Never Buy A Used Mining Card For Gaming!

Never Buy A Used Mining Card For Gaming!

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  1. Poor GPU quality – blame it on miners. LOL, isnt manufacturers job to make gpu to work all the time for 3 years that warranty supports? What about data centers where calculations are done using GPUs? what a oxymoron.

  2. only flaws in your logic here, a lot of miner cards are undervolted and fans are kept on 100% so the gpu core is not a massive to do, or the VRMs either, while the coolers are likely to die eh, I'd be water-blocking it anyway so again details.

  3. Take it with a large grain of salt. Mined with cards should be OK even if something fails it will most likely be a fan in which you can get a replacement for. So really if you can get a cheap card, know the fan may fail but it could save u alot of money. The cards i mined with sat around 56-63C, fan speed around 65%

  4. As a miner let me chime in here. We typically undervolt cards for better efficiency per Watt, as it improves ROI and profits.

    Cards usually come with a 2 or 3 year warranty (especially Zotac, ASUS and EVGA cards) & are usually cleaned, looked after and such by most miners as they live of it, they need to keep their rig in good shape (at least the GTX 970s i mine with i do this). Gaming and synthetic tests are a much more strenuous load to run on a GPU than mining. The rest of the system isn't stressed much either, so an ex-mining MoBo or CPU or RAM, pick it up as it barely sees any use.

    The only Ex-mining hardware you should not buy are Power Supplies!

  5. mining cards are most of the time undervolted and kept in climate control buying them is kinda safe 30min of stress testing would prove if its fine

  6. Tech of Tomorrow. when your well you need to re-visit this video its full of misinformation, not your best work!

  7. I agree. Its the same thing as buying a used car. Any car thats been over used should worth less. Because video card is electronic device, I would never buy if its been mining. Car can be fixed, but not video card.

  8. Just buy a used graphics card with Warranty. Many of them that has been used for mining for 2nd hand sale, are still within the warranty period.

    I have several cards used for mining. Has been running practically 24/7 for more than 6 months.
    All has been tweaked for efficiency, undervoltet as much as possible( just above the stability borderline) and good temps all the time.
    All I can say is, that they're still good as new. The Mining load when tweaked, is A LOT more easy on the GPU than gaming.
    I would say that the degradation for 1 year with Power-tweaked mining 24/7 , is less than 1 year gaming 1 hour a day.
    What do you think wears out an engine most? 1000 km. on a racetrack, or 100.000 km on a highway, cruising in top gear?

  9. It really all comes down to heat. If a card is run over or near max temps for such a prolonged period of time, the time before failure is likely to become much shorter. If the card was cooled and temperature managed very well throughout though, it should be fine.

  10. Miners are a cancer to the gaming industry. They not only destroyed the pc gaming community they have also destroyed the gpu resale value. All cryptocurriencies need to ban all types of mining. No more!

  11. Complains about government controlling much of our lives.

    Says there should be some kind of a law regulating the used video card market.


  12. Its stupid to mine without underclocking gpu. I have been mining on my rx 480 while not using computer, it gives almost same hashrate while using lot less power when underclocked, and i had it staying at 55c while mining. While gaming at stock settings it goes up to 65c. So if people are not stupid when mining it should not damage cards any more than gaming. But sure there are many stupid people who damaged their cards mining. Or maybe overclocked memory that makes it faster in mining damages it.

  13. Sadly the only quiet places would be out in the country. And that's if you don't live around hunters, or any of that shit.
    Though you do lose the safety and comfort of being in the city. (I'd still love to get away from the noise of the city. lol)

  14. I have a 470 and a 570. I'm not going to be selling them. Just for example, my cards have been underclocked and undervolted. Gamers are more likely to have overclocked and overvolted. I agree that if you're trying to sell them you should say that they were used for mining but a buyer shouldn't necessarily avoid them. During mining sessions my cards never exceed 65 degrees and never exceed 65% fan speed. Compare that to the blasting they might get from gaming.

  15. whenever i buy used pc components my absolute most ill buy an individual part for is 400, anything more i will get new due to the risks of getting screwed over

  16. I wouldnt buy a mining card at all. Id rather pay 100 bucks extra and have a new item and a warranty , than loose 200 and have nothing .

