Never Buy a Ford with This Engine

Never Buy a Ford with This Engine

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about why not to buy a Ford EcoBoost engine, for those of you who don’t know
an EcoBoost engine system is an engine that has turbocharged, gasoline direct
fuel injection, and variable valve timing it can increase fuel economy and
decrease carbon dioxide emissions, but of course here’s the warning, you get a
turbocharged car with gasoline direct injection it has more power, the average
Joe like me is going to be driving it like a maniac, stepping on the gas,
revving the engine up, and then of course it
gets worse gas mileage, now first let’s break it down, turbocharging
it’s been around for a long time, it just uses your exhaust gas to
spin a turbine, and then the other end of the turbine, that compresses air and
shoots more air into the engine, giving it more power and yes you can get better
gas mileage if you drive like the granny going to church on Sunday, but like I say
if you drive it hard that’s going to negate any positive effects, most people
I know that have turbocharged cars they get worse gas mileage, because they drive
them harder, now turbocharging is used instead of supercharging in most cars
because turbocharging is more efficient, it’s using the gas that’s in your
exhaust that’s already there, where supercharger has a pulley that either
runs with an electric motor, or runs off of your crank with a fan belt, and that
actually decreases gas mileage because you’re using up energy in or operate the
supercharger, that’s why they’re all turbocharged now, because the gasoline
ratings by the government is higher, now the second aspect of these EcoBoost
engine is variable valve timing, and that’s been around a while too I’ve even
made videos on that, the modern cars can control how the valves open and close, so
when you’re just idling or cruising, it can have a lower profile to get better
gas mileage, but when you want to accelerate, it can open the valves up wider give
them a little longer duration, so you can have better acceleration and power, now
Hondo is really the first company to mass-produce efficient VVT variable
valve timing engines, and they’ve been around long enough that they’re a pretty
reliable system with the exception of a lot of the ford motorcraft
ones they would wear out prematurely, gears run by a chain and operates the cams
that assembly would start coming apart and wobbling, it’s a design flaw they
work fine until they broke, but they broke too early I had to replace some of
them when I had 70-80 thousand miles on it, and the third part of the EcoBoost
engine is the GDI the gasoline direct injection, instead having fuel injectors
like this Toyota that spraying the intake manifold and the fuel is then sucked
in through the valves of the engine, the fuel injectors spray fuel directly
into the cylinders, they’re much higher pressures, this old Toyota is maybe 45 psi
the GDI ones are well over a thousand psi inside, it’s an interesting design
but when you start bumping up the pressures like that, kind of asking for
problems as they age, so when you combine super high fuel pressure with super high
air pressure being pumped in by a turbo, variable valve timing where the cams can
move around so the valves open and close less, there are a lot of things that can
go wrong in these engines, carbon buildup on the intake valves, now in 2018 Ford
redesigned it, especially in their v6 engines are putting in f-150s, so they
had both the port fuel injection like my Toyota there that has lower pressure, and
a GDI system that worked by computers, so that every once in a while the port ones
are used so they clean the valves up and carbon doesn’t build up, because gasoline
is a very good solvent, it has two separate fuel injection system another
level of complexity run by computers and I’m predicting, hey they’ll probably have
problems with them in the future, they just started doing it last year, knowing
how these things work out there’s almost always teething problem with those things
GM had their version of it and they put it in their 4-cylinder engines, their
little big four-cylinder engines, and those high-pressure fuel pumps that had
to put over a thousand psi out to those GDI injectors, tons of them went
bad, and either would leak or wouldn’t work anymore, and it didn’t happen until
they were a few years old, so me I’d wait, take the 2012 f150 that had the v6
between the turbocharger and engine is what’s called
the intercooler, because you don’t want the air to be too hot it cools it off
