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King andrew says what’s the best way to find a good used car, word of mouth of course,
tell your friends and everyone you know that you’re looking for a good used car, because
a lot of times maybe some granny can’t see well anymore and she’s got to sell her car,
or maybe there’s an estate sale somewhere and you can get a good used car that way,
you don’t want to start up and just go to car lots because car lots their pros, if you
go to a used car lot generally the price their asking is anywhere from 3-5 times what they
paid for the car, so you want to find a car where they bought the car,
now don’t do this though, I’ve had customers say, oh I’m going to go to a car auction and
buy a used car, don’t do that unless your a pro, because there’s a lot of junky cars
in auctions and you might just end up buying another junky car, so don’t go to an auction
for that but try privately with people and tell everybody you know, I’ve used craigslist
myself, but the problem with that is you have to be a pretty good mechanic because a lot
of the craigslist cars are junk and you’re just going to waste your time driving around
seeing one junk car after another, you want to try word of mouth first,
kenny k says scotty what do you think of the 2019 nissan altima cvt and a 2019 vw passat
thanks, well out of those two if you had to buy one,
I wouldn’t buy either, but if you had to buy one I’d buy the VW, the nissan they’ve had
nothing but problems with their transmissions to begin with and the CVTs are even worse
than their regular automatic transmissions, it’s kind of weird but nissan has a company
that makes the Jatco transmissions it’s split off from nissan but it’s still owned mainly
by nissan, it’s called Jatco, and all their cvt transmissions are made by Jatco and their
like the worst in the world, even the VW transmissions are better than that, so if you had to buy
one of those I’d buy the VW, which is going to shock people because I always tell people
not to buy VWs but your doing a bad apple vs a less bad apple there,
dw says what GM vehicle would be worth buying, ok an old one that was either taken care of
or done over like a 57 chevy bel air or for that matter a 67 bel air, those things were
well made and they could last a long time, gm’s quality control has just been going downhill
for decades there’s no way out of it, they want to make as much profit as they can, and
so their making them as cheap as they possibly can and they pay their workers as little as
they possibly can so all the people at the top and the stock holders can make a profit,
it’s just a bad scene I mean they get too much into planned obsolescence, and too much
into lowering quality and it’s a shame but that’s the way that it goes, I mean I learned
to drive on a chevy biscayne it was basically a cheap version of a 67 bel air and those
things can run forever but not anymore the quality is just gone they have just lost their
quality, and if you check the resale value of modern
gm vehicles man it’s low you can pick them up used cheap, the reason is their not that
well made, jdm says scotty what do you think of the future
of lead acid batteries, will we keep buying them 30 years from now as a reliable source
of power for some electronics, well there are many different types of batteries
out there, and the lead acid has been around for so long and it works, it’s good for starting
up internal combustion engines where you need strong powerful batteries, now as a counter
point to that, in my triumph motorcycle I have, I don’t have a lead acid battery it
came with one and I took it out and I put in a lithium iron battery, not a lithium ion
battery but a lithium iron battery, and it wasn’t bad for, it was $10 more than the lead
acid battery it cost me like $80 for the lithium iron battery and that thing I’m not making
this up I got a 900 cc motorcycle, it can sit there for a year not touched and
I can turn the key on, push the starter button and it will start right up, but the problem
is, it’s a motorcycle, the bigger batteries, they do make lithium iron batteries that you
can put in a car, but their like $900 and more, people don’t want to spend, maybe the
technology will change and they’ll get cheaper and we’ll have lithium iron batteries in our
cars, but who knows for now the lead acid batteries work quite well and their not all
that expensive so we’ll probably still be using them for quite some time,
laser man says scotty what do you think of toyota forklifts, ok their great forklifts
I mean they made them in the US for decades, they guys I know that have forklifts they
swear by the toyotas they just seem to run forever like the old toyota stuff was bulletproof
and that’s why the sold so many of them, I mean they made most of them I believe it was
in Indiana where they made them, those toyota forklifts can last basically forever if people
take care of them, I had guy down the road who had a golf cart business and he used the
forklifts to pick the golf carts up to either work on them or put them in people’s trucks
when they took them away after he fixed them, and that thing was 30 something years old
and the tires were all rotten and everything but it still ran like a clock,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
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