  17. Your video denotes ignorance .Not even to mention that fact that most of the miners , will take care of the cards, they will underclock their gpu-s to the point they would consume less power, and they would make sure the cards are in good temps, and undervolt and so on. You forget to mention the fact that the electronics nowadays run their stuff through the silicon connections, and those little shitty connections that each gpu-cpu have are based on those connections. Shutting down your pc each few hours and restarting and so on makes them expanding and contracting , heat on heat off.
    That means wear and tear as power goes in and out , same relation is as with the asphalt in northern countries (for ex Norway) how come their asphalt can last more , more years compared to any country in Central Europe and see shitty roads in summer in Europe- and so on>>>Because there ain't that much temperature variation -expand during the day – contract during the night
    >>> the same thing happens to the gpu-s when shutting them off -on. And yes a gpu that has been used by miner , as long as you know the right questions to ask what and how he used it , it will be in way beter shape than a gpu that a 18 year kid begged his" momma & papa" to buy it so he can play LOL at 1080p.
    A miner gpu is like a card being driven on a highway , u just go and go , and have a constant speed . compared to a car that is being driven in the city , where u would have to brake, accelerate , turn, brake and so on.At the end of the day is pretty obvious , The "Highway" wins at any day if u would match the same distance on each calculations. And this on-off shit ain't my statement is the statement said by engineers and peeps that know how electronics work and work in the industry, but is pretty obvious that a lot of guys including youtubers just like to bash without a proper investigation. I googled about this shit and so on. And if you make such a video statement u should back it up with proof, buy a used gpu miner card- and buy the same similar card that has been used for gaming, and a brand new one. Compare the results.

  18. Just like a comment i read awhile back ago, They invested in it let them take the loss and they can suck on it. Most all used cards going for sale online is most likely %85 chance its a mining card. Stay away from it unless if you can get it for under $100 neg if they wont let it go they can suck it and take that heavy lost. Now if its a friend or someone you know then ok buy it or a computer shop that you trust where they sell there own used cards not from ppl because miners.

  19. It always depends on the operating temperatures. The most sensitive and less durable component are capacitors, the rest of the parts like mosfets on the vrms, resistors ic's and coils pretty match don't give a single damn if they operate under the correct temperatures and humidity, they will last for decades, especially if they are being taken cared of.
    Most mining GPUs run at reduced core clocks and voltages, and fixed fan values so the core won't really be affected in any significant manner if at all. The only thing that i should care about is entire circuit of the VRAM of mining GPUs since it's usually what takes the most considerable hit, and then if cooled properly and the circuit is designed to withstand the load for like…2-3 times more, again, the only thing i and you should care about is the capacitors which most of them can be repaired so relax you can buy mining cards and most likely be fine.

  20. I personally bought an R9 290 from a miner off eBay. Was a reference card with the reference cooler. It worked just fine for me and kept working fine for over a year. But that's just my own experience with just one mining card. I don't know about today's mining card mining other crypto-currency. High chance it was mining only Bitcoin since I bought it during the Bitcoin crash.

  21. I mine and my cards are on Liquid Metal and working very cool, cus they're massively undervolted and underclocked. They're at 48ºC with the fans running slowly (1800 rpm). VRM temps are 40ºC. So I won't burn through their livespan quickly. I really doubt they'd fail like you said. But then again, I live in a relatively cold place and people may not take the same precautions I do. Cheers!

  22. True: few weeks ago, GTX1080 (for example), was about 600, everyone was desperately buying them! Now prices went down, much, I saw GTX1080 for 400, nobody buys them! Glad I was right about, looong time ago at begining! Is NOT stupid the one that asks, is stupid the ine that pays! Moreover, not mining raised the prices but gamers!! Gamers are selling cards at crazy prices! Miners are just buying them and use them almost until they die, or aftet wil be sold for half price paid, like 300, and you'll pay! Because you consider it "cheap"! So you make prices!

  23. Or even used cards. they are too damn expensive imo. I only buy used stuff if they are like half the price of a brand new one. Besides, in a couple of months the price might drop dramatically with launch of new Nvidia Cards. There are rumors that new AMD cards might come this year as well.

  24. I bought an R9 390. I asked the seller on Ebay if it was used for mining, they played dumb and said "what's mining" I get the card, and the fans are pretty much dead. When they spin, it sounds like someone trying to use a lawn mower on a cement road. The seller offered a partial refund, but of course never actually sent it. They gave me an eCheck that never cleared. Had to get Ebay to step in. Then a few days later, I check their profile and they have about 10 other Radeon cards up and some even have "mining" in the title. What a scumbag.