and they were getting condensation inside the intercooler which would build
up water, then the water would be stuck in the engine and it caused problems, a lot
of stumbling, hesitation, and that was 2012, it takes a few years to figure
these things out, and if you have one of these 3.5 liter v6 EcoBoost engines
realize that their have been at least nine software updates, they have to do with
the vacuum, they have to do with the ignition timing, and they even have to do
with the transmission shifting, so as you can see this is kind of a work in
progress, but if you happen to own one of these 3.5 v6 EcoBoost engine systems
hey if you’re having a problem, first thing you do is have all the software
calibrations checked, it’s easy for them to do at the dealer, if it needs upgraded
software they can just update the software, and if you haven’t had any
software updated and you’ve owned it for a long time
odds are it’s going to need some updating, I’d get an f-150 with a v8 engine
in it, I would want one that’s proven, it’s gonna hold up be able to pull stuff
and not have any problems, they’re worried about gas mileage and power, they
can always put smaller engine in and then they don’t have enough power, so they add
all this stuff on top of the small engine, it’s a recipe
for disaster in the long run, now Ford it does put EcoBoost in lots of their
engines, they have a 2-liter four-cylinder one, they had to redesign
them and the new design doesn’t share that much with the old design, they kind
of found out that the old design it wasn’t panning out so well, when they
redesigned it, it’s still a 2 liter engine but they put a twin-scroll
turbocharger compressor on it, changed a bunch of stuff, it’s lighter they use a
lot more aluminum, I’ll wait until something’s been tried tested out and
proven that it’s reliable, especially when it has anything to do with aluminum
parts and cars, look at the Honda CRV they went to all this aluminum stuff, now
they’ve got an oil dilution problem that fuel is getting into the oil because of
either the software or the engine design Honda’s never had that problem before,
you start ramping this technology up, your just ask
for failures here and there, because there’s so much technology, so much
higher pressure, much larger use of aluminum, which as anybody knows, aluminum
is pretty soft, this stuff’s gonna wear a lot faster than cast-iron,
the shelby cobras that they were making at one point in time they tried using an
aluminum block on that big v8 well they had engines overheat and
blowing, the aluminum just wouldn’t hold up they went back to making them with cast iron
blocks and they stopped having the overheating and cracking problems at the
aluminum ones had, oh yeah that’s great technology, better gas mileage bla blah, I
can make a lot of money fixing those things when they break down too
you know, but I’m not that kind of guy that’s the advantage of low overhead
like me, I work by myself for myself, I don’t have to pay a million dollars in
overhead like at a big dealership, just to break even, and sure there’s all kinds
of pressure on the manufacturers to have better gas mileage and pollute less, and
Americans of course they still want fast vehicles, you don’t want to drive around
some tiny little thing that doesn’t go fast, but you’re using smaller and
smaller engines, using this technology is about the only way that you can do it,
but believe me all this they had a technology and complexity, it’s gonna
cost you in the long run, if you keep your cars longer than the warranty
period, cuz car repair hey it’s got a long way from my grandfather’s day who was
also a mechanic, he fixed cars with hammers, screwdrivers, listen with his
ears, you can’t do that with modern cars even I can be stumped when a car comes
in and it doesn’t shift right, it might have nothing to do with the transmission,
it could be that there’s a problem in the fuel injection system and that feeds
back to the computer, so the transmission acts up, and it’s actually an engine
problem not a transmission problem, even though you feel it in the shifting,
because you kind of get a hint that they’re guessing when they have nine
software updates to these systems, I would advise you not to buy an EcoBoost
system as they presently stand so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Ford has its good and bad engines yes bit so does dodge chevy toyota and etc the ecoboost is a good engine if you dont put it in a truck thats supposed to be used to haul heavy equipment but in a ford fusion or mustang they are great for mileage and are a reliable engine

