.

  24. You can’t just spill coffee then clean it up lol.. it’s 10x easier to clean something that just got spilt rather then a 2 year old stain

  25. I wouldn't use dawn in a carpet I clean carpets and when people use everyday store bought products for their carpets it leaves a foaming residue that makes my life a lot harder when u extract. And if u want some good chemicals go to the website they have high end chemicals for cleaning carpets that dont leave that residue in ur carpets.

  26. If that was a customets vehicle I'd beat your ass. That shit went all the way through the pad and into the floor board.

  27. Just found your videos and I'm now binge watching. When my kids were little we had a minivan, and every year right before fall I would take the back seats out, and use a roll of that stick on carpet protector that model homes use to protect the carpet when ppl are walking around the homes. My carpet always looked brand new come Spring time.

  28. I’m obsessed with watching you clean filthy carpets. Not enough videos to sustain me 😭😂 I think I need help.

  29. I just inherited a car that has really bad mudstains on the driver's side carpet. They have been there for at least a couple years. Would any of these work on that?

  30. my mom smoked a lot in her car and now that I drive it I realized that the ceiling is stained with nicotine. any tips on how I can get rid of that?

  31. A few days ago I did a partial interior carpet shampoo with la awesome version of oxy clean, Dawn and warm water. I scrubbed with a brush and extracted it with a shop vac. It did good and it was only one pass. The next day I got the same Bissell little green extractor from a thrift store for 15. It works. I'm going to do a video on using that on some filthy floor mats. Honestly your videos are the best. And there are a ton of detailers on YouTube, no disrespect to all the others. I just started putting up vids on my channel but I've been detailing for years though. Check me out.

  32. Oh and the nastiest thing or things or stains, I don't even know what it was but it took me about 4 passes, degreaser, apc, and tide with HOT water.

  33. Thank you for reviewing the Little Green. I picked on up at the Goodwill for $20, fixed it and sanitized it. Then tested it on my front seat in my Forester. Seemed to work. Good to know that a professional approves of a machine like the Little Green on auto detailing projects.

    Question: do you recommend always taking out seats when cleaning car seats? Or is it possible to clean them while still bolted in?

  34. I just got a Little Green carpet cleaner from Walmart for $99. We don't have little kids, but our carpets get dirty anyway. Life is dirty!

  35. You should use back and forth strokes with the extractor. Going forward and pushing down quite hard dries the base of the carpet pulling back dries the fibres of the carpet and always go slowly to ensure as much water is removed as it’s the dirt water that makes it still dirty especially when that dirt water dries

  36. The warm water thing is true but this doesn’t always apply to washing clothes. Wash on cold and if the stains still there DO NOT dry it. It will literally bake it in and it will NEVER come out. Be careful !

  37. This is good but. It's good to make sure their is no moisture left at all from nothing. As it seeps under the wadding and starts to rust the chassis underneath if left so I'd use rubber car Matt's for life.

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