  25. I think the 🐕 decided that you talking loudly to nobody and gesticulating was his clue to move down the sofa a bit.

  26. do you think its good idea just mine 1 week for some ethereum on my gtx 1050ti? I just want ethereum, nothing more.

  27. OK most of you are missing the point of the video, Mining Cards even under-clocked and under-voltage are still running at 100% at higher temps to normal everyday and gaming operation. Buying a Gamer's old card is also no exception as you don't know if the card has been user overclocked. This is the same principle for buying second hand RAM and CPU's – you don't know if they have been overclocked (overclocked = higher temps/voltages).
    Also Mining farms don't actually bother under-clocking etc… The literally take out the old GPU and drop a new one in.
    80% of the second hand Mining cards sold come from Farms not home user's.

    I've been a Computer System Engineer for 20 years now and no matter what you say:

    * Heat Kills electronics period!
    * Using a GPU at 100% will shorten it's lifespan compared to one running at 90/80/70/60/50/40/30/20/10%.
    * Using an Electronic product in a way that is not in-line with what is intended by the Manufacturer of the product voids your
    Warranty. (Mining and Overclocking is the worst thing you can do for this)
    * Non-Mining Computer Electronics are not designed for Mining! Hence above statement comes into effect.

    I'm out 🙂

  28. Don’t buy a GPU from miner ..those asshole sucker , because of those fucker GPU price are skyrocketing , just wait till the price stabilized and get a new one

  29. As gamers, why don't we just leave the miners with their burnt out cards to themselves? I know playing $100 to $200 for a card now sucks, but I feel like that's the only way we can keep on gaming man.

  30. Im gonna buy it anyway since it was bought 3 months ago and still got 2 years of warrenty. But im a bit nervous anyway :/ i just dont have budget for brand new.

  31. I bought a used 1080 TI for $700 on amazon. When I got it, the cellophane wrap intact, so I don't think it was used much. Also I still have the warranty on the card, so even if it was used for mining I'm good.

  32. Best cards you can get are from miners! I would only be concerned about fan life. Gaming does make the temps fluctuate so much which is REALLY REALLY BAD for any electronic device. On the other hand miners do run cards at constant temps and undervolted, why? Because video cards are not efficient at full power! Every sane miner runs his cards below 70-80% power!

  33. Don't buy, they f*cked up the prices of gpu, and now they selling their used gpu that maybe over used in mining for a price that still higher than the msrp

  34. Do you think a 234$ mined card with safe oc (said by the owner) still worth it? It also has warranty tho from our local store

  35. I bought a 7850 in dec 2015. It said it had been used for mining. I paid 50 dlls total. It died a few days ago. I mean it fails after a while.

  36. Great vid but the $m question is HOW CAN I TELL if my new GTX1080ti pre-installed inside an eGPU hasn't been used for mining???

  37. I bought a card that was used for mining. Didn't know about it when I bought it. After a month, the fans failed, the card shut down after an hour of use. When asked, seller said it was used for " very light mining." Would never buy one again! Me sad!

  38. problem is you would never be able to detect if cards were mined on unless:
    a) the seller admitted that he did used it for mining
    b) it was in terrible shape, then again i'v seen some gamers having their pc filled with dust and all kind of dirty crap
    so if cards were looked after you wouldn't be able to tell the difference, so i guess the only way you can cover your ass is buy new, sealed with warranty

  39. I am still waiting for any kind of proof that a card will have noticeable wear and tear which actually degrades its functionality or heightens its risk of failure. So far i can only see a shitload full of hate comments and lots of "maybe this" and "maybe that". With a used car you can tear up the engine and check the internals if you wanted – with a GPU you can't really do that – can you ?

    So instead of bitching about the mean miners that made your card so expensive (boohoo) what about digging up some actual facts, studies etc. ? Since i am looking for a new card that would be more helpful than the usual shit i have to read on YouTube. You want to say something good about a used card ? Great – back it up with a logical answer or any kind of proof. The contrary ? Fine – back it up as well.

    So far from all the crap i had to read the "pro used miner card" party seems to have the more logical and solid sounding answers. The other side usually just swears.

