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rev up your engines Michael Martin and he says hey Scotty I
have a Toyota Corolla was built in Canada is the Canadian plant good yes
as far as I’m concerned they’re just about as good as the Japanese and
building cars we got one on a drive word we got a 2007 Toyota Matrix which was
originally known as the Toyota Corolla matrix was made in Cambridge Ontario
unfortunately they stopped making them and now they’re making Lexuses and they
planned instead but no Canadians make good cars when I was kid I had a Ford
Maverick was made outside Oakville Ontario
was a great car I think 500 bucks we drove it around for about eight
years Canadians know how to make cars did I
make beer and they know how to play hockey
so three shares to the Canadians David Grasso Scotty what do you think about
the Chevy Traverse new models I mean better than the older models we’re still
junk GM is not improving their quality they’ve had problems for a long time
decades I’m assuming no we’re not gonna be much better I can’t see any real
changes they’re making an a manufacturer of quality and their parts
I would buy when going by the track record of the past and what they’ve been
headed towards I certainly would not waste my money unless it’s a deal work
you’re leasing it for a business and it’s a tax write-off and you’re only
leasing it then you don’t care what the heck it’s under warranty if you don’t
mind that go right ahead leasing is different than owning if it breaks you
give it back to the dealer not like if it breaks you got paid for it or you sell
it and lose most your money Silvan king says mr. Kilmer should I
buy 2012 Chrysler 200 for 2,500 bucks it is 120 thousand miles with a 2.4 motor
will be my everyday driving car they don’t make them anymore for various good
reasons the 200 was mainly fiat technology engines and transmissions
which were terrible to begin with 2500 bucks isn’t much for a car these days
but it does have 120,000 miles if I were you and you want an everyday driver look
for an older Toyota you know you’re not gonna find a 2012 Toyota for 2,500 bucks
but you can find one that’s maybe 10 or 12 years older it can still be a decent
car or an old Camry it can still be a decent car cuz you
paid 2,500 bucks for that I our it’ll break pretty soon with 120,000
and my experience with those the transmissions were the first things that
went out then you’re looking at three to five grand for that so you know I’d stay
away from that if I were you nyg Mustang says Scotty got a 93 Chevy c2500 pick up the passenger side window squeaks bad when I lower it raised there
any quick fixes yes I just fixed a Chrysler van with the same exact
problem roll the window down then you see where the window goes down to the
front in the back there’s the little runners which are the grooves in the
door that the glass slides up and down inside I know each edge what’s down
spray that edge with spray silicone lube you can get auto parts stores hardware’s
any words spray silicone lubrication let it soak for a couple minutes we run it
back up we run it back down spray it some more do that four or five times
when you’re done wipe all the overspray off a lot of times it’ll stop entirely
because that’s the main reason you got a glass riding on rubber the rubber gets
old and dry and then it stops the silicone is relatively waterproof so you
don’t have to do it every day but if you do it a few times a year hopefully
they’ll get ready to squeak it if it doesn’t mean you need a new motor and
regulator assembly and they’re not cheap if it works I’d live with that Diego says Scotty I have a chevy cruze p0420 that’s inefficient catalytic
converter I replaced the catalytic converters an
obstinate oxygen sensor the code comes up what could it be that’s why I
tell people just don’t guess with anti-pollution equipment codes po420 is
a generic code that says the catalytic converter is working inefficiently
there’s dozens of things that can do that a few of an engine that burns oil
it can do that if you ever had guessed its water can do it if you are an engine
that’s running too rich it can do it if you are an engine running too lean that
can do it and there’s dozens of things that can do all those things that’s the
unfortunate thing you replaced the converter and oxygen sensor didn’t fix your
code then you got some other problem like lean engine rich engine blowing
head gasket there’s all kinds of things if it bothers your and it doesn’t run
right you got to see a mechanic like me to get it all checked out and a good one
not some shyster guys just gonna charge your money over money over money and not fixing anything but change you bunch of parts but if it runs perfectly fine
you’re gonna ignore it I’ve had customers had that code for
five years I had one customer with the Toyota he had that
code for five years he did nothing the sixth year he brought it in and it went
away all by itself I said have you changed anything he said yeah I get this
new gas station it’s a different brand closer to my house I said well that gas
is better than the other one and now it’s not running and efficiently anymore
so it could be strange thing to do it runs okay a lot of guys have gotten four
years that way Philip Barris says Scotty what do you think of the new kia
suv is it worth the money you never know if anything new was worth the
money till it’s been out a while as I’ve been telling people for years you buy a
new product you have no idea if that new technology is gonna hold up over time
Kia Hyundai basically the same company now they’ve got mergers going on
together so it’s basically same company the Korean car manufacturer they used to
make little junky cars now they make them better than they used to that said
they’re not as good as Toyota’s and Honda’s it used to cost a lot less than
that I just now they’re pretty close last time I checked that SUV Kia vs.
