Never Buy These Chinese Car Parts

rev up your engines, today I’m talking
about Chinese car parts the good the bad and the ugly, so today I’m gonna start by
telling you the Chinese parts that you should definitely avoid buying for your
car, and numero uno do not buy Chinese parts that are unbranded that don’t even
have a name on them, I’ve had customers buy parts for the cars online they bring
it to me, and I look at it and I say there’s not even a name on the part, it
might come in a box that says made from China cuz here in the United States they
have to tell you the country of origin of the parts, but there was no name on the
actual part, all real manufacturers put their names on the parts, so you know who
made it, when the box says Made in China and there’s no name on the part I would
definitely stay away, I’ve got a customer who actually does business in China he
runs a factory there and he said there’s some really horrible factories in China
and there’s some really good ones too, you want to stay away from the horrible ones
and often they won’t even put their name
on the product, now my second warning when it comes to Chinese parts is stay
away from high-tech electronic parts on your car if they’re made in China
like this airflow meter, the air flow meter is a very crucial part to your car
it tells you how much air goes in the engine so the computer can put the right
amount of fuel, these things are highly accurate instruments, you buy some cheap
knockoff it’s not gonna work right don’t get me wrong I’m all for saving money
when you get your car fixed, but if the part doesn’t work you’re not saving any
money and the worst thing of all possible bad things that can happen is
that you actually have figured out what’s wrong with your car, then you go
buy one of these cheap parts, put it on it doesn’t fix it, and you think I must
have been wrong it wasn’t that, but in reality it was that but the cheap part
you got was no good, you put the power down but the part was bad and it can
create a true rat’s nest of repair when you get bad
parts, there are also bad counterfeit parts that come from China, they are made
to look like the original equipment one but they’re counterfeit, and in 2013 here
in the United States they had cases that went to court and won
counterfeit airbags that came from China, and realized that you don’t want to put
your safety at risk, here is an example there’s some Chinese brake pads, now they
get certified by the Department of Transportation, now I’ve seen Chinese
brake pads that came in the box that said they were certified eco-friendly
meaning they didn’t have asbestos and stuff, they did not have the DoT the
Department of Transportation seal showing that they are safe for stopping
your car, they weren’t certified by the Department of Transportation as being
good for stopping your car what do you care if it’s friendly to the environment
if you get killed because the brakes don’t work right actually stopping a car
now ironically enough a lot of manufacturers days make their original
equipment brake pads in China, but they’re certified like I said there are
some good companies in China, but you want to stay away from the unbranded
cheap ones that haven’t been tested and sometimes they’re just flat-out
counterfeits, just like those fake Gucci bags, I actually had a customer that bought
a fake Gucci bag she knew it was fake and her friend had a real one and they
put them side to side and really they look pretty much the same, but then again
you’re not riding around in a Gucci bag and it isn’t stopping you and saving
your life, and my last big warning is generally just stay away from
chinese-made tires, over the years I’ve had customers buy Chinese made tires
I even inadvertently bought some on my wife’s car and they kept going flat
because they were so soft, nails went through them even though they were
steel-belted radials, there have been various suits against various Chinese
tire making companies it just seems that the quality control isn’t there for
their tires, I mean the biggest thing for safety on your car is the tires you’re
driving the tires, you don’t want them to slip when you slam on the brakes you
want them to grab the road not slide all over the place
it’s very important to have good tires in that respect personally I just say
stay away from Chinese tires period I wouldn’t buy any of them, there are so
many valid tire companies out there in the world why take a chance with the
ones made in China that have a history of bad track records, fast separation the
tires they wear out too fast they get flats more often, but now I’ll talk about
the good of Chinese parts, they have factories that makes them very good products at a
very low price, we’ll start right here in my garage
here’s my Daytona Jack it’s made in China it works perfectly fine, here’s my 20-ton
press on under all the junk here, it’s made in China and it works fantastic
yesterday I put a radiator in a customer’s car it was made in China
they’re plastic tops plastic bottoms and aluminum in the middle, they
cost tons less sometimes a factory one is $600 and the Chinese one is $89
their just plastic and aluminum and they’re made by machines just crimped in
none of that stuff’s done with hand work anymore, when I was young they used to
hand solder things, now it’s all done by machines so they make excellent
radiators, so there’s decent Chinese parts out there but as I said you want
one that has an actual name on it when you buy this stuff your best to buy it
locally, there’s an Auto zone over there three blocks away, I buy a lot of stuff from
them, a lot of it’s made in China but they pick which people to use, they gotta
figure out which ones are good and which ones are bad, and they give a really good
local guarantees, buy it online from who knows where and what company made it
that’s potluck, now I’ve never had to exchange any of the CV shafts made in
China that I bought at autozone they all work perfectly fine, if I ever got a
radiator it didn’t fit right or if it started to leak early, they stand behind
it locally give you another one no questions asked, you’re not gonna get
that if you buy the stuff online, Plus let’s face it your radiator is out, your
car’s overheated, your drive shaft is broken you can’t drive it, if they send you the
wrong one, or one that breaks then your car’s gonna be up for a long time while your
waiting for the parts to go back and forth, it’s always better to buy
local, because the local guys hey they want feedback too, if they find out that
a certain brand of Chinese made stuff isn’t working
out, they put it on their computer they get enough complaints, out goes that
company and they’ll find another one, these companies have to do a lot of research
it’s a competitive world and if they’re selling nothing but junk to people guess
what they’ll go out of business, they have to keep their finger on the pulse
of who’s making good parts who’s making bad parts, and yes it does change all the
time, when I was a young mechanic nobody wanted Chinese parts everybody in the
business knew that they were junk, but today hey there’s some very good
factories out there that make stuff, you just got to make sure that you get it
from the correct one so you don’t get one of these counterfeits or just a
cheaply manufactured part, because let’s face it everybody wants to save money
when they’re having their car fixed but you’re not going to save money if you
get an inferior part, or one that doesn’t even work and then you’re confused that
gee I thought it was that but the new part didn’t work, now you know the good
the bad and the ugly about Chinese parts so you can make a wiser decision
yourself, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos
remember to ring that Bell!

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