  40. I do agree, be safe when buying a used mining card. I recently upgraded to a RX 580 that was used for mining for about 7 or so months. The guy I bought it from would only mine when at home, and had a full-time career. The card had a BIOS switch between a under-volted/overclocked memory BIOS, and a normal one. He had it on the mining BIOS, of course. The only reason he downgraded to mine was because the 8-pin it required was not as efficient as the 6-pin my 470 loved. He didn't try to side track me, he did fur mark tests, overclock tests, the whole nine yards. The only thing I can say is be very careful who you deal with. If they can't prove anything, they're not worth you're time.

  41. mining card is like whore , theyd 24/7 with cock and sometimes monster cock , no need to mention that hardcore hoe what play with some machines.

  42. God damn the comments are cancer.. GPUs are computer parts, not gaming or mining parts. They are not designed exclusively for gamers, stop acting as though your entitlements are being trampled on because people bought high end GPUs for something other than gaming.

  43. Oh relax. I got a used 1070 on ebay from a miner and it works great! saved me a ton of money. It was used for 11 months, underclocked, undervolted, and never ran above 60C. Are there bad sellers out there? of course, but to say that youd never buy a mining card is just unhelpful. NOT ALL MINING CARDS ARE STRESSED, IN FACT MOST ARE UNDERCLOCKED

  44. A miner will LIE about the used products use. Miners hijacked an entire industry that was never intended for them and had the nerve to mock gamers crying about GPU prices. Karma is a wonderful thing and I suggest to anyone to buy new over used for that peace of mind only a warranty can provide. Let miners sink in the weight of their delusions and equivalent mass of e-waste.

  45. This is the biggest load of crap I have ever seen.
    Most mined cards have been in well ventilated open frames in air conditioned areas capped generally around 50-60% of their rated tdp and kept under 65deg on average.
    Most regular cards are in pretty average cases and get thrashed at their maximum tdp or above it with overclocking to get the most out of it often running 85-90deg for extended periods of time.
    The only part of the card that I would be suspicious about is the fans. So factor in that $20 for a new set when your offering a price on the card.

  46. This must be the most absolutely stupid perception I have ever seen… You have absolutely no idea how electronics work.

    So you are paranoid about buying used stuff and you want to push that paranoia to everyone that watches this video…

    Wait… Did you say the twin towers were blown up? Please tell me you're not one of the conspiracy theory idiots…


  47. Dude, if everyone is selling energy back to the energy company, THE PRICE GOES DOWN YOU IDIOT! your logical fallacies are just dumb. I can't believe you believe this nonsense…

  48. ELECTRONICS ARE NOT MECHANICAL DEVICES!!! They don't wear like a connecting rod or a wiper blade. They are solid state devices and they literally do not wear 'more' because they are powered on and used heavily. The more I watch of this video the more idiotic you appear. Sad. YouTube made it so any jackass with a camera and enthusiasm can spread bullshit and utter nonsense to the world.

    Bummer. 🙁

  49. Its depends on where you buy and if they are a reliable seller. I bought a msi gtx 1070 refurbished for $253, it had a 30 day return and was backed by ebay's buyer protection. I have no clue if someone mined with it. But its works fine its gone above and beyond my expectations. I not saying buy and I'm not saying don't buy. But if you do just make certain the seller has a return policy and good reviews. Happy buying and good luck.

  50. I am looking for some cheap ex-mining cards right now. Mining doesn't stuff your card that bad all depends on temp and fan speed. I keep my cards at -20% power and never get much more than 58c in temp with 40% fan speed.

  51. Thanks, man, I was so undecided about whether buying one or not. I'mma go ahead and spend more tens to get a used (not for mining) one.

  52. I was saving my money for my favourite chosen computer but my father confiscated it and spank me. He said he is going to get me a pc on my birthday and i will take revenge by mining my whole gpu with that computer than playing games on it

  53. Let's have a law requiring disclosure of highway vs. city miles on used cars too, right? I'd think gamers would be happy having $100 recent gen GPU's for sale. If it doesn't work, return it. Many will still have warranty and the only thing i've ever seen fail are fans. Your notion of GPU's failing after a year of service is silly.

  54. realy i never saw some one talks freely with out enough knowledge not worth of watching at all man do some research
    you can search your theory on youtube and see tests not even lower performance
    i test it myself exact same answer.
    and alot more you can find
    such rubbish talk

  55. Selling electricity to your electric company is dumb. They're a single buyer who chooses what they pay, and they pay less than one twentieth than what they charge what they resell it as. And my electric company does exactly that. Your solar energy is best stored in a home battery while living completely off the grid from your electric company.

