Never Buy a Car From Carvana

Never Buy a Car From Carvana

Rev up your engines,
11 says scotty what do you think about getting a car from one of those car apps, I laugh
my butt off on those, one of my customers was going to buy a car from one of those things,
it’s the one where you can get a coin and put the coin in the machine and then your
car comes from the sky highrise, it’s a bunch of nonsense I called them up for them and
said, my customer wants me to check the used car out their buying from you, they said we
don’t allow that you can’t check out the car, I said what kind of nonsense is this, you
got to have a used car checked out if you’re going to buy it, and don’t give me this bs
about oh there’s a warranty for this or that, yeah warranties you want to deal with warranties,
I had customers deal with some of those and they’ll say, oh they have a money back warranty,
and then you find out the money back warranty is that you can give them that car back but
you got to take another car in their lot, they don’t give you the cash back, there’s
all kinds of legal bs on that stuff, if you can’t have your trusted mechanic check out
a used car, do not buy it from whoever is selling it, I don’t care if it’s a person
or dealership do not buy it then, cuz it’s too chancy,
owen racing says scotty what do you think about electric cars, well it’s very interesting
technology, and of course there’s tons less moving parts, their interesting technology
I’ll give them that, the problem is, the range is limited, there’s a limited amount of, most
of them are lithium ion, of lithium on the planet, I don’t know if there’s enough to
make enough batteries for enough people, and the infrastructure for electricity especially
in the US is already over stressed, here in Houston in the summer sometimes we get brownouts
because everyone is using their ac to cool their houses down, and if you added 3.5 million
people plugging in their cars in at night and charging them up, it would be a royal
mess, so I don’t see them as being mainstream for a really really long time, just because
of the infrastructure and the jobs that are with regular cars, I really don’t see that
happening anytime in the near future, now they could be a niche thing for a while sure,
a long time I think the gasoline stuff is still going to be around for a long time,
price says scotty what do you think of the jeep liberty 2008, I’m not a fan that’s when
they started making them cheaper and cheaper, when they started making the libertys they
started to try and make them for a bigger mass, cheaper so they could sell more cuz
they cost a bit less, but they made them so much cheaper, and they were such a downgrade
from the previous jeeps that were pretty good off road solid vehicles I’m not a jeep liberty
fan, now if you’re the type of person that’s going to buy it and it’s just a showboat and
you’re only going to stay in town and your not going to drive it like a maniac and do
burnouts, you might say ok it’s a decent vehicle for you but it’s nothing like the older jeeps
where it’s not an off road vehicle, you can’t beat the heck out of it and expect it to last
forever, louis says scotty somebody is selling me a
2003 eclipse for $1,000 with 175,000 miles, I checked it out and it runs great, should
I go for it, I actually liked it, mitsubishis aren’t made as good as toyotas or hondas,
there’s no arguing that, their automatic transmission are really weak, but if that’s a manual transmission,
your paying $1,000, that thing still today runs good and shifts good, what the heck,
I have had customers buy those things, and sometimes they would get 2 or 3 years of good
service out of it and not have to put much money into it, it’s fine your only gambling
$1,000 and if it runs good now and shifts good, go ahead if you like the car it’s not
that much money you know, especially if it’s a manual you might have fun with it, there’s
nothing wrong with buy a car like that for that price and that price range, but you do
want to road test it first, make sure you road test it,
fernando says I have a dodge durango 2004, it never had a repair, it’s got 230,000 miles
on it, have driven it from Seattle to TJ, what should I do to make sure it keeps going,
well one I don’t believe you, cuz I don’t believe that a 15 year old Dodge never has
had a repair, that’s crazy you know, at least brake pads or water pump, something has gone
wrong on it, I don’t believe you, if it hasn’t had any major breakdowns like engine and transmission
then your a lucky man so my advice is take a trip to Las Vegas and gamble, cuz if your
that lucky you might make millions doing that, but if you want to keep that thing going,
keep doing whatever you’ve been doing, change the oil like you’ve been changing it, change
the transmission fluid like you’ve been changing it, change the coolant like you’ve been changing
it, take car of it cuz you’ve obviously been taking care of the vehicle, but I don’t believe
you that you haven’t had any repairs at all with that mileage, I have never seen that
and I’ve worked on hundreds of those things, Julius says, scotty I have rust on my 90 accord,
I wanted to use the best product out there, do you have any ideas what could slow down
that rust I would appreciate it, ok what you really want to do to stop rust is, you want
to sand it down to the bare metal, prime it and paint it, there are rust preventative
paints out there, they are excellent stuff, there’s a million companies that make them,
rustoleum makes them, there’s a German company that I showed a couple weeks ago that makes
them, and most of them are pretty good products, but you have to get rid of the rust first,
then you use that, usually a primer based paint, the you paint over it, that’s what
I’d do, it does work quite well, some people that have ones that are kind of clunky up
North and their all covered in rust, I know them in the winter they just get those giant
wd40 can that they have huge ones, and they just spray the undercarriage of the vehicle
with it 3-4 times in the winter, and it’s oily stuff and it keeps rust away, it actually
works ok if you don’t mind making a giant oily mess, most people do it somewhere else
and not in their own house, cuz they got to clean up the mess when their done,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. To be honest, it's a risk buying any used car from anywhere. Using Carvana is just one method to purchase one and it's pretty straight forward. The process and experience that I had with them was great. You should take any used car that you purchase and get it inspected by a mechanic.