  3. Never take your car to a Mechanic who's garage looks like this !!! A slob for sure , with NO respect for even himself ………………………..

  4. Diesels have used direct injection for a long time and was problem free. diesels have been turbo charged for long time as well.

  5. Hey @Scotty Kilmer What do you think of the 2.3L Ecoboost in the 2019 Ford Ranger? And it has a 10 speed automatic transmission

  6. I manage a Fleet of F150s with this engine.
    They are constantly in the shop having turbos replaced due to coolant issues. Also these engines do not vent well and will blow oil out of timing covers, oil pans etc. very complicated pile of crap. Nice trucks though except for power train. Also look out for transmission dropping to first at highway speeds, had a few of those happen. Junk.

  7. I’ve watched a few of your videos and I can’t agree on this one. The EcoBoost is an amazing platform. When you said about the timing assembly yes the chain starts to stretch and requires a replacement but on the 18+ they have made some changes concerning them. I’ve owned a 16 1.5l EcoBoost fusion and I put that thing thru hell and back had the oil changed with full synthetic every 5,000 and it never gave me an issue in 90,000 miles I mean zero I replaced tires and rear pads at 40,000. Some of us look toward the future and try new things you should to. Oh and you should have talked more about chevys ecotech because that system truly is garbage.

  8. Does a direct injection engine need maintenance? Of course. If a person really wants to learn about cars, there are better channels out there.

  9. 2013 F150 with 3.5 Ecoboost. 70k on mileage no issues to date. Installed twin catch cans performance exhaust down tubes etc etc runs like a champ and blows V8's off the road. Not sure why the Ecoboost hate. This has been an awesome truck compared to my previous Chevy Silverado that crapped out at 88,800 miles, rod broke….now THATS unacceptable!

  10. I've had eco boost since 2013 on a Ford Escape and never had one issue with it (so far). Still works like a charm, though I did notice a bit more of a noise lately when trying to accelerate quickly.

  11. We now have two Ford F-150 Ecoboost pickups, a 2011 and a new 2019. We have pulled and hauled lots with the 2011 and have had zero problems. The 2019 was purchased to pulled a camper and I am sure it will be just as good as the 2011.

  12. I'm a Chevy driver (BUT THIS GUY DOESN'T LIKE FORD OR GM) maybe old school and just don't like new Technology This is not your grandfathers Day no matter how much we all wish it was……

  13. When you take care of this engine properly with proper maintenance like oil changes this is a bulletproof engine good for hundreds of thousands of trouble free miles!!! It is an engineering Marvel!!!

  14. is not true I have my f150 ecoboost for 3 year I put 37k mile and I don have any issues just oil change oil filter and balance the well every 5k mile I work in construction I have in my truck 3 tools box plus my 4 man every day Monday to Friday with me and every man love the truck 🤒🤒🤒

  15. My 2013 Taurus SHO is at 162K with absolutely NO engine problems whatsoever. Regular, routine maintenance is the key.

  16. had a 2015 ford f150 with 2.7l ecoboost. Hardley ever did it see over 4000 rpm, because I just didn't need to. the 5.0l engine is just as complicated as the ecoboost engines.

  17. I must drive like a granny because my ecoboost gets better than the posted mileage. I think it's important to use synthetic oil on these engines to reduce the wear as much as possible.

  18. But Scotty, Ford only offers EcoBoost engines on their main vehicles. Of their entire lineup theres only mustangs and f150s with the 5.0l V8.

  19. Had a Ford 5.0 supercharged V8 in my Jaguar XF the engine was the only thing that didn't give me problems with that car. I have a Lincoln MKS Eco-boost AWD sedan that also hasn't given me any problems at all It's an excellent car! I have to admit I don't get great gas mileage. But that's my fault, I have it set in Sport Mode and drive it like it's an MG! Great fun full size luxury sedan.
    Have never had a problem with my V6 Eco-boost!

  20. Well, horror stories are told about every car ever made. Some justified and some not so much. I have a 2013 Ecoboost 170,000+ miles and zero problems. If I had judged all women by my first wife I would still be single.

  21. I like the 5.0 F150 so far. Got 21 mpg in 400 miles mostly interstate 70mph. Hopefully they can figure out their eco boost problems.

  22. Ecoboost 2012 307,458 miles Just starting to experience shudder from carbon buildup. Is it too late for a catch can and seafoam treatment ?

  23. Good vid but would disagree on subject of ecoboost being bad, Ford is cranking out around 2thousand F150's daily, this is Feb. 2020 and ecoboost is still going strong with thousands being made and several years now of reliability. Turbos are now like waterpumps change it when needed, I vote for the 2.7 L ecoboost.

  24. So because ford is using newer technology in their engines and are more complex, no one should buy them? Well let me just go back to the old carburated V8 with 200hp and 240lb/ft torque that gets 12mpg city if I'm lucky and I granny it with the 4 speed manual that can only pull 7,000lbs. 🙄

  25. Won’t lie lost a lot of credibility with this vid. The f150 have been doing amazing with them, even the low end mustangs are doing great with them when they are not being tuned to do 9 seconds

  26. I have a 2014 Escape with an eco boost engine. Thing has been bullet proof. Haven’t had to do a thing. 150k on it now. Joe Pescis cousin is confused.🥴🤪✌🏻

  27. He sounds like a tweaker/mechanic. Not a tech or an engineer. The EcoBoost works. It’s reliable when you keep up the maintenance. The power is amazing.

  28. This is the worst video ever. Ecoboosts are great engines. Used in the Ford GT and for racing. You can tow more than a 5.0. I had over 210,000 miles on mine.