Toyota Honda it was you know maybe six eight percent cheaper but not much they
used to be forty fifty percent cheaper so you’re not saving all that much money
me I go up buy a Toyota Honda before I’d buy one of those but you know it’s your
money if you buy one and it doesn’t have problems a lot of times they’ll be
pretty problem free for the first hundred thousand miles if you’re happy
with that go right ahead and get it but I’m just not a Korean car fan and I can
never forecast the future of a car it’s a new model you have no idea what’s
gonna happen until it’s been out a few years and if you buy it and it does
their problems who’s stuck with the problem you are Andrew Johnson says what about Radiator tablets as opposed to liquid stop leak I see you watched my
thing on liquid stop light years ago the best ones were pellets barse old ones
and it said pelletized for your safety because the theory was he put the pellet
in it’s not gonna clog up any other tubes because it’s too big to fit in the
tube so it’s gonna dissolve well the liquid one’s already pretty much
dissolve they’re a liquid anyways it turns out that the liquid is more
efficient at sealing them I asked an engineer while back and he explained
yeah you know we used to do the pellets because the pellets were safer he
wouldn’t clog up but the liquored ones we use are just too safe and if you say
really want to try a sealer and you’re gonna use a liquid one here’s a trick that I do all the times drain a bunch of the
coolant out cuz it’s probably old and dirty anyways and then get a gallon jug
of coolant and dump a little of it in a jar and then pour your liquid sealer in
that new coolant shake it up in a jar then it’s dilluted even more then pour
it into the engine and then you never have any problems with things clump it
up I do that a lot of times, kalbi sylphy says Scotty in my 09 ford focus
leaks a greasy fluid but only when I’m gonna steeper incline what could it be
well you gotta figure out what kind of fluid it is there’s all floors are
somewhat greasy in cars power steering’s grease and you know has greasy
transmissions fluid is greasy even antifreeze is somewhat greasy and slimy
when you put it on your finger you got to figure out what is it it’s only a
steep incline what you want to check is the obvious things like a coolant leak
say it’s leaking on the engine it’ll just sit there in a vat break but if you
go on a steep incline then it’s gonna drip off the engine to go on a crown so
look for the area that it’s coming from and of course use your noggin see what
fluid you’re losing if it’s power steering fluid reservoir elbow low
radiator the radiator will be alone and you know all the dipstick will show its
long check to see what you’re losing luis says what do you think of
a 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander got a good deal on a lifetime warranty well I don’t
know what kind of lifetime warranty you got but I use Mitsubishi nobody’s gonna
fix anything on it for free forever that’s a load of BS I had customers buy
those things and then when they actually had a problem and I called the number
sometimes the company was bankrupt it didn’t exist or they wouldn’t pay what
the job was really worse their warranties would pay like $200 for $100
jobs so I told him to go take a hike the companies and I told the customer look
you want to pay me I’ll fix it but I’m not gonna fix it for $200 it’s a bunch
of nonsense so I’d be real leary about that now the Outlanders when they’re low
mileage they can be perfectly fine but as they age to become endless money pits
almost all of my customers they had Outlanders if they had
them over a hundred thousand miles ended up either putting a ton of money in a transmission in the engine or they got
rid of them because they’re having too many problems if it’s real low mileage
bring it last a while if it’s got a hundred something on it you got taken if
you’ve got it with that kind of mileage because there were practically nothing
then DIY houses says what do you think about Mazda Miata cars okay
the Mazda Miatas are cute little sports cars they made them for decades
and I remember years ago I used to work on the English sports cars made a lot of
money doing it cuz they were always breaking riding somebody would say why
is it somebody figure out how to put a Japanese engine and transmission in an
English sports car well monster took one better
they built a Japanese sports car that was like the classic English sports cars
only it didn’t break down all the time and the Miatas are an example of that
they’re not race cars are not super fast but the cute little cars that can hold
up a long time especially with the standard transmissions now the older
automatics they were garbage pieces of junk but the newer mazda automatic
transmissions they’ve really improved so the newer ones actually have pretty good
automated transmissions in them if you want a sports car with an automatic
transmission in that price range you really can’t beat a Mazda Miata they’re
cute they’re funny they’re zipping around and there’s so many of them out there
you can get your pick and used ones if you’re looking for a used one Alex says
Scotty is it bad to start and second gear in an automatic well it’s not a
good idea to do it all the time but if you look at a lot of modern cars some of
them are actually set up that way if it doesn’t hurt anything I mean a car is
made to start up in first gear because it’s a lower ratio so yeah better
acceleration it’s not hurting the engine any it’s just you’re gonna have a lot
slower acceleration but on ice and snow that’s what you want you don’t want to