  3. This is total nonsense. I recently purchased a car from Carvana and liked the experience so much that I can't imagine ever buying used from anywhere else! They were very upfront about the few problems the car had. They let me inspect it before I signed for it. And, if I had found something that was a deal breaker within that 7 days I could have returned it for a full refund. If you don't think you can inspect and find a problem in 7 days I think you best be doing something else with your time.

  4. i paint cars for Carvana. we dont even let a car leave the shop without an inspection from my boss as well as a qc inspection. then after that it goes to photo where high quality photos are taken from all angles so even if we dont see something in our shop or qc passes it they will still kick it back to paint. you dont know the process and have enough information to make anything valid you are saying about the company. i also worked in inspection. we sell back any vehicles with hail, flood and frame damage back to auction for credit and you are welcome as a customer to take the vehicle to a shop of your choice for your own inspection and piece of mind. we compensate for anything needed to be repaired. its a process made easy for buyers.

  5. i sold my 2017 hyundai elantra to carvana and they gave me highest amount took 5 days i got the check they pick it up and i did not pay for advertising and have crazy people test driving my car .very fair company with class also my friend bought a 2018 suv from them he could't find one any thing like that cheaper anywhere

  6. Countless MILLIONS of people have been getting fucked by dealerships for 120 years. And they are relics of the past mostly because they refuse to change their business model. This is only the beginning and it was created by piss poor customer service and high pressure sales tactics. The need was there in the 70’s, just that the technology hadn’t caught up with the demand. Again..this is just the beginning.

  7. I have not experienced Carvana but their 7 day or whatever return policy makes it very attractive. Sure you can manage to take the car to a trusted mechanic during the return period right? I'll buy from Carvana before I buy from Carmax or all other crap dealerships out there.

  8. Carvana pretends to sell used cars, but most of them are new models going for $20K +

    Not exactly the online used car lot I was imagining.

  9. When I was working at a Ford dealer in Taxachusetts, I saw an old time mechanic take and spray under his truck with used motor oil. Then take it down a dusty dirt road. It provided a shield against road salt. His truck looked very good for being ancient.

    This is one reason I do not fix oil leaks on my Fords 😂

  10. I have purchased 2 cars from carvana a honda civic and a cadillac , both of them were good purchases. Never had any issues. The purchase experience was very simple and easy. You have 7 days to test drive car and get it inspected, for any reason if you don't like the car it can be returned with full money back into your account.

  11. I had a very good experience from carvana. Bought a rav4 awd 30k miles 1 owner leased vehicle. 1000 less than any dealership could do. I checked the car out inside and out and underneath. I also took it to a local Toyota dealer to get it checked.
    I also got 500 off referral and have 10 referrals to give out. You get 100 bucks for each one used.
    Do your research..check the carfax..don't buy former rentals. This info is in their listing. My father bought a mustang from them too and is happy with it. Being in the north east it's an easy way to get southern cars that have seen little to no snow and salt.

  12. Scotty makes a good point on this video. Obviously you can see people’s experiences in the comments, mostly good relating to Carvana. All he does is give out free info, I didn’t hear him bashing them.

  13. Mannnnn…..this is just embarrassing for you sir. The content is fairly true but the package is just cringe.

  14. Honestly, I bought a Honda Accord from them a year ago. Very fairly priced and was in good shape. I also purchased an extended warranty from Honda for extra protection. There is a free Carfax that comes with the car. The only thing I would complain about was that the tires they put on the car were sh*t. Everything else was a great experience and no dealer fees.

