Need a New Car Key? Save Big by Following This Tip

Need a New Car Key? Save Big by Following This Tip

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
show you, how you can save money if you need to get another key for your car, now
in the olden days, this being 1994, there were just simple keys, that were cut, you
could go to hardware store and get one made for a couple of bucks,
but that’s not the case anymore, this newer Toyota has a key that you can open
the doors and things with, and it’s got an immobilizer chip inside, so it will
only start if it has the chip, and some modern keys like this one for a 2015
Chrysler, you don’t have a key it’s a remote that you just walk in the car
with, and you push your button to start the car, these things can cost a lot of
money if they break or you lose them, so as usual, I’m going to show you how to
save money, if you have one that has an immobilizer chip and has buttons that open
and close it, you can go ahead and buy one of these things online, often there
as little less fifteen to thirty dollars, then go to a locksmith, where they can
cut the keys, so it will unlock the door and so it’ll actually start the car when
you turn it, now as weird as it sounds, I have a machine that can do that
programming, but I’m an independent mechanic, and only bonded locksmiths,
or dealership mechanics, can get access to the code, so even though I have a
machine, I can’t code them myself, and if you ever lose the fob for this keyless
entry system, it’s going to cost you a lot of money to get another one made, which
is why you always want to have at least two of these things, if you don’t and you
bought a car used, get another one made at a locksmith, put it in a drawer where you
know it’s safe, so you know you’ll always have a good one, then you go to a locksmith
and save a ton of money, because of course the locksmiths are going to charge
you a lot less than a dealer for making one of these keyless fobs, or the key
with a chip in it, and if you lose the keyless fob system, be sure to find a
good locksmith, because I had a customer with a 2012 Prius, they lost the key, and
the dealer charged them 567 dollars to make a new key and reprogram it, but when I
had another customer lose their key in a Prius, I sent him to my locksmith, who
travels he came to his house so he didn’t have to tow the car there, and his
whole bill I was 283 dollars, instead of 567 dollars,
quite a difference, just make sure you get a good bond at locksmith who
understands modern technology, because over the years I’ve tried various ones
and some on of them were complete buffoons, that had no idea what they were doing,
and in that case when they came to my shop and said, oh they could do it for
150 bucks, and they tried for an hour and they said oh we can’t get it to work, I
said well I’m not paying you one cent, you said you could do it and you couldn’t, so
you got to find a good locksmith to have this done, so really, if you have a
keyless system, or a key system that has a chip inside it, take my advice,
go to a good locksmith if you don’t have two of each, and buy another one and
store it somewhere where you remember where it is, so you never have to worry
about starting from scratch with a brand new key system, more quick fixes on the
Scotty Kilmer Channel.

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Great vid Scotty. I need a spare key for my 2015 Camry. So all I need to do is buy the key with the buttons online, take it to my bonded locksmith, have him cut it, and it will start the car without an programming? The programming is just for the buttons and not for starting the car?
    Thanks for all your vids! They've saved me a lot of money over the long run…PS the dealer wants $300+ to do this.

  3. Lost a late model key a while back. The locksmith told me there are only a handful of codes and he could find out mine and make me a key for about a hundred bucks. Dealership wanted $250 bucks, typical dealer rip off.

  4. Can lock smith cut missing car key lock? If so which lock smith can do that job, because I call multiple lock smith not 1 can do that job. I thought they were the "professional." Lol

  5. I have a spare key for my truck. And it will start the truck but the Immobilizer light comes on. If I recode it or what ever, will it start my truck and will it work? Can someone help me?

  6. That's part of the reason I love the 4Runner! I don't have to mess with push button start. There are old lonely men who like to go to videos and dislike them. The idea of making someone half as miserable as they are gets them off!

  7. If you have on with an immobilizer in it just buy a blank key online. You can get one for like 5-10 dollars.
    Then take your key to ACE hardware or any hardware store and ask them to cut the key. Get home, take out the immobilizer chip from the original key and put it in the new key.
    All that is left to do is to program the remote control so that it will lock and unlock your doors and that is super easy. Lost of videos on YouTube on how to do it. Most of them follow a couple of directions like open and close door 3 time or lock and open a couple times, each car has different ways to program.
    I did this and spent just 20 dollars for a new Scion Tc key. The dealer wanted to charge me more than 100 dollars 💵

  8. Mr. Scott.. i some one stolen my 2017 Corolla.. there any way i can program new car key. Or code if the person come to still my car?

  9. I went to the dealer and they told me it’d be $380 for a key, so I went to a locksmith and they did it for $203.

  10. I have a 2014 Nissan Sentra base model. It has a fob that opens and locks door and opens the trunk Do I need to have a programed key or can I get a plain old key made and have it work?

