Never Buy a VTEC Car That Has This Problem

rev up your engines Keith Roy says
Scotty should I buy a 2008 Honda Accord with the bad VTEC actuator manufacturer
said there’s no harm to the engine well technically there’s not harm to the
engine but you lose a lot of pick up and it won’t run right and you don’t really
know what the problem is until somebody takes the engine apart and finds out
what’s wrong don’t ever buy a car that has any code that has anything to do
with the VTEC system because you never know what’s actually wrong until it’s
fixed, those codes that everybody gets including me are relatively generic
codes and there could be it sometimes 10 to 20 different things that cause the
same code and never buy a used car that has a code that has a VTEC problem
it’s just not worth it, Abu taalib says synthetic oil vs. mineral oil in terms
of long longevity, the synthetic oil does generally last longer but you have to
realize there’s no such thing as just oh synthetic oil, theirs laws for
what synthetic oil is constituted of in the United States and it has to do with
regular oil that has been somewhat modified and there’s no rules exactly
how to modify it, so they can be done various ways, the only true 100%
synthetic oil that I know of is the pennzoil pure platinum one, it’s made
in a factory that takes gas that comes out of the ground and converts it into
oil, that’s a process the Nazis invented in World War two, they took coal
they turn it to gas then they turned it into diesel oil and lubricating oil for
the tanks and stuff, it’s kind of an inefficient process, but that’s what it’s
made out of, so it turns gas in the oil and that’s a full synthetic oil, it a very good oil but it costs an awful lot of money, the synthetic oil generally do
lasts longer but some of these people are claiming now like the Mobil one that
you can change your oil every 20,000 miles that’s under very different
situations, like if you only drive on the highway and you still change it once a
year or so, it’s kind of BS really but they do last longer but since you’re paying
two to three times as much, you got to decide what would I rather do, change my
regular oil twice as much as the synthetic oil for the same price, which
to me is a better deal because then, hey you’re getting clean
oil every three to five thousand miles instead of going eight or nine, or pay
for the more expensive one and change it less frequent, it’s all your choice,
Thomas, Scotty I have a 2013 Toyota Matrix with 85,000 kilometers oh you
must be in Canada, wanting to replace the ATF with a simple drain that fill only
two and a half quarts drained out, using WS fluid, is drain and dual effective for
these transmissions yes it’s very effective, those cars have
very good transmissions as a matter of fact, my wife used to have one I
inherited it, a 2007 matrix which was made in Cambridge Ontario yes it was a
Canadian car, best car we ever had for a small car, now doesn’t ride as good as
the Lexus that I got her but it runs great that’s a very good way of taking care of
those cars, eighty-five thousand kilometers is like what, forty something thousand miles
just keep doing that and use the quality fluid it doesn’t cost much and that’s
how you maintain them, the problem with transmissions are, only some of the fluid
comes out when you change it so if you do it religiously like you’re gonna be
doing it, do it every forty fifty thousand miles, it’s fine it stays clean
but if you’re waiting till it’s got a hundred and fifty thousand all the dirt
is still in most of it that’s left and that little bit you take out doesn’t
help it, so just keep doing it you’re doing the right thing, Daniel Harris says Scotty what do you think of a 2008 Volvo xc90 with 3.2 all-wheel drive
I bought one with ninety thousand miles I’m worried about the transmission valve
body as there was a factory defect, one I would never buy a late-model Volvo,
pretty soon Volvo was gonna stop making gasoline and diesel cars, 2019 they’re
owned by Geely a Chinese corporation now and they said in 2019 which is next year,
they’re only gonna be producing electric cars or hybrid cars, but you bought and I
hope you didn’t pay too much for it because they really don’t have that good
resale value, but you have it you might as well as take care of it, but there you
know there’s a defect on those things and there’s not gonna do, Volvo never
warranties those things for very long and especially not an 11-year old one, that
if you are worried you can sell it for close to what you paid,
I say do that now, David says I have a Ford Fusion Hybrid
that jerks when it switches from gas to battery at 47 miles per hour is that
normal, if not what’s the issue well it’s not normal normal of course they
don’t do that when they’re brand new you’ve got one of those fancy
hybrid cars and now it’s getting old and as they age, man think it expensive to
repair, super expensive to repair if that’s all it does and works fine
otherwise personally I’d live with it but if you do want to see what’s wrong,
you’re gonna have to pay a guy like me, I have equipment to work on them, hook up their
fancy $5,000 and up scan tool take it for a road test until it does that
problem, then we push a button and the button saves the data for the last 45
seconds, so once it starts shuttering and doing that I push the save and it saves
back in time 45 seconds, cuz it’s always saving 45 seconds then I analyze the
data and see if there’s any codes and see what could possibly be wrong, guy
like me a really good mechanic is gonna need it for that, but if you can do that
and you want to pay for that go ahead and you’ll get more information but when
he tell you what it’s gonna cost to fix it you’ll probably say whoa I don’t want
spend that kind of money, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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