  29. Throw away cars with throw away engines. Just plan on buying or leasing a new one every four years. Or buy an old car and fix it, take care of it, run it forever.

  30. I gotta disagree with you on this one scotty. I bought my 2014 f150 platinum with a 3.5 ecoboost and its the best vehicle iv ever owned. Bought it brand new and the only problem iv had with it was a dirty TB. Changed it in the parking lot at Ford lol other than that iv got 250,000kms trouble free. Still tows and off roads occasionally and get good mileage if i can keep my foot out of it. Its a fantastic engine. Even won at LeMans with the V6 ecoboost. Great motor.

  31. I had a friend that was a service writer at a ford dealership. He also said don't buy a ecoboost ford car. He would see them come in all the time with problems.

  32. I've had my eco boost 2.7 ford for 6 years never had a problem other than my AC. (which took the dealer near me about 3 months to fix) (btw i have the sport package so its twin turbo) I always floor my truck and im getting about 15 miles per gallon.

  33. I have 140K miles on a 2014 Escape 1.6 Ecoboost. The engine has been strong, regular oil changes, I drive this car politely and don’t thrash it. The engine runs nicely! However, the transmission has been a huge letdown. It needed a rebuild at 136K. I hope to get a couple more years out of the car to justify the transmission rebuild.

  34. I had a Ford F-150 with the 3.5 Ecoboost engine and I really liked it! Never had one problem and I don’t agree with Scotty at all!

  35. It’s pretty obvious that the content of this video was compiled from a bunch of google searches looking the information and problems, not from any actual experience.

  36. Scotty, my name is Jake and I live in Upstate New York. I've had my EcoBoost since 2015. It is a 2013 with a 3.5 and I purchased it with just over 70,000 miles. It is now 2020 and I have over 135k with zero issues. I think maybe you shouldn't rag on something that you don't know the slightest thing about. No wonder you have so many hates. Your videos are basically word vomit.

  37. How many ecoboosts have you worked on Scotty ? We have about every ford truck engine in our fleet they all get abused severely ie: large skid steers, very heavy dump trailer s filled with gravel and as far as half tonnes are concerned the 3.5 ecoboost mops the floor with the 5.0, 5.4 and even 6.2 I have had far fewer issues with the ecoboost timing components then the v8 ones, just because an engine is more advanced and complex does not make it worse the ecoboost also makes 300% more power on only 60% more displacement then your outdated celica

  38. Wrong engines to talk about problems. Should do a video on the GM ecotec. Those are junk, had one that jumped the timing at 72k in a 2013 Malibu, sold it and got an f150. No problems since I've had the ford

  39. I think it's a hit or miss. I know a guy at work that has a 2014 3.5L Ecoboost and loves it. 80k on it and no problems. If you're out drag racing or generally just not taking care of the thing, yeah it will probably fail on you, but that's anything that gets abused too much.

  40. I love my 3.5L EcoBoost but you're right about that VCT system. I had two cam phasers go bad that needed to be replaced with just under 45k miles with regular oil changes.

  41. I bought a 2013 fonefifty with ecoboost, had 92345 one year later 177445. No problems. I did the catch can mod and I get 23mpg overall. I run 89 octane and I have zero complaints. Oh and its a platinum for all you trim level snobs….

  42. Ecoboost F150 is so much cheaper to buy and fuel vs a Tundra, I could plan to put $10000 into repairs in 200,000 miles and come out ahead. Plus, then I dont have to drive a Tundra.

  43. im sorry after watching his videos he is a laugh of a mechanic and advise giver exactly why he's barely a you tube mechanic and never works on anything worth a damn or new on his show

  44. I have f150 2016 5.0 engine , whith the check engine light on , p0022 I took my truck to two different ford Dealerships and they can't fix the problem they keep the truck for more than two months , they change the vct solenoids, vct Phasers, and engine head , twice !!! And the problem still there ,, do you have any idea what could be the problem ???

  45. I rode my 2005 lincoln aviator for 11 years, belive me you are ready to change for something newer, people will say you still riding this car ? You don't want something to last you anyway.

  46. The 5.0 is an awesome but guttless compared to the ecoboost. They do have some issues with the 3.5 but not like people say. The 2.7 is an awesome engine.

  47. Long as you don't stay off the boost trying to save gas you won't have any issues. When you do that it never opens the waste gates, can make them get jammed etc. Very reliable otherwise

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