  11. My locksmith connected his programmer to my Ford Ranger and in less than 2 minutes had my new key programed. Cost me $85.

  12. I looked online and found the fob and key blank cheaper by almost half for a set of two than it would cost me for one key b lank at the dealer. Also found that i can program both the fob and the key without going to the dealer, using the same process of turning the ignition on and basically prrssing a few buttons. But hey still have to get the key cut theoretically (i have a old key cutter here somewhere) but ill know its done right with a certified locksmith. Great video as always Thanks!

  13. This is the dumbest video. Make a few phone calls, look at reviews, and make a decision. This stupid video falls under the “DUH” cstagorey on youtube.

  14. why the annoying SCREAMINGS ? Even if you have talent, which I don't doubt, screaming a few inches away from the camera is useless…

  15. Jeeps and other chrystlers of the like require 2 existing keys to make a 3rd one. Something to be mindful of. (Source: work at hardware store that sells chip keys)

  16. The dealer quoted me over $200 for a new transponder key to my dad’s car. I found one of those traveling locksmiths and he charged me about $75. Avoid the dealerships if you can help it

  17. thanks for the tip… for those who dont want to waste their time watching this guy scream at the camera… go to a locksmith.. a 5 second solution to this video.

  18. I see some videos that people have the fob button damage so all they do is switch keys 🔑 in other words use the original key and put in the new fob do you recommend this or is it better to go to the lock smith and keep the new key that comes with the new fob

  19. Having to much crap hanging from your keys in the long run will wear your ignition out. Can also be dangerous turn car off while drving lock steering wheel .

  20. Key fobs are idiotic. It used to be that if you lost your car key, for 3-5 or so $$ you could replace it. Lose a fob and youre looking at …what $200? …ish…. I know I know people loooove their technology and their new gadgets and play toys butttt… folks heres some wisdom…. SOMETIMES LESS IS MORE. ID RATHER HAVE THE $200 BUCKS IN MY POCKET
    Oh and yes. …. When You Are Sleeping and someone pulls up in their car and parks right outside your house and goes to arm their car HONKKK HONKKK HONKKK WITH THE FOB. DO YOU FIND THAT FUN??
    Auto dealers please LOSE THE FOB. THEY DONT IMPRESS US.👎

  21. As an automotive locksmith I approve!!!! Your so correct we charge way less than the dealers!!!

  22. I just viewed your video about remote keys. Have you ever had anyone change their locks to manual from automatic?

  23. Scotty thanks. I just got a 2004 Tacoma but the fob and the main chipped key is gone. I have a regular key to drive the car with and open the locks. But I want the security FOB. I guess I am going to bite the bullet. But not a huge bullet!

  24. Scotty is the MAN!! I bought two OEM 2013 Chrysler 300 keyless fobs on Ebay and got them BOTH programmed for $40 at my locksmith. Thank you!!!

  25. Some cars with the chip, like our ford rangers. If you have two keys for the truck, you can program a 3rd right in the car. And just have the key cut anywhere, i guess. Our truck the tumblers fell out of the ignition so we just programed them and used the uncut key. Haha

  26. if you have a laptop, many people are using the Techstream program to program new keys and remotes.

  27. There has been a sharp rise in thefts of cars thanks to keyless entry in the UK. They are easy to steal with the right equipment. There are special materials/wallets to keep your card in in to prevent the signal being grabbed.

    My car doesn't have remote locking, and I prefer it that way. Many times I accidentally unlock the car from inside the house and replacing batteries is hassle I'd prefer it without central locking as well (the central locking pops open after a small fender).

    The biggest improvement in security is the immobiliser, the other stuff is mostly over complicated, unnecessary and expensive.

  28. I had a 2001 montero with a key that was programmed , needless to say one of the kids lost a key. Went to a reputable locksmith , he sold me a key that would program itself once place into the ignition and turned on. Had to wait 5 min for program once the key was in but then started right up for only $85. Worked perfectly . Only draw back was the key had an actual battery in it so you change it every couple years.

  29. Scotty you are great. Totally truthful and knowledgeable. Was am a senior who was a mechanic when I was young. Became a successful contractor and was stupid enough to buy a 2007 Mercedes S600 for $153K. Sold after 6 years at a 73% loss not including repairs. Buy used. Did you say Toyota, yes a 1998 Camry. My neighbors thought I lost my money. I told them, I just listen to Scotty

  30. Scotty Kilmer, I have a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier I took it to the mechanic to get an oil change and transmission fluid change they told me that my car don't take transmission fluid. Just take motor oil for both. Do a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier has transmission fluid in his in the system or just motor oil.