  15. I had a great experience buying from Carvana. When they delivered my car no charge I was allowed to test drive it and if I didn't like it I had the choice to send back with the delivery truck or keep for 7 day period and if for any reason I didn't want the car within those 7 days they would pick up at no charge and help me find a car that I like and in a good price range. The car that I purchased only had 71k miles and drives excellent any problems get covered by 100k mile warranty from Carvana and I only pay $50 for any problem with the car. So, I really like Carvana better than a regular dealership 100% for a good newer car with lows miles and great prices you can't beat it!

  16. I picked up a car from Carvana. I love it. What company will give you 7 days to test drive and bring it back. 7 days is more than enough to get the car checked. I would buy again. Great customer service.

  17. Is this guy mentally ill or something? I bought my car from Carvana and immediately took it to the dealer to get it checked out. They give you 7 days to bring ti back for any reason. Back to the stone age with you old man.

  18. I got a Honda Civic from Carvana and it is running good…and was very easy them going to a regular car sell place.

  19. What kind of bullshitter are you? Who's paying you? CARVANA gives you 7 days to return the car! If you care so much about having your mechanic check the car have him/her check the car during the 7 day period duhhhh!!!! SMDH

  20. Well, all I can offer is that I bought a 2015 Lexus ES 350 from Carvana earlier this year and it has been flawless. Price was well below any comparable local alternatives. Totally satisfied and still have close to 5K miles of original manufacturer warranty left. Can't speak for others, but my experience was fantastic.

  21. Sorry I have nothing but Good things to say about Carvana, it was the absolute best car buying experience I have ever had, and I have bought many cars. I highly recommend Carvana.

  22. Sorry I did and I loved it ..had to buy a battery and they sent me a check …just excellent Highlander couldn't be happier

  23. I worked for carvana witch is also driveTime same company, I wasn't there long but out of maybe 200 cars I worked on only did about 3 oil changes , and everyone of them cars I work on needed an oil change badly. And most of the had horrible noise when started cold

  24. I think Scotty just needed to make a video about something he has never buy a car from a dealership, never buy a car from Carvana, never buy a used car anyway where where do we buy used cars then Scotty a auction! Please ppl do whatever you want Carvana isn’t that bad

  25. The problem most of us have with buying cars, scotty… is that we don't have direct access to a trustworthy repair guy like you. 🥨

  26. My 2008 jeep liberty was solid as a rock ran it out of oil when filter fell off filled it up kept going 60000 miles no proplems oh and i fell asleep with my foot on the gas for 30 mins filled it up again no problems till i sold then idk what happened to it i warrned the buyer it was beat up though im a honest guy.

  27. Scotty You just angered a lot of Greenie, pseudo-enviromentalists with your comments on electric cars! lol

  28. You have 7 days after purchase to get it checked out by a mechanic and drive it. If you don't like it, return it. Simple. Scotty is acting like once you buy it, you're stuck with it, which is not the case at all. Most dealerships don't offer a 7 day return policy. I know that Scotty hates dealerships in general, but not all of us can buy from a private party, as it limits our choices. Besides, most private party sellers are looking to get rid of cars with problems just as much as the dealers. At least Carvana gives you a 7 day return policy.

  29. I've seen a lot of Scotty's videos, and here's pretty much a breakdown of what he says:

    1. Never buy a car from a dealership
    2. Never finance a car (pay cash only)
    3. Never park a car in a heated garage
    4. Never install a car starter
    5. Always buy a four cylinder engine (V6 maybe, if it's a Toyota)
    6. Only buy Toyota's, and some Honda's

  30. Honestly Carvana is the only reason I can drive a decent car without running my credit a million times or playing games with the but here pay here people. When no one else would finance me they did and there wasn't even a credit check. I bought my car and it needed a rack and pinion the warranty replaced 100% with no out of pocket cost to me. I could have returned it the first day but it was the only one that fit my budget. With a 45 day Carvana coverage and an extended warranty I bought on top of that I'm confident I can make this car last

  31. I purchased a car from Carvana and you’re completely wrong. You have seven days after purchase to take your car to your mechanic and if the car isn’t good, you can return it for a full refund. If you decide to get another car instead and you don’t like that car either you can return it for a full refund as well, but the 3rd time you’re not able to return, however if there is something mechanical that can be fixed, you pay 50.00 deductible and they will repair anything on that car with any mechanic you want for any price… even if it’s thousands of dollars. You only pay 50.00. This video is poorly researched and my Carvana experience was amazing. Believe me, you CAN take the car within the first 7 days to check out like I did and it was checked out very well. They put it on a lift and went through the whole engine. Don’t listen to Scotty on this one. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  32. I've read a few comments that said Scotty is wrong about Carvana have any of you been able to inspect or have the vehicle inspected before purchasing

  33. Scotty, this is off topic, but I gotta ask. In some of your videos I see an Eastwood welder in the background. Do you use it? Do you like it?