  56. I do not agree. Obviously it all depends on the situation and the miner, however most tend to under-volt their cards, effectively reducing the wear on components caused by heat. That doesn't translate to no wear, just less wear then people would imagine. Personally, I've bought two mining cards. One very recently that i have been running for 6 months with no issues. It shows no instability issues, over-clocks well, and doesn't run any hotter than past new GPUS i have owned. It was a RX580 8GB, bought through eBay. I purchases it for £165, at the time they were selling new for between £300 & £350. This card was, and still is a placeholder card, needed for 1080p gaming @ 75Hz on a free-sync monitor. I occasionally refine and edit videos too. Due to wanting to game at 1440p in the future but needing a card for my current 1080p monitor, I didn't want to pay full price to upgrade in a year (Waiting on AMD Navi now). The buyer was very open in how long he had mined for, and how he had mined with the card 24/7 for multiple months. He sold the card due to mining not being profitable and 5 other RX580s to sell. The card is still under warranty so the receipt was delivered too. On receiving the card, i applied some new thermal paste (Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut), and checked the PCB for signs of wear; Bulging capacitors, weak solder points from thermal recycling, and any signs of bending (Can be caused by the custom mounting solutions) – none to be found luckily. From my research and limited experience (21 years old – only owned 5 cards myself), the fans are the common weakness of GPUs. Constant spinning translates to constant stress, like any moving part they can only spin so many times before inevitable failure. Fortunately, modern GPUs feature easily removable, and replaceable fans; Tending to be inexpensive too. In my humble opinion, if you find a mining card at a decent price, do a little research on the seller. If the returns on said research are positive, its worth the risk – fans can always be replaced if it becomes an issue.

  57. I bought a card that was mines in for about 3 months the guy was really up front about it. It runs great and actually runs higher FPS than more in its class. But a card ran for a year for mining might not be good. But mine is working well.

  58. Most people disagree with you. Mining cards are Ok. And usually they have warranty. I had R9 270 2gb and it ran like any other card + it had 1 year of warranty. Now I have 960 4gb, which I will probably change and buy RX 580 8gb, and if it will be mining card, I will buy it anyway.

  59. jst avoid buying from miners, that just feeding em. They were run at high temp because electricity used to cool them is waste since hash output stay almost same. And we never those if vram be overclocked, especially, card with hefty coolers, who wouldn't take the chance to make more dollars instead of worrying abt selling it later. And, the vram, will still fail. There is reason manufacturers refuse to provide warranty for the cards, they made and they know if their cards were made to performl smooth under such conditions.
    Last but not least, we never know those who comments that mining cards lasted longer were miners or just some random buyer.

  60. No, you shouldn't buy a used one. Duh. But if you look at the ones that minings are buying, you can find sites that are selling GPU's cheap to miners, for gaming! I bought my gaming GPU from a site that was selling GPUs for miners, and I got it significantly cheaper than any other site I could find it on:


  61. OK, this video is essentially a solid proof why unqualified people shouldn't be allowed to express their opinions on technical subjects all over the internet. First of all the tech 101 stuff: in 99% of the cases video cards fail because the solder joints between video or ram chips and the PCB fail. This happens because of the heating/cooling cycles and NOT because the solder would fail if kept at a constantly high temperature. What this means when it comes to cards used in mining: if the mining rigs were properly set in a controlled environment (air con, low humidity, ambient temps well below 30 degrees Celsius, no dust) the actual lifespan of those video cards will be MUCH LONGER compared with similar video cards used for gaming. On the other hand, of course that if the mining rigs were kept in someone's basement, with high level of moisture and ambient temperatures up to 45-50 degrees Celsius, you can expect them to fail anytime. If you want to buy a mined card ask to see the rigs of the seller in their environment. Look for dust on the cards, particularly for clogged, humid looking dust. If the cards are clean and the environment looks like a datacenter you can bet they will outlast any used card coming from a gamer.

  62. haha of course he is right, i bought a card, a gaming one, was used 2 year for gaming only, it died in only 1 month, used card never buy it.

  63. seems like this is an uninformed opinion tbh, it completely depends on the algo they mined on, ETH would make gpu run hot while XMR or RVN would run super cool, this video shoul be 30 seconds, TLDR: BUY A NEW GPU AND STFU

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