  31. Why waste your money on huge new car payments…when you could spend your money on the things that matter…good tools and quality parts

  32. Scotty l could us your advoice, i have a 20004 bmw 325e and it needs two coil packs , it has a small air leak and the computer needs reset .. Two places we called wants well over 2 grand to service my car .. Plz make some vids on this type of car or least the how to so i can get er done .. Thanks

  33. I dont know. .
    People these days must be morons. .
    I been driving since i was 16 ( 47 now ) and never have i forgot, lost or misplaced my keys …

  34. This local smith cloned a key immobilizer and gave me a second fob for 85 bucks where the dealership wanted 250 for the key alone!!

  35. I lost my key at a Six Flags and called a locksmith (who’s business card was right there in the Lost & Found) and drove out to the parking lot and in his van, not only made a new key but also programmed the chip so that I could start my key. Amazing stuff.

  36. I miss those 90s Nissan Maxima Cars where they had a “Number Code Pad” on the outside doors below the handles.

  37. I bought a used Lexus, 5 years ago. I purchased a spare key from dealer for $500. Then 2 years later, I lost it.

  38. I would stash in the car somewhere. If your on a long distance road trip and lose the key, your still screwed.

  39. have a Volvo xc90 2003 lost all keys need help with what to do. I ordered a blank key just want to know if that was okay to do

  40. Lost every key I own in the desert on a disc golf course so I’m a little late on keeping the key in the drawer. Yeah key in da drawer suddenly I’m from Jersey or maybe Baston. Anywho screw you screw me what da

  41. There should be a collective lawsuit against all car companies that hold us hostage through a simple little key. lets Sue the Sob's.

  42. If you bought a used car and it wasn't at a dealer, and you need a key you can always go to the dealer present your insurance, registration and ID they can give you the pin so you can program it yourself if you have one of those fancy scan tools..

  43. Scotty you are so great! My dad was so old fashions he deliberately refuse to teach me about my car, except how to change the tire. He wanted me to marry a guy that would do car stuff. He didn't think girls should do that or were capable. So you've taught me so much thank you I feel so much more confident with my car.

  44. Just another great piece done by Scotty exposing just another industry racket! Ask yourself: How much would it cost me to by a DVD player with remote? That set up costs far less than the modern car "key" redo. In most cases far far less. Then why all the price gouging for the car key? We know why.

  45. My new key & fob programmed just fine but my old key stopped working? Any ideas? The key remote fobs all work(old & new) but the original key no longer works so im back to rhe same problem; only one working keey. Any ideas? Thanks. Ps- Ive watched yer vids for a year but this is the 1st time I actually needed something.

  46. I had my chip-key cloned for about 60 bucks. The most expensive part was the damn chip. The rest was the key itself and the blade cutting fee. So it can be done outside dealerships too.

  47. Iwe done cheaper verzion. Put chip out of kay and put it near cheap reader . I buy another one for 1 € online amd gave  5€ for made like old one. Thay wants 69€ here in europ.  So now is chit oll the time near chip reader and its work perfetly fine. For only 6 €.

  48. My dealer wanted $580 AUD.  My locksmith charged me $32 for the Blade, the electronics were still OK. It would have cost me $112 for a reprogram if needed.

  49. The plastic top (the part that holds the key onto the keyring) just broke off of mine. I don't want to buy a new overpriced key over something that simple. I hate these new plastic keys.

  50. Was overwhelmed and stressed by my current key situation and scammy dealership. Scotty's informational shouting made me feel better haha and was quite educational thank you

  51. Over 5 years ago I needed another key for my 2005 Golf. The dealer wanted around $250 foe an OEM, plus $80 for programming it. I did my research (thoroughly), found relevant part numbers etc all on the web, and found one that I thought would suit on eBay for a lot cheaper than $250 ( can't remember how much now, less than $50 though). I say research "thoroughly" above, as the VW dealer service guy who programmed it for me told me they were suprised this elcheapo eBay key worked, as most knock offs won't work with their programmer, or will be wrong for the car. So remember, thorough research, checking and triple checking will save you money if you go down the eBay road. 😉

  52. A bought an extra key online on eBay. Call a locksmith to program it. She said it cost $90 but if she couldn't program it, she charge me $60. Yeah, I'll mow your lawn for $50 bucks but if I can't do it in going to charge you $30. Stay away from those idiots.

  53. When I bought our 2013 Camaro used at the dealer.. YEAH I KNOW I KNOW, STAY AWAY FROM DEALER… I KNOW. But since I'm already here. The least I can do was demand a spare key for that car. And so they did make that spare key. NEVER will I buy a used car at least without the second key. Because we know how much those stupid things are..

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