  34. Bought two cars from carvana and a trade. Never had any issues and didn’t have to deal with stealership. You have 7 days to give it back if you don’t like it. No questions asked. Take it to your mechanic within those 7 days if it makes you feel better. . Free 100 day warranty. Extra 10 or so bucks a month for 24-36 month manufacture warranty if it’s original warranty is expired.

  35. Ughh i just bought one through them and it showed up with huge scratches that weren't disclosed to me. Its "reasonable wear and tear" they won't cover it. Other than that the car drives fine but my mechanic is looking at it as we speak. I got one more day to return it…don't know if i should or shouldn't. Hmmm we will see what mechanic says

  36. Well yeah duh sharpedo is just so much better but don't stop using your carvana yet because it evolves at level 30

  37. This video is trash, you get 7 days to return it for free where you can take it to wherever or whoever you trust to have it checked out. Easiest thing I did, and better than all the dealership vehicles I looked at.

  38. I'm in the process of buying a car from Carvana- no payment plan, I'm paying in full. I gave these morons access to my bank account to confirm funds (which they did – and they had access to everything,- my balance, my account #, my routing #) but when they tried to withdraw the money a week later they screwed it up – and tried to blame it on me by saying they couldn't find the account. That perhaps a number was off in either the account # or routing #! B.S.! They accessed it directly online with my username and password! They ended up requiring me to send them a cashier's check in the mail, with photocopy evidence and pictures of Overnight tracking numbers ($42.50 after all was said and done). After I emailed them photos of the cashier's check and tracking numbers- about 4 hours later they sent me ANOTHER EMAIL threatening to repossess the vehicle because they hadn't "received payment yet". These idiots don't understand customer service. They try to automate everything but it makes them look like incompetent morons.

  39. I wish you would have done actual research before you made this video (not that you’re credible anyways) but everything you said is false or misunderstood.
    1. You order the car online.
    2. They deliver or you pick up at vending machine.
    3. You take a test drive and then decide if you want to keep the car or not.
    4. IF you accept the car THEN your down payment is processed.
    5. If you decline the car they load it back up and drive away.
    5 a. If declined you can choose a different car from site or shop elsewhere.
    6. If you accept you get 7 day money back guarantee.
    6 a. If you decide to to use money back guarantee you don’t HAVE to pick another one of their cars. You can if you WANT or they will just process a refund.

    Do proper research before you make such large accusations.

  40. You have 7 days, you can get it checked out with a dealership. If you’re not satisfied you can return it. Nice glasses 👍🏻

  41. Can't agree with you on this one Scotty you have 7 days to return the vehicle if you don't like it. Have it checked out with a mechanic during the 7 days.

  42. Hello Scotty,
    I respectfully disagree with you on Carvana.
    1) I bought 2 Toyotas from them. Each deal was way better than market price (Carmax, Dealerships, Car brokers ) as well as craiglist and KBB prices.

    2) After purchase 1st thing I did was thorough inspection from a mechanic. Both times my cars were in awesome condition. However after 2 days uaage I noticed some minor issues in my one of the cars. Caravana fixed those issues without costing me anything.

    3) My colleague ordered a car and in couple of days he returned the car. He got 100% money back. Carvana does give money back if car returned within 7 days and bellow 400 mile usage.

    4) Definitely don't get financing From Carvana or even any other car dealership they are always expensive than banks.

    5) I do agree with you that Car should not be bought from them because of ease of buying or faster process. I took more than 5 weeks each time to compare market price and available options before ordering car from them.
    I think one can keep Carvana option open and consider it based on cars available in market.

    Bottom line: Let's not judge a book by it's cover and let's not undermine something because of fancy innovation.

  43. Carvana offers a 7 day/400 mile money back guarantee. Plenty of time to take it to whom ever you want to have it checked out.

  44. Can"t check car there but you get 7 day test drive and you can exchange car up to 3 times or get full refund so you can take it to your mechanic and have it checked after it is delivered to you. Don't forget that they check and inspect cars before it it is sold and if car does not pass their inspection it gets shipped to auction so nothing to worry about there. In last quarter Caravana sold 44000 cars so people are loving it.