step on a gas in the wheel spin so they start off in second gear in the snow
Volvo was one of the early ones that’s no issue where it would start off
in second gear and then of course being European a lot of broken they only
stayed in second gear and you had to fix the stupid things but it’s not gonna
hurt anything specially on ice and snow that’s a better idea so you don’t slip
and slide and run into something Austin Riordan says Scottie what are you
thinking the newest Volvo SUVs my mom’s not gonna get a newer suv with
all-wheel drive well you know they make good vehicles but as time went on
especially 2000s and newer Volvo got into real high technology and they’re
got a lot of problems and they’re very expensive money pits but realize Volvo
is now owned by the Chinese and they stated this year
that as a 2020 they’re only gonna make an electric cars and hybrid electric
cars so if you buy a plane Volvo SUV gonna get more and more expensive to get
them fixed the parts are gonna cost more and less unless people are gonna work on
the things because they’re not gonna keep up with all the stuff though who’s
not gonna be making them anymore so parts are gonna get harder to find if
you can get one cheap yeah I mean she really wants an suv I’d say get a
used Lexus I wouldn’t buy a used Volvo for something like that now since
they’re not gonna be making them anymore they’re just pulling a rug out from
under those anyways Brian Morris says your opinion on supercharged into 2016
of v6 Mustang well the supercharger is a quick way to get more horsepower because
it just bolts on turbochargers they use the exhaust gas so then you got to
change the exhaust system and have an intercooler I superchargers just bolt
right on you get instant power now thing is those v6 engines they don’t have that
much power so you give them too much power one if it’s an old one so it’s got
120,000 miles I don’t you’ll blow the engine the transmission design that
thing is made for the horsepower of a normal v6 if you bump it up another
hundred some horsepower odds are you’re gonna destroy the transmission to now
it’s it’s a standard transmission there’s lots of that you might wear the
clutch out faster but if it’s an automatic transmission you’re probably
gonna have to either rebuild or replace it with a beefier transmission if you do
supercharged you realize you put that much extra power and you got to think
about all the rest of the car too and especially if it’s an older car with
higher mileage on it Tony says what do I do when I’m being tailgated by some jerk
well my advice first is to get out of the way you never know what one of those
lunatics is about to do don’t get in a game where you tap your brakes and then
either ram into you or they slam their brakes on then they decide they’re gonna
pass you and create a problem it’s best when there’s lunatics around you to get
out of the way like if somebody’s going really slow get around them and get out
of the way as fast as you can if somebody’s going really fast get out of
the way so they can pass you and then you know maybe you’ll see a cool rock is
way in front of it run into something but it’s not you that’s
getting run into your being tailgating best thing to do is let the guy go by
it’s too dangerous and you never know what kind of a lunatic is behind you I
mean look at the deport cops they pull over people sometimes to get their heads
blown off because they pulled over a lunatic well somebody’s really
tailgating it who knows what’s going on in their mind if they’re on crack or
they’re on meth just get out of the way let them go by and then go on their
merry way you want to think about it many more natete mouthed off says Scotty
why don’t you use a column lift to pick cars up with two reasons I’m cheap and I
don’t want to get any fatter than I already am you get a lift that lifts a
car up then you’re not crawling under cars wiggling around
that’s exercise keeps us pride keeps your back in shape from moving and
twirling around and anyways my wife would like it it would look ugly she
wouldn’t like it in the driveway but yeah you know they cost quite a bit of
money to get a decent one thousands and thousands of dollars I’ve never had one
the last time I used the lift was when I was kid 14 years old work at my father’s
Texaco gas station no we had three of them in a garage was a professional
garage there they are but I mean my grandfather he had a big gut on him he’s been a mechanic his whole life cuz he wasn’t doing a crawl anymore he was just
walking around so there’s two main reasons for that, Kanoe Donna says scotty
what do you think of a isuzu trucks they came to the United States decades
ago then they left from bad sales they make decent trucks and the Isuzu company
itself makes excellent diesel engines if you see those little trucks
going around with the long beds for towing people’s cars around those almost
all have the isuzu diesel engines and those little diesel engines couldn’t run
a long time I got a guy who drives got ones got half a million miles and still
running strong now they don’t sell that many trucks in the United States to
normal people they’re not running tow truck businesses and they’re okay but
you know they just don’t sell enough of them you get a Toyota or a Ford Ranger
there’s tons of them out there you can get them cheap you can get parts for
them I don’t particularly advise everybody buy one in the United States
but other parts of the world go right ahead if there’s parts available and
your prices are going up go ahead and rest
because they’re decent trucks their cars so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

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