  45. Scotty, just so you know lithium scarcity is a very common misconception of the general public. Mineral scarcity in emerging tech markets is a temporary issue between investors on the supply side and battery fab on the demand side. But all the other issues of electric vehicles may still be issues for years to come.

  46. Well Scotty I believe her with her 04 Dodge Durango going that long without any major repairs cuz I own an 04 Dodge Ram 1500 and that's actually had zero major repairs yeah brake shoes you know rotors but that's about it no water pumps ever gone out tranny still good Arie I change my oil religiously my filter religiously I clean my motor to wear if anything was going to leak I would see it immediately I could eat off my motor if I wanted to that's how clean it is so I do believe that her 04 Durango if she keeps it like I keep my 04 Dodge Ram it's true but trust me it's a rarity like Bigfoot you don't get them all the time

  47. You can buy the car. Have your mechanic check it. If you it's not good then you can return it. Since they don't have traditional test driving like a car dealership, they allow you up to 7 days to return it.

  48. People who buy from Carvana are stupid, I would never buy a car without being able to inspect it, that’s a great way to get scammed, they sell you a bad car in bad condition for far more than it’s worth

  49. I bought a car from Carvana. Came in perfect. Plus you have a week to test drive it and get it inspected. You can return it if you need too

  50. You have 7 days after purchase to drive vehicle and check them out and if not satisfied you bring it back and get a full refund

  51. I found a 2004 Lexus RX330 FWD with 212000 with no CEL, VSC, or ABS for 4900. They now said they’ll take 4500. The Carfax report says that the timing belt and water pump have recently been changed, the oil also. It’s in fair condition with some issues like the power mirror L&R switch and RR master door switch not working and the power lift gate actuator is seized! And the center console trim covers are missing along with the seat bracket covers. Also it pulls slightly to the right with the front tires thinner than the rear and the rear struts boots are cracked and leaking some. I’m thinking this may be too high as the KBB cash value is only 4400. They don’t do financing of course but they only take cash, cashiers check, and a cc with 4% CC fee! Is this a decent deal?

  52. Been a mechanic for 25 years. I have a degree in automotive technology. Bought and sold over 200 cars in my life but I figured why not give this a try. So my first experience was selling an 18 Honda Accord to carvana which could not have been any easier, and they gave me about 1,400 more than anybody else would. So I decided to buy a car from them in my experience was the same I couldn't believe how easy it was the car was great no history of any accidents, no mechanical issues at all. There was no PS with them everything they said was true. I will be buying my next car from them too

  53. You get seven days to try the car! Within those seven days, you can drive the car to any mechanic you want! If you don't like it, send the car back!

  54. Yeah, your wrong on this one Scotty. Carvana let's you test drive the car for seven days. Plenty of time for a mechanic to put it on the rack. You can even have it delivered to the shop. Bought my truck through them, and it was the most painless car buying experience I ever had. Why go back to the shady dealer if you don't have to?

  55. So you often comment on things youre clueless on? They do the check out themselves. Spend about $1000 on each car. Only 10% of the cars they inspect make it for sale. You should try knowing things before commenting on them. Helps your credibility.

  56. You seem to be misguided for the fact that they allow a test drive of the vehicle for seven days which means you can have it scheduled to be inspected and if any problems arise you can wait the one to two months at most (accounting for slow service) to get another car of your choice to be inspected. But their marketing makes it seem to place alot of untested confidence in them rather than an independent repair shop.

  57. OK but what if I need to buy a car to do a drive by or another crime without the paper trail? Just buy one from the vending machine and dispose of after

  58. I would like to state that if they drop your car off or you pick your car up you are more than welcome to have a mechanic present. Call any carvana to confirm if you like.

  59. Your dissertation on electric cars brings up a point that amuses me! These proponents talk about saving the planet by increasing electric cars and trains! Question, is, where is all that extra electricity to keep them charged going to come from? Can't have coal fired or nuclear generation plants! Can't use natural gas or oil because those are evil hydrocarbons! Wind? Any idea how many wind generators that would require? Solar? To replace and increase current electrical output the entire nation would have to be one big solar panel! And then one would need tremendous battery capacity for night time!. Hydro-electric? The world is about maxed out on that! Hydrogen? That is a infinite power source, but at this time it requires electricity to separate Hydrogen from oxygen in water! The energy to produce the hydrogen is about the same as the energy from the produced hydrogen! Maybe more! Back to square one!

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